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League of Legends Build Guide Author katt5

Silver V Guide to Lux Support: Revitalized and Revamped!

katt5 Last updated on December 6, 2016

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


12 Ferocity
















18 Cunning
















0 Resolve
















Threats to Lux with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Janna Farm lane. She has too much peel for you to land kills, you have too much peel for her to help her ADC land kills.
Nidalee If you play Nidalee support you need to stop.
Soraka Just like Janna it's a farm lane. Oh and also always kill her first.
Teemo If you play Teemo support, uninstall
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E L E M E N T A L I S T L U X !!!!!!!

It's great. Buy it.

With that out of the way, on with the guide!

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I am not in any way claiming that my way of playing Lux support is the only or even the best way. However, it is my personal style, which I want to share with you. There are many other possible playstyles to try with Lux, whether in support or mid, and it's great to try and find your own or swap out how you play the champ depending on matchup, so please don't take my word to be law!

I've seen a lot of people play Lux support a lot of different ways, and along with my personal playstyle I've thrown a lot of the other ways to play her as support into the guide as well. If you feel like my playstyle doesn't cut it mess around with different playstyles, item paths, etc. and if you find anything you feel works contact me and I'll add it to the guide!

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Why Lux Support?

Some supports can stun,
like Leona.

Some supports can grab,
like Thresh and Blitz.

Some support can peel,
like Braum and Janna.

Some supports differ,
And then, there is Lux.

Lux is not the best support in the game. If I were going duo Q and I were ADC, I would want Leona support over Lux, every time.

However, in low Elo, in solo Q, I pick Lux support every time. But why?

Lux's one defining advantage is that she can carry from a range. Many times I have taken my beloved Leona support only to discover that my ADC is completely incompetent in lane and can't pick up kills on people I stun. Then, in teamfights, if I initiate and my team doesn't follow up, I'm dead. And if my team is so far behind they can't follow in on an initiation, there's very little I can do about it, as Leona doesn't deal enough damage to carry!

Lux can contribute to teamfights without putting herself in significant danger.

If you know how to kite and how to position and you use your wards effectively, you can throw out shields, snares, slows, and a giant damaging LAZOR from a safe distance. Did your team win the fight thanks to your contribution? Great, go win. Did they die? Back off, and defend base.

Lux can also build support but deal massive damage.

This build focuses on damage so that she can 100/0 squishy opponents (usually the enemy ADC) with her full kit, *some* CDR so she can spam her skills to her heart's desire, and movement speed so she can more easily kite all the guys trying to jump on her by running away while throwing E and Q. (You'll still be providing vision for your team though, of course!)

I don't consider Lux support a very situational pick as you can win almost any matchup by adjusting your playstyle and knowing when to harass and when to just play for peel. However, if your team doesn't have a tank and you are the only one left who hasn't picked do your team a favor and take something else.

In any case, why Lux Support? Why not Lux mid?

-Mid is a highly sought-after position. Might as well let a teammate take it and make them happy (plus less likely to flame!) when you can play Lux support just as effectively!

-It's a lot, lot, lot easier to get support than mid. Plus with the new Queue system picking support and fill as preferences means a lot less time waiting to get in a game!

-Playing botlane gives you the chance to impact two opposing players, the enemy support and the enemy ADC, as opposed to midlane, where you have to roam and gank if you want to put more than one opposing player behind.

I rarely have ADCs complain about me taking Lux as a support before the game, and I never have ADCs complain about me picking Lux Support after the game. I think that she has gained enough popularity as a support that people acknowledge that she can play the role.

In my experience Lux Support, when played well, can impact games in low elos so much it's almost to the point that she can solo-carry. If you want a ranged support that can win games while staying safe, Lux is your lady.

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My Playstyle vs. Other Playstyles

I've already talked a bit about playstyle, so a bit of clarification:

I prefer to play Lux extremely reactively, and I focus a lot more on peeling than I do on harassing.

However, it is also possible to play Lux aggressively, and focus on harassing to get a kill at 6 or as early as possible.

Whether you like playing passively or aggressively, there's no one right way, and I believe that you can play Lux multiple ways that are viable and effective!

