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09 Feb
So I've been doing some thinking, some playing and a little bit of everything. I know I had said I was going to update my bruiser Nidalee guide for season 4. I generally like to keep promises, I hate breaking my word, but it's not going to happen. There are a number of reasons why, but the main reason boils down to Read More
10 Dec
So I've taken some time to look into the Season 4 changes, but also experience the changes and play through them. I wanted to share my observations and some possible issues, maybe even some solutions to some problems I see:

1. Right off the bat a major concern has to be pink wards. Controlling them is nearly impossible, even if you're winning lane. Giving pink wards 2 extra health is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, although increasing the health wouldn't be that beneficial and might be detrimental to gameplay. I think pink wards should be given Read More
02 Dec
Hello All,

I've come to describe, very briefly, my plans for my two current guides for Season 4 as well as possible future guides.

First things first, the Top Lane/Bruiser Nidalee guide will be updated for Season 4 after I play around with some things some more, mostly just masteries and possibly some lvl 1 itemization

Secondly, I will not be updating my Top Lane/Bruiser Read More
22 Sep
So with group stage done, tomorrow (Monday) night will mark the beginning of the quarter finals in which Cloud 9, Fnatic, Royal Club, OMG, Gamina, Najin Sword, Gambit, and SK Telecom 1. 4 of those teams will move on to the semi-finals and then two of those teams will move on to the Grand Finals.

But let's take a look back in review:

Mineski and - These teams were both underdogs but not much was known about Mineski. Both teams were just massively overmatched and got stomped in pretty much every game, barring the TSM loss to With that said, both teams gained a lot of experience and even quite a bit of fans. Mineski might have been the... Read More
16 Sep
September 15th marked the first day of Worlds, and it was a pretty good showing by all regions. I'm actually much more excited to watch the rest of worlds knowing that this should be a pretty competitive tournament and not just domination by Korean and Chinese teams (although it could turn out to be like that). So what did we learn?

TSM - TSM had a pretty dominant performance against but that's to be expected. You're not going to impress anyone by smashing GamingGear. Even with a huge win, I don't think it was as dominant as they need to be. They looked fantastic in the NA playoffs, but with the way they played yesterday I... Read More