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Zilean Build Guide by RedBird27

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedBird27

[UPDATED FOR S7] Zilean Support Guide : MY TIME IS NOW!

RedBird27 Last updated on February 8, 2017
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I will be working on this guide soon. Right now I am busy with finishing this one:

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Why should you play Zilean?

Zilean is a very strong midlaner, but is also great as a support.

Here his negatives and positives


-no hard CC
-low hp
-bombs might take kills and farm
-high manacost in earlygame


-lot of damage for a support
-very fast with his E
-right use of ultimate can turn around a teamfight

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How to play Zilean

Just poke the **** of the enemys.

Land your combo Q> W> Q for the stun.

But dont waste your E, it can speed your mate but can slow the enemy, so think twice when you wanna use it.

I would recomend to use your ult on your tank in teamfight.