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Ashes to Ashe's

jhoijhoi Last updated on January 26, 2014
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ADC Ashe (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Ashe

Health 2267
Health Regen 14.4
Mana 803
Mana Regen 13.5
Armor 85.7
Magic Resist 97.06
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 395
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 288.4
Attack Speed 61.105
Crit Chance 45%S
Crit Damage 50%
Ability Power 0
Life Steal 15%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 35
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 0%

Recommended Runes + Notes

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Masteries + Notes


Offense: 21


Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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I. Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest

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- About the author -
Hey guys, I'm Jai (or jhoijhoi) and this was my first guide here at Mobafire; I hope that it pleases you to read it as much as it pleased me to write. I have played over 400 games as Ashe (including Customs, Co-op vs AI), from Season 1 to Season 3, and she was my main champion from level 5 to level 30. As such, I believe my experience with her is enough grounds for this guide to be taken seriously. I am currently GOLD V, but intend to move up.

- Content disclaimer -
This guide is 100% my experience with this champion and a reflection of my own style of playing, not anyone else's. Everything here has been tried and tested by yours truly, jhoijhoi. Take everything I say at face value; I am just like you, an avid League of Legends fan. What does this mean for you? It means that this guide may not be "optimal" to the "pro" standard. If that's a problem for you, go read another guide ^^

- What's in this guide? -
This is a Marksman (ADC) Ashe guide, written specifically for duo-bot lane on Summoner's Rift . This guide will cover runes, masteries, summoner spells, ability sequencing and ADC tactics and gameplay. Items will be discussed in-depth, as will the potential competition bot lane. In short, this guide aims to cover as much as possible about playing Ashe bot lane.

- Last updated -
> Cheat sheet + content up to date for Preseason 4.
> Enjoy the guide, Summoners!

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II. Cons are what make pros possible

Pros / Cons
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Ashe can be a viable pick in Ranked to fulfil the role of AD Carry bottom lane in Summoner's Rift ; however, she is heavily dependent on team composition. As all champions, Ashe has her flaws/weaknesses and her strengths. If your team is in need of a DPS (damage per second) champion, Ashe is a solid choice due to the utility she brings to the team composition and the fact she's ranged. However, she does have negative points...

+ Superior crowd control
+ Ability to slow
+ Good kiting potential
+ Long-range initiate
+ Gold generation on minion kill
+ Vision supplement
Ashe is a reliable pick due to good Crowd Control with a toggle slow, Frost Shot and Volley which is also on a relatively low cool down allowing it to be spammed during teamfights or to keep enemies off your tower. In addition to that, her initiations with Enchanted Crystal Arrow can turn teamfights in your favour. Ashe is a good farmer; her auto-attack animation is pretty smooth and the recent remodelling makes it even easier to "feel" for when can land those last hit s. Hawkshot grants extra gold upon minion kills, which increases her gold income. Hawkshot's active is a line-of-sight castable sort of Clairvoyance.

- Somewhat dodgey passive
- Innately squishy
- Item-dependant
- No escape mechanism
- Low trade potential
- Slow movement speed
Ashe is innately squishy. This con is somewhat alleviated late game by life steal and defensive items. Early game one needs to mince around with Ashe as to not give First Blood. As all ADCs, she needs items to be of utmost usefulness due to a slow initial attack speed, low initial damage (both sustained and burst) and painfully slow initial movement speed. Unlike other ADCs like Caitlyn or Tristana, she does not have an in-built escape ( Rocket Jump, 90 Caliber Net). In addition to these failings, you may be accused of playing an "easy" champion. Conversely, there are high expectations of Ashe players; people will expect you to land those ultimates and without question, out DPS the enemy ADC.

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III. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Counters / Synergies
>> ToC <<

Ashe, like all other champions, synergises well with some and is countered by others; before you choose her in Champion Select, think of whether your team composition can result in a victory. The below is a rough and short guide of which champions would be most ideal in your team composition, which champions have absolutely no synergy and the many champions who simply counter Ashe on the Fields of Justice.

+ Gragas
+ Malphite
+ Nautilus
+ Sona
Ashe is a champion who relies mainly on landing Enchanted Crystal Arrow to catch someone out of position. As such, any champion who can capitalise on a long range stun + slow on the surrounding enemies is a good pick with Ashe. Alternatively, tanky champions who can initiate and cause out of position enemies in preparation for Enchanted Crystal Arrow work well too. Ensure your team has multiple options of CC; Ashe cannot always have ECA up for every gank, fight and skirmish. A snare/knock-up/stun allows Ashe to follow up with Volley and Frost Shot infused auto-attacks. Lastly, in lane Ashe needs a support who can sustain her. Compared to other AD carries like Graves or Corki, Ashe has no burst damage as she relies more on chasing with Frost Shot and harassing with Volley. As such, her support not only needs to be able to keep her alive, but also needs to synergise with Ashe's kit.

