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Teemo Build Guide by The Enru

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Enru

Teemos Devilish On Hit Build

The Enru Last updated on March 25, 2015
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Your Basic Devil Teemo

i developed this build while screwing around in normals, i was trying to find something stupidly op and thought this up. I only recommend this build if you believe you are good at Teemo otherwise stick to the normal build. below is a link to the screenshot of the build.
i derped out on my 5th item doing it for lols take it if you want, or put what-ever! instead of the mallet you may want to put rylais but if you are in a trolling mood have fun x) the last item i was initially going to liandry's but i was also thinking void staff
in the screenshotted match i was solo bot vs ezreal and morgana(our malphite was trolling) so i have yet to try this on the top lane. This is my first mobafire build and any reccommendations would be very helpful!