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cpoole9001 Last updated on October 16, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz Fizz I think is pretty easy. Level 1 you can do Jax's standard counter strike trade but be careful if he starts his Trickster. Throughout your fights with him just try to get him to trickster then pop your E as he comes down and sht on his face. Level 6 make sure you ult as soon as he ults you. I like to build my double Dorans vs him and if I'm getting ganked a lot I'll go Merc Treads. Otherwise I go Tri force > Mercs.
Hecarim Hecarim is a pretty easy match up I think. Just try to avoid short trades with him. You generally want to create some distance, get your passive up, then jump on him with conter strike and get as many autos as you can. If you have to pop your stun to stop him from running that's fine. Level 6 you should beat him pretty easy with your standard passive+Q+W combo. If I'm even I'll get the 2 doran blades then Botrk. But if I'm ahead I'll rush Botrk and then go Tri force.
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I'm currently Diamond 3 and Jax is my favorite champ. My summoner name is Voiiid.

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My stream is I will be uploading videos on youtube here

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Why run ignite on Jax?

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Why do I make a big deal out of counterstrike?

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I generally go Dorans Blade vs melee, Corrupting Potion vs ranged, and Dorans Shield vs champs like Yasuo, Pantheon, or Quinn that can harass you with a lot of single target damage. If I'm even or ahead I generally go Trinity-Force > Boots of Swiftness > Frozen Mallet > Titanic Hydra > Guardian Angel. Sometimes I'll get titanic hydra before frozen mallet if I'm really ahead and want to create a lot of pressure. If the team is heavy AD or heavy AP I will change up my build tho. Or if a particular champion on the enemy team is getting fed. In that case it really depends on the enemy team comp. If they have a lot of crit I'll go randuins. If they have ad champs getting fed that don't crit much then I'll usually go Sunfire. Generally if I need a lot of MR I'll go Spirit Visage over banshees but sometimes the banshees is better because it's cheaper. Usually if I'm VS a ranged ap I'll go Spectres Cowl into Trinity-Force. The important thing is to think about what is optimal both before the game and then during game. Sometimes you might get components of one item but you notice someone getting fed on their team. YOU DONT HAVE TO FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED BUILDING. I say that in caps because a lot of low elo players will get Hexdrinker of a half item and think they have to finish building it even though they see a Master Yi getting fed and they need armor.

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I usually run 18-12-0 (Fervor). However Vs harder match ups like Gragas, Malphite, or Nasus I'll run 12-0-18 (Grasp).

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I run standard armor and MR blues and yellows. I run 8 atk dmg reds and 1 crit chance for that rare crit that can win you an early trade. Then atk speed quints.

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Early Game

I usually win lane in most match ups. I just make sure I trade when my counter strike is up and more importantly I get the full counter strike damage on my opponent along with a few autos. I think the main difference between a good Jax and a bad Jax early is orb walking. A good Jax should be able to get multiple autos off during his counter strike by orb walking in between autos. In order to get a kill you will mostly likely have to position in between the enemy and their turret while autoing. But only when you are for sure winning the trades. If your losing trades that's fine, just back up and play safe. Farm under tower if you have to. Although I don't think Jax is as weak as most people say early. He is as strong as people say mid to late game. If you have summoners and good health it's fine to trade so you can see how strong you are. Just make sure you don't get behind. Their are 3 main methods to trade on Jax. 1: Auto > E > w/q > stun. 2: Q > W > E > Stun. 3: E > Q > Stun > W. If you can you should always try to stack your passive before you use any of these, but don't take free damage doing it. Once you hit 6 always try to at least auto the minions twice before implementing these trades.

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Mid Game

Push push push! Make sure you have vision of at least 3 people or have good wards. Only push if you know you can get away or get a tower. I usually buy a pink ward every back, try to make sure you always have a trinket to ward hop to so you can escape. If you don't you can run down lane and use minions. But your job is to push as much as possible. Having problems pushing, go to another lane and push or draw pressure then flank a fight. Usually if I can get one of their team mates to TP to the tower I'm pushing I will try to go flank and create a 5v4. Make sure if you do flank a fight pop your ult as your walking up and before you get cc'd or take much damage. Then make sure you WALK up to their carries pop your counter strike and your Botrk or Gunblade active, wait for them to use their gap closer to get away then jump on them and stun them. Just make sure you don't use your Q to soon or else you will be kited easily.

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Late Game

I usually still try to split push a lot but it's perfectly fine to Teamfight once you have 3 items. Just don't forget to farm in between fights until your full build. It's usually best to shove a lane and then look for a flank or standard fight. You generally want to jump on the back line in teamfights. But if they have assassins or strong bruisers it's fine to kill them first. If they have a bunch of tanks/peel/ and a mobile adc I would prob avoid Teamfights. Something like an Ezreal/Janna with a Shen/Volibear/Diana front line you should prob just split push and look for them to be out of position. Just make sure you have really good wards or have vision of them.

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Ward hopping

So on a lot of top laners you get the blue trinket once you hit level 9. This isn't the case for Jax. You keep the yellow trinket so you can ward hop. If you aren't familiar with the concept you just drop the trinket and then leap strike to it. Generally during the mid-late game I try to always have a ward on me so if I'm pushing and people try to collapse on me I can ward hop over a wall or just away. Sometimes however it's better to drop in from a common collapse point. When you do that make sure you have minions in your lane behind you that you can ward hop to. Also if you're trying to run down an opponent you can ward hop to them and pop your Hextech Gunblade. I don't do this often but sometimes you need it to run down a squishy or low hp target.