- Anivia
- Irelia
- Graves
- Blitzcrank
A lot of champions can counter Ashe in many different ways. Any sort of CC or multiple CC that disrupts Ashe OR her allies that are supposed to be protecting her is a good counter. Junglers and top laners who can bypass Ashe's line of protection spell trouble for Ashe, such as Irelia, Jax, Olaf, Singed, Shen; they can get to Ashe and then displace her, or damage her, or force her out of the fight so it's 4v4. Once Ashe is eliminated, they can turn their focus on the other threats in the team, such as the AP carry. Enemy bot lane compositions of Attack Damage Carry + Support that pretty much pwn Ashe in lane are those that can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Combos like Graves + Taric, Corki + Leona, Vayne + Blitzcrank. Any support that has a reliable CC to ensure their ADC can go to town on Ashe will do well. There's only so much harass Ashe can handle before she is forced back to base.

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IV. To spell out the obvious is often to call it in question

Summoner Spells
>> ToC <<

Flash is extremely useful for closing the gap on enemies if they're running away, or for jumping over walls to escape from salivating enemies vying for your blood. Ensure this is set to smart cast to allow a speedy getaway. Replace this with Ghost if you are not yet level 12.

Cleanse is useful if you can use it during the duration of that 1-2 second stun/taunt/etc, in addition to removing debuffs like Exhaust. If you cannot manage your micro seconds, don't even think about taking this Summoner Spell. I recommend this summoner spell in Season 4, as the chances of the enemy bot lane having a lot of CC is going to be high.

Ignite, coupled with Volley will often net you a kill early game; in addition, grabbing Ignite allows you reduce an enemy ADC's healing whilst they fight you.

Barrier is arguably one of the best summoner spells in the game for non-specific survivability. If you're not confident with your Ashe gameplay (or with using Cleanse), you'll find Flash and Barrier will solve 50% of your problems in lane. Barrier often catches people by surprise, and can be the summoner spell to turn the tide in your favour when dueling the enemy ADC.

<12 If you are a low level and have not unlocked Barrier or Flash, I recommend taking Ghost and Heal.

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V. There is no friend as loyal as a book

>> ToC <<

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: Although League of Legends is a team game, you cannot rely on your support to protect you from everything. Life Steal, however minute, allows you to actively regain health, either by last hitting, or auto-attacking if desperate. If you start with a Doran's Blade, your life steal health regeneration is increased, meaning you have more sustain in lane. Lastly, life steal can only be obtained in a limited amount of ways; masteries, runes and two viable ADC items. As Life Steal is absolutely necessary on an ADC, it's definitely worth it to spec for it.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage/ Greater Mark of Attack Damage: As Quints of Life Steal have replaced Quints of Attack Damage, and AD is such a potent stat to acquire early game, AD Marks can be taken for the early game potential. With AD marks and one AD quint, you are given enough damage to farm correctly under the tower.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration: Alternatively, it is a great boost to your overall damage by grabbing Armor Penetration marks to supplement your AD middle and late game. Remember that the enemy ADC most likely has armour runes; these marks will ensure your attacks pierce some of that defense. It boils down to: early game via AD Marks, or mid-late game with Armor Pen Marks.

Greater Seal of Armor: Your primary opponent bottom lane will be the enemy ADC; armour is the best counter. The runes will also allow you to trade damage more, as they will absorb some incoming attacks.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These runes protect Ashe somewhat against early game magic damage from ADCs such as Kog'Maw and supports, such as Sona. However, Scaling MR is most useful late game against heavy-hitting AP carries and AP assassin junglers, like Diana. It's not entirely wise to skip MR glyphs; just keep in mind that you will probably be ganked by mid lane sooner or later, and it's highly unlikely you'll come across an all AD team (even AD-focused champions can have some sort of magic damage!).

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VI. Adapting to the situation can lead to mastery

>> ToC <<

Offense Tree Orientated: 21/09/00


+ Fury
+ Butcher
+ Feast
+ Martial Mastery
+ Brute Force
+ Frenzy
+ Warlord
+ Executioner
+ Dangerous Game
+ Devastating Strikes
+ Havoc
Ashe is an attack damage carry. As such, her primary role on your team is to deal mainly physical damage via auto-attacks. To capitalise on her damage inducing capabilities, it is standard to run 21 points in the Offense Tree. , , , , , and will give you an early boost in your damage and allow you to last hit easier in order to earn gold to buy items later. These masteries (excluding Butcher and ) also scale well later into the game. Further down the tree is ; points here synergise well with Armor Pen Marks and will be your armour penetration until you buy Last Whisper. As Ashe is primarily about critical strike damage, synergises well with her items and passive, Focus.

