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Thresh Support Season 7 Guide (Patch 6.23+) [High Diamond]

Lanternman Last updated on December 9, 2016
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Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ivern He relies solely on his ability to hit his Q. Easy Peasy Daisy. But his shield actually does some damage so be careful
Alistar Easiest out of them all, just flay against him when he tries to do his kockup combo. It's quite easy because his wq combo speed decreased significantly after patch 6.11. Really easy to flay, easy win.
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Introduction About Me

Hi, I am Lanternman, a D2 Thresh main playing on the NA server. I used to use this site a lot when I was stuck, quickly searching for runes and masteries for a champion and quickly copying them on my masteries and selecting the closest set of runes I possessed, all befter the clock ran down to 0. Most times, I failed due to the slow connectivity, but I guess all that hustle eventually led me here, to guide my fellow thresh-master-wannabes, here on Mobafire.

I mostly do Solo Queue. On the side note, I really hate the New FLEX Queue. I remember that I was screeaming on the top of my lungs because the matchups were just crazy. 2nd Flex game, I played with 3 challengers, 2 masters and other d1's. I lost that one. because there were 2 challengers on the other team..

Anyways, on this post, I just want to show you guys my tips and items for becoming a better Thresh Player and show you a visual guide to what you want to set your goals to.

Also, I posted my thresh montage so go ahead and watch it, some said that it was kinda good. Thanks for the attention and if you liked the video, hit that like button because that just makes me feel loved.

I will tell you about all of the tips I know to the best that I can, Read on.

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Pros / Cons

- Easily Switchable Between OFFENSE / DEFENSE
- Amazing Skillset
- Late Game Hooks can go down to 3~5 Seconds with CDR
- Multipotent Champion

- Easily Punished for Mistakes
- Highly Flash Dependent for Escaping
- Difficult to Land Hooks
- Difficult to master

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MUST READ -> RUNES <- Important!

So I want to briefly explain the set of runes that most people tend to go on thresh, and why there can be better options depending on the situation.
But they are primarily sorted into three different situations.

1. [The Standard ALL AD Runes]
2. [The Tank Armor/Scaling Health Runes]
3. [The Attack Speed Buff Runes]

For 1. You want to choose this when the enemy match up is mediocre in difficulty, for example, if the enemy champion is Janna and Vayne, it is the perfect Runes to use because you want to torn down Janna's shiled as quickly as possible, and also hit vayne with hard aa's to poke her down a bit before going all in on lvl 2.

For 2. You want to choose this when the enemy match up is difficult. It really helps because it can lessen down the enemy pokes by a lot. For example, when the enemy team is Zyra, and Ezreal, you definitely want to go the Tank so that you can endure most of their pokes until your jungler comes, and then you can go all in. You can also use this against tankier supports such as braum, trundle and sion because you want to be able to be as tanky as they are in late game.

For 3. You want to choose this when the enemy match up is neither #1 or #2. That means
champions like annie, who can easily harass you with aa's or champions such Soraka, Zilean, and even Blitzcrank. This is when you can easily poke down the enemy with your Auto Attacks, i.e. when their aa's aren't strong enough, or they don't have ranged aa's.

[ More In Depth ]

So for the first set of runes, I put up there 9 x Attack Damage for the Marks, As well as another set of 9 x Armor for the Seals, 6x MR and 3x CDR Reduction, and 3x Attack Damage for Quintenssences. This is the most standard rune sets that most players go with, Most people tend to put attack for marks, armor for seals, mr/scaling mr, car/scaling car for glyphs and attack damage again for quints.

But this rune set will not always be the best option available, so it is VERY important to have multiple rune pages for different situations. Sometimes you will need to act like a Tank, sometimes with Scaling Magic Resist or Armor. Tank Thresh is really op and amazing with the new Colossus masteries. I would recommend going tank for a secure win!


