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Janna Build Guide by MissMaw

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMaw

Peaceful Janna Support

MissMaw Last updated on December 10, 2014
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| Runes | Masteries | Summoner Spells | Abilities | Items | Gameplay | Summary |
quick intro
Hi friends, I'm MissMaw and this is my Season IV Janna guide. I've been playing League for over three years now and last season I was Diamond V on my account on the EUW server, Mergoat (lolking, op gg). My main role is support, and it has been for nearly three seasons now. Janna is one of my main champions, as well as one of my favourite champions to play. I've been playing Janna since mid-late Season II and I have well over one hundred games played with her.

This guide has been fully updated for Season IV. I haven't changed the name since republishing the guide, but this is hardly a peaceful build. The guide is called "Peaceful Janna Support", however the setup I recommend is just about the most aggressive setup you can get away with using as Janna.

So, who is this Janna person? Well, Janna is a high utility support champion. Unlike most supports, Janna doesn't shine in head on duels but rather she excels at protecting her allies and just generally making their lives easier with her crowd control and her shield.

  • High movement speed
  • Huge amount of crowd control
  • Great peel and disengage
  • Works well with every marksman
  • Is very squishy
  • Can have mana issues early game
  • Does no damage, and has low ratios
  • Ultimate can mess up certain fights
in-depth pros and cons
So what are the pros and cons of playing Janna? Let's start with the good. Her two strongest points are her speed and her disengage. On top of having relatively high base movement speed, Janna gets a movement speed boost from her passive, Tailwind, and from her W ability's passive, Zephyr. Having good disengage comes naturally with having good crowd control, and especially having lots of it. Her knock-up, slow, knock-back and exhaust, will peel off the stickiest, most annoying assassins. The great disengage paired with her amazing shield, which not only shields damage but also provides a buff that grants flat attack damage, make Janna a great support for just about any marksman.

As for her drawbacks. First of all, Janna is very squishy; much like most other utility based supports. However, if you properly utilise your crowd control and shield, you shouldn't die like most utility based supports. In fact, Janna is known for being very difficult to kill, despite how squishy she is.

Her second drawback is that she tends to have mana issues, at least in the early game. This is because all of her abilities, excluding her W, Zephyr, have high mana costs and you will need to use them to provide your marksman safety during lane phase. Buying mana potions and mana regen items can solve this problem, but you will need to play smart so as not to run out.

Next, we should talk about her damage. Well we're done, good chat. The thing is, Janna provides almost no damage unless you build her so you get a lot of AP. And with so many damage orientated supports, that can be a problem. This is not an issue you can fix by taking certain runes or masteries, for Janna has extremely low ratios on all of her abilities. You'd either need to dedicate your entire build to damage, or utility. A mix can work, but it won't provide as much utility as a full utility build, or as much damage as a damage build.

Lastly there are problems with her ultimate, Monsoon. Basically what it does is knock-back everyone around Janna, and heals people in its range. It sounds good but if it's used improperly it can have devastating consequences. You could either lose someone a kill by inadvertently knocking someone away while trying to peel for you marksman, which might even be acceptable. You could also knock someone into your marksman by accident, and that would be a bit less acceptable. You need to be aware of who you're going to knock-back, and where, before you use your ult.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

This is the standard support setup. Armor seals are meant to protect you while you're in lane versus the enemy ADC. Magic Resist glyphs, flat or per levels, are usually for the enemy support as they generally do magic damage or just for the sake of having some MR for later in the game. If you can only have one rune page go with Flat MR glyphs since you're more likely to be against something that requires them than something that doesn't - low magic dealing bot lane such as Leona and Graves. Seeing as Janna's relatively squishy it's a better idea to get flat HP quints over gold/10 quints. Though if you prefer golds, it's an okay alternative. For marks I go with AD since hybrid and magic penetration won't amplify your damage at all and you want to be able to poke at least a little.

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The setup I prefer is 0-9-21. I get Meditation since Janna can be quite mana hungry if she's harassing a lot of if she and her AD are getting harassed a lot (as you'd have to use your E a lot and it can be very mana consuming). I get Culinary Master for the improved Health Potions. Not only do you get healed for a higher amount but part of it is instant. So it acts as a very, very mini red pot. You also get a bit of mana, but nothing worth mentioning, really. Further in the tree I get Wealth which allows me to get an extra potion at the start of the game - as well as a few gold per 10 mastery points.

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Summoner Spells

For Janna I usually take Flash + Exhaust.

|| Flash is pretty self-explanatory. Can flash to escape or chase and also if needed you can flash in to slow of knock up an enemy when following up on a gank.

|| Exhaust is usually the best spell you can take for passive ish supports since it'll be helpful early game, during lane phase, as it will during late game against a fed Kha'Zix or something worse. You can substitute the spell for Heal if you deem it necessary.

