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Re-work done. Woo~!

Well I finally did the re-work for my Katarina guide. I think it's way better now :P I just need to order some good guide graphics and it'll be done.

After that it's time to finish those review that I never go to finish in my Guide Review Shop. Actually I might do them right now xD we'll see.

Can anyone recommend a good shop for guide graphics?

Any more bufoons like me out there?

Hello everyone!

Today I bought new champion and was thinking about how to name his Mastery tree. Then I looked on how I named the other trees and I just realized, how childish I am. I just can't have normal names, like putting in the name of the champion, or general names like "ADC", "Tank" or so...

No. I was trying to be funny and named those masteries completely different. And now I wonder, if there are more people like me, with strange or even really funny names for their Masteries.

As an example, here is my list of Masteries:

Alistar - MilkMan
Annie - Pedobear

Upcoming Riven Guide - Diamond Approved

Hello Summoners.

My name is Cruxard and today I'm going to present you my upcoming and first professional Guide so far.

Link: Riven Build Guide - The Guide Of The Broken Sword - Diamond V

Feel free to read and rate. Even negative Rates are welcome as long as you can argue about and give reasons to your decision. Help me to improve the guide by constructive critics.

Hope we'll meet again on the fields of justice!

Note: The Guide is still in construct and I will update it as often as I can. Take care fo that and try it before judging please.

League of Legends - Fun With Friends - Jarvan Top -...

-This match was one of the first I have played in months so if you can focus on how awesome these other guys are that may be a better idea than watching the actual video. XD Anyway I play Jarvan top and get rocked. Have you ever had that idiot moment where no matter what nothing goes right? That's this match. Hope you all enjoy.

Dont forget to check out my friend SiberianHunt3r @

Don't forget to check out my pal HybridHippo @

Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day


-Thanks for watching
Intro Music
Audio by Teknoaxe


Hello there to all fans and haters of VI. In this blog I will write about and only about this sexi and extremely dangerous champion. As all know VI is a top-shelf jungler and very competitive to JARVAN OR LEE SIN. All these champ have many things in common like great mobility, gap closing, and devastating ulties. But despite few interior qualities VI stands for being number 1 in ganging, initiation, chasing and running away. Similar to LEE SIN she can play many different roles in team without massive emphasis on items.
This short introduction doesn't say much but in future posts i will write something i call "Overextended VI JUNGLER GUIDE". I will focus on all major pros and cons. Compare many different builds and item sets.

See u soon

[Fan-Fiction] Easy prey

Hello everyone!

Now for something completely different...

Note: this is my very first short story I ever wrote in English language, as well as from the League of Legends lore. Keep that in mind, please :-)) Any criticism is welcome.


He was running through the forest like a wind. Like a beast he - actually - was. His senses were keen, body in perfect unison with the mind. Even though this one wasn't very hard to hunt. He could smell its blood. Its sweat reeked of fear. But whou wouldn't fear for life, if hunted down by mighty Warwick himself? All in all, the poor man made it too easy for the bounty hunter.
"Easy prey." he smiled as he ran.

Warwick always referred to his bounties as "it". No need to get personal. Just get the name, description, last location someone saw IT and how much will they pay for the corpse. He did not like "fresh deliveries", as his bestial instincts were getting the best …

[Bot] Push lane = Win lane ?


Wanted to talk a little about shoving lane to tower 24/7.
It works the best for bot lane due having more vision, sustain
and more range and/or poke than other lanes, so it's much safer.

I'm kinda tired of bot lane that only focuses on keeping lane
frozen and always landing the very last basic attack. Doesn't
create much action in the lane, but obviously this fits for
some of the ADC's, but let's talk generally here.

Basically very since you arrive to lane, you push the lane to
tower as soon as a minion wave comes. The advantage is for the
team that doesn't have to go help jungler with the buff.
What are the advantages you may ask ?
  • Gain faster level and reaching 2 earlier than opponent is dominating.
  • Since LS quints are so popular and Butcher mastery ignored, it's
    very common for ADC's to struggle farming under tower.
  • Denying counter-play from support, because of minion damage and presence.

This does leave you more vulnerable to tower aggression and ganks.