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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi

Ashes to Ashe's

jhoijhoi Last updated on January 9, 2015

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Threat Champion Notes
Varus Varus' ultimate, Chain of Corruption is a fantastic initiation, similar to Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you or your ally is hit by it, ensure you don't stick together, move in separate directions. Hail of Arrows is similar to Kog's slime trail, or MF's round of bullets - they're more often used for utility, as in slowing an enemy champion from fleeing or chasing, rather than for damage. Watch out for Piercing Arrow, like Cait's Piltover Peacemaker, you have fair warning when Varus will attempt to snipe you with this, as he will often try to increase its range and damage by drawing it out.
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I. Introduction

Who am I and Why Ashe?
Greetings MOBAFire! I'm jhoijhoi, a casual gamer who's been playing League Of Legends since the end of Season One. I was playing back when ADCs went mid and Ashe used to Enchanted Crystal Arrow down the lane from base and Teleport for the kill.

League has changed a little since then, with multiple changes throughout the seasons... but the role of the Marksman stands the test of time, and Ashe is still the most basic ADC out there - playing her is like riding a bike, you never forget. Hence this rerelease; a guide that has changed as much as the game since its original conception. I hope you've enjoyed the ride with me through the Seasons, and find that this version of the guide is just as good as it was during its highest hour.

Good luck of the Fields of Justice, Summoners! ❤❤ jhoijhoi

Previous Iterations


Intricacies of Ashe, the Frost Archer
Ashe can be a viable pick in Ranked or Normal Queue to fulfil the role of AD Carry bottom lane in Summoner's Rift; however, she is heavily dependent on team composition. As all champions, Ashe has her weaknesses and her strengths. Ashe’s greatest asset is her ability to initiate ganks and team fights with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, but this comes at the cost of low mobility and few defensive abilities.

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II. Counters / Synergies

Ashe's Allies & Foes
Ashe synergises well with some champions and is countered by others. Below is a brief guide of which types of champions would be ideal in your team composition, and the types of champions who can prove difficult opponents for Ashe on the Fields of Justice.
Synergy :: Ashe is a champion who relies mainly on landing Enchanted Crystal Arrow to catch someone out of position. As such, any champion who can capitalise on a long range stun + slow on the surrounding enemies is a good pick with Ashe. Compared to other AD carries like Graves or Corki, Ashe has no burst damage as she relies more on chasing with Frost Shot and harassing with Volley, thus Ashe is best off with a support who can protect her in lane.
Counter :: A lot of champions can counter Ashe in many different ways. Any sort of CC or multiple CC that disrupts Ashe OR her allies that are supposed to be protecting her is a good counter. Junglers and top laners who can bypass Ashe's line of protection spell trouble for Ashe, such as Irelia, Jax, Olaf, Singed, Shen; they can get to Ashe and then displace her, or damage her, or force her out of the fight so it's 4v4. Enemy bot lane compositions of marksmen and supports that pretty much pwn Ashe in lane are those that can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

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III. Summoner Spells

Get Out of Jail Free Cards
Flash is vital on Ashe in order to stay alive in early engages and late game team fights as it is an incredible positioning tool. Flash can be used to create a gap between you and a bruiser or assassin, to dodge dangerous CC spells, to retreat over walls or sometimes even to secure kills. Without Flash, Ashe is very vulnerable, so play cautiously when the spell is on cooldown. Replace this with Ghost if you are not yet summoner level 12.
Heal is currently the strongest defensive summoner spell (aside from Flash) due to its low cooldown and added utility in the form of a short-duration speed buff. Since it affects both you and one other champion, it’s quite powerful in 2v2 bot lanes and retains it’s efficiency in team fights. It’s very important for marksmen to remain alive during team fights in order to continue dealing damage, so Heal is recommended for most situations. If the enemy bot lane has a Tristana, Varus or Miss Fortune, you may opt to take Barrier over Heal because these marksmen can easily apply a Grievous Wounds debuff that will cut your healing in half. Cleanse is recommended against hard CC teams, though you could instead buy a Quicksilver Sash. Lastly, pick Exhaust if you know you'll be against a heavy hitter, like Draven, who you can shut down completely with it.

