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One Month of Streaming

It’s been roughly a month since I started the process of setting up a scheduled stream for the several games I play. Using Open Broadcaster Software, I've streamed League of Legends, Dawngate and Hearthstone all with roughly 3 viewers at a time and I've accumulated a following of 5 people (two of which are people I know personally and one of which is my moderator), and I’ve obtained roughly 250 views on my channel.

Streaming has been a fun, interesting and relatively easy learning experience. Before I created my Twitch channel I would never watch a League of Legends stream. Now, I find myself watching other’s streams whenever I’m not streaming myself. Watching to learn though, not for entertainment. Watching for what makes their stream entertaining – what overlays they have, if they have a webcam or not, if they have events, what kind of events those are and etc. I've even changed the way I play during League of Legends and Dawngate matches. Because I subconsciously know tha…

Here I am :P

So I made it to silver today :P. I decided to only play rankeds back at the start of december 2013 and from bronze 3 I went to bronze 1 (using Mostly AP Sion) playing 0-2 games a day. Now with season 4, my placement score was W:6 L:3 (dammit lag server -.-) and was placed right where I was, in Bronze 1. Now using my fav champ Jax and Nasus, I got to silver today :P. Yeah I know not that great but still its something. Should I be happy or are dangers lurking as in bronze? Also Jax and Nasus are banned/picked all the time. Is there any good top lane tier list?

S4 Warding suggestions (updated)

Hello everyone!

I was thinking about warding quite a lot lately, so today I would like to present my findings. Hopefully you can find this useful, or suggest better options.

I will describe lane by lane, from the position of a blue team. Ofc this works for purple team as well, just revert it in your mind's eye :)

This post is about warding during the laning phase.


  • 1. I like to put the ward over there. Like this you can see, if enemy jungler goes for river bush or purple tribush. I see plenty of people putting the ward into the river bush, but I think that is a waste of LOS (line-of-sight), and if you are shoving the lane or go for the tower, usually when you see enemy standing in that bush, it's too late cause he is in your back. Also everybody is sweeping that bush permanently so make them think you don't ward at all.
  • 2. Since the recent ward changes, if I'm pushed under the tower (or jsut farming there), I always put purple ward in that bush, as it stays there until de

Bronze V - WTF is this


Yeah this has been around in GD forums for a while, but I only recently noticed.

This guy intentionally feeds, dies 100+ times, is practically as useful as an afk... and won.

Just... what. I seriously hope he's banned by now but this just makes me want to level a smurf and intentionally tank my MMR down to Bronze V just to see what it's like. I can imagine it's like a whole fkin other world down there.

Why does Co-Op vs AI count//

Ok this is my first post and "rant" because I've got a problem to get off my chest. As most of you recall LoL has the LeaverBuster system which indescriminantly bans players who leave games frequently, normally regular games. Now my question is why does Co-Op vs AI count as a normal game, I was told by many of my friends in League that if you leave Co-Op vs AI that it would not count to your LeaverLevel. Were my friends wrong in saying this or is there a bug in the so called "perfect" system. I'm only saying this because I got banned for a few days after leavig (crashing in) a Co-Op vs AI game when I left a few more times prior to that unfortunate event. Now I call upon you people to clear thigs up for me and give me the knowledge to attempt to prevent such problems in the future. Hope to see you all in the Fields of Justice.

Beginning my climb out of Silver 2 with my duo

I shall be climbing out of Silver 2 with my bot lane support ZerkSam. We will be playing Lucian and Leona bot lane. I plan to be streaming almost every day. Even if no one watches it ;_;

But, for anyone that cares, link my stream is here, you'd be my bestest friend if you followed.

Anyways, I've been wondering, how has Season 4 been treating people, I know a lot of people have been lowered to lower tiers, I've seen golds and platinums in silver. My placement games helped me since I won 8/10 and moved from Silver 4 to Silver 3. How is your season 4 doing?

I'm shocked at the amount of People are watching...

I gotta hand it to the guys on the first post. Some of it was edgy (to me) but I'm certain it was all in good spirits. I guess I'll just start using these as an update on my journey to Ranked matches and to the ultimate goal of being 'The Real Deal'.
This one's out to you Banana Man. Wherever you are.

I updated my guide to better reflect what I'm seeing out there, and that's I don't understand the hype about Flash, but I use it anyways. Oh no, don't get me wrong, I can definitely see how 2 less deaths is crucial in the matches that matter, since most of those are won before 20 kills is even reached, but from a Normal, Free-Pick perspective the training to be had is lessened by the fact that it's easier to escape people still experimenting without it. Nevertheless, I use it now in place of Exhaust.

Speaking of spells, someone remarked about my using of Teleport on Annie. Is that abnormal? I have no clue since I don't play either Annie or mid.

And speaking of mid..! I am || <- that cl…

Pro Guests/Challenger Guides

Why is it that Challenger guides written by pro guests automatically get 100%? It's kind of aggravating when you work on your guide almost daily every week to ensure that it's in top shape only to have a challenger guide get posted and rated higher than yours. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if these guides were actually updates for the current season.

What's this? A blog?

This is entertaining, in a masochistic way: blogs on a LoL-dedicated site. BWAHAHAH! Seriously!? What is this, My_Space™? Maybe a forums group of some sort but... blogs? (Ugh, I hate that word. So cacophonous.)

I guess this is my first one here. Might as well try to "reach out to the community." Don't know if I want to do that here, since I've already had a negative experience, and I just joined. (Makes me wonder if all that blasphemy about LoL community being horrible not blasphemous.)

Pretty basic stuff here. I guess I'll stick to the game for now.

I play (nearly solely) Soraka as an AP-focused support who averages 30.1 assists per game* as of this writing on normal-free pick matches and just under 20 in Normal Draft-Pick. Since I give no more {cares} than 0 about elo (whatever that means/is/used for/named for) I'll try out some solo-match-up Ranked when I get to 30. I decided to put out a guide in commemoration of my steady string of 26-37 assist games and it was scoffed at. Hi…

S4 SoloQ Experiences (27.01.2014)

If there was a certain way of beating every champion, that would be so easy for all of us. But unfortunately, some players still do not understand, that this game is much more complex and it takes more to win a single game just to dominate your lane opponent. This takes me to my recent game where I played Lee Sin in the jungle. Right after our picks, I was 90% sure that if we do not win this game in a 20 minute mark, we never will. And I was right. Our picks looked like this:
    top lane: Heimerdinger vs. Yorick
    jungle: Lee Sin vs. Vi
    mid lane: Nidalee vs. Yasuo
    marksman: Twitch vs. Jinx
    support: Thresh vs. Annie
Right there you can see that our team comp is all about poke and ranged harrass. So even when we were winning 10/1 and it looked really good for us, we lost it eventually. There are many reasons why. Yasuo got fed on top lane ganks, Heimerdinger was not able to make an impact in team fights, I should have gone for more defensive build even when I was 5/0 in 8 minutes and many mo…