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Darius Build Guide by ugurkib

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ugurkib

DARİUS guide

ugurkib Last updated on August 29, 2016
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yeah standart item is doran shield . be passive and good healt damage resist. solo def. item . if you go atack. DBlade LSword. İf more battle and agresive correptio potion . ! !! importand . if your enemy
lane teemo vayne or . your counter ... buy ancient coin x3 potion and improve it for 500 gold as nomads modalion this is starting.

this is important trinty force is better than on darius . i think a lot. you can do it ! you gains more penta on game : )

what dou want abaout darius. i shall u many items on lol . for trinty force . good as atacking . best ofs items on atacking . guardian angel for revive. atack and shield maw of malmortius or pushing zzrot magic rest some banshe. deads man plate is may change with sunfire and more armor and moving speed . good choise.or raundium slowing efeect critic effect.frozen mallet freeze enemy . atacking and pushing reveonus hida. or more powerful youmousu blade may last whisper break armor . deadt dance heal efeect and attack. mercur smicar atack ninja tabi . bot of swiftnes mobility or ianoia .