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10 things you probably don't know about me

1. I play almost every game in windowed mode. Why? Back when I first started playing League, I couldn't minimize my game so I figured if I play in windowed maybe that would solve the problem and it did. I've been playing games in windowed mode since then.

2. Despite being an 18 year old guy (19 soon), I am really really short for a boy. I'm 5'5 or 5'4 (have to check how much exactly) which in cm is around 165-168.

3. I play Ryze with Statikk Shiv a lot. He shoots out lightning when he auto-attacks someone and the proc from Shiv is also a lightning based attack. That's why his AA and the proc synchronyze and give him more damage. Flawless logic.

4. I'm awful at drawing which is a real shame cause I don't dislike drawing. Want proof? This is a Natsu drawing I made 2 years ago I think.

5. I love singing. Just give me some of my favorite songs and watch as I sing non-stop. There are even some songs that make me dance a little bit like for example D-51 - Brand …

My thoughts on off-season LCS roster changes

Gambit - Alex Ich is pretty big. I've always thought he's the main person behind Gambit. At the same time, it's not totally unexpected. He has a family and Gambit have been performing poorly recently. Still, it's kinda sad to see Gambit fall apart after they've been together for so long :/

Copenhagen Wolves - Forgiven and Amazing have left. Forgiven leaving isn't too much of a shock. From what I've seen on reddit, it seems like he's a little bit of a rager. I think he was a good ADC though. But then again, if he was making the team environment worse then it really is for the best if he leaves. As for Amazing, I think it's a huge blow to CW because he was their best player. I don't think CW will perform that well this split simply because Amazing would always get the lanes going and now he can't do that.

Supa Hot Crew - So Migxa left SHC. After reading his Facebook post, it's totally acceptable that he wanted to leave. Losing your motivation to play can be a huge problem. To be precis…

Top Encyclopedia: Shyvana

Champion Overview:

Shyvana is a tanky bruiser top lane. She has incredible dueling potential and push power as well as lacking any mana costs on her spells. Shyvana is a strong bully due to the fact her damage is mixed between physical and magical, has very fast waveclear, and to top it all off has a strong escape ability.

Skills Overview:

Dragonborn-Shyvana gains 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 armor and magic resist. These bonuses are increased every 5 levels and are doubled in Dragon Form.

Shyvana's passive grants her bonus armor and magic resist. It's pretty simple... It's just like having another rune page on top of your own. This value raises as you level up and doubles when you are in dragon form giving you a decent amount of "free bulk".

Recent activities slash blogging

So I know I haven't posted a blog recently, just going to say that I plan on posting some more in the near future and being more consistent with it. I've just kind of forgotten. Aside from that this absolutely ****ing atrocious new Mobafire profile layout often makes me forget to post new ones. The old system it used to stare me in the face everytime i logged onto my profile, but now since it doesn't I tend to forget. Anyway, I'm going to make it a point to produce a blog once every week or 2 weeks during the summer (not promising that will happen) and they'll be informative and league related.

Anyway, I'm sure no one gives a ****, but I just wanted to throw that out there

A start on ranking up

I noticed a lot of people in Bronze five (or even the bronze in general) seem to use the scapegoat that it is their team members fault that they are unable to get win a game or ever get out of the lowest rank available. They just blame their team mates for feeding and not effectively communicating or sometimes they complain about the lack of jungle pressure or the mid-laner not roaming. I feel that it isn't necessary to harass someone about their mistake, it tends to have a negative effect on the game that is easily avoidable.

I have tried to get out of bronze for a few weeks with the occasional day when I play 2-4 games. I can honestly say that although there is the occasional team that feels near-impossible to carry my inability to get out of the rank I am in is mostly because of my own gameplay. I do not have amazing decision making logic nor do I have divine character mechanics but I certainly can serve my team rather well. And though I don't play horrible and feed or have poor ma…

Least played champions?

I have just been curios guys about why some champions are not played that much. I know that unpopular picks like swain, galio, mao'kai, and yorick are all strong picks in their respective fields. What I am trying to get to in this is why some champions are not played as much as others these champions are strong just wanted someone to explain to me why no one is regularly playing these champions. Is it because no PRO player is playing them or have they just been forgotten?

My First Blog In My First Community

I hope to use this site frequently and have fun while doing so. I started so I could make some build guides and strategy guides to show lower elo players techniques that might be new to them. A stronger play group in North America in our lower elo guarantees more competition. Most guides I see don't explain half of what they recommend, nor do they recommend half as much as they should.

I aim to fix this.


Thoughts on Braum and other random stuff

So, Braum is the upcoming champion. He's basically a tanky support with good CC and good peel for AD Carries. Oh sorry, Marksmans.. (really did you come up with Marksman). I'm totally gonna insta-buy him once he's released. Not only does he fit my style of play (defending others and sacrificing myself for them) but he also has the most sick mustache ever. Heck even Bubbadub (Complexity Black's Support) doesn't have such a cool mustache. Really looking forward to playing Braum. He's gonna be a huge wall in team fights, that's for sure.

Apart from Braum, not much has been going on. I haven't played much ranked lately because I don't feel like playing. Mostly just playing ARAMs with some people. Last 3 ranked games I've played have been losses I think. This is the most recent one:

Despite the 3 afkers (WW was afk too but he didn't leave the game) it was a good learning experience for me. I managed to defend against a 1v2 dive on me and I only died once when I overextended and…

Thoughts on NA LCS Relegations

XDG vs LMQ - Yeah this series was easy to predict. From the start of the Spring Split, XDG's teamwork has been pretty bad and their individual play hasn't been that good either. LMQ on the other hand have pretty good teamwork and damn good individual skills. I predicted a 3-1 for LMQ actually because I thought XDG would be able to at least win 1 game. Was a sad series for them though cause they got destroyed. Never been much of an XDG fan but I hope Benny finds a new team cause he's actually a pretty cool dude. Watch his interview with Travis at onGamers and you'll see why. As for LMQ, I'm quite hyped for the Summer Split because they got in. They're really interesting to watch and I think they'll make a Top 4 finish in the next split.

EG vs C9T - At first I thought this was gonna be a close series. It wasn't. Only Altec performed well for C9 Tempest in my opinion. Speaking of Altec, I've actually played a game with him once. I was playing in the NA Server at the time and I was in th…