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Full AD Renekton Guide REMADE [Season 7]

ThreeEyed Last updated on January 15, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus Nasus cannot escape me forever! This guy is really easy, just be super aggro early and win the game.
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As of writing this guide, I am a Platinum V Renekton main in NA under the username "ThreeEyed". This guide is here for Renekton players that aspire to be the best that they can, or newcomers that are looking for a great way to carry your team. If you have any questions or constructive criticism for me you can add on NA or you can post in the comments. Check me out on twitch as well: NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS NOT COMPLETE ON CERTAIN AREAS, AS I PLAY WITH THE BUILD MORE I WILL CONTINUE TO UPDATE IT

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Pros / Cons

Playing Full AD Renekton can be very rewarding, and is arguably the best way to play him in the right hands, this however comes with both Pros and Cons.


+Great for carrying games
+Strong at all stages of the game
+Insanely powerful at one-shotting carries
+Amazing Splitpusher
+Easy to play
+Naturally Tanky


-Hard to master (takes a lot of practice to perfect combos, animation cancels, e.t.c)
-Requires a lot of gold to make useful
-CC destroys him in fights
-No good spams (Kappa)

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Summoner Spells


Flash is a must-have on Renekton. It is essential to almost all champions, especially for new players. On Renekton it sets up many combos, escapes, and it is useful for various other situations.


Turn into a dragster. Ever since the changes in Patch 6.10, Ghost has been my go to secondary summoner spell. I love this summoner spell because it can be used to lock down a high mobility target that Flash just often doesn't do it for ( Riven, Yasuo, e.t.c) or using it as a second Flash that just can't go over walls. It is very helpful to burn ghost rather than Flash as the cooldown for Ghost is half of the cooldown of Flash.


Ignite is also a great secondary summoner spell on Renekton in lanes that have potential to have many kills, or lanes that Renekton struggles to win fights in. Ignite provides an extra 70-410 damage in a fight and will also provide grievous wounds, which is definitely something to keep in mind.


Exhaust is great against matchups where we are against powerful bruisers where we are looking to all in, with them doing the same. This is especially noticable in matchups that have champions that will auto attack a lot, such as irelia, jax, fiora, e.t.c.


Teleport is not a summoner spell that I take often. I find it very non rewarding as I feel like using Teleport to get back is a waste and the only thing that it provides early is a gank to bot lane, which is however very helpful. While many people take Teleport over ignite or ghost which is not something that is necessarily a bad idea I personally do not take it.

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Renekton has a diverse set of possibilities when it comes to runes, which helps a lot because we can switch between them when facing different matchups.

King of Crocs

I called my rune page this because it truly does make me the King of Crocs and it's the one I take into the vast majority of games.
Marks:9 Attack Damage
Seals:9 Health Per Level
Glyphs:9 Magic Resist Per Level
Quintessences:2 Armor Penetration, 1 Attack Speed

Standard AD

This rune page works perfectly fine if you don't have a lot of runes and are looking for an all around good rune page that works on a variety of champions.
Marks:9 Attack Damage
Seals:9 Armor
Glyphs:9 Magic Resist
Quintessences:3 Attack Damage

Hyperspeed Attacks

This rune page is one I have not used that much but it is one that I know a lot of people use and I'd recommend trying it out to see if you like it too.
Marks:9 Attack Damage
Seals:9 Armor
Glyphs:9 Magic Resist
Quintessences:3 Attack Speed

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Fury is a great mastery that helps to generate us Fury quicker, and help us get more auto attacks of in a fight. Sorcery is a great mastery for Renekton as it makes our abilities far more impactful. For many Renekton builds, Sorcery is taken over Fury but since this build is orientated around our auto attacks, Fury works better.


Double Edged Sword is the winner for me here as the downside isn't as bad as the upside is. Feast is good against poke lanes but for the most part it isn't that good. Expose Weakness is not good as we are a solo laner.


Vampirism is awesome in lane, as is provides so much sustain for us, and being a full ad player it makes me last longer in fights which is very useful. Natural Talent is a cool mastery, but the ability power goes unnoticed which is why Vampirism is the better mastery here.


Bounty Hunter provides a nice late game scaling mastery that will often be at its true potential in many games. Oppressor is also a great mastery choice as it gives us great damage early game and it works well later on when we Ruthless Predator, and then unleash our combos. Bounty Hunter is the winner here as it allows us to be the carrylord that Renekton should be and it makes our late game even more terrifying.


I don't think I need to go in depth on this one, Battering Blows gives us nice armor penetration and Piercing Thoughts does close to nothing for us.