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IV. Runes

Leveling the Playing Field
Life Steal is essential towards keeping sustained in lane as many popular (and strong) supports lack healing abilities. Life Steal via Greater Quintessence of Life Steal, combined with a Doran's Blade, allows you to slowly regenerate lost HP by autoattacking the minion wave. Running 2x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed allows you to auto-attack more in lane and gives you a faster projectile animation, which can be an advantage early game. I run 1x Lifesteal Quint as I often don't buy Vampiric Scepter until mid game. It goes without saying that 1x AD Quint will allow you to last hit better.

9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage are taken for the early game potential. AD runes also allow you to push the minion wave more quickly, sustain more from Lifesteal, deal more damage with Volley etc.

As you will be taking damage from the enemy marksman, autoattacks from the enemy support, minion damage and often physical damage from the jungler early game, Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Seal of Health are very useful. These runes will also allow you to trade damage more effectively and the small amount of damage resistance can save your life at any stage of the game.

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist serve mostly to protect Ashe from early harass from the enemy support (most supports deal some magic damage) as well as mitigating some magic damage from marksmen, junglers and especially mid laners. Most champions deal some sort of magic damage, even if they don’t build AP.

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V. Masteries

Customising Your Laning Experience

Ashe is an attack damage carry, or marksman. As such, her primary role on your team is to dish out as much damage as possible via Volley and auto-attacks. It is standard to run 21 points in the Offense Tree on marksmen to maximize their damage output. , , , , , , and will give you an early boost in your damage and allow you to last hit easier in order to earn gold to buy items later. These masteries (excluding Butcher and ) also scale well later into the game. synergises well with Focus and scales well into the late game after completing crit chance items.


Marksmen are renowned for being somewhat squishy early game. Ashe is especially vulnerable due to lacking an escape mechanism. To beef up our ADC, I recommend spec'ing some points in the Defense Tree. Top up your health with and ]. Scale up your late-game survivability with . You could choose to go further down the defense tree and pick up and for reducing enemy auto-attack damage.


As Ashe relies heavily on Volley for her poke in lane, it can be useful to forgo defense and opt for mana regeneration ( ) in the utility tree. However, summoner's who decided on the utility tree are more concerned with for more life steal and for lowered cooldown on Flash and Heal; both masteries could be the difference between surviving a trade or a gank.

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VI. Ashe's Abilities

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Ashe's Skillset & What to Max When
Focus is Ashe's passive. It is useful for one guaranteed critical strike, granted due to inactivity (not attacking). You cannot level up Ashe's passive ability.
Frost Shot imbues Ashe's autoattacks and Volley with a slow effect. Toggle Frost Shot on and off by pressing "Q". The slow amount is increased as it is maxed, thus why it should be maxed second.
Volley is an AoE ability that deals physical damage and slows with one level of Frost Shot. It should be maxed by level 9 as it’s Ashe’s main damage ability and her only waveclear. The cooldown lowers significantly with level along with a damage increase.
Hawkshot should be maxed last since the cooldown reduction is not significant. The increased range is usually not necessary until much later in the game when baron becomes a possibility and it becomes more dangerous to venture into the fog of war. The extra gold drop does not scale via level.
Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a skill-shot stun that can travel map-wide. Max ECA as soon as possible for the damage and lowered cooldown.

