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Champion Decisions Everywhereee

Hai guys! So I've been deciding on a champion to buy lately to refresh the fun in the game for me (cuz' experiencing greatness with "new" champions is fun for me.) I tried Shyvana this week and I found her to be very fun and frankly, beginner friendly (imo). But in the end, I decided I wouldn't buy her yet for some reason (mainly unsure if I would do well with her afterwards in Summoner's Rift or not after playing her in Twisted Treeline).
So now I'm deciding if I should buy Brand,

The Breaking Point

Hello fellow Summoners. TooH checking in to say Elo Hell is just as bad as before. This is my Third Season, and after I finished my provisional games I am still in the Bronze V division. I do not agree with this placement, but the game knows best. I will climb out of Elo Hell as fast as I can, but gonna need a hand from you all. I am looking for players that understand the Importance of Warding and Vision, as well as team members that can Engage, and Disengage. Summoners that know how to Defend as well as be the aggressors. I have been in Hour+ Games and won in the end, I know what I am doing in any Role or Position. I prefer Jungle or Top, but I can play all Roles, and have a Champion Pool to pick from. I look forward to meeting you all on the Fields of Justice, and hope to gain ground on my Climb outta Elo Hell. GL to you all and GeeGee to those who have earned it.

Season 4 AD Carry Runes. Ditch lifesteal quints for...

EDIT: It would appear that you can also run 5 armor pen marks, 4 flat ad marks and 1 flat ad glyph to have the same bonus ad as the 4 percent lifesteal page. (You still run flat ad quints) Noone would know you were running armor pen and not lifesteal, unless they looked you up.

As Season 4 is picking up speed, I am predicting 6 armor penetration reds, 3 flat ad reds and flat ad quints to become the standard for ad carries once again. These runes were seen as optimal at certain points in time and indeed, it was not uncommon for certain players to run armor pen reds AND quints. As we come to a point where everyone is hitting high amounts of armor late game the similarity to flat damage in the early game and reliability in the late game make armor pen much more attractive these days.

Let's say you even get outlaned by someone with 2 lifesteal quints and you can't justify dropping the lifesteal for early game. The fact is there will always be a most optimal choice for every game and …

Nera's Climb #2

Hey guys!
So i haven't blogged in a while so i guess here i am!

So last time i blogged about my ranked i was still a lowly bronze 2 player having climbed from bronze 4. That was back in October november-ish of last year.

Sadly like my original goal i did not achieve silver by season 3's end. But that whole i want to get Silver made me realise something. Yes i do play this game for fun... But i also want to improve at this game. Probably will never go pro or anything of the sort but hey i still wanna see just how much i can improve right?

And so pre-season start and i was at that bronze 2 level. I continued on with the playing ranked and constantly learning and improving. finally After efforts i finally managed that ever elusive silver sometime in december. In the end i finished pre-season in silver 4.

Reset came along and my ranked journey restarted after god awful placement matches that got me back in bronze 2. But i kept it positive and thought to myself. you know what? this is s…


What up playas?

Im a huge fan of MOBAFIRE guides and have been using them for a while. I am starting to take Leauge of legends a bit more seriously now so I am starting this blog to track my progress up through the ranks and reflect on the games I play. Using the guides here and stats from I am going to blast up to gold+ this season.

A little about me. My main roles are Mid / Adc. If I am playing solo I try for mid most often but I also play a lot wit two other friends who enjoy supporting so I adc if I am duoing with them. Currently I am Silver V. My top heroes this season have been Ziggs/Nidalee and Sivir/Cait. When it comes to my champion rotation I usually play who is top rated winning % champions tbh. I think league is a game of small edges and being able to play the best heroes out there with the right team comp is just another way you can gain an edge.

A small reason I like to play league is because it is challenging to for keep your emotions in check and focusing…

Riot should remove or buff underused items.

I believe that Riot should remove or buff underused items to allow for a higher amount of unique builds. Items such as Executioner's Calling, Sword of the Divine, Banner of Command and Frozen Mallet are the most underused because of other items allowing for better laning. If you really look through top meta builds none of these items are used within any of them which partially worries me because these items are absolutely never looked at or considered. Id like to see what some peoples ideas are on buffing these items to allow them to be chosen more frequently within top competitive matches.

What kind of League Of Legends player are you?

What Kind of League of Legends Player Are You?

I've been playing League of Legends since October of 2013. And since I started that day, I've made a lot of friends through League. Most are really competitive and some just play for fun. I play for fun. Almost every one of my friends play a champion in a lane that is fit for their champion. I'm not that kind of player. I'll take and play Wukong in bottom lane. Or Jinx middle lane. But this isn't about me. My point is that there are a lot of different ways of playing the game. And where as some prefer to play to win others play to have fun. (I prefer for fun, but that's besides the point.) Some people should calm down though when playing Normal and stop being so competitive. I'm a serious League player all the time but I play calmly and coolly. Let people in Normal matches play how they want. Basically what the point of this article is about, is that even if you are at the top of your game, don't bring the competitiveness outside of rank…