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Pros & Cons

+ Long Range
+ Has a Snare, Slow and Shield
+ Her ult can pick up kills that would otherwise be missed
+ E can be used to get vision on bushes before warding them/when you don't have wards
Lux is a fun and effective support to play for many reasons. Her Snare can hit two opponents so you can hit the opponent through a minion for some easy poke (plus a lot of people don't see it coming if you snare them through a minion!). Her E slows the opponents around it and deals damage to them if you re-activate it to burst it early making it a good harass tool. Also, her E gives vision on bushes it is cast in, so it can be used to avoid facechecking when you have no wards. Her W goes in a line, shields allies it hits (as well as you), and does the same while flying back, so you can actually shield a fair amount of damage. Finally, her R, Final Spark, is great to add on heaps of damage to help secure kills for your ADC. It can also be used to secure kills on fleeing opponents, and to steal buffs such as Dragon and Baron, if you are skilled enough to pull it off!


- Very squishy
- No blink/escape spell
- High mana costs
- All skills are skillshots
Lux's main weakness is that she has no escape spell. Combined with her low health pool,this makes her incredibly vulnerable to champions that can jump on top of her and slow/stun/burst her (such as Jax, Rengar, most assassin mids). Furthermore, she has high mana costs (which is very noticeable early game when you don't have mana regen items yet.)

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Skill Explanation

Alright, as of patch 6.6, Lux's shield was messed with a bit. It's not a straight nerf or buff imho, a bit more of a tweak.

W - Prismatic Barrier
NEWIT’S BETTER FOR YOUR ALLIES Refreshes on second hit ⇒ Stacks and refreshes on second hit
NEWIT'S LIKE A BOOMERANG Missile speed is slower on the way out, but accelerates back to Lux faster after reaching max range
SHIELD AMOUNT 80/105/130/155/180 ⇒ 50/65/80/95/110
RATIO 0.35 ability power ⇒ 0.2 ability power

So the shield amount has been weakened but the shield should still be very effective... IF YOU CAN HIT YOUR ALLIES TWICE WITH IT! It is straight up weaker at defending yourselves so take that into account when clutch-shielding stuff but if you can boomerang it through your allies this gives a lot of shield. This change further increases the utility and skill cap of Lux.

Illumination: // Lux's offensive abilities mark all affected enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, dealing 18 - 154 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) magic damage.

Basically, your Q, E and R put a mark on whatever it hits (champs/minions/monsters) and if you throw an auto at it you proc it for some extra damage. Don't run in haphazardly to proc the mark though, be sure to only do so when it is safe to get into auto-attack range!

*Top Tip*: If you want to proc illumination for extra damage do it while the opponent's ADC is going for cs. They will be forced to choose between last hitting or avoiding getting hit by you. Be sure to watch out for the opp's support though!

Light Binding: // ACTIVE: Lux releases a sphere of light in a line that deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit and roots them for 2 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 70% AP)
SECOND TARGET MAGIC DAMAGE: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+ 35% AP)

Basically, you throw a snare, and it roots the first two things it hits. It has a decently long range so be sure to abuse it in lane. Remember that rooted opponents can still use skills and summoner spells, though, so just because you snared them does not mean it entirely is safe to approach!
Tips and Tricks
  • // Light binding travels in a straight line and snares two opponents. Try to master snaring opposing champions by casting it at a minion they are standing behind, because they are less likely to expect it to hit and might not try to dodge.
  • // At level 1 when you cast light binding blindly into a bush, look at your gold. If you get +5 gold from the Spelltheif's edge that means it hit. This technique allows you to check bushes for enemies at level 1 without needing Lucent Singularity or a ward!

Prismatic Barrier: // ACTIVE: Lux shields herself and throws out her wand in a line, shielding allied champions in its path for 3 seconds.

Lux's wand then returns to her, stacking the shield to all allied champions it passes through and herself.

「 SHIELD STRENGTH: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 20% AP) 」

Prismatic Barrier will immediately shield Lux upon activation.
Hitting an allied champion a second time will stack the shield.
If Lux dies before the projectile changes direction, it will fizzle upon reaching maximum range.
The projectile decelerates on the way out and accelerates on the way back.

This shield is stronger than it may seem because it can hit your teammate twice (once when throwing out once when it is returning) making a fairly strong shield. Also, if you aim it well you can shield more than one member of your team and mitigate a fair amount of damage for your team in teamfights.

Tips and Tricks
  • // NEVER FORGET your shield! Always have some mana set aside from it, if an ally is about to die it can be a lifesaver, literally.
  • // If you somehow miss your ally with the shield try to position yourself so it will hit them on the way back.

Lucent Singularity: //
ACTIVE: Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to the target area, slowing nearby enemies and granting Sight icon sight of the area around it for up to 5 seconds.

At the end of the duration or if Lucent Singularity is activated again, the singularity detonates, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area.