Defense Tree Orientated: 17/13/00


- Enchanted Armor
- Block
- Hardiness
- Unyielding
- Veteran's Scars
- Juggernaut
- Hardiness
- Reinforced Armor
Marksmen are renowned for being somewhat squishy early game. Ashe is especially vulnerable due to lacking an escape mechanism. To beef up our ADC, I recommend spec'ing some points in the Defense Tree. Top up your health with and ]. Scale up your survivability with . You could choose to go further down the defense tree and pick up and for reducing enemy auto-attack damage.

Utility Tree Orientated: 19/00/11


/ Meditation
/ Scout
/ Summoner's Insight
/ Strength of Spirit
/ Vampirism
As Ashe relies heavily on Volley for her poke in lane, it can be useful to forgo defense and opt for mana regeneration ( ) in the utility tree. However, summoner's who decided on the utility tree are more concerned with for more life steal and for lowered cooldown on Flash and Barrier; both masteries could be the difference between surviving a trade or a gank.

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VII. Ability is nothing without opportunity

>> ToC <<

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Volley first, fine, but what next? Hawkshot or Frost Shot? It often depends on the lane you're up against and the enemy team composition. Both abilities are very important to Ashe's Utility and Damage. The level of Frost Shot is applied to Volley so it's a prerogative to skill up the slow in order to kite when chasing, or fleeing. However, the range of Hawkshot increases each time you skill it, and by last level you can scan Baron from base, in addition to granting more gold per minion kill. It's up to personal preference really - upgrade Hawkshot if you want to gold farm, or upgrade Frost Shot if you want to increase its slow (which effectively resembles a Frozen Mallet when fully maxed).


+ Description +
This isn't a bad passive. This passive is most useful at the very start of the game. It's always gratifying to recall back to base, buy a few items, return to lane and then hit someone for a guaranteed critical strike.
+ Tips & Tricks +
[*] If you save your first shot by pressing "S" when you walk up to the enemy minions, and hit an opposing champion with it, the shot should do over 100 damage depending on their armour.


+ Description +
This ability is your key to survival and killing with Ashe. You press "Q" to turn on your Frost Shot, and you press it again to turn it off. Each arrow only costs 8 mana, but once your attack speed goes up, you'll find it drains your low mana pool very quickly. You should only hit champions with your Frost Shot. You're going to want to max out Frost Shot after Volley and before Hawkshot.
+ Tips & Tricks +
[*] Try and only use your Q when you are attacking enemy heroes, buffs, or jungle minions if kiting.
[*] Turn on Frost Shot when you are chasing or running away. Turning around and smacking them with 1 auto-attack will slow them right down. This is known as kiting and will be discussed later on in the guide.
[*] Always have Frost Shot toggled on during team fights.


+ Description +
This ability is very interesting. Like other spells with other champions, your physical damage from your items is returned as damage with this move. That means if you stack damage items, your Volley will get stronger too. The level of Frost Shot is applied to Volley in terms of how much you will slow the enemies. You will want to max this ability out first (of course getting Enchanted Crystal Arrow whenever you can).
+ Tips & Tricks +
[*] Never give up in a team fight. Constantly spam and auto-attack the enemies.
[*] If fleeing from enemy champions, fire Volley behind you to slow the enemies.
[*] Volley is a great deterrent. Whilst laning, harass enemies with it to keep them off your back.


+ Description +
Fantastic active. It's a great scouting tool, and acts as a free ward / line-of-sight Clairvoyance. The cooldown for it isn't too high either. The passive is very nice on Ashe. As you should be last hitting as much as you can, that extra gold will begin to stack up, especially if you're generating gold with Avarice Blade too.

As you level this ability up, the range of the area revealed gets larger. The cooldown remains the same, but the fact that you can scout dragon or Baron from the edge of your base is vital towards late game. You should be levelling this out after or before Frost Shot.
+ Tips & Tricks +
[*] Last hit minions as much as possible to receive the additional extra gold from Hawkshot's passive.
[*] When chasing an enemy champion, make sure to the direction in which they are running. Not only does this reveal any potential ganks, now you can see them even if they do run into brush.
[*] Always tell the team when Hawkshot is back up from cooldown so they can direct you where to use it ("Can you reveal Blue Buff for me?", "Are they at Dragon?") if you're not sure where the enemy team is.
[*] Hawkshot reveals any champions hidden in brush. It does not reveal stealthed units.


+ Description +
This stun can save allies, save turrets, and turn team fights around. Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a stun that can fly all the way across the map, which means it is a great tool for initiations or catching an enemy out of position. Ashe's ultimate is one of the only reasons why you would choose her other another ADC - if you can't mastery this ability, Ashe is not worth your time.

