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I enjoy talking about LoL a lot more than I enjoy...

Anyone else feel the same way? I absolutely love theorycrafting and discussing items, builds, new champs, etc. but when I actually play a match I just can't enjoy it anymore. Same thing happened playing MTG, I loved it at first but now I prefer to just sit down and look at cards with people and talk about decks and combos and stuff, but never actually play. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing but I do wish I still enjoyed playing the game because it has become such a big part of my life.

I've met 2 of my best friends playing LoL through my high school physics teacher surprisingly. We play league literally every day and skype for an average of 4 hours a day. The two of them actually started dating because of the three of us talking so much (she lives in Canada and he lives in New Jersey same as me, proof internet relationships work lol!)

Anyway that was very off-topic sooooooooooo back to loving the game but hating to play it...anyone else? Tell me I'm not crazy hahaha.

Lyñx archiving Jungle Ezreal guide and making an AP...

Title. After much testing, though I can still do well with jungle Ezreal, I can't deny that it has become much harder to pull off and justify. Thus, I am seriously considering archiving it. I aimed to bring the best to mobafire with my guides, and I found that my jungle ezreal guide is not doing enough justice to my readers. He has become "viable" now and is not as good as last season.

However, apart from jungle, I also play a lot of midlane, and one of my strongest and most favourite mid champs is Kayle. So in a few hours time, I'm gonna archive my jungle ezreal guide and I'm gonna work on my mid Kayle guide. This time, I want it to be better than my jungle ezreal guide, and I am as motivated as ever to contribute to this community.

Controlling the color of text, control the reader

Just wanna share something, maybe useful :)

Color is one of the greatest aspect that can control human's vision, it could instantly make your eyes catch things that differently or make your eyes hurt because the colors you see either didn't fit or just messed up.

Thus, by controlling the color inside your guide, you will be able to maximize the eye catching effect of your guide even more (you don't wanna make people bored by using only one color)

The fixed BB code tools allowed you to use certain color, however, some people that understand how HTML color work should know that


Does anyone know this ? (because this never mentioned on the BB Code guide, either its already common knowledge, or no one ever thought of it)

If not, let me explain this trick.

on pressing the "Color" button, you can choose certain color, and you got this for example


If you want to use your custom color, you need to know t…

Angry Blog Post

Playing ADC sucks now and I will explain why.

1) Supports have such a huge influence on the laning phase. In the past it was also the case that supports were more impactful than ADCs in lane, but now it's getting to a ridiculous level. A damagey support like Annie can practically instantly kill both enemy laners and tanky supports are impossible to auto down while providing high amounts of CC.

2) This wouldn't be so bad, but supports now also scale crazily. You can literally lose 1v1 to a damage support at most stages of the game and meanwhile tank supports are getting even more impossible to kill. When support Annie has a DFG, Void and Deathcap and Taric has a Randuin's, Frozen Heart and Spirit Visage, good luck doing **** to them. Supports now act as an additional AP carry/tank throughout the game.

3) Relating to point 2, there are now too many threats in the game for an AD carry to deal with. Every single member of the enemy team is now able to potentially instakill you and/or ta…

Kassadin Guide REVAMP, looking for feedback!

Hey guys! Guess my return was rather quick wasn't it. Anyways, that isn't the case of matter right now. Here's my updated guide for Kassadin. If you have a few minutes, please do give it a read and give me your personal opinions and feedback. I would like to make this guide the best it can be for the new season, so I put aside my other guides for now. Very much appreciated, and thanks to everyone in advance!

Jungle Nasus? No thanks

Hello everyone!

As you all most likely noticed, Nasus made it into the free rotation last week. And since plenty of people play him in jungle and I (at the time) had no other jungling champion, I decided to give him a try. He was recommended to me as a good jungler, and also I felt much safer with him than with Fiddlesticks. And here are my thoughts after a week of playing...


"The circle of life will continue. We will live, they will DIE." That just made my day and I was looking forward to select him amongst all the playable characters, just to hear that :D Best one I heard so far.

At first, I liked him. He is quite tough since lvl 1, and has an OK clearing time. But something didn't feel right and it took me few games to realize, what was it. And the more I palyed, more I saw what is wrong with him and now I can present you with 4 facts, that made me decide, taht I won't be jungling with

First Blog

Hello everyone... if anyone actually reads this. As it says in my bio I've been playing for a few months,and i'm now lvl 23. i'm looking for a new champ to mostly mid/top lane with. I was thinking of purchasing Diana looks like a champ i would enjoy using, but i'm open to suggestions. please leave a comment below stating if this would be a good choice, or telling me a champ that would be better.

New player, first blog

I am a kinda new player (lvl 19) and if I'm Playing 5s I almost always play annie, some times i play morgana if i feel brave, I really dont know how to play anything but a mage (I know worst team mate ever) But if i play 3s i usually play as WW, not really sure where to find a WW 3s guide i fell like I've looked every where but cant find one thats not out of date and I haven't really been playing long enough to just make one up that doesn't suck.