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Renekton Build Guide by TheButteryGamer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheButteryGamer

Season 4 Renekton Dominus Of The Top Lane Top Lane Guide

TheButteryGamer Last updated on February 3, 2014
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Hello there my name is Cameron and I go by the name TheButteryGamer, Welcome to my first Mobafire Guide, I really love gaming, making videos, streaming and interacting with other people, my overall goal with League Of Legends is just to help people improve as well as improve myself.

I really love Renekton he is a really strong tanky champion & for solo Q he is a really strong safe pick, My goal with this guide is to help you grasp a better understanding of how to play Renekton and his match-ups.

(this guide is not completely finished check the change log for when I add more match-ups of Renekton as well as video footage of my obviously amazing croc plays(because Reneketon's a crocodile he he).

If you wish to view more content from me you can check My Youtube channel out, as well as this I enjoy streaming please check My Twitch Stream I like to stream because I can better interacting with my viewers / subscribers my overall goal is to become a top streamer as well as get better at league of legends in the process.

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Change Log

Change Log

Added Tricks Of The Trade - Renekton Tips & Tricks Section To The Guide
Adjusted The Ability Leveling Sequence
Ajusted The Guide Order + Separated FAQ + Change Log,
Added Example Build #3
Added Items If Ahead
Updated The Mastery Page
Added An Alternative Mastery Page
Updated Counters; Lee Sin & Nasus
04/01/2014: Added 2 Build Examples
04/01/2014: Guide Went Live

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Pros / Cons


+ Natural Tank With Dominus
+ Strong Wave Clear With Cull the Meek
+ Strong Crowd Control(CC) With Ruthless Predator
+ Easy To Peel For Your Carrys
+ Good Farmer
+ Strong In 2v1 Ganks
+ Safe Pick
+ Ability's Cost Nothing

is a really strong farmer with his ability's he can farm really well, coming into the mid game when uses his ultimate Dominus he excels in trading potential and is really good when being dived 2v1, you can catch your opponents out this way, with his ultimate he can provide a strong tank line for his team as well as this he has strong peel for defending his carry's

- Long Cooldowns on CC & Escape
- Hard To Chase Enemy Players When Slice and Dice is on cooldown
- Drops Off Towards Late Game
- CC Vs Can Hurt
- Item Dependent

is a really strong champion, however all champions have some cons to their play-style, has long cool-downs on his Ruthless Predator & Slice and Dice so if you waste them you become more gankable, similar to this if you are going for a kill and use Slice and Dice to engage chasing enemy players down becomes harder.
is an item dependent champion, so to be strong you need to start getting advantages early such as minions score or kills, is also strong tank but drops off towards the late game, as well as this CC Vs can hurt his trading potential.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
For marks I really like taking Attack Damage as it gives trading potential against his lane opponent.

For seals taking Armour is a must, 70% of top lane match-ups will be Attack Damage.

As for your glyphs it depends personally I prefer scaling magic resist(MR) as in the current meta both jungler and top are attack damage, taking scaling magic resist enables you to transition into the mid game against there ability power mid lane.

Quints are pretty standard, without AD quints you would have a flat amount of 8.5 Attack Damage , taking the quints you give yourself make that flat 8.5 into a flat amount of 15 Attack Damage, having this much attack damage enables you to trade better especially with Ruthless Predator.

This is my alternate page, this page focuses on the same stats as the ones in this guide but instead of taking 3 Attack Damage quints, you take 4% life-steal. This page is brilliant against top lanes with good sustain in lane such as , and Big Brother , as these types of champions have a lot of sustain trading with them will effect your poorly as any damage you do them will be mitigated by their sustain, so taking the 4% life-steal combined with Cull the Meek enables you to also sustain through trades.

This page I hardly ever use, however it is still helpful. 3% move-speed does not seem like that much however when combined with Slice and Dice it enables you to catch opponents with a strong disengage such as with for that last hit to kill the bugger, as well as this it is great for opponent with strong engage when you need to disengage such as with her & combo.

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Taking 9 into the offence tree give extra damage in lane and increases his trading ability with his spells.

Looking at the defense tree I take these runes as I optimize for what he is good at and that is being a big tanky bruiser.

The main masteries to talk about is , it is a brilliant mastery to take Vs an Attack Damage top lane, against an Ability Power top lane such as taking this point is useless so I recommend taking the 3 points and putting it into .
(the mastery point, not the passive)& are 2 really good masteries for as they both increase the healing of , combined with , it enables a players to get heavy sustain into the mid/late game, this increases effectiveness towards late game, this mastery set up is great when wanting extra sustain in lane.