That said, use your Ultimate often. If you hit an enemy with it as soon as you have it, you take off 200 health guaranteed. If you can successfully them and auto-attack them as well, that's another 200 health gone. By now they're at half health. Your ult comes back in 60 seconds. If they didn't recall, you can kill them by repeating the process.
+ Tips & Tricks +
[*] Try to fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow in the same direction enemies are moving, so it is more likely to hit.
[*] If a tower is undefended, and some enemy heroes turn up and start to take it down, fire your ultimate at where they are attacking. Generally when people attack towers, they stay in one spot, trying to take down the tower as quickly as they can. Hopefully by the time the arrow hits, one of your teammates/yourself should be able to: a) kill the enemy, b) hold off the tower from death, c) scare them away.
[*] If the enemy team has champions whose ultimates can be stopped by a stun, save your ult and wait until they use their ults. Ie, Nunu, Fiddles (you can't stop his ult, but you can stun him in place allowing your allies to escape his monstrous damage), Warwick.

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VIII. Buy things and figure out where to put them later than regretting not

>> ToC <<


Berserker's Greaves > ATTACK SPEED
This is the cheapest attack speed item in the game. In Season Two, it was custom to buy this item on first recall, or as soon as possible. In Season Three, upgraded boots are not as necessary, so it is acceptable to delay this purchase.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
There are games when you are being caught out by CC and you haven't taken Cleanse for whatever reason, or if you're getting destroyed by ability power damage. Grab these boots instead of Berserker's Greaves for the Tenacity and magic resist.

Vampiric Scepter > Life Steal
It is imperative that you pick up some early life steal, whether it be via a Doran's Blade, or a Vampiric Scepter. Why? You need enhanced active sustain. The lifesteal will help you in lane and in teamfights when they start. If you also grab Life Steal Quints, your active sustain in lane will be such that you will constantly be at full health, even if you get harassed in lane. To utilise such a life-steal heavy set-up, you will have to be consciously auto-attacking to regain health.

This is easily the most common item to buy when building for Ashe. There are many reasons for it, but put quite simply, it works. The critical strike chance, coupled with the significant damage boost of AD and critical strike damage means that Ashe will be dealing huge amounts of damage. Finally, Ashe is a critical strike based champion. Focus gives her passive crit chance, the masteries we choose enhance critical strike damage and the items we buy round it all up.

In-depth explanation by Shenwang


Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer is a common combination; either item by itself does not do much, but together they shine. Together with Infinity Edge, it gives Ashe a 55% chance to critical strike on every attack, in addition to giving her an incredible attack and movement speed boost. As Ashe is a very slow champion, any increase to her movement speed helps her ability to kite and escape. Lastly, Phantom Dancer gives Ashe the ability to phase through minions, allies and enemy champions, making the item invaluable.

An interesting item that deals AoE damage after gathering charges. Great for crowd control, split pushing and clearing minions if your base is being sieged. Don't forget that the AoE can crit! While potentially you can farm minions and earn heaps of extra gold with Hawkshot passive and Avarice Blade, keep in mind that gold gen has diminishing returns.


An age-old debate that has sparked arguments since Season One and amplified due to Black Cleaver buffs. The tl;dr version is: If the enemy team has a lot of armour, buy Last Whisper. If they don't, grab The Black Cleaver. Simple.

Unlike Last Whisper, Black Cleaver applies an armour penetration debuff that your team can capitalise on. This means that if you manage to attack anyone, or hit anyone with Volley, their armour is reduced for everyone on your team.


Bloodthirster is rushed mostly by caster ADCs, especially those with shorter range and thus prone to more skirmishes and trades, in addition to the fact that it is easier to rush BT due to an early Vamp Scepter. Building BT is all about dealing a lot of early game damage and out-sustaining the enemy AD. When tossing up between the decision to buy BT or BotRK, size up the enemy team and decide whether you will need straight lifesteal, or health shred.

Blade of the Ruined King > LIFE STEAL + SLOW + HEALTH SHREDDING
This item has been popularised by it's rework and due to the current meta of entire teams buying Warmog's Armor. BotRK deals percentage health damage, and returns half that damage to you via life steal; this makes it a viable choice to replace or supplement the Bloodthirster. Equally important is the active ability to slow an opponent, which isn't as useful on Ashe with Frost Shot, but is infinitely powerful on ADCs with no/little CC.



Mercurial Scimitar > CLEANSE AS AN ITEM
This is the upgrade of Quicksilver Sash and should be upgraded end game after your other items. The unique active is like Cleanse, and is very useful if you are finding yourself continuously targeted by CC that would be best mitigatable (Malzahar's ult, for example).

Guardian Angel > REBIRTH ON DEATH
Ideally the best survivability item for Ashe and any other ADC, especially against a heavy AD team. Grants the owner a nice boost in armour and magic resist, in addition to the ability to revive upon death. The cooldown for this unique passive is quite high, however, and uncoordinated teams may waste the item's potential. Always ask yourself whether a QSS will help you escape the problem of dying in the first place.

