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Here, you will learn what means to be a jungle, how to play Poppy and why play it.

After test Poppy I find some problems that I tryed to fix, like the mana...the damage of basic attacks...things like those.

Something I always see in other builds is, in top lane, everyone buy a lot of tank objects (Barely all) to resist more, and poppy don't really need it, her base defense is so high, you just need a bit more attack, cooldown and velocity to run faster.

That's because I choosed this runes and Masteries and now, I will explain all the detail of why took them.

Personally I have to say I've been playing jungle for a long time, and Poppy is the only champion I use now as a main jungle, and I haven't found any champion that could be a counter of her...So Let's begin!

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Who am I?

Hi hi!! My name is Powfooo.
I've been playing League of legends for a long time, I started as ADC, I used to be main jinx but I always had a problem: As ADC I depend of my support, and I hate that.
I love to play alone, that's because I started to play other lines alone, then I discovered the Jungle.

Not everyone knows what means to be a jungle, here you will learn how to be a good jungle and how to see each oportunity and don't waste time waiting for a gank.

I tested a lot of jungles and Poppy, for me, is the best one, I can't find any counter for her (If you use well her abilities)

Nowadays, I'm main jungle, and playing Poppy, is a bit hard have a bad game, and with " A bad game" I mean die a lot.
Normally in all games you will kill a lot, but you need to help your team mates too, you will be a good tank and you will deal a lot of damage, but you can't deal 5 champions at the same time.

Nowadays, I'm playing in a competitive team, and use poppy with this build when we play together is something very usefull becuase of the combination of the objects, you will always help your team no matter you choose.

So let's begin the explanation of the build.

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First of all: You need to deal a lot of damage in early game, that's because you need the 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage and the 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage using them, makes you be fast in early in the jungle and vs any champion in early game.

With this plus the Greater Seal of Armor you can gank a line at level 3.

You need some magic resistance at the beggining, that's because you need 3 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist but is not as important as the cooldown, that's becaues we need 6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and with this, you don't really need to use basic attacks against enemies when you gank or when you find the other jungler in the jungle.

With this runes you can deal a lot of damage in early game and resist a lot, before a gank you can use Refillable Potion to heal yourself if you lost some health and restore some health meanwhile you fight.

Some people use more runes of defense or runes of scaling defense, but as jungle, meaby you wont reach level 18 if the game is short, that's because use the Greater Seal of Armor is good enough for your resistance plus your objects.

Other people like the use Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed but you wont really use a lot of basic attacks against enemy champs, so you don't really need it.

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For sure the first time you saw the masteries you thought "Why thunderlord?"
The answer is so easy: Damage.
You dont need to use a mastery of more defense because with this build you have enough defense, you need more damage.

The combo is E -> Wall -> Q
Your Q have two steps, the hit and the explotion, and with the explotion, thunderlord triggers, which means more damage.
You are so fast using all your abilities, that's because you can do an explosive damage in just one or two seconds.

The other masteries is for deal much more damage and the Greenfather's Gift gives you advantage when you gank.

With Precision you have all the lethality you need against tanks, and if you need more, remember to take Blade of the Ruined King

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Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk Is the core smite, why? because you need the blue smite to make the enemies go slower and the green stone to have more resistance.
Something important This smite deals a lot of damage too, you can use it not just to make enemies go slower, you can use it to deal damage.

Ninja Tabi Is what you need to run faster plus more resistance, other boots are not necessary, but if you need magic resistance, buy Mercurial boots

Trinity Force This, plus the yellow smite will give you an awesome attack speed, this is your core.

The Black Cleaver You need this if you go full damage, it helps a lot with cooldown too, and the physical damage gives you more speed, is perfect for Poppy.

Warmog's Armor If you need health regeneration buy this, is so useful in late game, you don't need to back to restore health and with this, you can do an ancient dragon alone.

Spirit Visage Use this instead of Warmog if the other team has more mages.

