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Talking about The FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster)

[8:07] : omg nao i report u
[8:07] Meiyjhe the Epic: no u
[8:08] Jack Rubino: no u.
and **** the fsm
[8:08] Meiyjhe the Epic: fsm? :O
[8:08] Jack Rubino: flying spaghetti monster
[8:08] Meiyjhe the Epic: :O
u cant **** him
[8:09] Jack Rubino: i can
cuz im his god.
[8:09] Meiyjhe the Epic: liez
he has no holes
he **** u
[8:09] Jack Rubino: i just put it somewhere into him
into his body
no need holes
[8:09] Meiyjhe the Epic: yes there is omg
[8:09] Jack Rubino: nope
[8:09] Meiyjhe the Epic: liar
[8:10] Jack Rubino: he is just a bunch of spaghetti
i can put it everywhere
[8:10] Meiyjhe the Epic: but you can do the same with a door
I dont see the point
[8:10] Jack Rubino: waitwait
it is just a bunch of spaghetti
flying spaghetti
but hasnt a realy body
[8:11] Meiyjhe the Epic: true
[8:11] Jack Rubino: but onlt a lots of spghaetti
[8:11] Meiyjhe the Epic: yes
[8:11] Jack Rubino: den i can put it anywhere
inside of h im
[8:11] Meiyjhe the Epic: u fcked spagh…

Quality of top support guides >.>

Noted MissMaw's comment on the top Thresh guide. I went to investigate and I want to tear off my eyes now. I went to take a further look at support guides overall and gjeez...

Most of those 1# or 2# guides are voted up so much, that it can't even be brought down and are really hard to be passed by other authors. The quality is so bad and I wonder how on earth they ever could get that many upvotes.

I'll demonstrate;

1# Sona guide:

* Runes ?
* Starting items ? Core item = Rush philo ?
* Basically suggesting every support item there is and other bad items


I am happy.

Hi all!

I know Twisted Treeline doesn't have a good reputation, neither do I, but since no one really cares about it, I should neither.

The objective of the blog entrance is just to say that I hit Diamond V today with my Team on 3v3 and that I am just happy, nothing else.

Game Score

In game Profile

Kind regards.

Blog Entry #2

I am kinda curious if other Summoners find that they are better with champions from Demacia or Noxxus...I personally have most of Noxxus's whole army at my fingertips and enjoy playing them all equally. Been playing alot of Darius TOP, Draven ADC obviously and Swain MID...It feels soo good to be soo bad =D

Nice to be back!

It's nice to be back. My computer is broken, so I haven't played for a while. That meant no guide update for Mobafire.

Well, my computer is still broken, but I will start updating the guide soon.

Beside, anyway...

I am so, so, SO GLAD that they released Zyra skin. Haunted Zyra looks REALLY good. Also,

First post!

Since I made my account on MobaFire about 3 months ago I still haven't posted anything. Welcome to my blog! This would be my first post with more to come, you're welcome to read up on ALL the whimsical things that I will be posting here!

That would be about it for this one, so since it's so short I will post a Lulu as well:

Random blog - 2 Mill

Wooohooo! 2 Million views on FOXFIRe AHRI HERE SKT AHRI WHERe! Thank you to everyone who's supported the guide through upvotes or views! Since it'd be lame to make a blog with 2 sentences, I shall use this opportunity to just say whatevers on my mind since this is a blog after all.

Guide name change: Yeah, I decided to re-name my guide. It's kinda sad to see me finally change the name that began it all. But FOXFIRe AHRI WHERE was a joke so long ago that I'm positive 99% of the people seeing my guide have no clue on what it means. I read that an SKT Ahri skin was hinted at and I'm excited about that, so I figured my guide might as well represent something more up-to-date. A new season, a new start! (i know my sig and banners and stuff still all say the old name, but I'll keep it for now)

Ahri post-nerf: Hmmm. Well, to be honest, I'm kinda scared to try her out since I might discover she's really really weak and that'd make me sad. I tried Ahri out in a normal game and got stomped by…


Just out of curiosity has anyone been experiencing major lag issues since the latest patch has come out? ever since 3.13 has come out whenever i play it just lags until i dc then come back on just to dc a few minutes later... pretty sure its not on my end either cause i play a variety of games on my computer and leagues is the only one with this much issue.:(

any help would be appreciated!
thank you!

Boredom and New Guide

On this day, I finally archived my Caitlyn guide because of how out of date it was and I have no plans to continue with it.

For about 5 months now though, I've really been wanting to start working and launch another champion guide, however I've been busy with LoL among other things.

Now however, with my recent boredom on waiting for Season 4 to start and with nothing else to do right now, I finally started to work on my next guide.

I'm hoping to make it much more in-depth than my previous guides and I'm currently working on it, not sure how long it will take though.

I'm hoping to put work into it almost everyday until I release it but I'll have to wait and see how things turn out. I hope to get as much of it done today and tomorrow before I have stuff to do again.

The guide will be on Miss Fortune, to replace outdated