SLOW: 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36%
MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 60% AP)

Lux can re-cast Lucent Singularity in flight to detonate on arrival.
Lucent Singularity grants sight while in flight and while on the ground.
The slow lingers for 0.25 seconds after leaving the area of effect and after detonation.
If Lux dies while Lucent Singularity is on the field, it will detonate instantly. If the ability is in flight when Lux dies, it will remain on the field for the full duration and cannot be detonated early.

This is your bread-and-butter harass skill. It can be cast at a great range and can be used to check bushes and harass the opponent's ADC and support if they are close to each other. You can even cast it at them as they are under tower! If somebody is chasing you get to a choke point in the jungle and throw this down to force them to walk through it and suffer the slow, giving your Q time to get off of CD!

Tips and Tricks
  • // Use this to check brushes.
  • // Use this to slow opponents.
  • // If you go full CDR you will be able to spam it fairly often, so it's pretty good for clearing minion waves lategame.

Final Spark: //
ACTIVE: After gathering energy for 0.5 seconds, Lux fires a giant laser in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and briefly Sight icon reveals them and the surrounding area.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 300 / 400 / 500 (+ 75% AP)

Your ult, which does a ridiculous amount of damage, procs your illumination passive, and re-applies it. Use this to snipe anybody trying to escape, to snipe baron, to snipe their blue buff to really piss off the opponents jungler, to snipe dragon... the list goes on and on.

Late game at full CDR the ult on this is ridiculously short. As in, around 24 seconds or so. Don't be scared to use it. DURING TEAMFIGHTS, USE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN HIT AS MANY AS THEIR PLAYERS AS POSSIBLE. Saving it to snipe kills is stupid during teamfights as it is 10x better if you use it to chunk the opponent's team and thus allow your team to pick up the kills.

Tips and Tricks
  • // If you need vision on an area to avoid blindshotting and don't have wards on ya, then use your E to get vision and then aim... fire!

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Skill Sequence


99% of the time, you will want to start with Q. If their jungler comes for an early gank or their bot lane decides to lvl 1 cheese, you can stop them in their tracks and save yourself and your ADC.

However, vs champions that have strong early game poke (such as Sona; her Q and empowered auto really chunk!) starting with W wouldn't be terrible since it would allow you to mitigate their level 1 chunk and thus limit their effectiveness.

Look at the opponent's ADC and Support and decide to start either Q or W.

If you start W: W-Q-E-Max E, take a point in ult whenever able
If you start Q: Q-E-W-Max E, take a point in ult whenever able
Q-W-E-Max E, take a point in ult whenever able

After that max E>Q>W and of course grab a point in R whenever possible!

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Mastery Tree Explanation:

I shamelessly copied the Mastery tree in cheat sheet, as well as an additional Mastery tree which will be shown here, from (since I'm rubbish at Runes and Masteries xp) Rest assured, I did get the owner's permission before using his stuff ^_^ Be sure to check out the full article on S7 Masteries on

In any case, here are a couple mastery pages to choose from, along with the explanations given on (which I lazily copy/pasted x3)

Ranged Utility Support

Explanation from Ranged Utility Supports-

Supports like Soraka, Janna, and even Alistar benefit greatly from the set-up below. Windspeaker's Blessing grants a massive resistance buff to all allies healed or shielded, Meanwhile, Runic Armor in the resolve tree also gives you an excellent boost on heal.

AP Supports

Explanation from "AP Supports-

As you can see from the below, most AP supports can run a very similar page as AP casters, but swap for Bandit. and the minion masteries to the movespeed masteries.

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Runes, Runes, Runes!

Okay, I'll be honest: I'm not a real expert when it comes to runepages on LoL, and I've been pretty much using the same Runepage for most of my AP champs ever since I started playing, so take my runepage not as a be-all-end-all but more of a launching pad or starting point. However, I do think that this runepage is fine at Low Elo. It covers pretty much all the bases and can be used not only for AP support Lux but for your AP champs in other roles.

9x Marks of Magic Penetration:

MrMad2000 brought to my attention that flat AP marks are terrible, something which seems to be the general concencus amoungs the community. Thus, Mark of Magic Penetration it is!

Anyways, these Marks cause spells to deal more damage by helping them get through the enemy's Magic Resist, which is great for Lux, a spell-based champion!