I don't recommend taking other spells but if you really like taking Ignite you can somewhat make good of it. Just never take it when you are up against an AS based champion (like Vayne, Jax) or up against a high burst assassin (like Zed). Might want to keep the Exhaust if you're going up against an unfavorable match-up bot, too.

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Ability Explanation + Sequence

|| Tailwind: Janna and all allied champions within 800 range of her gain 5% movement speed.

|| Howling Gale: Janna summons a whirlwind that travels in the direction it was cast. Any enemies hit by the whirlwind take up to 95 / 145 / 195 / 225 / 265 (+ 65% AP) magic damage and gets knocked up fo 0.8 - 1 second. The damage done, knock up duration and distance traveled by the whirlwind increase for each second it channels. High ish mana cost and very low damage = do not use this for harass. This is generally for initiating during lane phase (and later in the game if necessary) and it's also a very good disengage ability and can be used to peel, chase and escape.

|| Zephyr: Janna summons a pet which gains her 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12% (+ 2% per 100 AP) movement speed increase and makes Janna ignores unit collision. Janna can launch her elemental at a targeted enemy to deal 60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+ 50% AP) damage and slow the target by 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40% (+ 6% per 100 AP) for 3 seconds. However doing so will make her lose the ability's passive (as in, the bonus movement speed). It's really good for chasing, following up on a gank and initiating during lane phase - as well as escaping. However if chased you might want to consider keeping the bonus mov speed rather than slowing the enemy.
|| Eye of the Storm: Janna targets an allied champion and turret and casts a 5 second shield on them which absorbs 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 70% AP) damage. Additionally, allied champions with the shield gain 14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50 (+ 10% AP) attack damage. The shield is extremely useful for ADs during lane phase as it improves trades greatly and it helps with last hitting.

|| Monsoon: Janna emits a powerful blast of wind, knocking back enemies within 875 range and then channels, releasing curing winds that heal allies within 875 range every half-second for 4 seconds. Heal amount is 280 / 440 / 600 (+ 140% AP) in total, or, 70 / 110 / 150 (+ 35% AP) every half second. Her ultimate has many uses and has the power to make or break a fight. Monsoon disrupts channeling spells, heals your teammates, can push enemies away from your team (disengage, peel), can push enemies into towers and can also protect your team from damage over time abilities such as Requiem, Time Bomb or even Ignite.
Skill sequence goes R > E > W > Q. You rank up your ultimate whenever you can, as it is with most champions. Now, about the rest of the sequnce.. Well, E is going to be the most useful during lane phase while you're still dueling with your AD vs the enemy bot lane. As in, while you're still doing trades, the 50 AD and 240 damage shield at rank 5 will be more useful than an increased slow on W or more damage on the Q. After E when you're already level 9 and entering mid game, you start maxing up your W. The increased slow will help catch out enemies and secure kills. Lastly, Q for the decreased cooldown and a little bump in damage.
Your usual kill combo is Q > W > E (on ADC usually) > AAs. Sometimes it's easier to hit Q if you use W first. If you're in range to do that, go for it.

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Item Explanation + Sequence

In season 4 supports have gotten a hugely increased gold income. More money = more items. In addition to receiving more gold they also spend way less on wards. In season 4 you can only have 3 stealth wards placed on the map and one vision ward. So basically all you need is a Sightstone and the Greater Vision Totem and you have hit your cap and have 5 slots item slots left to fill.

So what does Janna build? Well I try to focus on the team when building Janna. In S4 a lot of supports will either go full AP or full tank. However since Janna's ratios and base damages have been severly nerfed I prefer to not go full AP. You can, however, get one or two AP items if you wish or if you're wealthy/ahead.

< Starting items >
and early game items

|| For starting items I recommend buying 3 Stealth Wards, a Vision Ward and potions. With this start you will have enough sustain and enough vision to last very long in lane should nothing unexpected happen. Another option is to get the Ancient Coin, a Stealth Ward and two potions. However with this start you'll have a lot less vision and a lot less sustain - but more gold. It's your choice, really, but the more optimal choice would be to start with the consumables.

|| As for trinkets I recommend getting the Warding Totem. It's basically a free ward which lasts 60 seconds and can be placed every 2 minutes. It's not amazing but I think it beats the other choices. Other relatively good choice being Sweeping Lens. It can be used to clear wards, in a sense. Firstly, it has a very short range so you have to know exactly where the ward is located in order to clear it. Secondly, it only lasts for 4 seconds which is about how long it will take you to auto-attack a ward 3 times. Meaning that if you get CC'd you won't be able to clear the ward. Finally the CD is quite long and people can just replace the killed ward with a new one with no issue. Due to these facts I prefer not to take it.

|| First item you should get is Ancient Coin (+ Ruby Crystal, Stealth Wards or, if you have enough money, Sightstone). Getting the Coin will give you more coin and you can buy more stuff. Sightstone is your core and you will not have to purchase wards after that. Upgrade your Coin into Nomad's Medallion ASAP and feel free to delay your boots by upgrading your other item into Ruby Sightstone or by getting the Greater Vision Totem (or both!) since you will have more than enough movement speed just from your passive.

