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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swivels

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Swivels Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Skarner Jungle

1. I start off by getting Cloth Armor and 3-4x Health Potion

2. Walk to the blue golem and ask your ally to pull the blue golem.

3. Use one potion and use Smite when the blue golem reaches 400-425 health.

4. Now you go kill the the Wolves.

5. Now you go kill the Wraiths.

6. Go to the Duo Golems.

7. Use Smite on one of the golems to engage , kill the golem you used Smite on first(you can use a potion here).

8. Recall to your base and buy Madred's Razors if possible , if not you will buy longsword and if you ran out of potions on ur first trip buy 1 Health Potion

9. Now walk to the Red Lizard , kill the small lizards last.

10. You have now completed the most important part and are free to jungle further or gank. Please suit yourself.


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