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29 Jan
I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but I feel like I can accurately make a list of the top 10 champions of all time. This list is inherently biased by nature, but I am going to try to give as accurate assessment on the top 10 greatest champions ever. There is a number of criteria to consider to determine the best champions. The first is consistency in competitive play, there's no way around it, pretty much every champion has had it's time in the sun, but very few champions can endure over time. The second criteria is domination; how strong was a champion? Was it first pick/ban...
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24 Jan


Coast - Kassadin, Sivir, Lissandra
Dignitas - Rek'Sai, Janna, LeBlanc



Top Lane - Gnar - Cris
Jungle - Rengar - Impaler
Mid Lane - Ahri - Jesiz
Support - Leona - Sheep
ADC - Caitlyn - MashedMe


Top Lane - Irelia - Gamsu
Jungle - Jarvan IV - Crumbz
Mid Lane - Azir - Shiphtur
Support - Annie - KiWiKiD
ADC - Corki - CoreJJ

Initial Reaction:

Pick and ban phase went well for both teams in my opinion. I actually like the team comp that Coast...
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24 Jan


TSM - Rumble, Kassadin, Lissandra
Cloud 9 - LeBlanc, Tristana, Nidalee

TSM Picks:

Top Lane: Irelia - Dyrus
Jungle: Rek'Sai - Santorin
Mid Lane: Ahri - Bjergsen
Support: Janna - Lustboy
ADC: Jinx - WildTurtle

Cloud 9 Picks:

Top Lane: Gnar - Balls
Jungle: Elise - Meteos
Mid Lane: Fizz - Hai
Support: Thresh - Lemonation
ADC: Sivir - Sneaky

Initial Reaction:

Pick and ban phase was won by TSM, that was my initial impression before the game even started. The...
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11 Jan
I think it's pretty good to make one of these threads every once in a while on the way I see the game. Things I think should be changed to make the game better. I will say I'm generally pretty happy with the state of the game and I think this has been a pretty balanced pre-season so far. I like a lot of the new changes and with all things considered this is one of the first times I think riot has done a really good job with nothing that was glaringly overpowered/gamebreaking (even Warwick was overhyped).

With that said it's always good to improve on a game so I'm going to list some...
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13 Sep
There needs to be some sort of mechanism against multiple teammates queued together and using that to their advantage; especially when it comes to the tribunal and picking. I've played quite a bit of League of Legends in the 4-5 years I've been playing, and literally the worst experience is when you get 3-4 people queued together and they start harassing you. There's absolutely no recourse for their actions, because you're 1 person, reporting against 3 or 4 of them. If you don't do anything they like, boom instantly reported by all 3 or 4 of them and there's really nothing you can do. I...
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