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VII. Itemisation

Getting Your Bang for Buck
On Spawn
These are the standard items to buy on any ADC on Summoner's Rift. Warding Totem grants you vision bot lane; learn to juggle warding brush with your support. Upgrade this item last - it holds little priority. Doran's Blade gives you stats that increase your damage, boost your health and give you sustain via life steal; don't build more than two of these items. Buying Doran's means you don't need to buy Vampiric Scepter until much later. The Health Potion should only be used in emergencies.
First Back (#1 or #2)
Try to refrain from going back until you hit level 6. By that time you should have enough gold for Boots of Speed and components for your chosen rushing item. Are you going to rush Infinity Edge? If so, buy a B. F. Sword or Pickaxe; these items will increase the damage of your auto attack and Volley. Else, buy Zeal for Statikk Shiv rush, which vamps up your attach speed and chance to critically strike. If you are low on cash (forced to recall early or last-hitting terribly, pick up another Doran's Blade or a Vampiric Scepter.
Core Items
Ashe is as traditional as ADCs can get; she preforms the best through auto-attacking. The best way to amp your auto-attack damage on Ashe is through critical strike. Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv ensure that at least every second attack is a crit. Shiv synergies especially well with Ashe due to its AoE lightning charge; Focus guarantees a first strike crit, meaning your Shiv charge will critically strike too.
At Some Point
While it's incredibly likely that you'll be facing a tanky enemy of some sort, whom has a Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart, you're not going to need Last Whisper early game. Build it when necessary - when you start to notice that you can't kill their initiators straight away. The Bloodthirster is an offensive AND defensive pick; it grants you a shield on attack that absorbs more damage the higher level you are, and gives you a significant boost in life steal. Again, build it when necessary.
Before the introducion of Statikk, Phantom Dancer was the go-to item for all ADCs; it used to give dodge chance, a tonne of crit chance and attack speed. Today, it's primarily chosen over Statikk due to the phase-through-units passive (incredibly useful for orb-walking) and greater crit chance and attack speed. Blade of the Ruined King is useful against health-stacking enemies. Its active slow is as good as a level 3 Frost Shot - but what is useful is the instant health heal upon using the active.
Choose Survivability
Banshee's Veil is the best passive survivability item you can buy; it gives you a spell shield, some health, some magic resist and boosts your health regen when you've been hit. However, if you're up against a primarily auto-attack team (AD mid, AD top, AD jungle), a Guardian Angel may soften those blows and give you a chance to escape after death. Lastly, Quicksilver Sash into Mercurial Scimitar gives you a Cleanse that removes all debuffs, including ultimates such as Zed's.
Enchantment: Homeguard is useful for when your base is under siege, or you have a need for getting to lane quickly; only buy this if necessary. Otherwise, you're better off buying Enchantment: Alacrity, which gives you a little bit more movement speed, regardless whether you're in base or not. Enchantment: Distortion is great for reducing the cooldown of Flash and Ghost, and enhancing these summoners slightly.

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VIII. Marksman Gameplay

Before Minions Spawn
As soon as the game starts, purchase your Doran's Blade, Health Potion and Warding Totem from the shop (press "P" on your keyboard to bring up the shop menu). Allocate your first skill point into Volley. Now head to the strongest jungle buff closest to bot lane; if you're on Blue Side you'll be walking to Red Buff - if you're on Purple Side, you'll be walking to Blue Buff. Blue Side typically hangs around the brush surrounding Red, or in the tri-brush joining river to jungle bot lane. Purple Side hangs on the river in front of Dragon, watching for invades. Minions will spawn at 1 minute and 30 seconds. At 1:55, the buff will spawn. You and your support should help the jungler get the buff's health down low before heading to lane.

Early Game Laning [Levels 1 - 6]
Regardless if you're on Blue side or Purple side, don't walk through brush or river to get to lane. Take the safe route there. Once you get to the lane, hold off attacking any of the minions unless they're on low health. The ability to last hit is a fundamental skill of an experienced and conscientious player. Landing the killing blow on an enemy minion or neutral monster not only awards you Experience and Gold, vital towards buying items and levelling up, but also allows you to farm safely without pushing your lane. Last hitting as the ADC is incredibly important; with Ashe there's an added bonus/incentive of gaining extra gold per minion kill via Hawkshot. If your support has a Relic Shield charge up, allow them to last hit the siege (these start spawning on wave 3) or melee minions, as they grant more gold.

