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Bruiser Xin Zhao [6.23]

DaxxelOttosen Last updated on November 29, 2016
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So this is my Xin Zhao Bruiser build.
It's not the greatest and a lot of Xin mains are gonna say "Build this item" or "Why are you getting that item it sucks". But i really enjoy this build, and i hope you will too.

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We take smite because we are jungle.

Ghost is really good at the moment and since we have our e flash is not always necessary. And you can get picks really easily around the map. For example their adc is alone farming, and they're not fed so this should be easy right. but they flash so you have to chase them down and the mobility boots are not enough so you use ghost and catch up, easy. And it also has a way lower cooldown.

Also if you're top take TP + Ghost

You can take ignite if you want but i personally prefer TP so i can roam better.

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Creeping / Jungling

Basically. Start Red buff and smite it, so you have a bit more HP. Then get krugs, in the new jungle this is enough to get lvl 3. Then i usually gank Top or Bot depending on what side of the map i am, but if my laner(s) is pushed up too far or is really low, i go to raptors and then Blue.

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Unique Skills

This is for both Top and for Ganking.
When you're lvl 6+ then what you can do is a little tactic that i've pulled off 3 times now.
Let's say you're against Fiora top, she's pushing you and basicly going all in. You're at your tower and she's still after you. Then, you e a minion behind her, then she's no longer challenged (Passive) And then you ult her so she's under tower, If you perform this move correctly, you can easily kill her (if you're not too low).

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Team Work

If you're Top lane. Since you have TP then you are able to help your team easily. You can roam mid, get a kill and TP back if your laner is pushing. TP to bot where the enemy jungler is and you can help your bot lane turn the fight (Be careful when doing this. If you TP'd too late you might get caught and die. Too early and they will walk away with you wasting your TP for basically nothing). So be sure to use TP at the right time and if it's too late and you're in middle of a TP, cancel it, so you don't die, this does still put it on cooldown, but only for 200 seconds instead of 300.