9x Seal of Armor:

Great seals for Lux support because the extra armor helps to mitigate a teensy bit of the opponent's ADC's damage. There are other alternatives of course such as Scaling Armor (which gives more Armor as the game goes on, while Seals of Armor just give +1 Armor and that's it) but I feel like the resistance runes are mainly for early game, since late game if you get caught out you're probably dead anyway ;p

9x Glyph of Magic Resist:

Essentially the same reasoning as my Seals of Armor. This helps for when the opponent's mid-laner comes to gank or if you're against an AP support.

3x Quint of Ability Power:

Between this and the Marks of Magic Penetration you should have decent AP damage early-game!

Just like I said at the beginning of this section: Don't take what I say for granted on runes, and please mess around freely with different rune pages! If Scaling resistance works better for you, go for it! If you play more passive and don't feel like you need so much extra AP, feel free to swap out those out for Gold Quints for a bit more income. Whatever works for you!

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Lux's Combos

Q-E: The easiest combo. Snare them, throw E at them, re-activate E to damage them some more. I would advise using this very conservatively in lane since you generally want to save your Q for when your opponent tries to initiate and your E has a pretty high mana cost. [/list]

[/list]Q-Auto-E-Auto: This deals pretty big damage since you are using your autos to proc illumination in between skills. However, only use this if you are POSITIVE the enemy jungler is nowhere near and if the opponent's support/ADC is unable to punish you for it, as this combo takes significantly longer to do than Q-E which gives your opponents time to set up to punish you for it. [/list]

[/list]Q-(throw, but don't re-activate)E-R-(re-activate)E: This is the kill combo. Even if you are able to throw autos in between don't, because while you do it Q will wear off allowing a smart opponent to flash away from your ult. In teamfights if the opponents team are grouped just aim it at them and let er rip! It'll deal a decent chunk of damage to even tanks since the combo is AoE if your team isn't super behind it should deal enough for them to have enough advantage to win the teamfight. [/list]

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First off, let's take a look at my personal favorite build!

The AP, cdr, etc it gives is nice, but I. Need. That. Active. You can still use it to avoid going in blind when warding objectives like Baron (although plants are a thing now and you should use the plant that gives vision when you can) but more importantly you can use it to slow fleeing enemies giving you or your team time to catch up and kill them.

These are my personal favorite boots to use on Lux Support. The extra movespeed has saved me in a lot of situations when I'm being chased (throw a Q to snare and an E to slow if need be and keep running, 3 seconds later their passive will kick in and they won't be catching up). Also I generally finding myself roaming a lot if me and my ADC get ahead. This also helps for warding faster, etc.

Another core item on Lux support. Get this around mid game (when team fights are breaking out), play safe, and get it stacked off of assists (and sometimes kills, but don't ks!) the good thing about this item is that as the game progresses it will give you more and more AP and at 15 stacks it gives you 10% movespeed. Oh, and it now stacks up to 25, yay! However,the higher tier you are, the less effective this item is; it's super effective at bronze/silver since games tend to go past the 40-minute mark on a pretty regular basis but the higher up you are the shorter games generally are, giving you less time to stack.

Your team will expect you to provide vision so get sightstone to, well, provide that vision! Its always nice to be able to ward the areas around you to avoid people sneaking up on you as well. Once you get this item you should replace your warding totem with the sweeping lens so you can deny your opponents vision (confession: I'm usually too lazy to do that. DON'T BE LAZY LIKE ME!). Oh, and don't forget to place a vision ward before you get full build and can't buy more of them! A well placed vision ward can last an entire game in Bronze/Silver (sad yet true...)

Even more AP, yay! This item, void staff, and a fully stacked Mejais can get you over 500 AP, not counting runes and masteries, which is quite a decent amount of damage considering that you're playing as a support and not stealing kills or taking farm ;p

A great last items since it gives you some more magic pen, which you'll be wanting if you built Mobi boots rather than sorc shoes!

Other Items to choose from:
I like this item a lot and have started taking it over Void Staff recently. It gives you more waveclear, a bit more burst, and more movespeed! (oh and more AP of course!)

This is great for mana regen if you are getting a lot of kills/assists. Plus the AP and CDR it provides are really nice.

Another good item if you are having trouble with a mostly-AP team. It also gives some AP and mana regen, along with CDR and MR.

I would highly recommend getting this if you are being focused down by AD items. it's most effective against Talon and Zed specifically. Also if you are constantly being burst down by any one skill (such as Veigar's ult) take this to counter it!

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Build Order for Items: What do I get first, Mejai's or Sightstone?!?

First back you should always- ALWAYS- get sightstone (assuming you didn't die before you were able to get 800 gold xD).

