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Master Yi Build Guide by DarkKnight287

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkKnight287

Devourer Yi Jungle S6

DarkKnight287 Last updated on December 17, 2015
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I prefer to start on the top side of the map;
I.e. if you're red side, then Golems ~Red buff, if yo're blue side then Frog ~ Blue buff

Then get The crab on the top side, -Potentially gank mid-, continue to the other side of your own jungle.

If you want to counterjungle; then
1. ask your mid laner to ward the enemy blue buff at 1:25,
2. Do your red buff
3. a) If enemy Started frog then goes to blue buff; go to the bush behind the enemy blue . buff wall, and wait until they have relatively low health, and steal their blue buff . . and/or kill them.
b) If enemy did not get to their blue buff, then go there and take it yourself. Following . up with wolves (Smite Big wolf) then take Crab from the bot side river.

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Early Game