Banshee's Veil > SPELL SHIELD
Banshee's is an optimal survivability item for players who are against heavy magic damage. It gives a great boost to health, mana and magic resist, in addition to granting the user a spell shield that takes 25 seconds to regenerate after being popped.


Simply put, 1000HP is 1000HP. You add 1% for each point of magic resist and armour you have. So for example, at the end of the game you have Warmog's + 75MR + 75AR. Your base health will be around 2700HP. With resistances, your effective health becomes around 4700HP.

Randuin's gives a great mix of armour and health. If you find that the enemy tanky dps are sticking to you, the active and passive component of this item could save your life.


You can hold off buying this enchantment until end game if you feel the need to conserve cash. However, realise that by attacking anything, you get a movement speed boost - this is great for chasing, and even fleeing if you know how to kite.

This enchantment is best bought if/when your base is being sieged by the enemy team. It allows you to recall and instantly regain your health and mana, in addition to give you a huge movement speed boost to help you get back into the fight.


A great item to replace Mercury's Treads/ Berserker's Greaves late game if you need Tenacity. Remember, Tenacity doesn't stack, so you can't have Merc's and Zephyr, else you'll be wasting a lot of gold and an item slot worth. The cooldown reduction is useful for helping you late game with spamming Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

This is the upgrade of Hexdrinker and should be upgraded end game after your other items. The unique passive is like Blitzcrank's passive Mana Barrier, and is very useful if you are finding yourself continuously destroyed by the enemy team. The passive means that you can't be burst down by one spell or attack.

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IX. Hard competition is incentive to improve

Competition Bot Lane (Alphabetical Order)
>> ToC <<

So you're up against Ashe. Be wary of her first hit guaranteed critical strike when coming to lane; that coupled with a Volley to the face can easily half health you. Ensure you are not caught out of position, as Frost Shot will cripple your chances of escape. Remember that she can scout brushes from a distance with Hawkshot, foiling ganks. Lastly, try and use your Flash after she has used ECA; ECA is her only form of CC, so escaping it can often mean escape if you Flash out of range of her autos.

Caitlyn is a high ranged ADC with a sort of steroid via Headshot. My most unfortunate experience with her was laning against her, hanging around on 150ish health during the early levels, pre6; she just killed me straight away with a Headshot-infused auto. Her Yordle Snap Traps can be deadly, snaring you in place for her to follow up with 90 Caliber Net + Piltover Peacemaker. After this combo, if you're low enough, she'll net the kill with Ace in the Hole. Remember her Q has a windup time, so there is no excuse to get hit by it if you're constantly watching.

Corki will generally try to farm for the first few minutes; he's not about getting a level one kill. Keep in mind that Hextech Shrapnel Shells mean that his auto attacks deal a little true damage. Mainly keep an eye out for his Valkyrie + Gatling Gun combo which is a sure-fire sign that there's a gank incoming. Lastly, try not to stand still when facing a Corki; he can snipe you with Missile Barrage.

Draven, basically he's pretty simple. Play safe you outscale, however it's completely safe to poke him most of the time, Draven's normally position themselves mid creepwave so you just have to poke him out of the creepwave and away to start zoning him. He can only really kill you if he has an aggressive support or your support isn't strong enough to save you from his stand aside. - Thanks to yehosera!

Ezreal is a high mobility, high poke champion. He relies on hitting you, your ally, or a minion with Mystic Shot in order to proc his passive Rising Spell Force and give him increased attack speed. Try to stand behind your minions so it is difficult to land Mystic Shot. Try and use Enchanted Crystal Arrow as a last resort, as he can always escape with Arcane Shift + Flash.

Graves is a heavy burst damage carry. His combo of Quickdraw, Buckshot and Collateral Damage coupled with any sort of support CC/damage increase often results in a kill. He is also innately tanky due to True Grit, so it is hard to lower his health. Lastly, Smoke Screen is often used to confuse those trying to gank, or to hinder anyone who tries to flee - don't run through this, back out and go around, or through the side, the lack of vision completely screws up any initiation or follow up.

The "Protect the Kog" strategy was/is popular in high elo play, wherein the team composition would be built around keeping Kog'Maw alive. This is because Kog'Maw is a hyper carry and deals tremendous damage mid and late game. His early game is very weak and he is easy to gank and shut down, despite Void Ooze, which is a very weak utility ability. However, if given the chance and with a Phantom Dancer under his belt, he will be destroying health bars due to Caustic Spittle and Bio-Arcane Barrage. Do not recall on low health once Kog has Living Artillery as he will snipe you from afar; if you are hit by this ability, sight is granted to the enemy team, meaning he can keep landing them on you if his prediction skills are good enough.