An alternative mastery setup for straight AD top laners such as is the following
Taking the extra points into Block & Unyielding enhances your trading potential in lane, not by much but still enough to see some difference.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Flash is a brilliant spell to have to re-engage and finish of kills, or to disengage from team-fights/ elude ganks.

Ignite: Just a little bit of extra damage to finish enemy players off/ increase trading potential.

As for other summoner spells can be effective to help other lanes out and increase your roaming potential, personally taking I feel depends on the players individual judgement, I do not like taking on as the extra damage I receive from makes getting kills easier, as for helping your team getting those vital kills is worth it to carry them in the mid game, so taking is not as useful, at the end of the day its down to the individual player what they like to run in lane.

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Counters Walkthrough


Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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Spoiler: Click to view

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Ability Explanation & Sequence

  • Reign Of Anger: A great ability to have during team fights, in the lane phase it is very useful to "Empower" your other ability's, keeping above 50% fury whilst in lane increases your trade if your opponent decides to all in you.
  • Cull The Meek (Q): 's sustain ability, maxing this first increases 's pressure in lane, being able to trade with an enemy and then heal the damage you have received is amazing, this is the reason why you should max it first. When is "Empowered" Gains increased healing from .
  • Ruthless Predator (W): 's W is a weird ability to use, whilst stunning your opponent you are also stunned(similar to Ultimate ) practice using this ability, most new players will find it diffuclt at first landing this on the enemy champion, however when having 50% fury and getting this ability "Empowered" it strikes three times and has a large ratio of (225% AD).
  • Slice And Dice (E): has a 400 range gap closer, but if you can hit a champion or minion you can use it again, making a possible 800 range gap closer. During trades in lane will be used as your engage as well as your escape tool, this allows to get in to do his damage and get out quickly.
    Slice and Dice when "Empowered" shreds a huge percentage of the enemy's armor and is amazing when used on an AD heavy team.
    can also be used on walls offering players some strong escape routes, Here are all of the walls can through.....

  • Dominus (R): Upon reaching level 6 gets a large power spike as offers health increase, as well as a neat AoE(area of effect) ability and an increase in 's size, which means combining with increases the AoE damage output, as gets increased size when using , has it's ranged increased as well.

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ideally Vs AD top laners you want to start with your W as it increases your level one trading potential, this makes it a must have for a level 1 trade Vs & as a good & will always try to trade and get an advantage Vs you at Level 1.

> > >
This is 's trading combo/ farming combination, first you over the enemy minion wave towards your target champion, follow that up straight with followed by then back out of your trade to continue last hitting.
> > >
This is 's all in, I am going for a kill combo, first your to get the full use of 's kit, then over the enemy minion wave towards your target champion, follow that up straight with followed by then to either follow up with the kill or back out, somewhere in the middle of this combo if you have available you should use it.
AA > > AA > > >
This is 's peel combo as at some point during the game if your carry's are getting focused you will need to either be beefy at the front line or at the back line peeling as best as possible, for this combo what you want to be doing is auto attacking in-between every & and that is it, if needed you can use your ultimate to be more beefy, & to more effectively peel.

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Starting Items

Item Sequence

Stealth Ward

Doran's Shield

Rejuvenation Bead

Cloth Armor
The must have trinket on is , keep it as long as possible, when it reaches late game you can sell it and buy a and start buying wards for your team instead.

> >
This item sequence is good if going for damage early as well as sustain e.g. , taking rejuve bead enables you to complete earlier, next take 5 so you can stay in lane longer and sustain this is good against both AD such as and AP such as after buying those items take a so you that you know if the enemy jungler is near by / going to be ganking you.

This item start is best used by other Attack Damage casters such as & as they are auto attack based trading against them with increases your damage output, the gives you a little bit of sustain as well.

This item start is best used when you know that you want to go for a sustain lane, this is only used as sustain Vs Ad Champions, you want to take & then 5. this is more of a defencive / looking to farm start, useful Vs pokey AD top laners such as & .

