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Thresh Build Guide by FreXooH

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreXooH

[S6 guide] The Death Sentence

FreXooH Last updated on August 20, 2016
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The Death Sentence

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Draven Hitting hooks on a draven can be pretty easy. Most Dravens, especially in lower ranks, will go all in to catch his axes. Aim the hook where the axe is going to land and its almost a guaranteed hit.
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Hello and welcome to my Thresh guide!
My name is FreXooH and now im going give you a few tips and tricks on how to play Thresh!

I personally main Thresh and I really enjoy playing him. He is an support with alot of potential and you can almost always learn something new, unless you are a Thresh god... #Madlife :)
Thresh is a pick that always has been viable for soloQ and probably always will be since he is well balanced. Remember that in the wrong hands he migh be one of the worst supports, but put in some hours of practice and he will become one of the stronges supporst.
Anyway, let's get started!

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Pros / Cons

+ Huge playmaker
+ Good CC
+ Strong from start to end of the game
+ Good at starting fights
+ Good at peeling
+ Good disengage

- Big learning curve
- His Q, Death Sentence, can be akward at first beacuse of the 0.5 sec windup
- No sustain
- Using Relic Shield can be hard because he dont get extra damage to the minion when it is below 200 hp
- Low mobility (for himself)
- Pretty skill-shot reliant

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Recommended Runes

x9 Mark of Attack Damage:

His E, Flay passive scales on AD, so a little bit extra AD will increace your damage and poke early game.

x9 Seal of Armor:

Thresh only starts with 16 armor and gains no armor per level. Instead he gets armor from collecting souls. However, 16 armor level 1 is very little and the extra armor here is very important.

x9 Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist:

Magic Resist is always nice to have. Thease can be swapped out for flat magic resist against a poke mage like Sona or Annie.

x3 Quintessence of Armor:

Same reasoning as on the Seals, Thresh needs the extra armor.

Situational Runes

Mark of Health:

Having health in marks can be good if you are going full tank thresh and want the extra health earlygame.

Glyph of Magic Resist:

Having flat Glyphs of Magic Resist are very strong against a poking mage support, for example
Sona, Zyra, Annie etc.

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Important Notes:

- I like to take Savagery to make it easier to use Relic Shield. It does not make a huge differance and if you feel like it you can definitely take the Wanderer mastery instead. Wanderer is also better for roaming and getting to lane faster.

- Secret Stash is the only viable mastery at the row so take that.

- Mana reg with Meditation is more useful compared to extra damage with Merciless .

- Bandit is the clear choice for all supports here.

- If you go with Windspeaker's Blessing , the mastery you will take to get to it is Intelligence because the extra cooldown reduction is way better than the hybrid penetration. Thresh is nothing without his spells!

- Personally I like Unyielding because it will give you extra Armor and Magic Resist, especially later in the game. But taking Recovery will give you extra sustain especially in lane.

- Tough Skin is the better choice here since you will be playing against an ADC that uses mostly basic attacks, with a few exceptions ( Ezreal, Corki )

- Veteran Scars is usually stronger since it gives you extra health and tankiness overall.

- Insight will redice the cooldown of your summoner spells, most importantly your Flash, so you can utilize it more often to save allies or catch enemies.

- Swiftness is my favorite but I feel like its down to personal preferance. Swiftness will reduce slows and stuns, but Legendary Guardian will give you more Armor and Magic Resist in teamfights where all the enemies are grouped.


Bond of Stone:

Use this for extra tankiness and redirect damage from enemy assassins.

Windspeaker's Blessing:

Stronger shields and giving armor to the shielded ally. Use this if you are 100% sure you are gonna peel for your adc in every fight. Remember that your team will need someone to engage. If that is you dont take this keystone.

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Relic Shield:

The standard starting item for Thresh. It is very strong in lane since you can lasthit the cannon minions and therefore get the gold while your adc gets it aswell.

Ancient Coin:

The starting item for a utility and lategame focused Thresh. Also goves some sustain in lane and you dont have to lasthit to get the gold, but you dont get as much.

Refillable Potion.

I pick this up at my second or third recall if I have some extra money over and have space in my inventory. Its nice to have to be able to sustain better and you can sell it if you need room for a item or even a Vision Ward.


