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So yeah, Udyr was down the entire game, pretty much. I noticed he was running hamsters during loading lol.

Getting the ward coverage I'm used to is difficult, though the wards I had sufficed in this case. I wish we DID have a ward slot...the issue late game is that you'd have to dedicate an item slot that could be used for something else if you want someone else to have wards. In terms of vision, it probably didn't help that the enemy was missing three trinkets.

I decided to get Twin Shadows as my last item to give me a kiting boost; their team was very mobile with

First Look Yasuo


Yasuo is a close range assassin/AD caster style of champion. His gameplay involves a good amount of maintenance work to be pulled off. I feel like he will be one of those "Yasuo main" kinda champions where the people that play him well, are the ones who play him alot. His kit involves alot of mobility as well as ability management. If played well though he offers an INSANELY fun gameplay experience with a strong kit.

Skills(Most of these are current numbers from the RoG patch notes):

Way of the Wanderer (passive) Resolve: Moving grants Yasuo Flow, which is tracked on his resource bar -- moving faster grants more Flow. At maximum Flow, damage from a champion or monster grants him a shield for 2 seconds. Intent: Yasuo's Critical Strike chance is doubled.

This passive has 2 parts. The first part is a shield that he gets after he has charged his flow gauge to 100% which he can do by moving around. The values of the shield are typically around 20% of your max h…

One for All.... Wu vs Annie.. sounds fair?..

As we all know from the new patch, the new gameplay mode One for All has been activated and to try it out, I was matched up in a game with Wukong vs Annie. I got to play as Annie and as we well know that those champions are in different categories in attack skills, I felt that it was not all that fair to Wukong since we have a team of champions who can cast spells and stun the enemy from a bit of a distance. But then again Wukongs also have a choice of going full magic resist against a ap range.

However, none of the Wukongs did not play that well but there were instances where if Wukongs played properly they could've just backdoored into our base and destroyed the nexus but in the end a group of annies against a few wukongs doesn't really do well for the Wukongs. Enjoy the gameplay below.

WolfeOrome: a little about me

Well, hello there.

I've just written my first real guide on MobaFire (I don't really count the Amumu guide I did sometime last year, because I was a total noob and it sucked) so I figured it was time to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Michael. I'm a 21 year old college student. Some of my favorite things: guitar, my girlfriend (Summoner name AmaelaminVana), pizza, Dr. Pepper and League of Legends.

I played Ranked for the first time toward the end of Season 3. I placed in Silver III, and had a hell of a lot of fun getting there. In Ranked play, I've played support Sona, ADC Varus, Jungle Vi, and support Soraka.

I put a lot of thought into my Sona Guide, and I've had some great advice from friends and reviewers on this site. I sincerely hope it works well for you if you try it. If you don't like it, please let me know what you think I could do better. I'm always open to suggestions, and I definitely want to become a better player and write better guides.

Hit me up if you …

One for All is live!

"If you've ever dreamed of nuking an enemy team with five Final Sparks, chaining together a series of Unstoppable Forces or living forever with back-to-back Chronoshifts, now's your chance.
One for All will be available from 11/22 to 12/2 so cover the battlefield with Cannon Barrage and have some fun!"


How to play support in season 4

By request of PsiGuard, here is my season 4 support guide.

Note: I've played approximately one game in S4. (As AD carry bruiser assassin enforcer fighter tank counter jungler J4.) [In other words, this is roughly 99% sarcastic.]

STEP 1: Pick a strong duo lane consisting of characters who don't suck complete *** early game (any combo of melee/bruisers/CC bots). It doesn't matter which character you decide to "support" as. Do you want to play something like Darius and Pantheon or Zed and Riven in a lane? Go ahead.

STEP 2: If you have an actual ranged AD carry, send them mid to mindlessly farm and push towers. If the enemy team is running 2-1-2, and the 2 duo laners are strong early game CC bot tank melee assassin bruisers, your AD carry will more than likely get dunked to the heavens and back, so mid is now a nice comfy lane for them to chill in. (Unless mid is also a duo lane.)

STEP 3: Holy ****, this is the most important part. Are you ready for this ****? Start with a Relic Shield

It's just the lane phase/?

I just wrote down my very first guide about one of my main character and support, Sona. And this is the first post I write down here. I hope you'll appreciate my efforts, I play since last August, a year has already gone, and I'll ask you to know for you comments and suggestions to improve my skills for that build and the new ones that will come.
Thank you!

Had they given up or did they just missed it?....

The following gameplay was recorded in a Howling Abyss 5v5 game, our team was doing quite ok with myself playing as Miss Fortune. As we eventually destroyed our enemy turrets and the inhibitor, we only had to destroy the nexus but unfortunately the enemy team made an short praised comeback killing all of us except for pantheon who was respawning at abase. Then we wanted make a bit of different gameplay and hand over the credit of us getting through the game to pantheon by deciding that we lure the enemy and keep them busy while pantheon skyfalls beyond the enemies of our reach and destroys the enemy nexus. The plan went accordingly but however, the enemy team either didn't see pantheon getting close to their nexus or had already given up the game thinking that they hadn't got enough time to make it back.... Below shows the final gameplay Enjoy !!!!!

Breaking those character stereo types

So most recently in ranked I have been breaking character stereotypes by playing a wide variety of champions where they dont belong. For example I have been playing a lot of Zac mid and even most recently I have started doing Skarner and Irelia. Although I do get some flak for playing the characters outside of their "roles" I do relatively well with most of my games coming out as wins. I also almost always get the other teams comments of "Skarner mid? wtf?" or "Oh a zac mid I have this easy". The other team then makes a lot of mistakes when trying to do stuff because they think they have it made and then usually panic and flounder when they realize its not gonna be all daisies and sunshine. For example, Ill push while playing Zac really hard and instead of ganking intelligently most players just meander out into the lane to try and gank in which i just slingshot back to the turret. It astounds me how overconfident people are. So for you summoners out there who decide to read this, try …

New ways of punishment

Hello everyone!

So I played a pvp match recently, and wanted to honor our Riven. She took on a role of ajungler (was supposed to go top), when 5th member locked his Wukong and called top and did not communicate whatsoever since then. She did very well.

But after the mid game, she started to thras-talk to our team and enemy team as well. called us all nabs, idiots, feeders and that she could win that match alone. True, our enemy team was weak, but still, she has no right to say all that stuff.

In post-game lobby I talked to her a bit, just to find out she was already punished twice for ***** talking, and lost 400 honor points. But she didn't care anyway.


There are 3 kinds of people:
  • The ones, that will improve their behaviour after the warning/time ban
  • The ones, who don't care about warnings and a few days off LoL
  • The ones, that will be trolling no matter what, until perma-banned

And since you can't do much about the third bunch, I gave it a thought and came up wi…