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How to Master the Stink Rat - Twitch ADC Preseason 7

MBowers Last updated on November 26, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

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Welcome to my Twitch guide. I main twitch, and usually play him when I need an easy win or just want to relax and watch the enemy ADC complain in /all.

My summoner name is DJ Paula Deen, and I have around a 70% winrate as Twitch. I love playing him because of his mix of a marksman and assasin. He is one of the strongest late-game carries in the game because of his ult range, the burst from his E, and how he can engage and disengage from fights with his Q.

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Pros and Cons


+Very Good Assasin Potential
+Can Engage / Disengage easily with Ambush
+Spray and Pray can turn 1v1's and teamfights in an instant
+One of the Strongest ADC's lategame


- Gets destroyed by hard CC
- Useless if focused
- Poor positioning = Quick death

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Passive: Deadly Venom
Auto attacks poison the target and deal true damage every second for six seconds. This is nice in lane, because since Twitch doesn't have super good poke, he can rely on his passive to continuously deal damage to the enemy adc. Many don't know this, but this damage increases every 4 levels. (Levels 1, 5, 9, 13, and 17). The max damage per level is: 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 damage per tick at 6 stacks.

Q: Ambush
Probably the most useful ability that twitch has. This gives him the movement speed to get into a fight quick (or get out of one), it gives you bonus attack speed that can turn the tide of a fight, and gives you the element of surprise, so that you can get your combo off one second faster than the person you are targeting. Along with this, if you cast this ability before you recall, the recall will NOT cancel your camouflage, allowing you to back a little more safely.

W: Venom Cask
This ability is extremely useful, and many people underestimate it just because it doesn't do damage. However, it is not to be underestimated. Because it now applies stacks over time, if an enemy ADC lingers just a little too long, a quick Contaminate can do a large amount of damage to them. Its slow is also extremely useful, because you can toss it a long distance, it is useful to escape fights, slow down your target, or make enemy laners back off.

E: Contaminate
Twitch's main damage ability. Activating will deal damage to any enemy or monster that has a stack of Deadly Venom on it within the target range. This ability is useful from everything to clearing minion waves to executing the enemy ADC that just flashed out of your vision with low hp. When trading, make sure to get off as many stacks as you possibly can before activating this ability, as it will lead to you putting out more damage, and since it stops movement when you cast it, you might not be able to get another AA off in time. Also, when in a fight where you use your ultimate, try and time it so that you use Contaminate right before your ultimate wears off, because Contaminate deals extra damage while it is active.

R: Spray and Pray
This ult can turn 1v1's or teamfights in an instant. It gives Twitch 20/30/40 bonus AD and gives him insane range. This means that you can sit in the backline of a teamfight while chunking their entire team. This ability can be activated while stealthed and it won't break your stealth, meaning that you can flank enemies with little chance of them surviving. Just remember while using this ability that positioning is everything.

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Summoner Spells


I always take heal on Twitch, and advise that you do also. There has been many times that the enemy jungler thinks that I'm too low to kill him. They are wrong.


Why wouldn't you take this?


Cleanse is nice situationally, as in they have some kind of weird botlane that has too much CC for you to handle.


I never take ignite due to the fact that Twitch's Deadly Poison does just as much damage at 6 stacks as an ignite.


Unless your support is taking heal, you probably won't take this on Twitch.


Not good enough to use over flash, unless you aren't a high enough level to use flash I guess.


Can be useful, but heal gives you health back AND a movespeed boost.

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Laning Phase

Twitch has a pretty sub-par early game, but that doesn't mean that he can't be strong. If an enemy ADC or Support get too close, Twitch can easily chunk them at level 2. That doesn't mean that you put yourself in a bad position to do so, however. Try and get an aggressive support (unless you're against someone like Caitlyn) who can help you secure a kill early. This puts Twitch ahead, and from there it should be easy. If the opportunity to grab a kill comes up, start by tossing Venom Cask for the slow and additional stacks, and then activate Ambush while coming up on the enemy ADC, as you will get extra attack speed. If Necessary, use Spray and Pray, and then when they're out of AA range, use Contaminate to secure the kill.

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This is where Twitch starts to faceroll. By now you should have an IE, Boots, and a Runaans. You should look for assasination targets when the lane is getting stale, and if a teamfight occurs, make sure that you're in it if you're ahead, because your ultimate + runaans spreads stacks around, making it easier to get kills and assists. During fights, don't get caught in a bad position, because your death can turn the fight in the other team's favor.

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This is where Twitch is a monster. His combination of massive damage output and equally massive lifesteal make him hard to deal with without hard CC. As the Twitch player, you should focus on completing your build and pushing objectives. Watch the map, if you don't see the enemy botlane or midlane, you should leave lane immediately. However, if you see them group mid and your team is holding them, then keep pushing and providing pressure into the enemy's base. During teamfights, you don't really need to save Ambush for disengage. Engage with it, and the enemies might not expect it, and you get bonus attack speed to go with it. Since Ambush resets after every kill, you can disengage easily even if the fight turns in the favor of the other team.

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Since this is my first guide, feedback is much appreciated. I stand by this build and firmly believe that most people using this guide can have success with Twitch.

I am always happy to give tips and advice for those learning to play him, just add my summoner, DJ Paula Deen.

What doesn't kill you just isn't finished yet.