Titanic Hydra The should be your last object if you go full damage, it's so useful against all enemy team if you are feeded, with this, you can't be stoped.

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First of all, you need to know what you can or what you can't do.
It's true that, in the late game, you can tank barely everything, but in early game you can't, that's because you need to know how your abilities work.

Iron Ambassador Is your passive, it will help you a lot to fight against monsters and champions. Something you need to know is, if you kill somehting with it, it will come back to you, meaby if you are in a lane hit a minion with it can be a good combo.

Other important thing, that's because I use Thunderlord's Decree , I don't really know how many champions I killed with the shield and the thunderlord.

Hammer Shock Is your main ability to do damage.
Remember something, it has two steps, the hit and the explotion, so if a champion is running away from you, use Flash and then Hammer Shock just where he tries to go.

Steadfast Presence This is your counter against each champion who has abilities to increase his speed, like Ahri or Lee Sin that's because if the enemy team pick Lee Sin The jungle is yours.
Use this just before a gank.

Heroic Charge This is your E, there's something bad, if you don't make him to collide with a wall, it could be a bit useless, so wait and look the oportunities.

Keeper's Verdict I haven't seen any Poppy who use well this ability.
This is not just to throw away your enemies from you, if you use your R and then you click to use it, it will make fly your enemy up to you, but not away from you.
It will give you time to let your abilities be recharged.

So, the combo is, if you are going to gank: W -> E -> Q -> Smite -> R -> Q
Anyone can resist this.
Have Fun~

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Why play Poppy?

Her defense is so high, even is you go full damage
Her attack is so high, even if you go tanky
If you can use well your R to Throw away one champion if two enemies follow you, the other is yours.
Your W is so powerful, there a lot of Lee Sin in games, and you counter them.
The smite in Poppy if a powerful weapon, as well as her shield.
Can beat barely any other jungler/champion if you do things well.

She could be a bit slow in early game
If you can't hit your E, you can't do anything

Personally, I have to say that Poppy is my favourite champion, because even if you have a bad game, you can kill a lot.

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What means to be a jungle?

Barely everyone is a bit wrong with what means to be a jungle (In part)
A jungle is not someone who must help the team, a jungle is an advantage, which means, you don't have to go to a lane just to help a team mate with low life because he is asking, if it's not safe to gank because there's no wards in line means that you are blind, so tell him to back and stay close.

What you must do as jungle? First of all you need to reach level 3 before gank, Starting with blue then go to the frog and then the wolves.

After that, you can gank top or mid.
Don't worry, with the help of your team mate you can kill the enemy or, at least, make him run away and back.

Here you have an example of which way use in any case where you start

If you start at blue team

If you start at red team:

The rest should be easy, try to stole all blues you can, you will need them.

With this, don't forget to buy Sweeping Lens and upgrade them at level 9, with this, you can use them in the brushes to know if there's some ward to know if it is a safe gank.

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Some examples

Still not sure if this works? Take a look:

(Sorry for bad quality ^^u)

In this games I used to use the Dead Man's Plate But nowadays I use the Sunfire Cape Because is more efective.

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Team Work

There's something important you need to know as jungle, when Kill or when let kill.

TOP: Let the first kill to the top, if he kills first and he is good, you can forget about top, it will be safe.

MID: Take the first kill, and then you can go bot

Bot: If you killed in mid, go bot and one kill for you and one for the ADC, if you follow all this, it's barely a GG.

Something Funny: When I play I try to make a target, and don't let him play, being close in that line and gank each time I can, with this method you and your laner will be feeded and is a phycological game, he will be nervous, he will be angry, will pay it with the jungle of his team, and then the other jungle will have to go to that lane, if you see him, stay back, make him waste time.

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Before starting to play

This is the end of the guide, after this go and hunt your enemies, but remember, chill, don't get mad or angry or nervous at any moment, breath and have fun, this is not just a game, but if you play happy, you play well.

Have fun, ask me if you need!

See ya!