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Ziggs Build Guide by DawsonJBailey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DawsonJBailey

The Bombalier

DawsonJBailey Last updated on November 6, 2013
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Ziggs pros and cons

Pros: [

    Good ranged poke on low cooldown
    Great passive especially with lich bane proc
    Slow and escape move

    Long cooldown on escape move

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Ziggs my way

For summoner spells take flash and ignite. Early game ziggs is very powerfull. Abuse it by poking with q whenever you can and getting an auto attack in whenever your passive is up. Save your W for escaping ganks.

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Team Work

Ziggs is a great teamfigher. His Q is AOE, his W is an AOE knockback, and his E is a AOE slow. Best off all his ult is an AOE execution, but don't always use this to pick off low people trying to escape as it is somewhat easy to dodge. It is best to use it when you can hit the entire enemy team. Use your W to try and knock back enemies into range of your teammates.