Miss Fortune is a commonly picked ADC due to her early game damage and late game utility with Bullet Time as it can apply team debuffs such as those given by The Black Cleaver. She has high mobility due to Strut and can often escape chases, or catch up to fleeing enemies with Make it Rain. Activating Impure Shots gives MF's auto attacks healing reduction, in addition to an attack speed buff. When facing a Miss Fortune, use ECA to cancel her ultimate. If your ult isn't up when she uses hers, don't run *backwards* through her ult, but to the side to get out of the AoE effect.

Like Miss Fortune, Sivir is often chosen for her utility. Her ultimate, On The Hunt is a massive boost to nearby allied movement, making her a superb tower pusher when coupled with Ricochet that can clear minion waves very fast. Her Boomerang Blade is often underestimated; getting hit once on the cast, and then again on the return can deal heaps of damage to an enemy champion. Lastly, her "bread and butter" ability is Spell Shield; this allows Sivir to mitigate ECA or Volley, so always use ECA after Sivir has popped her Spell Shield.

Tristana is the highest range ADC due to her passive Draw a Bead, thus making her end game positioning an absolute horror in teamfights with supreme mobility via Rocket Jump, which resets on kills or assists. Unless she is coupled with an aggressive support, she will be content to farm all game until she can deal incredible amounts of damage from afar later on in the game. She tends to push the lane with Explosive Shot; don't use a health potion straight after being hit with an Explosive Shot auto, as it reduces healing. Her ultimate, Buster Shot can be used offensively (to push enemies closer to her team) or defensively (to push an enemy into their team).

Dodge the thing that tags you. His E Noxian Corrosive Charge? Either way dodge that thing and you can just poke at him all day. If he hits you with it, just run don't even try to fight him he will keel you. - Thanks to yehosera!

Varus is rarely seen compared to the other ADCs. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption is a fantastic initiation, similar to Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you or your ally is hit by it, ensure you don't stick together, move in separate directions. Hail of Arrows is similar to Kog's slime trail, or MF's round of bullets - they're more often used for utility, as in slowing an enemy champion from fleeing or chasing, rather than for damage. Watch out for Piercing Arrow, like Cait's Piltover Peacemaker, you have fair warning when Varus will attempt to snipe you with this, as he will often try to increase its range and damage by drawing it out.

Like Kog'Maw, Vayne is a hyper carry, a champion who can deal heaps of damage throughout the game, but especially late game. She shreds health bars due to her true damage Silver Bolts, is the only ADC with a form of non-ult CC via Condemn. When versus a Vayne, do not stand near any walls, as she will Final Hour, Tumble into position and then pin you down with Condemn, getting off a Silver Bolts proc; this, followed with Ignite will often result in an early kill. If you see her activate Final Hour and Tumble towards you for the invisibility, RUN. It is an obvious sign a gank is incoming, or that their support has the ability catch you out of position for a kill.

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X. One man in his time plays many parts

Playing the Marksman (ADC Gameplay)
>> ToC <<

Make sure you've read the ABILITIES section of this guide - I do repeat some useful tips and tricks from there within this GAMEPLAY section, but most of Ashe's nuances are highlighted in that section! Additionally the COUNTERS/SYNERGIES and COMPETITION BOT LANE sections are also full of knowledge to help you out regarding Ashe gameplay :)

Head bottom lane with your support. You will want an ally that can keep you safe and allow you to free farm for the first 20 or so minutes. Alternatively, farm champions. If you plan to be aggressive, you are going to need an aggressive support, someone who can initiate skirmishes, soak up incoming damage and deal some themselves. Whilst Ashe can do a fair amount of damage on her own, you will need a competent ally to aid your early game aggression. Ensure you do not over-extend.

As explained in the ability section, Ashe has a killer combo at level one. Due to Focus, she has a guaranteed first hit critical strike. Utilise this mechanic by either auto-attacking an enemy champion and following up with Volley to nom half their health, or to secure your first last hit.

The ability to last hit is a fundamental skill of an experienced and conscientious player. Landing the killing blow on an enemy minion or neutral monster not only awards you Experience and Gold, vital towards buying items and levelling up, but also allows you to farm safely without pushing your lane. Creep Score (commonly referred to as CS) is often used as a measure of how successful one is whilst laning. Last hitting as the ADC is incredibly important; with Ashe there's an added bonus/incentive of gaining extra gold per minion kill via Hawkshot.

