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Zed Build Guide by octavion0223

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

League of Legends Build Guide Author octavion0223

Carry Jungle Zed ex diamond 1 :(

octavion0223 Last updated on March 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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An update will be coming this weekend when I'm off work. In the meantime I will be practicing Zed jungle to see how he compares to the meta of Nidalee and Vi. Considering that the popular junglers have been changed and tank junglers are coming back Zeds strong nuking power might be stronger this patch.

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About ME

My name is Sam. I've been playing league since late season 2 and I have always mained mid. Although during season 4 I have been playing almost nothing but jungle. And one game early this season I saw a jungle zed dominate and thought to myself. "I can do that"

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Clear order

Start either Golems or Gromp whichever one is close to bot lane and smite them right away to get the buff.

Then take the respective buff, although I do prefer Blue first because it gives you the energy regen to spam all of your skills while jungling and gives Zed faster a clear time then Red buff will will.

Your clearing order will be, if on blue side.
Back or Blue

If on purple side.

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Pros and cons


  • Extremely fast wave and jungle clear.
  • Massive nuking potential on enemy carry's.
  • Not buff dependent.
  • After level 6 can duel almost anyone.
  • Has a strong escape with W and R shadows.
  • Can gank from many angles due to W.
  • Can come back when behind by power farming.
  • Unstoppable when ahead.
  • Scales into lategame.

  • Very squishy.
  • No sustain before Vampiric Scepter.
  • Weak pre 6 and without ult.
  • Vulnerable to CC. (Leona)
  • Very high skill cap.

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Runes and Masteries.

Flat AD quints work fine if you don't have the attack speed quints but the attack speed gives a much greater clear time.

For mastery's i prefer the points that give the most clear speed and sustain. After the buff to feast I really like that particular point. For maximum damage to champions you can go spell weaving and blade weaving but because you are not laning I believe this to be a waste.

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BOTRK is no longer needed because of the Stalker's blade, although you will need a vampire scepter for sustain. After the nerfs to BOTRK's active the item is just not that good for damage on Zed, its primary purpose was to slow to help Zed stick to targets after ulting. The Stalker's blade now fills this role quite nicely. And while the Ranger's Trailblazer is quite nice Zed already has very fast clear times and will not benefit from it nearly as much as he would with the Stalker's active for slowing. As for the enchantment, warrior 100% the others just do not synergize with Zed at all.

After much debate I have changed my opinion of Youmuu's Ghostblade. While Black Cleaver is still very good, the extra burst and movement speed that the Ghostblade provides is just to useful in the mid game to pass up. Later on once you start trading in items swap out the Ghostblade for a Black Cleaver. But if you notice that they are stacking armor go straight for Black Cleaver instead.

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After First Rotation

After the second buff has been killed look at top and mid lane. Do either of them seem gankable? If not do not hesitate to go back to farming, Zed has such a fast clear time that you are not wasting any experience or time by farming instead of ganking so don't feel bad if your team is mad when you don't gank. Just ignore people and carry like Zed was made to do.

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Zed can kill minions. He can really, REALLY kill minions. Farm like a mad man 24/7 only leave the jungle when you know you can get a kill or when you are going to push a lane. If you see your laner died and his enemy backed or he killed the enemy or you ganked and got the kill.

Push to that tower!

You don't need to worry about taking the tower but you should take all the CS,
money money money money. Zed needs all of it.

Let me give an example on how to kill jungle creeps fastest. Lets say you are clearing the wraith camp. Q it at the start and try to hit as many of the minions as possible, don't worry about hitting the big wraith that is not important. What you are trying to accomplish is killing all of the creeps at the same time. After you Q walk in the center and start attacking the big wraith while casting E everytime its up. It should kill all of the creeps at about the same time. The reason this is important is because you wont have to waste time attacking the little minions after killing the big wraith. Your initial Q and the 9000 E's that you spammed while killing the big wraith should have killed all the baby's by the time you murder their mother.
Something to note is to not worry about casting your W at the creeps, it wont speed up your clear because your are not maxing your W second. Just use W to jump over walls to get to the minions faster. Pretend you are speed running the jungle :)

The fastest way to farm creep waves is to throw your shadow out to the caster creeps while standing next to the melee creeps, Then E and aim Q to hit as many of the creeps as you can. If you have enough AD this will kill the entire wave in one huge hit. And after you are done you can go back to farming the jungle.

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Once you have enough damage you can one shot anyone but tanks. So target their mid laner (unless they have Zhonyas) and bot lane, don't hesitate thinking that you are wasting your ult on a support because if you get a kill, you get +300 extra gold.

Now, the combo that gives the most possible damage is...

Ult, Smite (w/stalkers), Hydra, shadow behind them, E+Q then auto. Then keep attacking and casting spells until they are dead.

It is usually best to BOTRK immediately after ulting because it will slow them, making it easier to hit them with spells and auto attacks. It is also best to use hydra active as soon as you ult them because it will do the full 100% damage while you are right on top of them.
Then there are a few options, if you know that the target does not have flash. Drop your shadow behind the target after ulting so you can slow and get the extra damage off with your Q. But if they have flash they will always use it so most of the time you want to save your shadow so you can catch up to them when they flash away.

The last patch that affected zed was said to be a nerf, they were nerfing his ability to assassinate, having his ulted shadow spawn from where he cast his ult rather then appearing behind his target. This slight nerf to nuking power resulted in a MASSIVE BUFF to his ability to escape.

After ulting someone for 6 seconds Zed can reactivate his ult to go back to where he ulted from, which is unbelievably amazing. Zed can survive ulting into the center of the enemy team and come out alive with a kill. Jump in with ult, do your combo, then ult back out again, POP one dead champion and one living Zed. Another thing to take note of is that when you switch places with your ulted shadow you can you can keep casting spells at the target because you left your shadow right next to them. Meaning. You can jump in. Do some damage, jump out before you die. Then finish them off with another E+Q from your shadow.

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Why to play zed and when

Why. The main reason I play Zed is because of the inevitable feed of one of the enemy champions. Lets say they have a jinx that has 10 kills because your bot lane fed them. When a teamfight starts... WIPE THAT FOOL OFF THE MAP!!!!!! Even if you die it doesn't matter. Make the fight a 4v4 that your team can win. Lets say you played a more common jungler like a Vi or Nocturne. Sure, maybe you can kill the enemy carry. Probably not to be honest. But as Zed, they will die for sure if you do it right. I have won so many games that I should have lost just because their strongest summoner was never able to fight. Because they were dead!

A good time to pick Zed is when you have a few tanky champions on your team. Like a Thresh and a Shyvana. Even if you don't have tanky champions on your team if you see that they have a bunch of squishy champions like Lucian or Syndra it is fine to pick Zed. Because ultimately, in champion select you should be asking yourself. Can I nuke those champions? If the answer is yes go ahead and pick Zed. If you don't think you can nuke them, then Zed is probably no the best champion.