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What is Mid

They told me it couldn't be done.

But I did it.

Silver II Veigar Main, AMA. Learn from the master.

In the meantime, I've been trying other mid champions, but no one is quite up to the level of Veigar. Let's talk about this week's free week champions.

Skittles everywhere. What is a skittle? A delayed sugar bomb that gives you a temporary high but later results in a crash. Fortunately, on Summoner's Rift, Karthose's skittles have been modified so they only give him the sugar high while sending the crash to an enemy champion. Unfortunately, it is not a targetted skill. By nature, skill shots require skill. That's why I play veigar, no skill required. Farm until you can kill people, then kill people.

Verdict: Imposibru. Too much sugar for me.

Take those skittles from Karthose and instead of popping delay, give them travel time. This does not bode well. HOPE IS LOST.

Verdict: Jumping around with the ground bomb pack thingy is pretty fun. They should give him a jetpac…

Hello again Mobafire!

Why hello there! Perhaps some of you remember me? Well to those who don't I'm cyberskull a.k.a Sword Art Natsu. I used to blog a lot on Mobafire and I did a lot of review in my Review Shop a while back. I kinda stopped because I was lazy and I wanted to focus on playing Ranked in League. I decided I'd return to Mobafire once Season 3 ended and here I am!

I guess I should start by telling you guys what I've been up to and what I plan on doing now that I'm back.

Season 3 was a season I wasn't particularly fond off. It felt like everyone was just copying the Pros. Every Ezreal would build the Blue Ezreal build (thank god almost no one builds it now), every game had a Top Laner who went 0/5 but still built Ravenous Hydra and as soon as the Pros played a champion in the LCS you'd see people immediately playing that champion in ranked despite not having any experience with him/her. In terms of annoyance Season 3 was definitely the most annoying.

During the Season I had ups and downs but i…

Don't get Troll-Reported

Hello mates,

today I would like to write something about troll-reports. By that I mean reports that are obviously false, and you (or anyone else) can get them from toxic players just because you are unfortunate enough to provoke the wrath of the mighty troll - on yourself.

Sometimes, when reviewing cases, I can't find much wrong with the player, and only by careful reading the whole chatbox I can find out, that the reported player was actually one of the good guys. But he did a grave mistake by opposing the troll.

And that same thing happened to me some time ago.

I was playing a bot game, just to get the daily bonus and not have to think a lot about the game. And when playing bot games, I don't care much about what other players do, as I understand they may be just trying new champion, new build or different tactics.

But there was this Jax, who was dying quite a lot. Not that much to be a feeder, but he was dead pretty much. I watched him for a while, to find out he was doing som…

End of season 3 thoughts & looking forward to...

hi friends

I haven't made one of these blog things in a while but I just had some things on my mind that I felt like sharing.

I went into this season without really setting a specific goal. I had reached platinum about halfway through season 2 and figured if I just played a decent amount of games I'd probably get to diamond. As it turned out, there were a lot of factors that let to 'just getting diamond' not being as easy as I believed it was going to be.

Besides some pretty frequent computer/internet issues, my main problem throughout the season was me not being able to stick with a main role. This was a problem that started off in season 2, as I switched from maining top since starting ranked in season 1, untill I started climbing out of silver in season 2 where I played mainly mid.

I started off season 3 as an AD carry 'main' (I say 'main' cause I didn't really last very long). I duo queued with Koksei for my first few games and got back to platinum rather quickly before the Elo…

For fun or for realz...

I find myself always looking for new champions to play and master...trying my best to expand my champion pool. In my previous blog post I listed out my main champions that I mainly play (yes... Nunu support is viable in my books). LeBlanc was the most recent champion I had purchased and ever since I got her I have been improving my reaction times as well as muscle memory. Since my muscle memory has been getting better I thought I would go try

working on a song (help!)

Working on this and I need some opinions.

I personally think the change to a minor key doesn't fit at all, but I'm unsure what to do next if I keep it in a major key.

anyone have any ideas?

take a look at the sheet music here.

We Just Won the Inaugural Dominate SR Tournament

Hey guys, Lasty here again with some more exciting news. Throatslasher and I just won the Dominate Summoners Rift tournament. We kicked *** and took lots of names. It was a fun set of matches. My team cosisted of myself, Aniratak, Just Jayce, KeithMcBrief, and Throatslasher. I'll post the VOD if you want to see my team in the Semi finals and the Finals! first game starts at 7 minutes roughly. 2nd game just click around till you find it.

It was their very first Summoners Rift tournament and I think it was run very smoothly. Kudos to the organizers and shoutcasters everyone did a great job!

C4 Esports coming atcha in Seaon 4.

Also remember to check out and support our sponsor. Buy a belt, give back, and gain elo.


Woe is me.

I learnt a valuable lesson today.
Don't ever try to play ranked games without first going outside of your room to see if there is an electrician in your house putting in new lighting...

I actually had a chance of reaching plat by the end of today, since I was Gold 1 with 50 lp gaining 10 lp per win, but that dream is over now...
I just wanted to end the season with a rank that is actually respectable even in the slightest.
Gold is nothing..