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(Patch 6.24) (SEASON 7) Teemo - The Swift Scout

TheSolidSnakeX Last updated on December 31, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 18

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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi Master Yi is too auto-attack reliant. Abuse this weakness with your blinding dart whenever one of you engages. Be warned though, his Q does a fair bit of damage and he can stall your blinding dart with his meditate. Bring ignite to help finish him off. Harass him whenever he steps up to farm.
Kled Although Kled is fairly new, from what I've seen, the majority of his damage comes from his auto-attacks, but that won't be a problem for you, since you have your Blinding Dart. Be sure to sidestep his Q, and harass him as much as you can, remember, you are ranged. He loses a lot of movement speed once you get through his mount, so feel free to chase him and secure the kill.
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"Captain Teemo on duty!"

Hello, my name is TheSolidSnakeX. I'm teaching you both how to play, and what to build on Teemo, the Swift Scout. Now although Teemo doesn't seem strong when compared to other champions, if used correctly, Teemo can be one of the most powerful champions in the game. I'm going to be explaining in depth what Teemo brings to a game, when to use Teemo, and how to use him effectively. While I'm at it, I'll go over some math explaining why you should build what I suggest.

Why should I use these builds?

I've played Teemo countless amounts of times, practiced him, tried different strategies, different lanes, and I can hopefully say that I've crafted a couple of the best builds out there. They require a certain playstyle, one that I'll teach you throughout the course of this guide. These builds make Teemo a force to be reckoned with. It'll make your enemy laner think twice before going up to grab a couple of CS.

Now, let's get started!

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-Pros and Cons-


-Fairly mobile with Move Quick.

-Great poke with Toxic Shot.

- Noxious Trap can win teamfights, save turrets, and prevent ganks if used correctly.

Teemo's Strengths

Teemo is an AP toplaner that has the ability to carry games. Teemo's kit allow's him to excel in 1v1's as well as provide teamfight potential with his ultimate, Noxious Trap. Teemo is a great pick into any melee/auto attack heavy team, and can tilt other champions violently. Teemo synergises well with either CC heavy champions like Malphite and Vi or empower/buff heavy champions like Nami or Lulu.

Teemo's Limitations

Teemo is cursed with being highly squishy, and tends to be focused a lot. Teemo doesn't do very much immediate damage, making it very problematic in some situations. Teemo is very prone to CC, leaving him gankable. Teemo is also very weak against a lot of early-game lane bullies like Pantheon and Fiora.


-Very squishy, can easily be bursted down by a volume of abilities.

-Very difficult to carry if team is behind.

-Needs to focus on one champion to burst. Not much immediate AOE.

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Teemo has a fairly simple kit compared to other champions which definitely gives him an easier learning curve. We'll be going over the abilities, what they do, and when to use them.

Passive: Camoflauge

Cooldown: N/A
Cost: N/A
Range: N/A

If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for a short duration, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. Teemo can start to stealth while moving in brush and can move around in brush without breaking his stealth. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

You can use this ability two different ways; you can either use it as a tool for escape which tends to be more effective, or as a way to bait an enemy and snag a kill.

Escape: Unless you're running through the jungle, don't stop to stealth. It's very risky, and your position will be revealed if you're hit with most abilities. If you are going to stealth, move around. You can move while stealthed in brush. Wait until you can make a run, or until your teammates arrive.

Assassination/Kills: Don't rely on this unless you're fed. If you are going to use it, make sure to un-stealth when you are as close to your enemy as possible before unleashing your burst onto them. It always helps to have an escape plan if you're going in like this though.

Q: Blinding Dart

Cooldown: 8
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana
Range: 680

Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and blinding it for the duration. Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+80% Ability Power) magic damage and blinds the target for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.

This is Teemo's main form of burst damage, as well as his only form of negating damage. It's a double-edged sword once you get used to it; if you spam this in lane for damage not only will you run low on mana, but you will also be open to auto attacks, so be weary. Use this for harass only when you're sure you'll be safe for the duration of the cooldown. This should be the first ability you throw out in an all in against your enemy laner.

