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Ezreal Build Guide by d1JJRiE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author d1JJRiE

ezreal s3 build(in progess)

d1JJRiE Last updated on December 4, 2012
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Summoner Spells

Really i would rather go with barrier since ezreal already has his e for an escape.

So he can escape/absorb more dmg if needed. \(._.)/

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Build in order i would try to go with the trinity force first. then stack 1 or 2 doran blades to help with the dmg/hp steal. i go with the black clever to help with the whole team since it reduces instead of penetrates.

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Well do and explain once they update them for the s3 patch

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Natural runes, id rather go with the Armour pen marks then ad, either way it helps early game.

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Ranked Play

Rather you not use in ranked as i have not used in ranked yet either.