Item Sequence

Sunfire Cape

Randuin's Omen

Guardian Angel

Maw of Malmortius

Ravenous Hydra

The Black Cleaver

Mercury's Treads

Ninja Tabi

Depending on the lane opponent that you are playing Vs is for Vs AD and is for Vs AP, regardless I feel that both are a must have on obviously get the defence stat that you need before you get the other item e.g. don't get first then if against an AP top/ Jungler.

is a great item to have on Cooldown reduction means can use his CC ability more frequently, health increases 's tankyness, the MR it provides makes it a good item Vs an AP team, 's passive enables to better effectively heal.

is a good item to synergize with 's ultimate ability , as well as that it provides you with defense Vs AD opponents as well as health to increase ability to tank.

Instead of going for a alternatively you can go for if you feel that in a team fight your team needs more control of enemy champions.

I never find a need to buy this item on ever unless the game is getting really late e.g.45-60 minute game and the extra revive/defense provided by is a great addition to have to your build late game.

I almost never take as the majority of in meta solo Q comps are Attack Damage, however if you do come across a team with a strong amount of ability power such as then taking is a good idea.

is an amazing item on as it increases his wave clear/ farming potential/ last hitting effectiveness overall, the majority of the time building and leaving for last item buy is a smart move, however if you feel you need the life-steal that provides, then take it.

As is an Attack Damage caster taking is a good idea, usually it is best to take it Vs more of a melee comp that does not have that much disengage, taking this item against a composition that does not have any of those traits can be a bad experience, this is because you will not get to use to its full potential by getting the passive stacks off, other than that it is a strong item, it provides health which makes more tanky, Cool-down reduction so he can use his ability's more frequently and obviously the most useful stat Attack Damage.

is a good pair of boots to take for the huge crocodile feet of , is primmarily best against an Ability Power/ Heavy CC Comp as provides the wearer with tenacity and Magic Resistance.

is a good set of studs to take for the massive crocodile feet of , is best used against an Attack Damage Comp as provides with Armour and block Vs Attack Damage which comes in handy when peeling/ tanking for your team.

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How To Push Your Advantage

So you have managed to destroy your lane opponent and you picked up a few kills along the way and a tower or two, know you should be thinking to yourself, what should you do now? Apply pressure and try to snowball your team, well great good idea, there is few different ways in which that you can do this, the easiest way is to push your minion wave past river and try and roam middle lane to gank.

Another way in which you can push your advantage and snowball your team with your lane the advantages you have gained in lane is to take global objectives, communicate with your team and tell them to prepare for drake, before doing this make sure that you push your lane out and run down for the free gold; If the enemy tries to fight for drake then this is great use your gained advantage and win the team fight.

One furthur way in which you can snowball your team towards victory is to take towers, realistically you want to do this when, other lanes are losing and you just can not gank for them, pushing for towers enables you to try and force the enemy to come help their top laner.
As you are and you are tanky as hell you should be able to fight 2v1 vs your lane and the jungler, if they bring mid lane up consider it a bonus as your team will be able to take objectives easily know, Make sure to only do this when there is an objective to be had e.g. if drake is not up and your mid and bot are not a position to pressure their tower don't try and push or proxy.

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Warding The Top Lane

Key To Understanding The Map

Blue Side
If it Says BP on the map it means, Blue Side
Where I have said to place the blue side , it provides you with good vision so if the enemy Jungler/ Top want to dive you, you can sniff it out and back off reducing you giving a kill away that could of been prevented.
If it says BS on the map it means, Blue Side
Red Side
If it Says RP on the map it means, Red Side
Where I have said to place the red side , it provides you with good vision so if the enemy Jungler/ Top want to dive you, you can sniff it out and back off reducing you giving a kill away that could of been prevented.
If it says RS on the map it means, Red Side

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is a really strong champion, as well as this he is a safe pick even when first picking, he's not that hard to learn as a champion however his play-style is unique and getting use to it may take some time.
If you have any comments/ constructive feedback/ questions/ queries please feel free to ask away in the comments section.
If you liked this guide please feel free to give it an up-vote and share it, if you do down-vote it please let me know why you have decided to down-vote it so that I can improve my guide.

Have A Croc Tanking Time.........

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Tricks Of The Trade - Renekton Tips & Tricks


Change Log

Clearing Wards As Renekton
is really good for clearing wards, similar to with a quick combo he can clear wards with a one shot, in order to do this first Auto Attack then follow it with Ruthless Predator as Stealth Ward only has 3 life points as soon as you see it go down you can clear it with this combo, good luck trying this out in game it can take 1-2 games to get use to as most players save there stun for an engage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


None yet get those questions coming in.