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13 Sep
There needs to be some sort of mechanism against multiple teammates queued together and using that to their advantage; especially when it comes to the tribunal and picking. I've played quite a bit of League of Legends in the 4-5 years I've been playing, and literally the worst experience is when you get 3-4 people queued together and they start harassing you. There's absolutely no recourse for their actions, because you're 1 person, reporting against 3 or 4 of them. If you don't do anything they like, boom instantly reported by all 3 or 4 of them and there's really nothing you can do. I...
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18 May
For those that don't know Riot has set up a fantasy LCS league for you to make with friends

I wanted to make a tier list of sorts or give a basic run down of what I think will be the best picks, maybe some sleepers, and perhaps some players that will regress:


Scoring is going to work in multiple ways

For Individuals

Kills worth 2 points
Deaths worth -0.5 points
Assists worth 1.5 points
CS worth 0.01 point per CS

There are then bonus points for

Triple Kills worth 3 points
Quadra Kills worth 5 points
Penta Kills worth 10 points
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03 May
So I know I haven't posted a blog recently, just going to say that I plan on posting some more in the near future and being more consistent with it. I've just kind of forgotten. Aside from that this absolutely ****ing atrocious new Mobafire profile layout often makes me forget to post new ones. The old system it used to stare me in the face everytime i logged onto my profile, but now since it doesn't I tend to forget. Anyway, I'm going to make it a point to produce a blog once every week or 2 weeks during the summer (not promising that will happen) and they'll be informative and league...
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09 Feb
So I've been doing some thinking, some playing and a little bit of everything. I know I had said I was going to update my bruiser Nidalee guide for season 4. I generally like to keep promises, I hate breaking my word, but it's not going to happen. There are a number of reasons why, but the main reason boils down to Nidalee simply being terrible for top lane. I could say that I've lost motivation and it would be somewhat true, I could say I haven't really played top much this season and that would also be true, but more than anything, the real reason is Nidalee is ****ing...
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10 Dec
So I've taken some time to look into the Season 4 changes, but also experience the changes and play through them. I wanted to share my observations and some possible issues, maybe even some solutions to some problems I see:

1. Right off the bat a major concern has to be pink wards. Controlling them is nearly impossible, even if you're winning lane. Giving pink wards 2 extra health is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, although increasing the health wouldn't be that beneficial and might be detrimental to gameplay. I think pink wards should be given Evelynn treatment in the...
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