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Torturing my friends is fun ♪


I was watching a friend play different Wii games. He eventually pulled out Wii Sports Resort and went to archery.

I told him about the secret fruits :>

He's got two out of 15. He's been playing for at least half an hour. His skill level has dropped from 1800 to 970 so far.

Howdy, I'm Major Swain

I'm Major Swain. I am a Jungle Main. Hecarim is my main Champion.
The reason I main Jungle is because I am good with Jungle timers, counterjungling and early ganks.

I have been playing since Season 1 before Kayle got reworked.

My first Champion I ever played and mained was Rammus. I prefer tanks and offtanks such as Hecarim, Nautilus, Cho'gath Rammus, Alistar, Leona, Jarvan IV, and Nasus.
I mained Toplane during Season 1& 2, and transitioned into the jungle during Season 3.
I can play all roles well.
In Toplane, I play Cho'gath, Jax, Nasus, Nautilus, and J4.
In Mid, I play a vicious Annie. Also I play Anivia and Ahri.
In Bot ADC, I play Ashe.
In Bot Support, I play Lulu, Nautilus, Leona and Alistar

In 3v3's I play Shyvana, J4, Jax, Annie, Galio and AD Mordekaiser.
In Dominion I only play top as Rammus and Alistar.

I love troll builds though I don't use them often. My only original and successful trollbuild is AD Mordekaiser.

Hope to see yall on the Fields of Justice!

Soviet Swain…

Meaning of life from a smart person

So, some 14 year old knuckle-dragger made a jokey post that went nowhere on the topic, so I thought I'd give my take on it.

I think the 'meaning of life' is a misnomer, and it should be rearranged to be someone's 'life purpose'.

You can ask why we're here, but that's already been established...
tl;dr Life exists because of physics, cosmology and biology all coalesced to explain the earth, the mechanics of life, and why life is in its current state. Big-bang cosmology - > accretion disks, abiogenesis, evolution, us.

With that out of the way, I think there are three major 'branches', or possibly more if you can think of any, of perspectives you can have about your life purpose.

1. Do the human thing - Be a human, have lots of experiences, ****, make babies, love, heartbreak, elation, etc. Be a person and drink up life.

2. "Attain immortality" - This is basically 'be the best I can be'. Certain people will go down in history and always be remembered either in fame or infamy. Hitler, …

Meaning Of Life... Well not Quite. Pfft.

What is the

meaning of life?

It is the moment when you find someone got to your Swag Jar first, absconded with it and you have absolutely no Swag left To show it all off to your mates later >.<

The meaning of life

is realizing that the meaning of life is halfway between birth and death...

and you have no flipping idea

where that mean is, making you feel mean even when you cannot feel your mean, know what I mean?

Yeah... I'm pretty Bored -_-

How to fix some champions, 9/26, quality of life...

Akali - return base damage values to pre-nerf, increased damage at lower levels on Q, easier farming / better poke early

Ashe - put a different passive on E besides +gold

Brand - More MS, lower mana costs 10-20%, ult will always prioritize champions on each bounce

Cho'gath - no longer very good at top, mid or jungle, tweak him to be playable in any of those roles

Dr. Mundo - ultimate costs no HP, or lower health costs across the board 15-25%

Draven - New passive pls.

Fiora - give her a better activate on her block where she does an aoe swipe, making her much more playable in the jungle.

Galio - New passive, move his new passive onto his abilities like ryze/mana ratios

Gangplank - New ultimate, please. Giving him kunkka ultimate would make him shoot from bottom tier to top tier.

Garen - Can't be knocked back while Q is active, cannot be knocked up while E is active. Would make him stronger while making him more skillful to use

Heimerdinger - Tinker ultimate from WC3?

Karma - …

I am Looking for Others

Greetings, I am looking for some people who are serious about competitive LoL. I have played a lot of MOBA type games in the past, and I seem to be winning a lot of my matches, even when I get matched up against level 30's in premade matches with my higher level friends. I have been playing league for about 2 months (don't be discouraged) and my summoner level is 24; I have 87 wins. I am looking for fairly experienced players, or really just anyone who likes competitive LoL that are serious about their gaming. (Basically, no trolls, and people that are open to synergy and team strategy) My summoner name is Undead Ardvark, so please hmu. I'm a fast learner.

Cotton Adventure #3

Sooooo, hello. Don't wanna ramble so I'll be alittle bit more to-the-point than usual :)

#1: Im headed to the eurogamer expo tommorow!!
For anyone who isn't familiar its the biggest gaming convention in the uk every year. Its gonna have ps4,xboxone,the occulus rift, dark souls 2, the new batman and *** creed games AND A WHOLE LOT MORE :D
So yeah, Im hyped :)

#2: Well, on a not so awesome note, my long ethernet cable has been broken by a certain someone who'll go unnamed (my brother matthew) and now I can't lol :(
Ive ordered a new cable since they're way cheaper online and I should be getting either tommorow or on monday :/

#3 In terms of actual lol based news I WAS messing around with a couple of builds up until a couple of days ago. The first one was a Gangplank build (what did you expect XD) and the second being a jungle Galio setup.
Right now the theme of the

Plat in TT worse than Silver in SoloQ? Don't agree.

After spending a whole month playing 3v3 exclusively I managed to hit Platinum V with my 3v3 Team with a 14 - 0 (we don't have a 100% Win Ratio due to one of my mates being dced during Champ Select on Promo to Plat, so it counted as a Defeat Game for our Team) and we all are very happy with the result, specially me since I wasn't expecting to reach this "high" due to me being a Silver player on SoloQ.

That was the happy side of the story, because now, only 5 or 6 players of my friend list congratulated me, the rest laughed and made fun of me because for them 3v3 is considered a "joke" and Platinum V is much less worth than Bronze I in SoloQ.

Other went further away and, after checking who were my teammates, started saying to me that I was simply a carried to Platinum V in 3v3 that don't deserve anything, since my mates are a Diamond V and Gold III in SoloQ, while I am still Silver II.

I was feeling a bit low due to all the **** my "friend list" was throwing onto me, so the Diamond V…

Tunnel To Diamond Day - 004(Forgot to Do 3): Demoted...

Man it keeps happening, I'll shoot up to plat 3 win like 2 game in a row then go on tilt and like lose 4. Putting me back at plat 4 with 75 points over and over again. I have reached what i like to call the infinite loop because, i have yet to see my team play at its full potential because for some reason my junglers think camping top wins games. :/

In true honesty Some of these games I know I myself can be the issue due to the fact of me not stopping my lane opponents from roaming, even though I warn my teammates ahead of time and push my lane as its happening, They still get frustrated and say you should of followed, but couldn't they have just disengaged lived and we get a turret out of it?

Play making is made by the players, every move your enemy makes allows you to make a play either good or bad, That is something we should all take into account. Just barely avoiding a skill shot can be crucial, but body blocking for a more important damage role is also crucial.

Everyone plays …