Very core on all supports. Warding well can win you games, so having 4 new wards everytime you go to base is very nice. Get this as quick as you can and upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone since it reduced the cooldown of activatable items by 10%.

Targon's Brace:

This is the higher tier of the starting item. I like to get this right after my Sightstone since it gives me a extra charge of the passive aswell as 100 extra HP.

Nomad's Medallion:

Get this to build towards your Eye of the Oasis if you started with Ancient Coin.

Face of the Mountain:

The standard tank build with Thresh is strong with this item. It gives you an extra shield witch you can place on any ally.

Talisman of Ascension:

When I go for a utility focused Thresh I normally dont get this, but if the movement speed synergizes well with your team you can get it. Just know that building Eye of the Oasis gives you one extra slot in your inventory.

Eye of the Oasis:

The item I normally get on a utility focused Thresh since it gives you CDR. Dont buy ionian boots when you get this since you will get 50% CDR and you can only have 40%.

Locket of the Iron Solari:

Shields everyone close to you upon activision aswell as passivly giving everyone Magic Resist. It also gives CDR so you can use all your spells more often. Dont buy more than 40% CDR!!!

Frozen Heart:

Gives CDR. Reduces the attackspeed on nearby enemy champions, reducing the enemy adc's attackspeed in a fight can win you the fight.

Zeke's Harbinger:

Ask you ADC what he/she is going to buy when it comes to crit. If its less than 70% getting a Zeke's can be effective. Of cource you can put this on a jungle Master Yi or a top Tryndamere, but I like to but it for the adc. Attackspeed is nessessary to get it to proc fast in a fight. So if your adc is a caster adc like Ezreal or Corki I dont normally get it. It is very good with a hypercarry like Jinx or Tristana since they have high attackspeed and do alot of damage.

Mikael's Crucible:

If the enemy team has alot of CC like a Lissandra, Amumu or a Ashe, Mikael's is very effective.

Righteous Glory:

Back to the Utility focused Thresh, Righteous Glory is a very good item for engaging fights and chasing down enemies. This item can still work on any Thresh build, but personally I think there are better alternatives.

Sunfire Cape:

I only get this when my team is really ahead and I want to do some extra damage.

Banshee's Veil:

If the enemy is Magic Damage focused I get this item.

Randuin's Omen:

If you are up against a hypercarry like Jinx or Tristana or even a fed Master Yi you can get this together with a Frozen Heart to reduce the attacker's attackspeed with 30%.

Zz'Rot Portal:

When you want some push in the sidelanes you get this. Normally I dont but if you want to, go for it! :)

Eye of the Equinox:

If the game goes really late and you want a extra item you can sell buy this to combine your Sightstone and your Face of the Mountain to one item. You will lose the active of Face of the Mountain but for an extra item in the lategame if can be worth it.

Warding Totem (Trinket):

Extra wards before lvl 9.

Sweeping Lens (Trinket):

Buy this if you are under lvl 9 and have a sightstone. It will help your jungler set up ganks and give you more vision advantage.

Oracle Alteration (Trinket):

Get this at lvl 9 to clear wards and gain map control.


Boots of Mobility:

Good for roaming and getting to lane to lane quicker. I get thease most of my games.

Ninja Tabi:

Buy this against a heavy AD team.

Mercury's Treads

Buy this aginst a heavy Ap and CC team.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity:

Buy thease to get to 40% CDR if you need to.

Boots of Swiftness:

Extra mobility in fights and good for chasing people down.

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Skill Sequence

I start with E Flay because the passive is very strong early game. Being able to poke the enemy with empowered basic attacks deal alot of damage.

- After E Flay I take Q Death Sentence to be able to catch out apponents and zone enemies. If you run up behind the enemies minions they will most likley dont wanna get hooked so they'll back off. Only do this if you got to level 2 before them and they still are lvl 1 or have a huge advantage in lane.

- If you are playing against a skillshot-god and that god happends to play Blitzcrank, take W Dark Passage level 2 to be able to get your ADC out if he gets hooked. Also do this if your ADC is stupid and have wasted Flash and gets caught alot. Otherwhise get Dark Passage at level 3.
- At level 4 and 5 I take points in E Flay to increase the damage.