Bot has two targets to gank and you and your ADC are both squishy so always having wards up is key.

I generally try to go back when I have around 1150 gold. If our lane is behind, I grab boots and sightstone, but if we are winning lane, I grab sightstone and the dark seal instead of boots so I can start stacking for Mejais.

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Early Game

Laning Phase!

Starting Out!

When you spawn pick your starting items up and head to bot lane. If you are on the bottom side of the map ward your Tribush with your control ward, otherwise put it at the nearest entrance to wherever your jungler is starting. If your jungler starts bot (a lot of junglers in low elo haven't got the always-start-side-bot-is-on memo yet though so they might not) help them, throw Q on the jungle camp and proc your passive on it. Once the camp is low enough that your jungler can smite it (if he hasn't already) head to lane.

Time to Camp Bushes!

Sit in the bush closer to your tower; I've found that 99% of the time I go the the bush closer to the opponents side I get punished way too hard to justify the harass I get in. Ward the bush closer to the opponent's side and when they go to ward the bush you are in throw a Q and an auto for some easy free harass. Once you get level 2 you can start throwing E's sparingly as well, be sure not to run OOM (out of mana). your aim in lane is to keep the opponent's adc from farming and zone them, as well as protecting your ADC from the opponents support and adc.

Throw some Combo!

If their adc/support gets out of position, you can do this combo: Throw Q, proc it, throw E, proc that. This will do plenty of damage, even more if your ADC joins in. If you do not have time to throw autos then when you land a Q just throw E in there as well if you have the mana to spare.

You can maybe afford to be a bit more rambo than usual early game, since with your low heatlh pool your healing potions should be enough to cover the health you lose.. but avoid this!

If you harass your opponents enough they might have to go back or risk getting killed by you and your ADC at level 6.

Getting Zoned?

If you cannot harass and are being zoned, make sure you always have vision of the enemy support. You do not have to worry about jungle vision as much if you are pushed under tower unless you and your ADC are both low enough that a 3-person dive could be fatal. Just play passively, shield your ADC when he is being harassed, if your opponents try to initiate onto you or your adc then just throw Q on them and an E for good measure.

Note: Always have enough mana in reserve for a rotation of your Q, W, and E! If you see that you're getting low, lay of harassing for a bit, or try to just harass with autos if possible ^_^

Try to stay in lane until level 6. When your ADC is going B feel free to take some farm, but do not steal farm from them while they are in lane and farming. Once you are level 6 let your opponents push (unless they are suspicious and try and freeze the lane) then get your jungler to come down. Use your snare, and pick up a couple kills. With the assist gold, you should be able to get a sightstone and the dark seal/boots at first back, and you can start really putting down the wards to avoid a possible revenge-gank from the opponent's mid laner or jungler.

Oh, and KEEP DRAGON WARDED 24/7. It's rarer now but some junglers still try to go for early Dragon and you/your ADC/your mid laner can possibly roam down if your opponents doing it and steal it/net some kills.

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The Importance of Zoning

Keep in mind in the laning phase the aim is not necessarily to get kills. Your immediate goal should be to allow your ADC to safely last-hit without being harassed and if possible harassing the enemy ADC and preventing them from last-hitting.

The best way to do this with Lux is to wait until the opponent goes to last-hit a minion. Throw your Q at him to snare and proc your passive, and hopefully your ADC will throw some autos in too.

However, this is in the idealistic situation that you can harass freely without the opponent's ADC/support counter-harassing though. Usually your best bet will be to just sit back and harass when you feel safe but not go overly aggressive (this will cause you to probably over-extend and run out of mana) while making sure that the opponents feel too nervous to initiate on/harass your ADC.

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Mid Game

Mid Game!

At mid game low Elo players have two mains strategies:

1) extend the laning phase and splitpush like mad
2) (the most common one) "All mid and finish!"

Just support your team.

If they fight, do the Q-E-R-E combo at as many members of the opponents team (try to hit at least 2 of them with your ult) to chunk them and help your team win the fight. IF YOU SEE AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET OFF A GOOD ULT THEN JUST DO IT, DO NOT SAVE IT FOR TAKING KILLS!

Teamfight?!? What do I do?!?

In fights, stand way in the back. Look at where your tank is. If you could theoretically hit your tank with Q, you are far enough away, stay back there and cautiously advance if your Tank initiates and throw your combo or wait for the opponents to initiate and throw your combo. Keep track of opposing players, one might sneak back to try and have a shot at you or your ADC. If you are in an area with multiple ways to get to you (like in the jungle) ward the entrances around you if you have the spare wards.


