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A quite good game that ended really bad

Hello guys , so today i played a ranked game , i played riven vs renekton ,the lane went quite well
He outplayed me once but after level 6+ and a lee gank i managed to kill the renekton and got a lead
the game went well from there , i got fed and my score was like 8/2 or something and THEN it happend
Our lux felt like she didnt get enough attention and decided to spit to for no reason , she felt that we ignored her because she lost mid , we didnt say anything but i and lee were fed so we just let her split and we won fights together but when lux was splitting she kept dieing to cait and cait got quite fed off it , after that we said to her that she needs to group
we decided to group and constantly our lux and lucian got grabbed and died , the enemy team was getting quite strong (kayle/blitzcrank/cait/renekton/nautilus) , we asked lux to come for a 5v5
Once it started and lee and i were fighting , she didnt do ANY SPELL or summoners in that fight and we got aced , after that we los…

Searching for a Keyboard

Hey guys,

I'm looking forward to purchase a new keyboard and I thought that some of you could give me advices on this subject since I don't know what's good or bad and stuff.

Atm, I just have a standard keyboard that everyone has, outside of gamers.

I'd use it for LoL, osu!mania, and a bit of typing.

Thank you if you can help me !

~ Pancakes

Recent stuff

Recently, things have been pretty quiet but at the same time kinda tiring. For the most part, I've been doing final exams at school almost every day and after coming home, I play a little bit of League and do Leaguepedia work. For those of you that don't know, I became a Volunteer there about a month ago I think. The work there is pretty easy but it's also kinda annoying because it can be quite repetitive. For example, updating champion pages can be quite repetitive because most of the time, the patch history isn't updated for most champion pages so I basically have to write the same coding several times a day :/

So yeah, that's pretty much it about me. Sorry about the short post. I'll try to make a bigger (and more exciting) one really soon.

Thanks for reading! ^-^

Ranked Motivation strikes again

Why eu Why .-.

Today i was finally motivated after a failed gold promo to play ranked again..

motivation to go ranked ... AND its gone


I dont know why i always fail my promo's to gold , it feels like im in my promo to challenger

i failed it 3 times now already , it feels like my teammates are against skt laners and im against a normal player from my elo

its like i do good one day and suck hard the other day , silver is such a weird league to be in i guess

Accepted for an Internship!

Okay, so a couple weeks back, I applied for an internship for graphic design at a local software company. I already have a friend working there to give me a positive word to the admissions dude, but to be completely honest, I didn't really have high hopes of being accepted even with all of his help.




Just for kicks I had put that I won the guide contest for MOBAFire and included a sample of the coding for it. In addition, I put some of the artwork from my graphic café to show that I had at least a minimal sense of style. Of course, I had all of the other requirements (letters of recommendation, full resume, list of references, etc.) and I've had quite a bit of experience in Javascript, C++, and HTML coding.

Turns out the admissions dude was a huge fan of LoL, and at the interview the guy told me that what really sold me was that I was so enthusiastic about my work, especially on MOBAFire.

So what I guess I'm trying to say…

Almost ate Dry Powder AMA

I'm just casually sitting in ma hostel room, when this argentinian guy offers vitamin C stuff (turned out to be capsules). Well I grab in without looking and get a white package, rip it open and poor this stuff into my mouth.

- GOOOOD I'm trying to maintain my straight face rather than showing a disgusted one.

I ask my friend in German if his also tastes like **** and he says it doesnt.

Then I look at the small bag I ripped open, turns out it was Dry Powder, luckily I didn't swallow all too much.

If I don't reply to this later I am DED.

Rip Dreams.

The Elite Five

Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox
Vi, The Piltover Enforcer
Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover
Ashe, The Frost Archer
Sona, Maven of the Strings

What happens if they were all forced to live in one house for a whole year......

Our story begins.

Part One: The Encounter in Ionia

Ahri, after realizing that the true path to humanity does not lie in murder, sought to find shelter in the country of Ionia. There she met Sona, a beauty who was a master of the Etwahl. She was touring and exploring the world of Runeterra. Her symphony of joyous melodies immediately piqued Ahri's interest. She approached the maven after her performance.

"Hello, I am Ahri! I love your music. It brings peace and serenity to my soul. May I know where you learned to play that curious instrument?"

Yet, Sona couldn't answer her. She was born mute and unable to speak. Sona has let her music speak for her all her life. The maven started playing a sad melody to narrate to Ahri her origins. Ahri was surprised because it was as …

First post on mobafire ^-^

Hey guys! I'm Pridestalker and I play on EUW. Someone advised me to start blogging here on mobafire because I enjoy talking about the game in-general or my ranked games and I enjoy sharing stuff like that with others. Anyways, this is just an introduction post. If you guys have any questions for me, ask in the comments and I'll be happy to answer! So that's about it. I'll try to post as often as I can and I'll try to reply to all of the comments that I get. I hope you guys will enjoy my posts and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and talking to you!

Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

Hype Train Dominion Comeback for the Average Joe's

The sun set as the day came to a close. The Average Joe's gathered around the fire and told tales of old as talk of Dominion was adrift in everyone's minds. From getting plastered before their match group stage games before they made the big bucks and got the hella' dank Tonka(TM) Trucks full of women they would always remember their humble beginnings at the bar on the island of Bissagos. However, over time just like all good things the bar with the Inflatable Taric outside was torn down and the Joe's were running out of steam and social activities to do when their D&D group wasn't being DMed using PHB1&2 but never PHB3. Months passed before the Average Joe's found themselves craving some cramming of the giant ***** known as Clueless senpai who was always just a tad too rough come foreplay time. That **** ain't dope. Come back dominion-kun we wanna play even if Clueless will be white knuckling.

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June 5, 2014

June 5, 2014
Two games yesterday.
First was a normal game solo queue as Jungle Renekton.
Every lane collapsed before I got to level 6 (which you need as Renekton to dive towers)

I ****ing cried.
One of the things that I learned from that experience was that Feral Flare, despite procing with only one skill on Renekton, HURTS. It also makes you go through jungle camps super quickly to buy your second item, Ravenous Hydra. It's Randuins and other tank items directly after :)
Ionian Boots and CDR items after complete the build :)
Second was a normal game on duo-queue with KittyMaria, using our nearly 100% guaranteed win combo with Twitch Sona.
To be fair to our enemies, they suffered a lot with several team mates disconnecting early. A 3v5 is always a guaranteed loss. However, they lost handily to us far too quickly, as we fought a 3v5 and managed to last for about 47 minutes (until that super fed jungling Jax just wiped all of us out).
Such is the nature of League of Legends being a team…