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February 3, 2012 6:04pm
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OK So I have 2 types of builds on my guide. But how do I put in both Mastery explanations in the guide? for example jhoijhoi's coding only shows the masteries for team 1

// explain your mastery choices here."

How do I get team 2's? Sorry I'm bad with coding D:

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Its old dont check it out :x
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Are you refering to the (masteries) tag? If so you could manually type in the ones from team two. (masteries 0000100010003) or something like that.

Had to use parenthesis because the box quotes weren't working.
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It's explained pretty well. You just change the number at the end of the masteries code.


As opposed to:


I don't know how Matt formats the coding for "Team 2", so if you are enquiring about that, I would suggest either PMing Matt about it, or just manually creating a mastery page here:
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