< Generally good purchases >

|| Usually the best choice for support. The extra speed allows you to ward and deward quickly and it helps you with chasing and escaping seeing as you have no gap closer of your own. Alternatives being Merc's, Tabi or Ionian's, depending on what you want. Tabi for more armor, Merc's VS heavy AP or heavy CC and Ionian's if you want the CD reduction for your ultimate.
|| Mikael's Crucible is one of the best items for support atm. It's a free heal + cleanse for your AD (or whoever needs it, really) plus it will solve your mana issues if you have any. It's good, but usually unnecessary, to get Chalice of Harmony earlier - especially if you have trouble with your mana.

|| Talisman of Ascension is a pretty good item for support. You get health, CD reduction, sustain and a good active which will make initiating or retreating easier for your team. You also get to keep the gold passive, which is pretty neat. 100% recommended.

|| Twin Shadows isn't a very popular support item as it's mainly used for mid laners more but it's still a pretty good choice. You get some AP and magic resistance and a good active for scouting and chasing down enemies.

|| Locket of the Iron Solari has been changed recently and it's now less popular with supports and more popular with junglers and some tanky top laners. Either way it's a very good item and if your jungler or top doesn't get it do so yourself if you think you can afford it. It's good to get an early Targon's Brace if you plan on eventually getting it.

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Gameplay + Support Match-Ups

Now for the fun part, actually playing the champion. Well even though a lot of people are confused about playing Janna she's a very straight-forward champion. She has good synergy with every AD champion but does exceptionally well with Caitlyn, Kog'Maw and Ashe.

|| Together Caitlyn and Janna make an excellent poke lane. Caitlyn being super long ranged really benefits from Janna's E as it will increase her damage greatly and improve her poke. Janna's E and Cait's passive work very well together. What's also unique about the lane besides the long range poke is how Janna can stop opponents from blocking Caitlyn's ultimate by using her own.

|| Janna and Kog'Maw make an excellent lane together. Additionally Kog'Maw primarily needs protection and Janna's a top pick as far as that's concerned. Janna's shield also really compliments Kog'Maw's long range with W an together they can do a lot of poke damage.

|| Ashe and Janna do well in lane. Janna's E has really good synergy with Ashe's passive and a shielded Ashe at level 1 does a lot of damage on her first AA. Issues with their synergy are that Janna has no sustain for Ashe and also their ultimates somewhat counter eachother. Janna could possibly knock back other champions from Ashe's arrow, so be careful when using your ultimates.

Janna has virtually no "counter" but she can do poorly in some match-ups. Janna does counter a lot of supports herself though. Generally any combo reliant support will have a tough time against her. Champions like Leona, Alistar or even Nunu. All due to her incredible disengage and peel. Note that despite Thresh being somewhat combo reliant Janna does not counter him. The only thing that does well against Thresh is constant poke. So if you want to counter Thresh - even though Janna would be alright in most cases - go with Lulu.

Well, on to actually playing this champion. You secure your carry as many kills as you can during lane and he'll carry you through late game - is basically how it works. But yeah, you secure him kills, allow him to farm, protect him/sustain him and you keep the lane and river warded. So you basically do what every other support does but with a different skill set?

Not quite. What's unique about Janna is that she's more of a babysitter support and currently we don't have a lot of babysitter supports. This means that your primary goal in lane phase is to keep your AD alive and able to farm. Your shield will protect him from poke, your other abilities will disengage unwanted trades or fights. This'll lead to your carry if nothing else having a lot of farm and being able to scale better in late game.

This however can be misunderstood for being overly-passive as a support. When I say protect your AD, let him farm and disengage fights, I only mean disengage unfavorable fights. If you think you can win a fight do so. Janna is really not that hard to collect kills with. She's got good follow-up on ganks and good engage. Her shield ups trades a lot and she has exhaust as well.

Support Match-Ups

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And that concludes my guide. Hope it was helpful and thanks for reading! Also thanks to Quppo for absolutely no reason!

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions (including anything related to the aesthetics of the guide) please feel free to post here or send me a private message. I will read everything and reply to questions and criticism.

Peace, MissMaw.

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