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Yorick Build Guide by Mynho

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mynho

Yorick Top Guide (Challenger S5)

Mynho Last updated on April 7, 2015
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Okay listen up you little slanks. When you load into a game with these summoners hoes know that you gonna be tower diving cause you brought that Garrison thing that does s h i t to towers and we got that Clairvoyance to know were these not loyal hoes are at all times. Once they see you in lane and notice how much fire you be dropping from your mixtape they'll be ganking you like a stripper takes off her clothes. So sew up your saggy v a g i n a cause its about to be ****e d. You better know none of these hoes are loyal on either teams so your job is to split push and do nothing else. Get fed in lane cause your ********ed Hybrid Yorick for gods sake no Adam Sandler wanna be is gonna stop you from Mowing that grass down top lane. So once you get your two boots completed thats when it gets real. Cause with that movement speed these little worms can't chase you so prepare your jim jams cause they are about to be rim rammed enemy team.