Using Volley
S5 changes eliminated the need to get to level 2 first, so if the enemy ADC pushes the lane to get to level 2 first, calmly back up and farm under tower. Volley is Ashe’s primary damage ability, her form of waveclear and her harass tool. Volley’s range exceeds Ashe’s autoattack range, so it can be used to poke more safely from a distance. However, remember that Ashe has a relatively low mana pool and poor mana regeneration, so don't spam Volley too often. Keep in mind that Volley can be blocked by minions, monsters and champions. Make sure you don’t waste your mana trying to hit an enemy behind a minion, especially in lane. Multiple Volley arrows cannot hit the same target. In the picture to the left you can see how far Volley reaches and how the arrows separate in distance the further they travel.

Frost Shot - Kiting
Once you do hit level 2, skill a point into Frost Shot. Frost Shot is useful for deterring an enemy. When slowed, the natural response is to panic, as any sort of CC is scary. Often enemies will turn away to escape the slow - if you simply follow them, kiting, you'll deal a lot of free damage. Kiting refers to attacking an enemy with ranged attacks or abilities while maintaining a safe distance. This term originated from the analogy of flying a kite, where the attacking champion (the person) holds the target (the kite) at a safe distance (the string). This feat is often performed by ranged champions against enemy melee champions. While kiting, the ranged champion makes use of their superior range, mobility and/or CC to damage the enemy champion without taking damage themselves. REMEMBER: Juggle your Frost Shot! The slow lasts 2 seconds; that means if you auto attack one person, then another, then go back to the original, you've slowed two targets.

Scratch Damage]
An ADC will always move towards a low health minion to get the last hit. You can abuse this mechanic by waiting for the enemy ADC to go in to last hit, and hit them with an auto-attack. When the enemy ADC fires a projectile, they will not be able to fire another one until the last hit is complete, meaning this is the safest time for you to get in some scratch damage. If you're lucky, the enemy ADC will panic and become scared, backing away from you and the minions, missing CS. If you keep this scratch damage up, the enemy ADC will get lower and lower in health, and you'll establish lane dominance. As Ashe, try to follow up an auto-attack with Volley or vice versa to prevent the enemies from being able to retaliate. If the support goes in on you, tag them with a Frost Shot imbued auto-attack and walk backwards, out of their range. Another way of dealing good damage is by hitting someone with Volley and then immediately following up with a Frost Shot-infused auto (or vice versa).

Using Hawkshot
At level 3, allocate a point into Hawkshot. Early game, Hawkshot functions primarily as a tool for gaining vision in lane bushes and checking the river or tribush for the enemy jungler. The range is very limited early and the long cooldown make it less than ideal for general map vision, so use it only if you need vision of the target area immediately. If you are farming diligently, the passive gold generation will help you bypass Ashe’s relatively weak mid-game and get the items you need to be a damage threat in team fights. You can use Hawkshot to reveal an area of the map ahead of your support (or another teammate) that wants to place a ward there. Checking the area with Hawkshot first reduces the likelihood of your teammate getting caught and killed trying to ward.

Controlling Your Zone
Your zone is the area you are able to control with your champion. Zoning is the act of controlling your enemy's positioning and/or making them afraid of entering your zone. Zoning occurs when you push enemies back from minions by making them fear your zone. This is beneficial because they will have a much harder time funding items mid- and late-game due to not being able to last-hit minions for gold. Additionally, by pushing enemy champions far back enough, you can even deny them experience from dying minions. Both of these things together can be extremely advantageous throughout the game, as your opponents can be both undergeared and underleveled. Your support will zone automatically by taking control of the brush; you can zone by standing behind the enemy minions (closer to their tower). This can be dangerous if they have good engage, so only zone when it's "safe" to do so.

Early-Mid Game: Hitting Level 6
As soon as you hit level 6, engage. Ideally, you'll want to hit level 6 first; if you don't, be very cautious of the enemy bot lane. Skill a point into Enchanted Crystal Arrow and ult the closest target; it does not matter if the closest target is the enemy support or the ADC. You need to be able to capitalise on your stun landing. If the ult lands, try and net a kill. If it doesn't, clear the wave and recall.

