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Nautilus Build Guide by ChainsOfNautilus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChainsOfNautilus

Beware The (in)Depths <WIP>

ChainsOfNautilus Last updated on January 24, 2016


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Nautilus Build

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I'm Michael "Merkzor" King, and I've been playing Naut since mid S4, and haven't stopped. His kit is just so malleable, he can be a full fledge tank, bruiser, even APC. The majority of my free time is spent playing LoL and Heroes Of The Storm. I play LoL casually, simply due to the ranked community is horrible (I get matched with a lot of platinums, so guessing my MMR/ELO is atleast Gold I). This guide is the definition of "work in progress". Currently the only section I've completed is the Jungle Nautilus, but I plan on making a guide for every Nautilus under the rainbow.

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Pros/Cons for JuggerNaut

Very tanky
CC god
fairly mobile due to Q
good damage

terrible early
mana hungry
cooldown dependent