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Thresh Support Season 7 Guide (Patch 6.22+)

Lanternman Last updated on November 20, 2016
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Introduction Skip if Busy Please!

Hi, I am Lanternman, D2 Thresh main on the NA server. I used to use this site a lot when I was stuck, quickly searching for runes and masteries for a champion and quickly copying them on my masteries and selecting the closest set of runes I possessed, all befter the clock ran down to 0. Most times, I failed due to the slow connectivity, but I guess all that hustle eventually led me here, to guide my fellow thresh-master-wannabes, here on Mobafire.

I mostly do Solo Queue, and Obviously I hate the New FLEX Queue. I was screeaming on the top of my lungs because the matchups were just crazy. 2nd Flex game, I played with 3 challengers, 2 masters and other d1's. I lost that one. because there were 2 challengers on the other team. 1 was on my team and 1 of the amsters was also on my team. Then next game, I played with plat players.. I lost because I was a mere support and there were limits to how i could play. Next game, I played with golds and I lost my mind. No offense to fellow ranked people. I just hate the Flex Queue.

Anyways, on this post, I just want to show you guys my tips and items for Thresh, The chain Warden, and show you a visual guide to what you want to set your goals to.

I just finished making my Montage, and so I'll leave a youtube link here, its a bit long but I'll guide through it.



The Glorified Amateur Noob on youtube^ Anyways thanks for the attention and if you liked the video, hit that like button because that just makes me feel loved.

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I put 9 x Armor for the Marks, As well as another set of 9 x Armor for the Seals, 9x MR and 3x Attack damage for Quintenssences.

Most people tend to put attack for marks, armor for seals, mr/scaling mr for glyphs and attack damage again for quints.

But I like having a buff of Armor because I know that I will get hit by mostly AA's and Adc's attacks. Having 21.8 Armor reduces so much damage, in the long run. When Played nicely enough, I end up having using max 1 potion until my first b.

The other set of runes ( for the Hyper Carry) is a little different. Because of teh fact that I focus more on the Carrying part, I am forced to rely on my dodging/moving skills to reduce most damage, and the use of all three health pots.


Marks: 9x Lethality
Seals: 9x Armor
Glyphs: 3x Cdr, 6x MR
Quints: 3x Attack Damage.

And so what this, along with my item set and new set of Thunderlords Masteries does is that it enables Thresh to 1 v 1 any other squish champions, This capability, aloing with ignite, Can make thresh one of the strongest lvl 6 Supports in the Game. But it is Highly dangerous and you will die as soon as you make more than 2 mistakes. This is highly not reommended for early beginning amaeur users. You want to stay safe.

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Okay, So you want to go for the Basic Masteries I listed up there. But thats' if you want to stick with the Usual Build, which itself is quite OP as well.

but if you are a quite daring person like I was, I recommend you to use the Hyper Carry Mode Masteries.

Basically you want to use Wanderer -> Secret Stash -> Merciless -> Dangerous Game (Or if you are as daring as me, Grandfather's Gift) -> Intelligence( We don't need Precision because we don't have any magic ability scales or items) and Thunderlords, For the Resolve, You want to copy the Usual build Masteries.

What this allows you to do is the ability to Kill champions without having to wait for your ******ed teammated to pick up that lantern that you threw down 5 seconds ago.

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So for the items, you want to build it as light as possible. By light I mean less the number of activatable items the better, so you can rely more on your physical skills than trying to press 5~6 buttons simultaneously, which is what many amateur thresh users tend to do. Believe me, I used to buy Randuins, Mikaels, Face of the Mountain, Sightstone, Pink Ward, and after patch 6.22 The now must buy items such as Knight's Vow, and Redemption Plus an addition of Zzrot's in some games.

Basic Concept

You want to land as many CC abilities as you can, this is connected with the masteries, abilities, and Itemization. But for the items, you basically want to buff up your Health, Armor, and Magic Resist to Maximum obviously, but put the focus onto shielding, debuff clearance items such as Face of the Mountain, Redemption and Knight's Vow.

For example, when you have these items, you basically have almost 80% more chance of saving that ADC, rather than leaving him stipped naked against the enemy Assasins such as Rengar, Talon, Leblanc, Zed, Fizz, Ahri, ETC. Say you are supporting a Jhin and he can't really do much. But You have lantern lvl 3, Redemption and Knight's Vow ready on your disposal. Then All that shielding and health increase can give him upto 500 Health Plus benefit at the least, if stacked all together. Lads, This is how you win team fights!!

For the extra items, I like using to Proto on fun games to land a Bunny Fufuu hook, Zzrot'
s for pushing lanes, and magic resist/armor items for that extra protection.

Whats the difference between The Usual and The Hyper Carry? So basically, The usual mode is the Safe mode where you want to stack layers of armor and magic resist items, making your self a little heavy. I know there isn't an actual stat called weight, but in league, I like to say that there is one.

And so when it comes to the Hyper Carry Itemization, You are most likely to feel so much lighter and more capable of landing more hooks in far away sitautaions. That's why its called a hyper carry because It is almost like fusing yourself with the hook skill itself, depending everything on your ability to land hooks and flay incoming missiles' projectiles and dashes.

It is a state of nirvana for thresh users and for most people who are interested in this thread, you guys have at least once felt that adrenaline rush when having cc'd continuously enemy champions hook after anotehr, flay into the box, exhaust and hook, which is the art of hooking.

And so this thread intends to delve into the optimization of the thresh build/abilities and masteries to greater that zone...

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So basically, you want to maximize the Cooldown reduction of your hooks to almost 3~5 seconds. In midst of battle, that 3 seconds will feel like a moment,, and therein lies the frustration of the enemy jungler constantly getting grabbed every 3 seconds saying " Thresh please stop." LOL

Yes, So max your abilities to Q->W->E and R whenever you hit 6/11/18. I Tried to max W once because of my nickname, getting The Windspeaker's Blessing. LOL It didn't work out but maybe it will for somebody.

But hitting the hooks is where it differentiates the average Thresh user and the more advanced players.

A small tip is to hook them behind where they are going. This is very common among thresh users and will only help you if you are beginning to play thresh. I can't really show how it's done with an amalgamation of words. So I will make a link to a youtube video later.

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Tips and Knowhows

So I've been playing thresh for more than 3 years now and I learned quite A few things. And I'd like to share some with you guys later when I get the chance to make an updated repost.

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with Vs Champions, Tips and Knowhows later!