Ideally, that was your first recall and now you have a few nice items ( Zeal or B. F. Sword + Boots of Speed). Your ability to last hit will now be easier, due to increased damage, so if you've been last hitting poorly, now's the time to make up. The enemy ADC will also have a few items, so be wary of that - for instance, as soon as Vayne builds Bilgewater Cutlass she becomes lethal.

Jungle Ganks
Prior to now, you have not called your jungle to gank: look at it this way, he can opt to snowball one lane, or go bot. Often getting a kill bot is difficult for a jungler due to the disengage and healing abilities of the support. However, keep your eyes open. Being aggressive in lane often means you are pushed to the enemy tower, leaving you susceptible to ganks. Suppose you've been ganked, despite Hawkshot and Warding Totems; use Enchanted Crystal Arrow to disengage, followed by Volley. If you are successfully ganked and start losing your lane, don't despair; it is now the time to ask for help. There's nothing worse than being too proud to ask for assistance. Often your jungler can camp your lane and put some pressure on the enemies, or your mid lane can come and gank a few times. If worst comes to worst, let the tower fall and try and recover under your Tier Two Turret.

Jungle Farming
Depending on whether you are on Purple or Blue side, you can grab Double Golems or Wolves/Wight on your way to lane; killing jungle camps gives you an increase in experience and gold, meaning you will hit levels faster. Practise this in a custom game with a friend before trying it yourself in a normal, to gauge the amount of damage your support can take. Once you have some lifesteal, you can tank the minions yourself. Do not attempt to farm jungle minions when the enemy lane is pushed to your tower - lane minions are worth more than jungle minions, do not miss out on lane minions! As you progress through the game, and leave your lane, jungle farming becomes more and more important; the extra gold and experience can mean everything in a teamfight.

Pushing = Overextending?
Often you'll read or hear statements such as, "Don't over-extend or push the lane, you could get ganked", but the author never really explains what that means. The river SHOULD be warded for your duration bot lane, but there are other places that a gank can come from. The idea of "not pushing a lane" ensures that you are near your tower, thus far less vulnerable from ganks. However, there does come a time when you will WANT to push the lane. For instance, if you just killed bot lane, it is ideal to push your creep wave to the enemy tower, so that the tower kills the creeps, denying enemy bot lane that experience and gold. Pushing the wave to the enemy tower also gives you a safer opportunity to attempt dragon. In the screenshot to the left you can see that I'm safe to push bot lane as I have clear vision.

Team Objectives
Around about now you should be taking/have taken Dragon as a team (or, like in the screen shot to the left, you've missed first Dragon and are going for the second one). First push the wave to the enemy tower to ensure they're preoccupied with minion farming. Ensure the ramp to Dragon is warded, or any other entry/exit points that are of concern. Only attempt Dragon if your Jungler has Smite, elsewise risk it being stolen by the enemy team.

Beyond this point, it's really up to you, how your team is doing and what objectives are left to take. You should be around level 10-13. Some team compositions can attempt Baron at this time, so wards should be placed around there. After you've destroyed bot tower, it's time for you to group up with your team and walk around the map, taking other objectives like towers and enemy buffs. Good luck!

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X. Conclusion

Thank You for Reading
Whelp, that's about it. The rest is up to you. I hope that you enjoyed reading my 5th iteration of this guide. I feel like this is the best version yet. Please feel free to leave a comment or question in the discussion section of this guide, or personal message me. I'll respond as soon as possible.

This guide will be updated for Season 5, with new art; the Ashe renders are placeholders. At this moment in time, I will not be updating my other guides, but you can still read them if you want; just click on the banners below :) Thanks for reading Ashes to Ashes and supporting me for all these years!

fancy reading another guide of mine?

Good luck of the Fields of Justice, Summoners!
❤ jhoijhoi

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