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I'm mad bro.

This post IS a RANT. I'm reaaaaally salty right now. Don't worry though. I won't be hating on anyone or anything. I will only express my hate for the subject at hand.

Dunno how many of you have seen the new Summoner's Rift that is heading to the PBE. I'll put a link at the bottom for those who haven't. Aaaaanyways, this is the worst update I've seen in League since I started playing in Season 1. Not only is this map freakin awful (I will say why down below) but despite what Rito is saying, there is a high chance people with low end PCs will be screwed over. I already just barely play with 20-30 fps. I don't need more updates for a map that is fine as it is (excluding the Jungle Monsters and Neutral Buffs and maybe the bushes as well).

And here is why this map is awful:
- It's dark
- It's messy
- It looks like the Dota 2 Map (dark and messy..)
- It doesn't have anything unique. It looks like your standard dark phantasy MOBA map. Yes, the old map is a little bit cartoon-ish and childi…


May 18 2014
Well on the road to the pro-games! Wewie!

I have not yet tried to do an jungle build on Twitch yet. Of course, one always runs the great problem of very weak/half-***ed leashes on solo-queue on Garena, and there's always the chance of screwing up with him. I may or may not be considering building a smurf account for the sole purpose of testing out the viability of Twitch.
I'm rooting mostly from an S3 guide-video by CouileBleu, or xChinNin as he is known on Youtube. Twitch suffers from very weak clears and survivability in the jungle, and looks as if he utterly *depends* on stealing buffs and counter-jungling. Very bad stats for a champion that you want to jungle with.
That being said, I said it before that Twitch ganks can be nearly unspottable thanks to his use of Q - Ambush. Twitch if played well as a jungler transitions into a gank-filled midgame that brings objective and vision control, ending with his nearly unparalleled team-fighting DPS prowess among ADR's with R …

Kha'Zix is Dead?

Patch 4.9 notes have been announced and they bring some news about the most deadly bug in the whole world: Kha'Zix. His Q, W and R suffered some significal changes, and now, the raping bug is different.

Let's see the main changes:

Q: Isolated target's damage reduced (from 45% to 30%). Main damage reduced (from 70/100/130/160/190 (+1.5 bonus attack damage) to 55/80/105/130/155 (+1.2 bonus attack damage)).

However evolving Q now deals more damage to isolated targets (10x champion lvl (+1.06 bonus attack damage)) but no longer deals damage based on enemy missing health.

I saw this change coming. Seriously. When isolation range was changed, I started shaking with the tough of the changes that were coming. But, after reading the patch notes, I tough that maybe this isn't that much of a nerf like you can read on the forums out there. Kha'Zix Q damage was too high late game, he could instadelete adc's. That I can handle. But now you should be more careful entering figh…

I remember when..

..we would get patch update videos. I remember when new champions weren't being spoiled as much a month before their actual release, and I would be so hyped for new champions. I remember when you had to play 3v3 on the old Twisted Treeline map (and it was waaaay better than the current one). I remember when the Journal of Justice existed. I remember when bruiser Teemo or bruiser Riven were viable. I remember when the game looked like this...

Oh the memories. I wish we could play older versions of League. It would be so cool ;__;

Sorry for the short post. Nostalgia just hit me and I wanted to make a post about this. If you're an old school player, do you have any stories or memories back from Season 1 or 2? Feel free to share them in the comments! ^_^

Thanks for reading! c:


Hello peeps, EpicGentleman writing around here, just to talk about some off-topics and to ask some questions. Ok, so I'm a jungler. I have been such for around 6/7 months now, and I have no regrets. I try to play jungle every game I can, and every time I do such, I do my best. But, I never have a specific champ to play with. I would like some sugestions on such choice. I have a great amount of junglers, and I realy like them all, so I would feel pleased if anyone could help me.
On another topic, I would like to ask something. Is it normal to not gank/give buffs to rude people? I usualy use this rule if anyone is being extremely rude to me or to anyone on the team. (We are talking about normals here) I would like to know if it is a right move or something douchy. I feel like it's right and almost like i'm aplying some justice by my hands.
To finish, I would just like to ask something else: Can anyone tell me a realy nice jungler at counter-jungling? I know jax is pretty nice for such ef…