If you're last hitting, it stands to reason that the enemy will be last hitting too. If you watch both sets of minions, you will see that a pattern emerges: regardless of the danger in doing so, an ADC will always move towards a low health minion to get the last hit. You can abuse this mechanic by waiting for the enemy ADC to go in to last hit, and hit them with an auto-attack. When the enemy ADC fires a projectile, they will not be able to fire another one until the last hit is complete, meaning this is the safest time for you to get in some scratch damage. If you're lucky, the enemy ADC will panic and become scared, backing away from you and the minions, missing CS. If you keep this scratch damage up, the enemy ADC will get lower and lower in health, and you'll establish lane dominance. As Ashe, try to follow up an auto-attack with Volley or vice versa to prevent the enemies from being able to retaliate. If the enemy ADC catches on to what you're doing and attempts to auto you when you're last hitting, as they walk towards you, tag them with a Frost Shot imbued auto-attack and walk backwards, out of their range. Due to the slow, they'll be hindered and will probably give up the attempt when they realise you're out of range.

This term originated from DotA; it refers to using an orb effect (like Drow Ranger's Frost Arrow), and then moving as soon as the projectile is "fired". In League of Legends, Orb Walking and Animation Cancelling are very important aspects of gameplay. It requires a lot of practise, but it helps mainly with two things: 1) Last hitting and 2) Chasing. If you fire a projectile to last hit, and then move, you are less likely to start auto-attacking in lane, which can make it harder for you to last hit, AND push the lane when you don't want to. By moving straight after firing a projectile, you are not "static" chasing someone, simply by right-clicking them, you're moving ahead of them, allowing you to catch up. If you played Warcraft, you'll know that right-clicking an ally will allow you to "follow" them. It's the same sort of mechanics for LoL and DotA, but for enemies - you will never surpass their trajectory if you only right click them; you need to orb walk (hit them, and move yourself forwards), if you want to chase effectively.

Kiting refers to attacking an enemy with ranged attacks or abilities while maintaining a safe distance. This term originated from the analogy of flying a kite, where the attacking champion (the person) holds the target (the kite) at a safe distance (the string). This feat is often performed by ranged champions against enemy melee champions. While kiting, the ranged champion makes use of their superior range, mobility and/or CC to damage the enemy champion without taking damage themselves. Ashe's Frost Shot (and/or Volley) allows her to kite many melee champions quite effectively as they become too slow to get within range for their attacks.

Your zone is the area you are able to control with your champion. Zoning is the act of controlling your enemy's positioning and/or making them afraid of entering your zone. Zoning occurs when you push enemies back from minions by making them fear your zone. This is beneficial because they will have a much harder time funding items mid- and late-game due to not being able to last-hit minions for gold. Additionally, by pushing enemy champions far back enough, you can even deny them experience from dying minions. Both of these things together can be extremely advantageous throughout the game, as your opponents can be both undergeared and underleveled. Your support will zone automatically by taking control of the brush; you can zone by standing behind the enemy minions (closer to their tower). This can be dangerous if they have good engage, so only zone when it's "safe" to do so.

Keep your eyes open. Being aggressive in lane often means you are pushed to the enemy tower, leaving you susceptible to ganks. If you are ganked and start losing your lane, don't despair. Ask for help. There's nothing worse than being too proud to ask for assistance. Often your jungler can camp your lane and put some pressure on the enemies, or your mid lane can come and gank a few times. If worst comes to worst, let the tower fall and try and recover under your Tier Two Turret.

Depending on whether you are on Purple or Blue side, you can grab Double Golems or Wolves/Wight on your way to lane; killing jungle camps gives you an increase in experience and gold, meaning you will hit levels faster. As leashing has changed for S3, practise this in a custom game with a friend before trying it yourself in a normal, to gauge the amount of damage your support can take. Once you have some lifesteal, you can tank the minions yourself. Do not attempt to farm jungle minions when the enemy lane is pushed to your tower - lane minions are worth more than jungle minions, do not miss out on lane minions!

Often you'll read or hear statements such as, "Don't over-extend or push the lane, you could get ganked", but the author never really explains what that means. The river SHOULD be warded for your duration bot lane, but there are other places that a gank can come from. The idea of "not pushing a lane" ensures that you are near your tower, thus far less vulnerable from ganks. However, there does come a time when you will WANT to push the lane. For instance, if you just killed bot lane, it is ideal to push your creep wave to the enemy tower, so that the tower kills the creeps, denying enemy bot lane that experience and gold. Pushing the wave to the enemy tower also gives you a safer opportunity to attempt dragon.

Around about now you should be taking/have taken Dragon as a team. First push the wave to the enemy tower to ensure they're preoccupied with minion farming. Ensure the ramp to Dragon is warded, or any other entry/exit points that are of concern. Only attempt Dragon if your Jungler has Smite, elsewise risk it being stolen by the enemy team.

