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A cool idea..?

If any of you have seen my previous blog post (if you haven't go check it out), you'll know that I have spare money for a gift. And since I don't want the money to go to waste and I want to thank all of you for reading my posts, I was thinking of doing something like a 1v1 tournament and the winner gets a prize. A real prize.

Not sure if this is a good idea. I guess if enough people sign up it will be alright but I honestly don't know if there will be enough people. What do you guys think? Would you participate if I decide to go through with this?

As for the prize, while it will be a real prize, I won't say what it is until the tournament is over (if I even make one). It'll be a surprise. However, I will try to get everyone's opinion and pick something that will be liked by everyone.

The Key to becoming a better Player

Greetings and Salutations to all my fellow Summoners and Welcome to another one of my blogs.

When I first started playing League of Legends I wanted to get better so much that I was running around forums seeking advice, I was picking at friends brains trying to get any form of tips from them...Just the general panic learning basically and yes I did at times get good suggestions of how to get better like watching videos to trying out a certain champion.

But I have to admit I have now discovered the best tip you can be given to become a better player - A simple thing that when you learn it fully will make learning how to play with or against any champion easier, will help with your item builds and will actually improve your teamwork 10 fold almost over night.

The best part is it is not even something that difficult to learn although to fully appreciate it you do need to have some of it in you to begin with...


Yes that is right, Patience is the greatest thing you can ever le…

Someone cheer me up pwease!

I transferred some money for a gift for someone. That someone didn't accept it though and told me to give it to someone else. I asked my sister if she would accept it and she said she doesn't want me to spend any money but it's already gone since I transferred it. I kept asking her to accept it but she kept refusing. Today I asked a friend if she wants it and she said she doesn't need it and she refused to accept it as well.

Why do people refuse my gift ;~; ...makes me feel totally rejected...

Hi Sion, how're things?

I think that me and many other people can agree that Sion is in dire need of some serious changes. I am here to inquire about what such changes would be. I mean personally, for me, I want him to be a tanky AD top laner, but some people might want him to be an AP burst mage. A. He needs a new passive. His passive is a CHANCE to block some damage from attacks, which is unreliable and not terribly interesting. I like how his ult and how his E work, but I think his Q and W should get tweaked or redone. Anyone who may have input on this matter is invited to post about their thoughts in the comments. Have a great day!

Leave a comment and I will answer!

NOT Surprisingly, the easiest one was Meiyjhe xD

Time for some fun. Here's how this works. You leave a comment and I'll answer the stuff below in regards to you by replying to your comment. I can answer 100% only for the people that I know though. If any new members or people that I'm not familiar with want to join in, feel free to do so but I'll reply to you based off your comment.

To me you are (a)..
() Friend
() Senpai
() Someone I look up to
() A troll
() A good person but kinda annoying at times
() Acquaintance
() No comment

The champion I associate you with is..
[Insert Champion Name Here]

As a player, I think you are..
() Good
() Average
() Freakin amazing!
() Faker Junior
() A Troll haha
() Kinda bad
() Bad..sorry xD

If I met you IRL, I would...
() Shake your hand
() Say hi in a really awkward way
() Call you a troll
() Hug you
() Stare at you and wait for you to say something
() Run away

The anime/tv show/movie character I associate you with is...
[Insert Character…

Yasuo and Climbing

Sup guys , 1 week ago i started to learn yasuo because he looked cool and liked his kit
But Is it just me Or is he REALLY hard ? , i played against syndra/ahri/leblanc/malzahar/lux and i just cant seem to win lane , i just go 1-4 or 1-3 and then split and farm all the time and teamfight
I just cant seem to win any lanes with him , I find him soo hard :(

Back to climbing ! , after some games im at 94 points (silver 1) , one win away from my promo"s and then this happens , Im to scared to lose points or my promo again so i go normals all the time , i really want to play alot of ranked but im just kinda scared of losing or not winning my promo , Any advice for it would be cool ! , I really want plat at the end of the season but it just kinda sucks that im to scared to lose points and games :/

Thanks for reading

Advice for yasuo/Climbing would be cool!

Toshabi Talk About League Part 2


Silence. Everywhere. No noises can be heard. No noises can be made. I, like many others, try day in and day out to make our trite existence known to those above us. We do what we can to be heard, but alas, no attempt is met with success. We see each other but communication is impossible. We can only flail about in our eternal torment. Tears roll down our eyes as we witness the struggles and toils one another must endure to stay alive. And for what? The enjoyment of one being looking down upon us knowing that he created such a demented system? Trapped in cages, we live. Tested day in and day out. Murdered. Slaughtered. Butchered. I've seen it all! But alas, there is hope. There is one above this mad king who knows of us. Who knows of this system. Who simply can't find us. He is the one who must be contacted. He is the one that can deliver us. But we are hopeless, we can't reach him, we can't see him, we can't be heard. If we can only speak. If we can only make our transgression…

I'm back

Basically, what the title says. I decided to abandon my old acc, because of the name. I had one Pantheon guide on the old acc, but it would need an update anyway. I was supposed to create a Diana guide, what I will do, but I decided to take my time on this, for I want the layout to look good. I will remake the Pantheon guide aswell, as when I look at it from this point... well I would buy completely different items. I also thought about creating an unusual guide, like not "You have a champion, and I tell you what items are good on that champion", but "You have an item, and I will tell you when, on who, against who and why buy that item".

Of course it will probably change after few months, like most of my builds do, as I get better at the game.

So for those interested, take a quick glance at my profile every few days, and maybe you will finally see a new guide appearing.

BTW. If you think that my tier is too low to create guides, then well just don't read them. Everyone is warned tha…

Braum! Why you so awesome?!

I've only played 2 ranked games with Braum so far. He's always banned or first picked if he isn't banned. However, in the 2 games that I've managed to pick him, I've done really well with him.

Now you might want to say "Well it's Braum..he's op". However, I honestly think the reason I performed well on him both times is because he's just my kind of champion and he's perfect for my style of play. I've always loved being that heroic tank that absorbs all of the damage and protects everyone. Braum lets me be an unbreakable wall that shields everyone and runs down any enemies along its path. Not to mention if you die as Braum it's all good cause he's designed to sometimes die for his carries. He's just freakin manly, really really fun to play and he's a super good fit for me. And he has the best mustachio in League (Sorry Draven)!

At this point, I don't even care if they nerf him. I would still play him because he's awesome. He's definitely my favorite support from now on. Used to be L…