Marks: 9x Armor
Seals: 6x Scaling Health, 3x Health,
Glyphs: 9x Scaling MR
Quints: 3x Armor


:And so what this, along with my item set and new set of Colossus Masteries does is that it enables Thresh to Tank. Thresh has such a nice skill set, probably the best, that allows thresh to play both defense as well as offense. This also means that thresh can be punished when he misses his abilities. Going tank reduces the risks so much. Even if you miss a few more extra hooks, you will be able to win over the situation because of your tackiness. This capability, aloing with exhaust, Can make thresh one of the tackiest lvl 6 Supports in the Game. This is highly reommended for early beginning amaeur users. You want to stay safe.

Season 7 has actually become another TANK meta, along with the advent of multiple assasins, I guess the two are fundamentally co-related. And so, going Tank as a Thresh can actually benefit your team and allows you to withstand the enemy team's poke at the front line. But make sure to put peeling for your adc as your first priority.

The Tank Runes are very nice it has major downsides as well.

In the beginning laning phases, you will miss a few secure kill chances. Because your aa now doesn't do much damage, you won't be guaranteed kills even if you land all your flays and hooks at lvl 2. So you want to choose this TANK META accroding to the enemy champion match ups. Choose at your own risk, but try to choose this whenever you feel threatened to play against an enemy match up. Personally, I like choosing this against, Zyra, Karma, and sometimes Sion's.

The other set of runes is a little different. I like to go ADC runes on my smurf to maximize the number of hitting the enemy champions. Having 16% AS can give you an easier time with hitting targons, as well as secure aa'ing the enemy champs and so on. I came across AS runes when I realized while reviewing my games, that I missed some aa's here and there, canceling my auto's accidentally. But I later realized that it wasn't just my fault, it was actually not that smooth in the first place to land aa's with thresh's given AS. And so,


Marks: 9x Attack Damage
Seals: 6x Scaling Health, 3x Health,
Glyphs: 9x Scaling MR
Quints: 3x Attack Speed

What this allows you to do is to aa, i.e. poke the enemy team with your Auto Attacks, more proficiently. Again, I realized that I can sometimes miss or accidentally cancel my Auto Attack motions because of the fact that Thresh a champion has such a low attack speed on default. It really isn't much but having ADC runes on thresh will feel significantly better and it can actually help you get those Targons better as well as poke the enemy champions more easily, with utilizing most of your E's passive.

I realized that better calculations are available with all rune sets. Some people told me in the comment section and I definitely agree. But Runes are just runes, a Challenger player can beat a Bronze player without runes because it is all about the skills. But feel free to switch up the quints and marks, any way you like!

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Okay, So you want to go for the Basic Masteries I listed up there. But thats' if you want to stick with the Usual Build, which itself is quite OP as well.

but if you are a quite daring person like I was, I recommend you to use the Hyper Carry Mode Masteries.

Basically you want to use Wanderer -> Secret Stash -> Merciless -> Dangerous Game (Or if you are as daring as me, Grandfather's Gift) -> Intelligence( We don't need Precision because we don't have any magic ability scales or items) and Thunderlords, For the Resolve, You want to copy the Usual build Masteries.

What this allows you to do is the ability to Kill champions without having to wait for your ******ed teammated to pick up that lantern that you threw down 5 seconds ago.

90% of the times you want to stay with Colossus.!

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So for the items, you want to build it as light as possible.


so you can rely more on your physical skills than trying to press 5~6 buttons simultaneously, which is what many amateur thresh users tend to do. Believe me, I used to buy Randuins, Mikaels, Face of the Mountain, Sightstone, Pink Ward. And what I realized was that the best number of activation items I must carry are about 3~4.

Basically, you want Redemption on your 1. item slot. Face of the Mountain on 2. and Ward Totem on 3.


Redemption on your 1. item slot. Knight's Vow on your 2. and Equinox on your 3.

The rest 3 items will be Frozen Heart, CDR boots, Control Ward/Zzrots for most games!

If you have more time, read on for more explanations.

Basic Concept

For the items, you basically want to buff up your Health, Armor, and Magic Resist to Maximum obviously, but put the focus onto shielding, debuff clearance items such as Face of the Mountain, Redemption and Knight's Vow.

