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[Preseason]How to play Yasuo and not feed: a low elo guide

ShiroKujira Last updated on December 9, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
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Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
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Resolve: 12

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Heimerdinger Rofl hit level 2 or 3 and just all in him, eq to destroy any of his turrets instantly
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Hi, my summoner name is Shiro Kujira and i'm a Gold Yasuo main with over 300k points into him. This isn't a higher elo guide, it's more a "hey, you're bronze and you actually want to play yasuo and not feed?" guide.

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Pros / Cons

Yasuo is easily my favorite champion in the game and is honestly the only reason i still play aside from it being the main game that me and my friends play. Here's a list of things to help you decide whether you actually want to put time into yasuo or not.

    Great active playstyle
    Super weeby champion
    Great Damage
    Can carry a game if you know what you're doing
    Looks cool while doing literally anything
    Surprisingly hard to play/master
    Rough early game
    People will hate you
    People will camp you

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Summoner Spells

Flash is pretty important for surviving fights, lanes and just in general. It's also super helpful for making FLASHY plays (i'm sorry). Yeah pretty much always take flash

Exhaust is what i've personally been taking lately because of how versatile it is. It's great for teamfights and lane. It's better to have than ignite when you're behind as well. You can't just ignite the enemy laner when they're trying to kill you, but if you exhaust them not only are they slowed but they deal less damage and take more damage. Great summoner overall and can make lanes that would otherwise be unwinnable, totally viable.

Ignite is what you'd take if you feel like you want to farm kills off of your laner. Take this when you're really confident that you're going to dumpster your lane. It scales decently late game, as it deals a large amount of true damage and reduces healing on your target. Not as good as exhaust in my opninion but still totally viable if you prefer it.

Teleport is something you can take if you want to do a lot of splitpushing. I usually don't take teleport because i don't really like the splitpushing playstyle but if that's what you're going for, then teleport will be the most beneficial summoner for the rest of your team.

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Runes and Masteries

Attack Speed/Ad Marks- Attack speed reds will give you lots of attackspeed. Yasuo likes attack speed. The more attack speed you have the lower the cooldown of your q. Trust me when i say that playing Yasuo with 1.5 attack speed feels much better than playing him with 0.75. It makes a really noticeable difference.
Scaling Armor Seals- Scaling armor seals give more armor than flat armor seals starting at around level 6. At level 18 they give you plus 27 armor which is almost 2 cloth armors. You need the tanky stats to survive late game teamfights.
Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs- Same reason as the Scaling armor seals, because you need Magic Resist as well.
Attack Speed Quints- Attack Speed Quints will be used for the same reason attack speed reds are used. They make your attacks feel more fluid. These can however be changed out for Attack damage quints or a lifesteal quint or 2.

My standard mastery pages are pretty typical for Yasuo when it comes to the Ferocity tree. However i prefer putting points into the Resolve tree over Cunning. I prefer Resolve because it gives you sustain to survive the sometimes harsh early laning phase. I know most people prefer to go Cunning for the extra damage but i think yasuo doesn't really need the extra damage bonuses to do well and needs sustain more than anything else.
New Masteries: I love the new masteries that were added in this pre-season, as they directly help almost every aspect of my playstyle on yasuo. Siegemaster lets you play a bad lane matchup safely under your tower(because yasuo farms well under tower). Fearless is great for medium length trades as it gives you armor and mr (that yasuo lacks) for a short period of time which will allow you to come out on top of more trades(also scales well with the scaling resistance runes). Fresh blood is great because it's free bonus damage for trading every 9 or so seconds. Battle trance is good because it gives you the 5% damage increase with no downside. All you have to do it be in combat for a bit, so it's very good for the medium to long trades yasuo already excels at.