W: Move Quick

Cooldown: 17
Cost: 40 mana
Range: N/A

Teemo scampers around, passively increasing his Movement Speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Teemo can sprint to gain bonus Movement Speed that isn't stopped by being struck for a short time.

Passive: Teemo's Movement Speed is increased by 10/14/18/22/26% unless he has been damaged by an enemy champion or turret in the last 5 seconds.
Active: Teemo sprints, gaining twice his normal bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus is not lost when struck.

This is Teemo's only source of mobility. Passively, it gives him bonus movement speed when not in combat, actively, it doubles all this bonus movement speed. In a pinch, it's great to get you out of a bad situation, especially if you've accidentally overextended and are currently being ganked. With a couple of shrooms, this ability greatly exaggerates the speed difference between you and any other champion. Try to not waste this ability, it's a really bad habit that may cost you a death.

E: Toxic Shot

Cost: N/A
Range: 680 (Normal AA range)

Each of Teemo's attacks will poison the target, dealing damage on impact and each second after for 4 seconds.

Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (+30% Ability Power) magical damage upon impact and 6/12/18/24/30 (+10% Ability Power) magical damage each second for 4 seconds.

Teemo's main source of damage. This ability is automatically toggled as soon as you put a point in it. The amount of DOT and on hit damage it gives is pretty ridiculous. This gives Teemo one of the strongest non-critical-hit auto attacks in the game... and he's building AP. Honestly, auto attacking should become your go-to harass from now on. It's better then Blinding Dart in nearly every way.

Just a word of caution: turrets will treat the DOT as you attacking enemy champions, so if you're in tower range while your enemy is still poisoned, you will be shot by the turret.

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Now let's get into detail with your ult, Noxious Trap!

This ability will make or break most of your games. Your usage of these tools can either save a game by themselves or let your team down entirely. It's an ability your team relies on to gain ELO. So let's get to know it better, starting with the stats, and then progressing into usage.

Cooldown: 1
Cost: 70
Range: 400 / 650 / 900

Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms in 1 second. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, dealing 200 / 325 / 450 (+50% of ability power) magic damage by poisoning nearby enemies, applying a 30 / 40 / 50% slow and revealing them for 4 seconds. The traps last 5 minutes. Teemo will store one every 30 / 25 / 20 seconds, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Each cast requires and uses a trap. After death, Teemo respawns with 2 mushrooms
Casting traps on existing Noxious Traps causes them to bounce 3 / 4 / 5 Teemos further in the direction they were originally tossed.

Basically your ult should be treated like a landmine. If an enemy steps on it, it will nuke them for a lot of damage, assuming you follow the burstmo build. You have the potential to deal 517 damage from a single level 3 shroom to a 60 magic resist target, and that's ignoring masteries and runes. After a while, the damage adds up.

An important thing to note is that you should never, under any circumstances, stack a bunch of shrooms in the same place. It won't do more damage. Stepping on two shrooms just resets the shrooms poison, it doesn't do any initial damage whatsoever. You're better off leaving them in a trail for enemy champions to walk right along through, and die.

Now let's look at usage.

You may have noticed in my matchups section I use a lot of terms and phrases such as "shroom defensively" and "shroom aggressively". I'm here to explain what those terms are, and how to shroom.

Shrooming Aggressively: When you shroom aggressively, you place your shrooms in a pattern that is aimed to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy champion. Your intent is to kill your laner when doing so. Certain champions take more damage from shrooms then others due to items and kits, and you should take this into account when shrooming aggressively. To shroom aggressively, place your shrooms at the sides in the middle of your lane, even extending into their side. You can use these shrooms as trampolines, allowing you to throw a shroom on the pre-existing ones to bounce and gain further distance, preferably targeted towards the enemy champion. Basically block of your enemy laner from last hitting minions, and engaging on you. If performed successfully, you should have the enemy laner pushed up against their own tower, unable to extend without taking damage. Keep in mind your shrooms do have a slow, allowing you to Move Quick and slap them with a few autos, enabling your Thunderlords Decree.