I Always build Redemption after going Sightstone, even before The Face of the Mountain becuase of how OP it really is.

Then, I always go Face of the Mountain because it now shields both you and the ally.

And then, feel free to go Zzrot's Frozen Heart, Upgrade Ward and so on.

So I think the best tip I can give you is that I ALWAYS go CDR boots 95% of the times I play ranked. What happens with Maxing your Q ability first is that, mid game at around 20~30 minutes, you will feel the drastic change on the CD of your Hook. Your hook's CD goes down by a lot when you hit a target. But with CDR boots and Frozen Heart, your cdr is maximized and you get 3~5 seconds. so EVERY 3~5 seconds you get a chance to hook the eneemy champions. You can basically use your hook like an URF. this will help you get better as a thresh player because you can practice so much more. Trust me, you will not want to build anything else after you experience the sensation of landing hook after another!

It is like reaching a state of nirvana for thresh users. For most people who are interested in this thread, you intend to get better. But once you do get better, you will have at least once felt that adrenaline rush when having cc'd continuously enemy champions hook after anotehr, flay into the box, exhaust and hook. Many people call this art of hooking. And so this thread intends to delve into the optimization of the thresh build/abilities and masteries to greater that zone...

For the items that shield, heal and tank I would like to give a brief explanation. When you have these items, you basically have almost 80% more chance of saving that ADC, rather than leaving him stipped naked against the enemy Assasins such as Rengar, Talon, Leblanc, Zed, Fizz, Ahri, ETC. Say you are supporting a Jhin and he can't really do much. But You have lantern lvl 3, Redemption and Knight's Vow ready on your disposal. Then All that shielding and health increase can give him upto 500 Health Plus benefit at the least, if stacked all together. Lads, This is how you win team fights!!

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As I said, you want to maximize the Cooldown reduction of your hooks to almost 3~5 seconds. In midst of battle, that 3 seconds will feel like a moment,, and therein lies the frustration of the enemy jungler constantly getting grabbed every 3 seconds saying " Thresh please stop." LOL

I personally MAX Q. Thresh is all about hitting those hooks, but often times you will find that you don't even have to use your q first because you want to walk up to them and use your flay first, saving your hook for when they flash out or dash away. Max in this order, Q->W->E and R whenever you hit 6/11/18.

Don't level up your abilities at lvl 1. Try to see what is happening until 1:38 when Red/Blue buff spawns. you will be surprised at how many times you can save/kill before that. For example you can learn the lantern at level 1 when you see you teammate get hooked by the enemy blitzrank/nautilus, and most times you will be able to save him.

Or when you team decides to go invade, you can either flay or hook depending on the number of the enemy team. For instance, if tehres 5 of you and 2 of them, obviously they are going to run and so you want to level up your q and hook them instantly to secure a kill. But when they are stacked up as 5 v 5 lvl 1. Then you want to instantly level up your flay to maximize the number of people getting hit by your single skill.

But hitting the hooks is where it differentiates the average Thresh user and the more advanced players.

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Tips and Knowhows

So I've been playing thresh for more than 3 years now and I learned quite A few things. And I'd like to share some with you guys later when I get the chance to make an updated repost.

A small tip is to hook them behind where they are going. This is very common among thresh users and will only help you if you are beginning to play thresh. I can't really show how it's done with an amalgamation of words. So I will make a link to a youtube video later.

Try to predict where they will try to dodge your hooks. People will try to dodge your hooks to get the most out of the situations, i.e. they don't want to waste flash just trying to dodge your hooks, so they WILL try to dodge your hooks with just a little backstop. Advanced thresh users are advanced because they can predict these backstops with ease. If you are a beginning player, try to throw your hooks just a tiny little bit to the left or the right than you used to. With enough effort and time, you will start to see a pattern arising.

And after about 500k materies, you will be able to predict their flashes/dashes and ezrael visions. It gets rather easier at around 500k. But before then, try to stick with the basic predictions such as the backstep predictions.

Thank you for reading this post! And if you haven't yet, please go check out my Prediction Montage!