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18 Jan

Views: 409 Plat again!

I have had notoriously bad luck with placement matches for the last 2 seasons. I started out on Silver III last season after pretty much failing all game long early Season 3 (before the LP system came). I started out from 1400 something and went so low as 1188. Then after the LP system came I was Silver III.
I climbed rather fast to Silver I, but I was stuck there for several months so when I finally reached Gold again I was really happy.

When Season 3 ended I was 89 points Gold...
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03 Jan
As some of you must know I'm a main support player. I have a very high interest in everything related to supports, but I like to learn and do things my way. I don't watch streams, tournaments or anything - I just play. I don't intend to be pro, but I'm happy when I learn something new and improve.

So for the last preseason months I've had a very high interest in the new gold items. I love them - hence the second part in Gold Items discussion in my blog.
After playing out a lot of support with different starter items and different supports I've come to think which is the ultimate gold...
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29 Nov
After playing with the new support items for some time now I have to say I love the gold items. They're awesome. Every one of them.

I used all of them in different situations and I think I tried all 3 on a Sona (who I play almost every game).
So basically I like the Spellthief's Edge on a Sona and other aggressive supports. It's good that you get both passive gold and gold from harassing as well, but that also means that you HAVE TO harass to keep up with the other support early game. I also like that there's the...
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20 Nov
Only took me like four times in promo and managed to do it like 8 days too late to get the banner. Bleh.
I don't think I had this bad luck even when I was trying to get out of Silver I. I mean I was promos about 5 times back then too, but this time I lost two full promos (all 3 games in a row :D) then lost a couple more and ended up at 0 points. Then climbed back again twice until I finally made it through with a full AP Singed top lane who thought it was cool to let Irelia free farm for 20 minutes, because he was afk for the first 5 minutes.

Now I can't verify myself for some...
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08 Nov
I've never questioned my Starter Items and Core Items in my guides, but apparently some people do. No matter how I tried to explain why I prefer my way, all I get is comments like:

"Your argument is invalid."
"As a 1# guide on MobaFire you should teach people to play in the right way."

I get the sub-potential point, but this has been bugging me so I did some calculations on my own to prove my point why my way of starting with Rejuvenation Bead+ Faerie Charm+2x Sight Wards isn't any worse than the more popular 3x Sight Wards + 2...
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