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Last hit practice

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March 5, 2013 10:46pm
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I play top and support and am trying to get better at killing minions when i go top basically last hitting. Is it weird to go to custom games and just practice on my last hit vs a bot?
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Of course it's not weird, it's a great idea. Bots are actually super aggressive, and it's likely they'll harass you as much (maybe a little less) than a real player. I'd work my way up, though.

- Custom game, 1v1 mid lane vs bot
- Custom game, 5v5 top lane vs bots
- Co-op vs AI, beginner
- Co-op vs AI, intermediate
- Normal game

In all of these games, focus solely on last hitting for the first 20 minutes, and see how you go. You can focus on last hitting longer than 20 minutes, if you like, but generally speaking, you won't be farming that long in normal games.

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It isn't weird at all. Apparently the Korean players actually practiced against bots to work on mechanics such as last hitting.

I try out new champions in custom games to get a feel for their auto attack animation so I can time my last hits (some champions have faster or slower animations than others) as well as get a range on their skills.

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It does help. It's not weird.

But mechanics are much less needed than game intuition and sense so I'd recommend you actualyl play the game more adn care less abt mechanics

but ofc practicing last hitting is fine :P

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I always warm up my last hitting in a bot game before a ranked game even though I main support lol.
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Xylarboden wrote:

I always warm up my last hitting in a bot game before a ranked game even though I main support lol.

hehehe for reals?

Op no its not weired its a really good idea.. when ever i unlock a new champ i play several bot games to get some handle on 1. their kit and how to use it 2. to last hit correctly with them ... its a goooot idea
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I used to do that a lot. Still do it sometimes. Helps a lot actually.
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