Even if you have a ton of wards if you push hard the opponents team can EASILY get behind you and trap them between them and your base. I would even advise not pushing with just your ADC because neither of you are tanky enough for if the opponent bot and their jungler comes you would probably lose the fight.

I would actually try and encourage the team to do the "ALL MID! WIN!" strategy because your range makes you pretty good in sieges, if you catch somebody in your Q and throw the Q-E-R-E combo you can do some serious damage while taking nothing back in return.


If the opponent's team goes for it see if you can steal it with your ult. Also, the opponent's team stuck in baron pit at low HP is a great chance for you to combo on their carry(s) and for your team to get an easy ace!

Just always remember that your range is your greatest advantage. Try to keep jungle pathways and such that are commonly used (such as areas around red/blue buff) warded. It's really fun to combo somebody from behind a wall where they cannot see you and it will also really surprise/spook your opponents!

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Late Game

Late Game!

Late game is when both teams have tried and failed at pushing each other down.

You know you are at late game when everybody is at near-full build and more than two people dying can cost you the game. Stick to your team like GLUE and tell your team to stick to each other. If you have a splitpusher, let him do his job, but if one of your team goes to splitpush the rest need to go to another lane and pressure it so the opponent's team has to stop the splitpusher and the rest of your team. This is very effective if your splitpusher (for example tryndamere) can easily 1v1 anybody they send up there forcing them to send 2 or more to deal with the split push.


Be careful, keep baron and dragon warded ALWAYS. NEVER, EVER FACECHECK ANYTHING. The fog of war can easily spell the death of you, drive it away with the new vision plant, frost queen's active, wards, or E!

Try to provoke a teamfight.

Once the opponents team is clumped, do your combo and chunk them (also, since you will be near full build, if you catch their carry you can kill 'em!). Hopefully by this point your team can clean up.

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Warding Strategies:

Keep all entrances to your lane (river, tribush) warded at all times if possible. If you are low on wards do not push hard until you can get some.

Always keep the dragon warded.

Always keep baron warded.

The bush next to blue buff? Ward that. Junglers usually drag their blue out of the den to kite it around, you can see what their jungler is up to and maybe snatch a buff with your ult. Do the same to red buff. Keeping the opponent's buffs warded is a great way to catch their team out (the ADC will usually go for red later in the game and the mid-laner, depending on who it is, will usually go for blue).

Vision is important. If you used up all your Ruby Sightstone wards, your E is basically a ward that explodes to hurt people, so throw it anywhere you are headed to avoid dying to an opponent's trap due to facechecking.

(There's also the new plant. I'll be dedicating a section to those later.)

However, BE CAREFUL WHEN WARDING! Especially if you are pushing into your/your opponent's jungle to ward or even just heading to dragon or Baron be sure to know where the opponent's are. If 3 or more are missing you might want to lay off or just throw an E around to temporarily check or something.

You need to be focused on the game 100% of the time even when going to ward, I've had times when I was just heading somewhere and glanced away then BAM 3 people were waiting in a bush for me and I couldn't react in time.

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I once saw a Xin Zhao on my team walk RIGHT BY a blast while running away, ignore it, and proceed to smite over wolves, then the person chasing him used the blast cone to jump right on top of him.

If you are running away from somebody, hit the blast cone and send yourself flying away from them and them flying away from you.

Scryer's bloom is a free way to check out baron/dragon pit, or any of the surrounding area, without actually facechecking said pits. USE IT.

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Announcement Regarding this Guide

I removed a few of the sections, like tips on climbing Bronze/Silver, since I felt like they were a bit too rambly and wanted to structure them more (plus a lot of the information like warding and such was already presented previously in the guide). I plan on adding more in-depth content on playing vs different champions at some point as well as re-structuring some of the removed content and putting it back up!

Lot of views now! Hope this guide helped out the majority of those views ^_^

Please upvote (or downvote if the guide deserves it ._.) and comment! I'm always open to constructive criticism and take advice well, and will update the guide accordingly.

My wifi is too trashy to stream (._.)

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks jhoijhoi for the making a guide guide! The coding helped a lot! Check it out here:

Thanks to for the article on masteries, one of the trees which I shamelessly stole for this guide. The site's article for S6 masteries is here:

Thanks to Owen for the awesome banner! Check out his graphic shop if you want him to make something for you:

Thanks to jokersprank for poem (see comments) xp

Thanks also goes to theyouiporit who helped me out a lot in comments with advice on items/masteries/etc