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Upcoming Skins: Braum, Rengar, Pantheon, and Lissandra

Night Hunter Rengar

Braum, the Heart of Frejlord

Dragon Slayer Pantheon

Blade Queen Lissandra

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I like how Riot's doing the whole appearance toggle thing when you use an emote, I think it's a nice touch. The splash art for the Pantheon skin looks so cool, but I don't play him much so I won't be getting it... However, I'm interested in the Lissandra skin, but I already have her other :/

I didn't post the full SKT skins because, as you may know, they aren't very impressive

Throatslashers guide to picking up chicks is happening

I'm not going into too much detail here.

I need a skilled coder, either male, or a non-feminist female to corroborate with and code.

I've completely changed the way I've acted towards the opposite sex in the past 6 weeks and it's changed my life. If you want a sneak peak, just browse around for red pill literature. Send me a PM if you want on board.

League Channels Suggestions #1

Hey guys n gals, this is a thing I was thinking of doing where I "suggest" channels from YouTube that I think are good for League players! So uh, let me know what you think!
Today's channel:


Shibby and Hundar, the two gentlemen that upload the videos for this channel, are fans of League as well as other MOBAs (Heroes of the Storm, Smite), so expect to see those type of uploads! Their videos include:

Random LOL Moments

Bronze Thoughts

Code for Braum reveal

Hey there. I was working on writing up the article for Braum's reveal, but after I was finished writing the first half I actually looked over the article and realized it's probably a ***** to code and I'm too lazy to do it, but I at least saved what code I had ready. If anyone wants to tackle it, be my guest.

Code is right here:

Cyber bully kids.

My friend and I were thinking of making a montage video. Well hey! everybody starts at the bottem. So why not?

Well anyways I went into soloQ trying to advertise our video a bit, and 2 random guys were like '' HAHAHAHAHAH you call that a video? '', '' HAHAHAHAHA please stop making vids, you guys are so bad '' and blabla more. The problem was not they dissliked our vid, but they kept telling me I suck and should quit making vids, because I'm not Shakedrizzle or Siv HD. Even after championselect they kept '' bullying me ''

Oh well, **** happen and didnt bother me at all. I'm old enough not to give a fck about little virgins.

Anyways I reported them. HA!

I know it's not like shakedrizzle or SivHD, but it's our first montage. We know we have to put alot more effort at our next video^^.


Try to keep this community clean!


Achieving my first Pentakill

Greetings and Salutations one and all and welcome to my blog

Yesterday something incredible happened, something that even after a good night sleep I am still buzzing from the thrill of it because I, MyBloodisblack achieved my very first pentakill in League of Legends :D.

Firstly the match up - I decided to go with Vi in the jungle because I love her power, her defensive capabilities (which was a big part of the pentakill) and just her cocky attitude just makes her really fun to play with :).
On my team we had Jinx and Lulu in bot lane, Nidalee in mid lane and Jax holding the top lane whilst the opponents had Ezreal and Soraka in bot lane, Zed taking mid lane, Lee Sin my jungle counter part and Nasus facing Jax up top.

The match started reasonably poor for me though, I tried to help Nidalee who was in mid lane by ganking however we just didn't have enough fire power to take down Zed on two occasions although a well placed Spear would have ended him and then out of nowhere Nidalee w…

Results from my LCS Playoff Predictions

Here's the point system:
Guessed Team = 1 point
Guessed Result = 1 point

Keep in mind that points for guessed teams don't count for teams that are already predetermined for a certain stage. For example, I don't get any points for guessing Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves because that match's teams have already been determined. I do get a point if I guess the result though. Also, if for example during the 5th place match I guess one of the teams and I guess the result but it goes in favor of the team that I didn't guess, I still get a point. In this situation, I'm talking about the CW vs Gambit match where I did guess CW would lose 2-1 but I didn't guess that it would be against Gambit.

Maximum amount of points is 30 (counting both the EU and NA LCS.

My predictions were:

EU LCS Spring Split Playoff Predictions

Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves - Alliance win 2-1 (+ 1 Point)
Gambit Gaming vs Team ROCCAT - Gambit Gaming win 2-1 (+ 0 Points)
Battle for 5th, Copenhagen Wolves vs Team ROCCAT …

Uncommon supports: Introducing Vel'koz, the Eye of...

Uncommon support picks: Introduction to Vel’Koz, The Eye of the Void
Goal: ; Showcase other viable, less picked supports.

Why’d I pick Vel'Koz?

Vel'Koz is an entirely skillshot-reliant champion – you like challenge. You're bored of the old (human) champions consistently played in bot lane. You want to show the other players where the **** ****s.

Down to business,

What makes Vel'Koz a viable support?


First Post on Mobafire!

Hi everyone!

I am new to and I look forward to play and discuss with you guys!

My IGN is Alcadeia (You probably have seen this account in Mobafire chat room on League of Legends client - It has probably been my brother. I am now getting more interested about League of Legends myself and I requested him if he could give it back.) and be sure to add me if you want to talk or play! I am currently level 23 only though so do not expect too much from me.

I am a 14 years old person coming from Finland and I have two brothers. I speak Russian, Swedish, English (mediocre - trust me) and Finnish. I play football (soccer) and ice hockey. I watch Game of Thrones, House M.D., True Detective, The Big Bang Theory and other stuff such as them. I am a hardcore comedy movie fan.

Some of you may know my brother (Janitsu) because he has been a member for a long time. I assure you that I speak worse English and I am much worse player (I've played like 40 games myself).


Ranked journal #5

Been a while since i posted... again... Seems like spamming ranked games is not actually a good idea, it's really tiring to carry even one game.

Started to play 2 ranked games at max a day, usually one in the morning and one at night. This way i can focus much more on ranked games like this and play normal games for practice/chill. Yea i know playing a lot increases the odds of climbing, but being focused each game results in better win ratios.

Also read and watched lot of guides and writings, after filtering the bullsh*t i tried to implement everything i found useful into my gameplay. Well i feel a huge difference, i can now win or atleast keep even with Plat V-IV people i played with/against. There's always something new and useful to learn.

Made it to promotion series for Silver IV and won my 1st game there. 6th ranked win in a row!!! YAY!!!