Once you've acquired Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer, your split-pushing abilities combo'd with Volley are potentially high. Due to the extra movement speed you gain from the built-up Zeal, you are able to get to lanes quicker, AND return safely to allied territory faster from danger zones. As your mid-game damage is not as intense as other ADCs, you can fulfil another role of pushing the lanes bit by bit to victory. Head to a lane that is not pushing in your favour and push it as far out as you dare before retreating and heading mid. Why head mid lane? One you've pushed another lane so that it becomes a problem, you need to immediately capitalise on that and pressure another lane; commonly mid, as it's the shortest path to the nexus. If you're now mid lane with allies, and another lane is pushed, the enemy team has to decide whether to defend mid lane against you, or go clear the minions at a side lane tower. This can result in a split enemy team, giving your team a numbers advantage OR, the enemy team losing a side-lane tower to allied minions.

This is something that takes a long time to grasp; knowing where each enemy player is located on the map, IN ADDITION to the locations of your allies can make or break games. Your support should be warding for you, but make sure to use your Warding Totem when you can: place the totem in the river brush, or in the lane brush. Vision is very important, and not just keeping an eye bot lane. Just knowing that the jungler was just mid and was heading towards top can mean two things: 1) he's jungling, getting a buff or 2) he's looking to gank top.

> Jungling camps without vision.
> Chasing an enemy into an area with no vision.
> Getting split from your group in an area with no vision.

> Watching the mini-map and counting 5 enemy champions.
> Noticing when your allies' ults are up (little green circle on their portrait).
> Warding with your Warding Totem to help increase allied vision.

By keeping your awareness levels high, you'll rarely encounter fights like the one below.

Ashe's initiation is god-tier, and most likely the reason why you've picked her. As such, don't ruin your chances with a poorly timed or poorly executed Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Don't wait until it's absolutely necessary to use the stun; you want to be the one initiating teamfights, or at least immediately following up on a jungler initiate, like Malphite ult. Don't worry about trying to nail the enemy ADC or APC with ECA - even disabling a tank and making it a 4v5 in your favour can win games. Landing good ECAs takes practise, but landing them at all is what you're aiming for! :P

Where you stand and who you attack during a teamfight can make or break a game. You are an ADC, thus you are squishy and susceptible to being targeted. As such, the enemies that are going to be closest to you are those that are tanky enough to get close. These champions include junglers such as Maokai, top laners like Irelia and possibly tanky mids like Swain. Realistically, you ain't getting anywhere close to their AD/AP carries, so just fire away! Spam Volley and keep Frost Shot toggled on, but watch your mana. Try to remain behind your team's defenses, but shoot anything that's close to you. There's no such thing as a "wrong target"; unless you have the opportunity to target someone squishy, you're going to need to take down their front line first.

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Ashe is a fun hero to play. She's cheap to unlock, she's the champion who's been free the most in the weekly rotations, and she's easy to learn. I hope this guide helped you somewhat with your endeavours to pwn with Ashe.

______Sincerely, jhoijhoi.

- Special thanks to -
  • Yehosera for the excellent champion counter descriptions!
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  • Formatting ideas: read here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What Summoner Spells should I take? // Flash, Cleanse, Barrier and Heal are the best defensive Summoner Spells on Ashe, with Ignite the only offensive Summoner Spell I'd suggest. It's up to personal preference on which you'd rather get. If you are not yet level 12, pick up Ghost and Heal.

Q: Why is Ashe a viable choice? // She is frequently chosen due to her powerful initiate, her utility in terms of Hawkshot, and the crippling slow she provides when chasing ( Frost Shot). She is good at low elo, but very difficult to play correctly at high elo. She needs a team that will work with her and carry her until she can carry the team.

Q: R > W > Q > E, right? // Ashe's Hawkshot range increases as you level it up, revealing more area, and the gold bonus with minion kills increases as well. However, Volley applies the level of Frost Shot, thus making it important to increase the level of Frost Shot to increase the slow on Volley.

Q: Why do you get Phantom Dancer/ Statikk Shiv after Infinity Edge and not some other damage item? // With the Infinity Edge, Ashe does a lot of damage, but at less than one hit per second. You need more attack speed to vamp up your DPS (damage per second), thus the need for Shiv or PD. The The Bloodthirster is the least important item to buy on Ashe. If you think you need more damage, build the Last Whisper after IE.

Q: What about survivability? // Read up on the itemisation of this guide :)

Q: Black Cleaver vs Last Whisper? // If the enemy team is stacking armour, buy Last Whisper. If there are a lot of squishy DPS or casters on their team, negate their armour with The Black Cleaver.

Q: What if I have a question you haven't answered? // Feel free to ask as many question as you can think of. I'll be sure to answer as soon as I can, and post my answer up here for all to see.

Q: How can I make a guide that looks like yours? // Every bit of coding in my Ashe guide is available as a template in my universal coding guide, Making a Guide. If you have any coding questions, please post in the comment section of that guide :)

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