Warlord's Bloodlust isn't very good because a lot of times we don't need sustain especially in a Full AD playstyle where 1 shotting targets can win or lose the game. Fervor of Battle is my all time favourite keystone on Renekton as it provides so much damage in any playstyle. It can allow us to 1 shot targets very well if we have 8 stacks of it, since our build provides a lot of attack speed we can get more Fervor empowered auto attacks, and it can allow us to deal 24 potential stacks of it with our Ruthless Predator (3 auto attacks= 8 + 8 + 8). Lastly, we have Deathfire Touch . I have never tried this keystone and while I don't think it would be terrible, there are just so many better options for keystones, especially with the arguably best one in the same tree. Fervor of Battle is by far the best mastery choice here.


Recovery is a great mastery in many lanes, and is especially strong against ranged champions. And while Unyielding is a good mastery choice for bruiser Renekton, it is useless in a full ad build. Recovery is the better choice for us


Explorer is pretty useless for a top laner, especially if we are planning on split pushing all game. Tough Skin is great for early duels and helps us vs ranged champions. Tough Skin is the winner in this case.


Runic Armor is awesome as it makes the sustain that recovery and our Cull the Meek gives insane. Veteran's Scars is also great as the health makes us naturally tankier. Runic Armor is the winner here because it has great synergy with our kit and since we have scaling health per level Veteran's Scars goes unnoticed.


Insight is awesome as both summoner spells that we take are extremely important to Renekton and in many cases Insight sees so much value. Perseverance is great as well, as it provides ridiculous sustain on top of Recovery which is just awesome against ranged laners and melee laners. Sadly we can't pick both, but I find that the winner here is Insight as it is just so powerful, especially for Flash

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Reign of Anger

Reign of Anger is a passive that is very important to the success of Renekton. Fury should be managed throughout the entirety of the game, and we should not be making trades without it.

Cull the Meek

Cull the Meek is Renekton's bread and butter ability. Cull the Meek is good for early trades as it provides a large AoE damage, as well as sustaining us in lane. Cull the Meek is also a great ability to use fury on when we are low and need the extra health, or we need the extra damage in a fight.[/size]

Ruthless Predator

Ruthless Predator is the spell that makes Full AD Renekton work. While, Cull the Meek is an all around great spell, Ruthless Predator makes Renekton attack 2 times (3 if Fury empowered). This works well with our build on so many levels, as it has the potential to triple our damage for an auto attack, and it scales with on hit effects, such as Fervor of Battle , or Blade of the Ruined King's passive.

Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice in lane is very helpful for dashing in and out of trades. Or if the fight is going well we can dash towards where they will be walking and commit to the all in. Renekton's Slice and Dice can be used to escape over walls, and if we hit and enemy with our Slice and Dice as we dash out we get a 800 range escape, as opposed to the regular 400 that it gives.


Renekton's ultimate, Dominus is great for baiting opponents, especially with the changes that it recived in Patch 6.15. Dominus is a great ability when you are initiating fights and it is an ability that unless we have 100 Fury, we should not be fighting without.

This shows the walls we can dash over with our Slice and Dice

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My Renekton build is one that accomplishes many things that I have found I was not able to accomplish on a level anywhere near as I have done with this build; carrying games, dealing a lot of damage while not being easily killable, and having the most fun that I have had in League of Legends in a long time.

Item Choices and Why

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Youmuu's Ghostblade is the number 1 item in this build, it allows Renekton to become one of the strongest duelists in the game, and it provides so many other benefits. Such as: Bonus movement speed on activation for initiating fights and escaping fights, it increases our Cooldown Reduction and our Armor Penetration, it grants us a hefty amount of attack damage, and it provides bonus attack speed on activation which can win us fights and help us destroy turrets easily.

Trinity Force and The Black Cleaver

2 powerful items that we unfortunately only want to run 1 of the 2. Both give 20% cooldown reduction and both provide huge powerspikes. But which one do we pick? Trinity Force is great for burst as well as dps on Renekton, as it allows us to burst enemies very well with the Sheen passive and the ad that Trinity Force gives. The Black Cleaver is a great item to deal with tanks and to give yourself the most ad possible, as it can shred armor with its passive. I personally prefer Trinity Force over The Black Cleaver but for the average Renekton player, it is best to experiment with both and see which one you prefer.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is a great item that counters strong targets in a 1v1 situation. Also 30% critical chance is the optimal amount for Renekton, as high crit chance doesn't scale very well with Renekton's kit as his Ruthless Predator only can crit once.

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is a great item that works well with Renekton's kit very well, and provides a great amount of damage per auto attack.

Death's Dance

Death's Dance finishes of the 40% cdr cap for us, and is a great item that helps us to sustain in fights and against poke team comps with Cull the Meek.

Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar is a powerful item that we will only be building if the enemy team comp has a decent amount of hard cc or one very power form of hard cc (i.e Infinite Duress)

Titanic and Ravenous Hydra

Titanic Hydra is insane for one shots and it allows us to destroy everything in our path when split pushing. Ravenous Hydra also is great for split pushing and it is better than titanic hydra when the build we are doing lacks ad and is more orientated on attack speed. Also, Ravenous Hydra is great for animation cancel (See Chapter 9)

Duskblade of Draktharr

Duskblade of Draktharr is an insane item as it provides a large amount of ad decent armor penetration, movement speed, and that sweet passive.

Maw of Malmortius

Maw of Malmortius is a great item into a heavy ap team comp, and it helps against burst champions very well.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Locket of the Iron Solari is insane on Renekton in season 7. It helps with one of his biggest weaknesses in the full ad playstyle. It makes him immune to hard burst whenever this is up. And with riot pushing for an assassin meta this works even better.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is amazing in games where you have to be the one carrying. It allows for mistakes which is especially helpful in the lower elos where people make way more mistakes.

Dead Man's Plate

Dead Man's Plate is very nice as it allows for extra burst, makes us tanky as hell, and the movement speed is a lot of fun to play with.

Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet is a niche item that we will build sometimes if we need the extra cc to slow our enemies or we need to build a beefy item.

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Laning Phase

Laning Phase is a time that many people consider Renekton to be his strongest. This is wrong to a certain extent, as Renekton powerspikes very hard once he gets his first item. However this being said, Renekton is still very powerful early game, especially at level 3 so making trades and being very aggressive is highly recommended.

Farming in the early game

Farming is fairly easily for Renekton, you don't want to be using his spells to clear minions unless it is a must or you are hitting an enemy champion in the process.

Making trades
For trading with Renekton the combo is E+Q+AA+W+AA+E (Also known as the Panther combo, see towards the bottom of the guide for more information). We want to fight whenever we have at least 2 of our abilities up and our Fury is over 50.

Renekton's powerspikes are at levels 3,6, and when we finish our first item. With this in mind we want to keep them whenever we can and to pressure are when we achieve these powerspikes.

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Combos and Animation Cancels (Long Swords display Auto Attacks)

Doing combos and animation cancels is very important to ensure that we are dealing as much damage as we can, it is especially noticeable in Full AD Renekton, where time means everything in oneshotting a carry.

The Panther Combo

This is an advanced but also essential combo to playing Renekton and dealing the most damage possible. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Auto Weaving

This is not necessarily a combo as it is more of a mechanic, but fitting in as many autos as we possibly can is core to Renekton's success in a fight. This is especially important when taking the Fervor of Battle Keystone

Fast Combo

Renekton's Fast Combo is his "oneshot combo". It allows us to lock down a target, and if done properly, guarantees a kill on an important target. Here is a video on it.

Ruthless Predator Cancels
There are 3 Ruthless Predator cancels that I know of, and they are very important to saving time and dealing more damage.

The most basic animation cancel with Renekton, as it's very simple. We activate Ruthless Predator and as we are attacking, use Tiamat's active (also works with Ravenous Hydra.

This combo is not as good as the first one I talked about, but it is great if we do not have Ravenous Hydra in our build. This combo is done the same way with the first one, but instead we attack with Ruthless Predator and then use Dominus instead of Tiamat.

This combo is the least relevant but still is good to keep in mind. The reason that it is less relevant is because we have to kill a target with our Ruthless Predator to cancel the animation with Slice and Dice. We attack with Ruthless Predator, and if it kills a target, we can use Slice and Dice to cancel.

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Where Should I Go For Help?

The very first things that you should do if you are looking to get better or pick up Renekton are go to a couple of Renekton mains that are also youtubers and/or streamers.

A few ones to look at are:

SoloRenektonOnly: SoloRenektonOnly has recently quit playing League of Legends :'(. But his videos still remain as one of the best ways to learn Renekton and Top Lane as a whole, and he is the person that I watched on a daily basis to get me to where I am today.

Godrekton: Godrekton has various videos that will teach you the core mechanics of Renekton as well as in depth guides for those that are very committed to the champion. He also streams regularly.

Romanium: Romanium is the Papa Renekton main that many people know, as he peaked Challenger this season and pioneered the Full AD Renekton playstyle that many people, including myself use today. On his channel he has videos of him playing different matchups and his twitch channel is very helpful for learning.

SApanther410: SApanther410 is a Challenger tier Renekton main who has over 1 million points on Renekton. His videos are very helpful and can teach a lot of the basics as well as advanced techniques.

Bush Wookie: He's a cool dude and has helpful videos.

You can also go to the Renekton Mains Subreddit if you have any questions, or you can join the Renekton Mains Discord.