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Soraka Build Guide by JadedTombstone

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JadedTombstone

Soraka: Very Strong Support And Pusher.

JadedTombstone Last updated on August 20, 2011

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Who is Soraka?

Soraka is a very strong support made to help (preferably a AD carry) stay in lane and kill other enemies without having to retreat or worry. I've been feeling down since i looked at the guides on this site and have not seen a single full support guide for Soraka. So i think it's finally time for one. Anyways Soraka is made to support. Nothing else. Yes she can tank but she's meant to help push a lane early in game and support her team in team fights. In here i will give a proper build pattern, strategies, farming information, spell uses, and more.

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So you want to use Soraka, huh?

Soraka feeds off of straight up ability power. And she is going to end up becoming somewhat of a glass cannon, but your not supposed to care about that. If your worried about soraka being a total glass cannon your obviously a noob and wont end up being able to use her correctly. She is a support. She sits back while her teammates do the job. She just has to heal and regen mana. As well as help them clear creep waves when it gets too packed.

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Runes and Masteries.

The Runes i chose are based around a little ability power but mostly mana regen. Soraka needs to always be ready to cast a heal for a ally. Having rapid mana regen can help supply a continuous amount of support.

The Masteries chosen are based on cooldown as well as mana regen to make those quick heals and mana supplies.

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Laning with a AD carry.

An AD carry can be very successful with a good soraka. AD carries are virtually invulnerable with a healer. They supply quick damage as well as good assassination abilities. Such as ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Frost Arrow both slow/stun the enemy for a quick kill. When the game starts always stay close to your carry. They will need all the healing you can Supply. always use Infuse on yourself. When they need help killing minions or turrets please help them. you can auto attack as soraka you know. And it wouldn't hurt to throw a couple ****ing crescent moons at a enemy champion, would it? A appropriate amount of health to heal a AD carry is at 65%-70%.

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Laning with a tank.

When laning with a tank ALWAYS stay quite a bit behind your tank. They usually don't have high damage moves and are somewhat immobile. Let your tank do and take the damage and run in and heal him when he needs it. A appropriate amount of health to heal a tank at is about 50%. If you are also laning with a tank, if you really feel like it, replace the soul shroud with a Aegis of Legion. To help that tank get those defense bonuses.

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Laning with a AP unit.

THESE NEED TO BE WATCHED CONSTANTLY. Usually AP units (lux, Brand, Annie, etc.) are VERY squishy. Heal them to max health whenever you can. they will thank you. especially keep their mana high. You should follow them at all times except when they recall.

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Laning with another support.

I do not see the need for this at all. Usually you will end up turret hugging most of the time unless they are someone like Morgana or Shen who can actually tank or deal damage. Seeing a Sona and Soraka would be pretty interesting though.

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Turret Diving.

Turret diving is another essential of Soraka. She doesn't turret dive, but your laning buddy does. Let's say there is a brand all by himself, 300 health hugging turret. Your Laning buddy Garen who is at 900hp wants to kill him. If he dives, chances are great that he will die, maybe without even getting the kill. Tell Garen you will Supply to dive (me, my friends, and a few others know this as S2D) but let them know you will heal them if they dive. go in behind garen, yes you will be in turret range but garen will take the hits. Start with your W heal once he hits 600hp. If he hits 500 now use your ult. If you really think you could do so, help out by right as your laning buddy dives the target, try to use infuse to silence the target so they cant do anything. But just stick to the healing if you are un-experienced.

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Soraka can easily farm. If a turret is in danger run up to it and spam Q over and over again. Killing a wave of 15-25 minions can easily farm about 500 gold. And don't be afraid to tank it. You do have a heal afterall.

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If you decide to Solo push be very aware. This should only be done late game. If you see your minions have been building up go to that lane and spam Q on incomming minions. Heal the minion tanks if you can. Its very beneficial. Make sure you see at least 4 of the enemies on your map and make sure they are nowhere near close. As soon as one or more of them disappear, in 3 seconds run back to base. Don't risk anything.

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Team Fights.

Team fights are a big essential of Soraka as well. Soraka sits back and watches over any teammate that may hit below 60% of health. If they run out heal them immediately to get them right back into battle, FOCUS ON YOUR SQUISHY AD CARRIES.

You should focus on your healing in this order:

-Squishy ADs
-Squishy APs
-Tanky APs
-Tanky ADs
-Full Tanks

If your teams collide (both teams turn up into a mosh pit) wait about 2-3 seconds then use
your ultimate. This will rejuvenate your team and give them such a higher advantage over the remaining enemy team.

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Helping a jungler.

Soraka should only help a jungler in the beginning when getting blue buff. When your jungler goes to blue, follow them. As soon as they engage, start autoattacking golem. When you see your jungler at 75%-80% hp heal them to help prevent need of abilities or health potions. They will tank you.

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More Comming Soon!...

This is the end for now, but i will be continuously adding more on and updating the guide at updates come out. Thank you for viewing my Full Support Soraka Guide.

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