Champion Talks #1 - Shaco

As my first champion talks; I wanna talk about this guyYeah, you all know him well and his name is Shaco

When I play Shaco, people ask me if I am ******ed and asks me to choose everyone except him cuz "he sucks." - the thing is for me; I can play him - people who think they can play him are wrong then gets mad and blames it on the champ.

Shaco is actually a bit of fun to play, juking and assassinate targets then gets away with it! the "problem" for Shaco is the late game - he is a early game burster with high AD and assassination capablities but he's squishy and if you make it to late game, sacrifice some bad items for tanky items, they will help alot; believe me.


Q - Deceive; Shaco becomes invisable for some secs.
W - Jack in the Box; Shaco places a box and fears and does damage while its alive.
E - Two-Shiv Poison aka. "The Nuker"; Shaco throws a shiv that slows and does dmg over time.
R - Hallucinate; Shaco makes a copy of himself that he controls and when "it" dies it …

Flaming/Bad mouthing lower Leagues*

The thing I have noticed in both Regular and Ranked games is that people keep flaming on each other
because they are in a higher or a smaller league, this gets to me everytime; I try to ignore but they conversation keeps out through the whole game and it keeps bugging me, So what? you have also been bronze before and you can also make it to silver or gold if you want to; its their choice and skill it depend on; regulary I would have just ignored it but I want to point it out now because I am so sick and tired that me, my friends and teammates gets flammed on/or flame each others

This is earnestly about opinion but I think the "LoL Community" is destroying themselves like that, like my friend keeps flaming on me for a regular game then I add this cheeky comment; "It's not ranked, relax and have fun!" and then I throw in this ( ;D ).

Well? What do you guys think really? is it just me or do you guys feel the same?
Thanks for reading!


Hey everyone, I got banned for 3 days on BluecIiff, first it was one day and now it is 3 days, I'm unbanned 1st, so it isn't so long until now, the point is why I got the ban, I got it because of my friends ****ty internet, I was sleeping over at his house and the internet company he had (I actually have the same) was crashing 24/7 and that counts as leaving the game, so it said I've done it too many times and I got banned.
I don't really care, I'm using my smurf (RedcIiff) while waiting, I get to test new champions as Alistar, Twisted Fate, etc.

My Favorite Anti-meta Support Champions 1

...logging in League of Legends....
-> Ranked Solo/duo queue
-> Match found!
-> Accepted

More often than not, you're stuck with a support role. =D
But don't fret! You can choose anti-meta champions for support roles!

In my experience, i tried support adr, support assassin, support tank.
back then it was not viable, but in S4? very easy! haha

Now let's get to the point.
Let's go anti-meta but we will still choose wisely depending on the situation.
I'll be picking my favorite anti-meta champion for support role per situation

1) Ashe - team composition lacking range damage or crowd control.
having double adr gives alot of focus damage in the early game.
But be careful of champions with gap closer, always use max range!
and always harass with auto attacks

Summoner's spells - Heal +

My Barbie Girl recording! Dyrus' is nothing now!

This is one of those rare once in a lifetime moments where you guys get to hear my voice! And it's a song! I recorded it for a friend because we wanted to share some laughs but it turned out funnier than I expected. It's so dramatic at the end haha xD

Even I laughed at it a lot. The sound quality isn't that great though. Also, I had to add the original song because I just can't sing without it X.X but I lowered the volume of the original song and increased the volume of my mic c:

Enjoy the terror that is...MY SINGING! Also, Dyrus' barbie girl recording has nothing on mine x) (jk lol mine sucks xD)