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LMHStudios Last updated on December 16, 2016
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Threats to Galio with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven From the games I've played against Rivens, they always are the easiest. Most Riven players play extremely aggressive, so just poke her down alot and use your ultimate when she all-ins you. Plus your shield will block most of her ultimate in the early game.
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Welcome to my Galio Top Lane build. In this guild, I will be giving you the beginning tips and tricks on how to master Galio and how to win lane nearly everytime while playing him.

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Greater Quints

Running triple AP quints will allow you to have early game pressure with Galio since you are more of a scaling AP type of champion. This will allow you to poke early and put out more damage.

Greater Marks

I like running AP for more early game harass and presence in lane. This way not only will you be getting tankier but you will still be able to do damage.

Greater Seals

The 4 armor seals are just for some secure tankiness in lane, especially if you are against an AD champion. The 5 MR seals are important for your passive and tankiness.

Greater Glyphs

Scaling MR is the most important part of your rune page. Not only does it guarantee extra tank late game, but it also increase your AP damage as you go farther into the game.

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I use this mastery path for a few main reasons:

    The extra mana (Meditation) allows you to poke more in laning phase without running out of mana too easily.
    Extra armor and MR (Unyielding) will make you even more tanky in the top lane.
Bond of Stone Keystone Mastery Importance: When you use your ultimate in late game, you will take a lot of damage since you will be in the heart of the enemy team. This will allow you to tank even more with your W and for your team, while still being able to remain alive after the duration of your ultimate.

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Abilities Summary

Passive: Runic Skin - Galio's passive is what gives him his dominance. His passive takes 50% of his Magic Resistance and turns it into Ability Power. By building MR into a heavy MR team comp, not only are you going to be stronger as a tank, but your damage will also be increases as you scale levels. Galio is another tank, extremely similar to Malphite, that grows to be more lethal by building more tank items.

Q: Resolute Smite - Galio's Q is his greatest and strongest form of poke. It has a wide range and can be used effectively in many different aspects. Against ranged top laners, such as Gnar, you can use your Q to last hit minions or to push the minion wave to the enemy turret. It can also be used to harass the enemy laner. It has a slow that can help you and teammates reach the enemy, especially maximized if used in correspondence to your E movement speed.

W: Bulwark - This is what makes Galio a huge tank in team fights. Despite all of your tank items you have built, your W grants you (or whatever ally champ you cast it on) extra armor and MR, up to 90 bonus armor and MR. It also heals Galio for whatever damage is dealt.

E: Righteous Gust - Galio's kit is great in team fights. Not only have we been granted his Q poke and his insane W shields, but he has another move that can be used as an engage or a disengage. Galio's E inflicts AP damage across any enemy in its path, while also grants movement speed (50% at max level) to Galio and any ally opponents for 5 seconds. You can also use it to escape a bad team fights or to run away from ganks while in lane. The usefulness of the ability will depend on your interpretation for its use.

R: Idol of Durand - Galio is most popular for his ultimate. Galio ultimate can be one of the strongest ultimate moves in the game. He can use it to get a 5-man ultimate on the enemy team to ensure a lot of damage and CC for his allies to take advantage of, or it can be used to take out the enemies' ADC or carry. It will allow provide an extreme amount of damage and is an easy ability to land. It is extremely useful when an ally jungler ganks your enemy top-laner, or it can be used just as effectively in a Teleport play down in the bot lane.

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Rod of Ages - Rod of Ages is an amazing scaling AP item on all tank mages, especially Galio. Galio scales super well into the late game, so Rod of Ages complements this style of play perfectly. The health, of course, makes you tankier, and the mana is necessary for poke and shielding yourself in lane without having to worry about mana.

Abyssal Scepter - Abyssal is one of Galio greatest items. Due to Galio's passive, an AP item (60) that also gives him MR (60) is an insane positive for Galio as he scales into the mid game. Another nice touch that comes with Abyssal is the extra 10% cooldown reduction the item gives as of Patch 6.9, or the midseason patch.

Mercury Treads - Mercury Treads are Galio's basic boots that grant him MR which in turn gives Galio more AP. For an item that cost so little gold, giving Galio movement speed, MR, and AP is definitely an item worth buying.

Spirit Visage - This is Galio absolute core item. It gives him insane MR, which of course turns into AP for Galio. It also gives him more CDR and health. Spirit Visage's passive also goes well with Galio's shield (W). Since the damage taken while the shield is on Galio heals Galio, Spirit Visage increases that healing up 25%, which is huge while team fighting. The reason I usually build Spirit Visage fourth on Galio is my desire for much needed pressure early game. Getting Rod of Ages early alongside an Abyssal can make Galio's early game actually strong, but the Spirit Visage only makes him mid game even stronger.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Zhonya's can be extremely useful on Galio. Since Galio typically builds heavy MR in most games, it is vital that he is given some armor to deal with any AD enemy champions that may be fed. Zhonya's is an ideal item because it also gives Galio a lot of AP for fighting. It can also be used to protect Galio from getting to hurt in a team fighting after using his ultimate.

Guardian's Angel - Guardian's Angel is a great item that can be very threatening to many enemies in the game. Galio will always be a hard champion to kill, but giving him another life is just another burden to deal with. It gives Galio a little more armor, but more importantly gives him even more MR (AP too). This will be the icing on the cake for a perfect tank Galio build that can do more damage than most other carry champions in the game.

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How To Farm

Against Ranged Champions -
Farming can be hard for any melee champion against a ranged champion. That's why champions like Fizz have so much trouble in the mid lane, since so many mid lane mages are ranged champions with ranged abilities. For Galio, however, it is not as hard. His shield can typically block a lot of the early game damages from enemies. However, I recommend using your Q to poke enemies away so you can farm minions. If the enemy is playing more aggressive than typical, use your Q and E to farm the minions. A quick E followed shortly after a Q on the caster minions will kill them at Level 4. If you use this method and you become experienced farming this way when needed, try to aim the Q to not only hit the minions but also hit the enemy laner as well.

Against Melee Champions - Galio has more poke than most melee champions in the game. The only melee AP champion that I can think of that has better range than Galio is Kayle, solely due to Kayle's E. It is quite easy, however, to out-farm melee champions as Galio. Use your abilities when needed to farm minions if you won't be able to last hit with an auto-attack, but primarily use your Q and E to harass the enemy when they try to come up and farm. It is a pretty simple concept to grasp, but there is one main threat.

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