- At level 6, 11, and 16 take points in you ultimate The Box.

- After this max out Q Death Sentence, then W Dark PassageE Flay, and finally E Flay.

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Always take flash. It is your only escape in lane and can be very useful to suprice and reach your enemies with a Flash ==> Death Sentence / Flay


Exhaust is the standart support spell. Most people think of exhaust only as a slow, but it also reduces Armor, Magic Resist, Damage and Attack Speed. Very good.


Ignite is a viable support spell if you want to play aggressive in lane and kill your opponents. Remember that Ignite falls off late game alot compared to Exhaust. I'd take ignite against a Soraka for example to make her heals heal less.


Usually the ADC will take heal, but if they for some reason decide to not take it, you can if you feel like you need it.

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Farming with your Relic Shield can be hard with Thresh since he is ranged and does not get the execute part of it. Therefore its good to have your E's passive fully charged when trying to lasthit since it gives your basic attacks extra damage. Also, having the Savagery mastery will make it a LITTLE bit easier.

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There are two different roles you can have in a teamfight. Those are:
- Engager
- Peeler


The engager role is not as common, but if you dont have anyone on your team that can engage fights, its up to you. If this is what you will be doing in fights I highly recommend buying very tanky, since you will be dying very fast if not. Best case senario is if you where to hit a high priority target, for example the enemy ADC or mid. If this is the case and you are tanky enough you can throw your lantern behind you and fly in together and easily focus down their carry. On the other hand and the one that is more likley, you will hit someone on the enemy frontline. If this is the case you must make one of two options.
Option #1: Reactivate Q and fly towards the enemy to lock them down and chain CC on them.
Option #2: Pull them towards you and let your team collapse onto them. When everyone is focused you can run straight in the fight and try to land CC on the enemy ADC and mid.


Most of the games you will have a tank or a briuser on your team that can engage. In this case you dont have to and can therefore peel your your ADC and mid. Try to hook incoming assassins and tanks that want to get to your ADC/mid. Use your ult The Box and E Flay to slow and CC the enemies. Basiclly you wanna buy as much time as possible for your mid/ADC to deal as much damage as possilbe in the fight. Peeling good will most likley win you the fight, unless your ADC or mid is really stupid and rush in to the enemy team and dies instantly.

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Tips/ Tricks

- When Thresh uses his Q Death Sentence he will face in the direction he stood in when the skillshot was casted, not where its aimed. Use this to your advantage by facing towards another enemy and casting the hook on an unsuspecting target.

- Using E Flay just before Q Death Sentence can cancel a little bit if the animation and it will be harder to see comeing.

- Flaying an enemy will slow them, making easier to hit your Q Death Sentence.

- Try to use your E Flay and Q Death Sentence to drag and push your target through as many walls as possible in your ultimate The Box to deal maximum damage.

- Using your lantern back over the wall near your turret and rushing towards the enemy when alone in lane, can scare enemies away as they might think your jungler is ganking.

- Remember that you dont always have to use the second part of your Q as it might put you in a bad possition.

- Using either your Q Death Sentence or your E Flay you can drag enemies from river and over the wall at the redside tribush, aswell as the other way around. I've tried it on the other side of the map but it didn't seem to work.

- You can cancel jump and dash abilities such as Tristana's Rocket Jump and Vi's Vault Breaker with both your E Flay and Q Death Sentence.

- You can collect Damnation souls using your W Dark Passage. Remember that Dark Passage has a long cooldown, make sure you have it when your ally needs it.

- You can use your E Flay mid-flight with your Q Death Sentence.

- If you are faster or just ahead of your ADC on your way to lane, use your W Dark Passage behind you to help them get to lane faster.

- When an ally takes your lantern Dark Passage you can Flash over walls and take your ally with you if you time it correctly.

- When an ally takes your lanten Dark Passage, you will get the shield from it if you haven't already.

- Use your E Flay wisely. If your carry is low you might wanna flay the enemy away from your carry. Just dont do this if the enemy is low and your carry is healthy. :)

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Thank you!

Thanks for reading my guide to the God of supports, Thresh. I hope you learned something!
If you want you can check me out on Youtube and Twitter!
Good luck!