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Boots - a question of fashion

Hello everyfeet!

So, after this invitational joke (yes, it is a joke and it is damn good! So stfu and read on :D) I would like to discuss with you a question of in-game footwear. In my thoughts I reached some conclusions I would like to share, and hear your opinion.

As many of you noticed, except those Boots of Speed you have quite an option in buying some nice shoes in the shop and some time ago I had a problem to choose the right ones for me (now I know how women feels every day when buying something).

Yes, I know the rule - you buy what you need, depending on the situation and the enemy team. But it is so? Did you ever think about this? Let's take it role by role.


- No discussion about these positions, you can apply above mentioned rule of buying what is needed at the time.


- Lately I always go for Boots of Mobility. Actually I didn't buy other boots for any support I play, for 2 or 3 months now. I think, that this is the only option for supports and h…

One good fight...

We're about 35 minutes into the game and we're down to our inhibitor turrets. Mid's inhibitor is actually destroyed. (Oh...btw...we're blue) Purple side also has just took Baron. So manage to catch a couple stragglers from their team. We kill their ADC, Support, and mid laner. So now only their bruiser and jungler have the actual Baron buff. We manage to group up again. For some reason we catch them in between the mid lane and dragon. BOOM...our Shyvana ults on all of them, I drop my ult ( The Equalizer) and wallah...they died...well except the mid laner. And so we pushed mid within a minute (aced them since the mid laner tried to defend) and won the game.

ONE good team fight...

GOSH MAN! That is why I love league. One good team fight can turn a game around. Even if you're down by a lot! I'm all about comebacks. LOVE COMEBACKS! Even if it's against me! Okay...maybe not...but I mean...comebacks are just the greatest! A lot of the depends on the teams attitude. If you're all…

Establishing Credibility

I've done many reviews of guides in the past, and the most common suggestion that I have for guide-writers is to establish your credibility as a guide-writer. If you are writing a guide about a champion, then you need to prove to your readers that you know what you're talking about.

For people who are higher up in the league system, establishing your credibility is pretty easy. Its just as easy as verifying your ranking for the most part. Sure the additional statistics that you can pull out to establish your credibility further is great, but proving to people that you're part of the top percentage of LoL players should be fine.

Now for people are not as high up in the league system, you will have a much harder time establishing your credibility as a guide-writer. The first thing that you need to do is explain why you should be listened to over somebody who has a significantly higher rating than you. There is a lot of ways you can support your credibility without having a high ranking…


Hi there first of all thank you for the interest in my post. I am a part of a LoL team and we're looking for a person with emblem/overlay (yes overlay for streams) experience. If you think you have what it takes please contact/send submissions to me via email at

This will be in contest format, the emblem and overlay is COMPLETELY up to you. We have no color scheme for you to work with or previous emblem. This is entirely up to you.

Rules will go as followed:
1) Your new emblem MUST be included in the overlay.
2) Brownie points will be awarded if you in some way include our YouTube channel in the overlay (
3) The contest deadline is January 2nd.
4) Have fun and good luck

Rewards: We will be choosing only ONE winner. This winner will receive a shout out video dedicated to them explaining that THEY won the contest. If you own a YouTube channel, we will also give credit to your YouTube channel. In addition, in the description of a majority…

Why have I never noticed how badly trundle counters...

I just played a mundo top game to see what all the hullabaloo was about and came up against a trundle. This guy was terrible, but really good at dodging cleavers lol. I didn't really notice until I died 1v1 to him but holy **** is trundle made to counter mundo or what? He had a botrk and his ult...I was basically squishier than an ADC with no damage and he was 2 mundos. It suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

The early laning phase is a joke, just zone him with cleavers, but once he gets botrk run for your ******* life. He's also incredibly hard to peel with his Q and E slows and W MS boost.

We ended up winning eventually but I literally couldn't do anything. If I joined teamfights trundle would ult me, I would die, and he would be unkillable. If I splitpushed, trundle would show up and chase the **** out of me. I have never felt so useless in a game as any champ.

This did bring to light a reason to bring trundle out of retirement however. I used to love trundle but he was way too situational of a …

Now what do you want?

So, did the runes guide. It's on rising if you haven't checked it out.

What guide do you guys want? Give me some ideas. I'm down for champions or general, preferably general since I've already written guides on my mains. Do you want more guides for newbies?

Let me know, I'm out of ideas for guides :/

Skin Review: Gangster Twitch

Gangster Twitch

Price: 975
Skin : Epic

Gangster Twitch dresses The Plague Rat into a member of the Mafia from Chicago in the 1930s.The skin idea is convincing and is nicely executed.The cloths and especially the hat look nice and will probably make you smile while you play with this skin for the first time. You will notice small details for example the knuckels that round up the look of the skin. The Tommy Gun looks great combined with the new look for his auto-attacks.You will maybe have little problems following the shots as they won't draw a clear visible line like from his classic skin. There is also a new shooting sound for his auto attacks which increases the experience while playing with this skin. When you use Spray N' Pray(R) there is the sound of magazine being loaded which is very awesome.A negative aspect about this skin is that the Venom Cask (W) is still a flask which does not fit the idea and I would have rather seen a Grenade or Molotow Coctail or something. But this…

Frustration i guess

Played a game with the worst teammates today.Made me made... i managed to go 14-7 but nothing was working. I was using yi in mid lane alone my team didn't know how to play basically they just died... annie went 0-7-1 jax went 0-11-0 garen went 1-4-2 and ashe went 0-19-0 terrible i know. i guess i played well because i gank all game abusing my q attack. i had 3 bloodthirsters which help alot. got an ace with the q attack and saved ashe. we won the game... but everyone was dead on my team except me i killed 3 guys ran across the map killed both remaining guys held them off and won. i guess am just frustraded off have bad teammates. if u read this thanks for listing to me rant lol have a nice day and wuju lives in us all!!!!

Technological/Scientific Advancement


So I was thinking about Otto Heinrich: famous biochemist/physician/scientist/nobel prize winner who made significant advances in the field of oncology. I decided to look up a more thorough biography of him. I discovered a photo of him from 1966 in a laboratory in Berlin.

I am not sure how much any of you have spent in a chemical laboratory, but I can say that it is quite extraordinary that the scientists of the past were able to achieve solid understanding of numerous chemical/biological processes in such an environment. Not saying that I don't still see some of that glassware in the lab, but I can assure you: stirring, heating, containment, and many other apparatus have been significantly improved. Thinking about the numerous amounts of organic and inorganic chemical preparations I have performed in an exhaust hood, makes you wonder if these brave men knew that the fumes they were breathing in and the samples they dealt with could easy kill them or shorten their lifespans.

I …