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LULU - Top - Attack Speed + On-Hit/Crit Splitpush

tonisco82 Last updated on December 23, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shen Very easy matchup. He cannot stand up to you without using W, and when he does punish him and force him out of lane. Easily stop level 6 ultimates with W.
Renekton Relatively predictable, poke when below 50 fury, even if he goes in W will allow you to turn it around.
Gnar Easy to out trade in mini form, very predictable in mega form (like Renekton).
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Hi, my summoner name is "AryIide", and I play on the NA server. I am mainly a Mid/Support player. In season 6, I peaked at Platnium 1.

This is my first Mobafire guide, and I hope to learn from it. I will therefore appreciate and accept all constructive criticism towards anything that I've written in this guide.

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Pros / Cons


- Great laning phase w/ harass
- Great peel for self + carries, even when behind
- With wards + kit can escape from most ganks
- Can turn around an all-in with W and R easily


- Very squishy early on and can die quickly if camped
- When chain CC'd can get bursted down by gank
- Forces jungle to build tanky
- Needs support with good peel

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On Lulu, most often times I will choose to take Flash and Ignite. These choices and other options for this champion are reasoned for below:

Flash - Flash is a must for Lulu like many other champions, because of her squishy nature and vulnerability to ganks pre level 6. Also useful for getting in range of your strong E + Q combo to secure a kill in lane. Always take Flash in all lane matchups.

Ignite - If you feel confident you can gain a level advantage over the enemy laner early and all-in them at level 2 or 3, you have the option of taking ignite for kill potential in lane. Recently, I have been using ignite more because I've discovered that with it you can do a lot of damage at even level 1, which is something your opponents will not expect.

Teleport - Sometimes as Lulu you are forced out of lane because you used your R/Flash to save yourself, or you are out of mana for your peeling abilities. Without those it is easy to be dived under your tower even without the enemy jungler present, and TP can help you continue to bully the enemy laner and maintain your CS lead by teleporting back to your lane. TP is also useful because your level 6 is not only useful in top lane, but for your team in small skirmishes that can occur botlane or at dragon.

Exhaust - Exhaust can be taken if you know the enemy laner will want to all-in you early, especially if you fear they will get a level advantage over you. Champions like Riven and Jax can burst you very quickly if you don't have your W yet, and Exhaust can save your life in these situations. However, if you are able to pay attention to both you and your enemy's cooldowns well than you should not need to take Exhaust at all. I would highly recommend not taking this summoner.

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AD Lulu's runes are much like those of an ADC.

Attack Damage marks help with early harass and may possibly net you an early kill.

Armor seals are standard, they can also be swapped out for Health per Level if you feel confident in you laning.

Magic Resist glyphs are again, standard. I would not recommend changing these out as AP laners like Rumble and Maokai will be able to chunk you down pretty hard early on. It also helps if the enemy choose to laneswap their AP mid to top, which leads to you losing in most cases.

Attack Speed quints synergize too well with Fervor of Battle and you items to pass up.

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I won't go too in-depth into Lulu's mastery page. As you can see, it is very similar and in some cases identical towards that of an ADC page. As Lulu, you act as a second ADC for your team if you have a tanky jungler to be your Frontline, and a strong peeling support to protect you, your mid, and your ADC. For the most part, this AD Lulu build is very similar to an ADC.

The main choice that must be made in this mastery setup is Fervor of Battle vs. Warlord's Bloodlust. For a long time I preferred Fervor because it synergizes very well with Guinsoo's and Statikk Shiv, which adds to your splitpush and dueling potential. However, recent nerfs have led me to experiment with Warlords, as Lulu is heavily dependent on simply winning and snowballing lane. The extra life steal wins you a lot of fights early, and I think that for now it is worth the trade off.

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This is my standard start for nearly all occasions. As Lulu,your focus is to auto harass the enemy while staying out of range of their minions, as you are squishy. Blade offers sufficient sustain throughout the laning phase while you harass and zone the enemy.

Upon your first back, aim to pick up a Recurve Bow. This item synergizes very well with Lulu's passive, and gives you a lot of early damage. A viable second item would be either Blasting Wand or Pickaxe, both good choices. Blasting Wand does more for Lulu early game as her Q ratios are very good. As an added benefit, enemies may take this to mean that you are going AP, and they will perhaps itemize accordingly. However, if you have already picked up Recurve Bow, than Pickaxe will offer more damage in the early game.

Picking up Beserker Greaves is a decent alternative if you already have boots and cant afford Recurve Bow. You can also opt for multiple Doran's Blades if you feel you need more lane presence.

Guinsoo's and Runaans Hurricane are the core components of your build. These items allow you to splitpush and duel very effectively, which is the main thing you want to focus on. Aim to get these two items every game, as they represent a significant power spike for you. Second item Statikk Shiv offers very similar upsides, but Runaans will give you a significantly stronger 3-item powerspike.

You can choose to get defensive items such as Guardian Angel, but it is usually not worth it until you get at least 1 more offensive item. There are a few options at this point of the game. Blade of the Ruined King is good if the enemy has a threatening frontline, and you are unable to hit anyone else. Otherwise, you should aim for more attack speed and critical chance. This can be done by picking up items such as Runaan's Hurricane and Wits End. I often find myself choosing Wits End as the magic resist shred can allow for your AP to have an easier time with tanks. Triforce is also a viable option if you prefer more of an on-hit build.

There are, in my opinion, two viable final item builds for AD Lulu. One is the traditional pure On-Hit build, which will consist of Guinsoos, Runaans, Wits End, Blade of the Ruined King, and a final situational item. Trinity Force is a good final item if you are not facing any offensive threats on the enemy team.

The second viable final build is more crit-oriented, and consists of Guinsoos, Runaans, Statikk Shiv, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Q first is great for all around poke in lane and a heavy slow for peel later on. It's base damages early even without AP are very strong. An example of this lane would be Riven or Jax.

Maxing W next is usually what I choose to do next, because it can counter a all-in both in lane and shut down fed enemy carries in teamfights as well.

E is also a option to max second, but this is more for a poke lane where there are not many all-in situations coming from the enemy. An example of this lane would be aganist someone like Teemo or Nidalee.

Take a point in R whenever you can, its very strong combined with your W in peeling for yourself and turning on the enemy, whether in a duel or in a crucial teamfight.

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To conclude this guide, I will recap the purpose of AD Lulu and how she can fit effectively within your team comp.

AD Lulu is meant to be a second ADC for your team. You may want to play her when you feel that your team can use the extra damage, when you have a tanky jungler, or when you have a support who can peel for all the carries.

The purpose of AD Lulu in the top lane is to poke your opponent early while not taking minion damage, and countering their all-ins with your W and R. Once you get your core items, you are a splitpush monster. You can force their team to come top, which can allow for your team to take important objectives like dragon and mid and bot towers.

Later on in the teamfight portion of the game, you are great at shoving other lanes with your Q and Statikk Shiv if you choose to buy it, as well as your high AS. If you have a strong support who can peel for you and your carries, you can easily win the fight with your large DPS.

However, if your lane does not go as well as you intended, you can resort to split pushing with Statikk Shiv and drawing enemies to you who are probably worth more than you if you aren't doing that well. Additionally, you can also act as a second support for you carries, as you kit was originally meant for a support.

Overall, AD Lulu, while it seemed to be really troll to me at first glance as well, can benefit your team composition greatly if played right.

Thank you for reading this guide, feel free to comment or suggest anything below!