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Face Oblivion: Varus ADC S7 (Pen and Crit Builds)

nrj6490 Last updated on December 29, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 18


Defense: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Varus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twitch You disintegrate this guy in lane. Your constant poke and (once you hit 6) full combo spells doom for the weak laner that is Twitch. Poke a lot and watch for ganks. Don't get caught out, though. Watch out for late game.
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Hello, and welcome to my Varus guide. Varus is a Marksman who can either be played in the bot lane as an ADC or as a mid laner. This guide focuses on his intended role, ADC. Varus has a lot of poke in his Piercing Arrow. He also excels in trades, thanks to his Blighted Quiver stacks, which are then triggered by his Q or E. With an ultimate invaluable in fights, grade-A trading, and nice scaling out of the early game, Varus is a very solid choice for the bot lane.

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Pros and Cons


+ Good DPS due to Crit/W stacks.
+ Great poke/chunking of squishies with Q.
+ Good peel with E and R
+ R good for 1v1ing
+ Great late game scaling
+ R useful in fights

+ Immobility is biggest glaring weakness
+ Q poke weak late
+ Hard to position in teamfights
+ Not that useful if behind

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Great for laning, can save support too. Even for chasing it can be useful movespeed wise.

Escapes, engages, positioning, yolo baron steals, et cetera.

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Passive: Living Vengeance
This passive buffs your attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds upon a minion kill, and by 40% for 6 seconds upon a champion kill. The minion aspect can be very useful in burning down towers, and the champion aspect can be useful in fights. For example, if you kill a carry early on, the increased attack speed can make it easier and faster to whittle down their front line.

Q: Piercing Arrow
Your primary source of damage and your first max. Upon cast, you draw back your bow, and upon click, you fire. You gradually gain more damage the more you charge. This ability is excellent for harass and trading due to its high damage and range. However, it doesn't do a lot before your first back, so don't go spamming it at level 1 expecting huge damage. In trades, try to get stacks of W onto your target before proc-ing them with Q.

W: Blighted Quiver
Gives your auto-attacks bonus magic damage, as well as applies stacks of Blight to the target, stacking up to three times. The "blighted" target can then be damaged with a damaging ability to pop the stacks and deal extra damage. This allows you to trade very well. A nice combo to use in trades would be three autos to apply stacks of Blight, and then either a Piercing Arrow or a Hail of Arrows, depending on whether the target is running or not (Hail if they are, Piercing if they aren't). This can be used for normal trading, but if you want to execute an enemy, get the three stacks, use Chain of Corruption to lock them down, shoot a Q in, and if they're still alive, E to slow and auto to finish them off.

E: Hail of Arrows
This ability deals decent AoE damage and also provides an AoE slow. It pops stacks of Blight, and also helps a lot with waveclear when combined with your Q. It can also help Varus kite and chase fairly well, but you should still be wary of overcommitting.

R: Chain of Corruption
This skillshot shoots some chains (that KINDA look like tentacles) at the enemy, which roots them, deals some damage, and applies 3 stacks of Blight. If other enemy champions are in the area, the spell can spread to them, considering they stick around. As you can imagine, this spell provides for great follow up. Since there are 3 new stacks of Blight, both Q and E can deal heft damage, while saving the other spell for even more follow up. Use this to quickly take down a priority target, or simply as a means of engage, chase, or escape.

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Berserker's Greaves
The go-to boots on most ADCs. The 30% attack speed is actually quite nice, and you can notice the difference.

Essence Reaver
Your core item. The CDR (and additional CDR due to crit chance) is very useful when spamming Q, and the mana refund aspect enables you to do so. That plus some good damage and good crit makes a great early game item.

Runaan's Hurricane
It distrubutes stacks of your W, give good on hit, attack speed and crit.

Infinity Edge
A pretty good power spike, due to the good damage and great crit damage multiplier.

Lord Dominik's Regards
Take if you need hard armor pen, as in the enemy team has a Shen and Nasus. This item is especially good at helping to chunk tanks due to the Giant Slayer passive.

Mortal Reminder
Soraka. Dr. Mundo. Olaf. Anyone with crazy heal or lifesteal. Executioner's Calling passive applies grievous wounds and reduces enemy heals.

Maw of Malmortius
Snag this puppy if you need both CDR and a way of staying alive in fights, especially against teams with AP assassins (or just AP hard carries in general). Can also be taken last.

Edge of Night
Pretty good damage but the shield can be great in fights or 1v1s (vs AP).

Mercurial Scimitar
The key element of this item is, of course, the Quicksilver Sash component, which pretty much denies enemy attempts to lock you down with CC. It also gives great lifesteal and damage.

The Bloodthirster
A more offensive option, the high damage, lifesteal, and "over-heal" shield are great in fights to keep you healthy and dealing plenty of damage.

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Varus, being an ability-based champion (with semblances of auto attack reliance), does damage fast and best through his ability combos. These are mainly facilitated by popping your W stacks with an ability for extra damage. Below is a list of such combos.

The Pre-6 Combo:
Move Orders:
3 W Autos -> Q -> E -> Autos
3 W Autos -> E -> Q -> Autos

These 2 sets of moves are mainly used in lane trading, which you should almost always win, given sufficient mana. The first set (ending in an E) should be used if the enemy laner is already low and you're looking for a kill, hence the late slow for follow up. The second can just be used to harass and chunk, due to it going straight from the E to the Q, since the slow from the E can help you land the Q from a safer distance.

The Ulti Engage Combo
Move Order:
R -> Q -> 3 W Autos -> E -> Autos

Basically, you use this combo to take out a priority target at the start of a teamfight or objective (one that you caught out) or as a means to winning a 1v1. Before you use this combo, be sure that your damage is sufficient, as it is very mana hungry and also burns your very useful ultimate. The ulti as the first move not only prevents enemy escape, but also applied 3 stacks of Blight, which allows for a high damege Q immediately after. If their summs are up, don't hesitate to E early if you think it'll help you secure the kill (due to the slow).

The Donezo Combo
Move Order:
Poke with Q -> E -> As many W autos as you can (up to 3) -> Q or E -> R -> Q

This is a situational combo, so only take this if you see an opportunity. If you see an enemy get particularly low due to your or your team's poke, start aggressing more on it. E so you can get in auto range, and pop the stacks with Q. Then if you really think you can finish them off, you can ulti for 3 more stacks and fire off a Q when it comes up for a heap of damage. Due to the high damage of this combo over a long period of time, it's good for taking down tanks.

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