Here are some links to screenshots of my typical rune and mastery pages i use for Yasuo
Default Rune Page
More Defensive Rune Page
Fervor Mastery Page
Classic Warlords Mastery Page

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Unique Skills

If you position yourself correctly you can dash through jungle walls and look really badass and make really spicy plays. Watch this guy's video cause he does a really good job of explaining it
Like Riven, Yasuo also has some animation cancels. While they aren't necessary in most cases(unlike riven), they can still be helpful when used correctly. The most helpful cancel would probably be canceling the second half of your auto attack animation. This can be achieved in two ways. The first way to do this(pretty damn hard to do without practice) is to auto attack, and then input a movement command somewhere immediately after the damage from your auto goes through in order to be able to start another auto attack in less time than it would take otherwise. The easier way to do this is simply to press q right when you see the damage from your auto attack go through. This will cut the time it takes to do an auto attack but also add your q. I prefer the second combo as it is much easier to perform but you must know how to do both if you want to actually get good at yasuo. It may seem stupid but it helps, trust me.
A much more simple animation cancel simply comes from using your windwall and then immediately using your q afterwards to cancel the q animation. It's not the most important skill you need to know, but it is incredibly easy to do and can be used to surprise your enemies(This also cancels the animation of your third q, meaning that your tornado will just magically appear out of your hand so you won't have to do that awkward stutter step if you're trying to move at the same time). Your q animation can also be cancelled by your e so if you throw out a tornado and press e at the same time you can send out a tornado quicker than usual.

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General Tips

Don't waste too much time trying to land your tornado on your enemy. I find myself landing tornadoes much more often when i'm not even aiming for the opponent. Use your tornadoes to last hit far minions but position yourself in a way that the tornado will also be directed towards your opponent. Most of the time people will walk right into your tornado lol.

For extra damage on your ult you can simply knock up the enemy and if in range auto attack them once before ulting. This will increase the damage you output and may secure you a kill you otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Be careful though as your window of time is very small so don't try this unless you know you are close enough to auto already or can get close enough to. I usually do this whenever i use my eq for the knockup as i am already on top of the enemy.

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Playing the lane

The way you play your laning phase will differ greatly depending on matchups and every game will be different. DO NOT AUTOPILOT EVER. Playing without thinking about what you want to do is a surefire way to come out of laning phase 0-5. The way you play the lane will usually come down to experience you will get from playing the champion. As you learn the way you prefer to play, you will slowly start to see which playstyles work in which matchups. There is no real way to tell you exactly how to play every matchup, all i can tell you is that if you want to learn yasuo, you have to play him. A basic rule for laning is to be careful with your dashes. Contrary to popular (low elo) belief, yasuo is not invincible while he is dashing. It is very easy to punish yasuo after he tries to retreat from a won trade. Carefully managing your dashes can prevent a lot of return harass, get you kills, and save your life.

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Mid game

Moving into the mid game you want to roam around the map, grouping with teamates to make picks and get objectives. If you aren't farming a lane and aren't going for a kill try to take a wolf or raptor camp so that you're always giving yourself some sort of advantage over your lane opponent.

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Late game

In the late game Yasuo is an absolute monster if he isn't 0-15. Try to look for teamfights. You have an incredibly strong engage if you can land a knockup on several priority targets but don't just ult whenever you knock someone up. Typically i wait for my team to start a fight and then try to focus on ulting into the enemy backline to kill their carries. Dropping your windwall in a good place can be crucial to winning teamfights, try to position it so that your team can freely attack without having to worry about enemy projectiles coming their way. Yasuo also has incredible dueling potential and can push lanes ridiculously fast, so splitpushing is another option. While i personally don't prefer the splitpushing playstyle i will admit that it can be incredibly effective and annoying for the enemy team.

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Yasuo is an incredibly versatile, powerful, and fun champion, however he is very hard to play and incredibly hard to master. I personally think he is one of the best champions in the game due to his incredible kit but i might be a little biased. Yasuo is not a champion for everyone but i think everyone should give him a try at some point or another.
A screenshot of my highest mastery points... Lmao i hate my life.
Also if you care to know more about me personally, my friend dan started making videos recently which feature me quite often, and are actually unexpectedly funny so if you want to see the typical atmosphere i play in check out his channel Peep his LoL playlist for some quality cancer