Shrooming Defensively: When you shroom defensively, you shroom in pattern intended to keep your enemy laner away from you. Your intent is to disengage and discourage any all-ins they may be planning. To shroom defensively, you can do a couple of things, one, creating gates with your shrooms. You can place 3 shrooms in a horizontal line blocking off the lane. These will give you a heads up when they do try to walk towards you, allowing you to back up while they are slowed. You can also shroom in a trail-like pattern when shrooming defensively. This kind of pattern is used to bait your opponent into chasing you for harass but instead receiving a bunch of damage. This pattern is good for champs who can kill you very easily but have a hard time reaching you to do so. Try a combination of these patterns, and test out which pattern works best for your playstyle.

Remember, this build maximizes the damage that your shrooms do. Treat them like a nuke, because they can win teamfights very easily. And be sure to make a shroom trail down mid lane late game, because if things go bad and your team is aced from a teamfight, these shrooms will take down the oncoming minion waves, buying your towers and inhibitors times.

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-Advanced Techniques-

Once you've gotten down the basics, you're going to want to start moving on to the advanced techniques that he has to offer. Yes, I know, even a champion as basic as Teemo has them, and trust me when I say they're going to be what separates you, a legend, from the n00bs.

Advanced Technique #1: Bush Weaving

(PRE-SEASON NOTE: Thanks to the new mastery, Greenfather's Gift , this is now an extremely important skill to learn on Teemo. It will up your damage output greatly.)

This one should come naturally to anybody who has played in the top lane. I call it "Bush Weaving" because that's exactly what you're doing; running in and out of a bush as quickly as possible. This is especially easy and important on Teemo, why? Because during laning phase, you should be harassing more often than not. If you target the enemy champion in the minion wave, all of the minions will target you and dish back a fair amount of harass. We weave in the bush because the minions can no longer target you since you have went "missing". Teemo's auto attacks don't immediately strike his opponent, they sort of glide towards them instead. This makes it easy to auto a couple times and pre-emptively step into a bush leaving the minions with nobody to target. You can step out immediately after the auto attack lands, no need to worry about DOT.

The common counter to this technique is, of course, the classic Warding Totem. It reveals everyone in that bush, leaving the minions able to target you after the auto attacks you just did. The counter to this counter is either weaving into a different brush, or using a pink ward and destroying it. You'll know if your bush is warded because minions will chase target you and chase you into it.


Advanced Technique #2: Double Shroom

Now the double shroom is a complicated ability to explain, but actually very easy to perform. To do an effective double shroom, you want to first start off with a shroom thrown directly onto, or directly in front of a minion wave. This works well if the enemy champion is trailing his own minions. Now, shrooms have a short delay before the detonate, so your goal is to immediately throw another shroom onto the one you've already placed. If you pull it off right, it'll bounce off your previously placed shroom, and land either in the back of the wave, or behind the wave, probably near the enemy champion. Your enemy laner usually won't have enough time to escape the AOE detonation area, and will thus take damage from the second shroom you threw.

This technique is useful to get free damage off on lane tailgaters; people who usually ride in or behind the minion wave to avoid harass through auto-attacks and skillshots. Luckily, since the shrooms have the bouncing mechanic, you can usually catch them offguard a couple of times with this technique. Although it's not exactly "LCS BIGBOYZ BIG $$$ PLAYZ", it's still very useful in a match.


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-Will update and finish guide soon!-

Hey boys, thanks for reading up to here so far. I'll be sure to update the guide frequently in the future. Right now, using this build, you should be able to start playing Teemo anyways.

Peace, and have fun on the rift!

(UPDATE: We've hit 20k views! That's awesome, let's see if we can hit 50k! I might release some more content if we do ;) )