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[Champion Concept] Alexis, the Supersonic Songsmith....

Alexis, the Supersonic Songsmith
Alexis Character Sheet
Alexis' B.A.S.E. Cannon
Alexis at a Rave

Attack Range: 550
Movespeed: 340
Alexis' Weapon: Beat Amplified Super Sonic Cannon (B.A.S.S. Cannon): this shoots sound waves and electricity.
Alexis' Outfit: cross between Steampunk and Heavy Metal.

Passive: Double Beat: Alexis' Auto Attack is divided into two separate attacks that strike the same target simultaneously. Each attack deals half the Base AD and half the Bonus AD. On-hit Effects, Critical Strikes, Critical Damage, and Lifesteal apply as normal to each part of the attack.

Q: Ultrasonic Reverb: CD: 12/11/10/9/8 Seconds Mana Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
(Active): Alexis shoots a blast of sonic energy at a single unit, dealing Magic Damage. If a Champion is struck, this ability also steals 35/40/45/50/55 Flat Movement Speed for 3 Seconds.
Deals 70/115/160/205/250 (+40% AP) (+60% AD)

Range: 650
Single Target Ability

W: Bass Cannon: CD: 7/6/5/4/3 Seconds Mana Cost:…

How does LoL do on Mac?

Hey guys! I was just wanting to know how League actually does on a Mac. Does it suck, does it rock? I need to know. I was thinking of purchasing a Macbook Pro or an iMac here in the next few months and I want to be able to play League. Everyone knows that Mac is really expensive, so I would be upset if I spent all of that money on a computer that won't even play a game that I like. You know what I mean? If anyone would help me I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

Most OP Champions in the Game??


They can be any 3 Champions, a variety of types would be appreciated.

Follow this Guideline...

-What are the Champions?
-Why are they so OP, in your opinion?
-Should they be nerfed, if so, how?

Thank you and League on!!

Gold Items part II

As some of you must know I'm a main support player. I have a very high interest in everything related to supports, but I like to learn and do things my way. I don't watch streams, tournaments or anything - I just play. I don't intend to be pro, but I'm happy when I learn something new and improve.

So for the last preseason months I've had a very high interest in the new gold items. I love them - hence the second part in Gold Items discussion in my blog.
After playing out a lot of support with different starter items and different supports I've come to think which is the ultimate gold income item? Some people say it's Nomad's Medallion, some still prefer the Targon's Brace, only AP supports seem to use

My Aspersions (If you care)

Hey my name is Cameron, i am going to be streaming as best as possible as i love to interact with other people how ever my connections is not the best so the quality of the stream may be reduced.

At the time of writing this it is Pre Season(02/01/2014) and I am silver III my highest reached rating this season was silver II, I reached promotion for silver 2 into silver one three times and unfortunately went on tilt.

I see myself as a very analytically player and emotional player

Team-comp OP

This is a game I played with my friends, I picked this team-comp because I wanted to see how effective it is.So the game started and they got fb top (dou-top Kha'Zix and

I hate commputers

I finally got my computer working again a short time ago (a week), but just this morning the display ****ped out on me. I've been planning on getting a new computer for some time, and I've already ordered it now. Unfortunately, it won't arrive until January 16. Why does Lenovo take so long to deliver it's products?? I have no idea at all, but at least they do. And I've cancelled my APC Thresh guide, because while it works, ADC Thresh is better. Thanks to his passive soul collection for armor and AP, he can freely buy AD items without having to worry about the damage from his abilities dropping off. I've decided to make a guide for one of my favorite hobbies, AD Taric mid. So until then, I won't be playing anything at all. *Sigh...*

Battling with my own playing style

Huu, reader! I am divic, extremely weird and in some odd way veteran mobafire-member. I have rather old mobafire-account but sometimes i have been very active on site and then i may have had one year without logging in. Anyways i have always followed the way of Mobafire from rags to the riches.

I have developed a lot across the years in pretty much every way but still i feel like i am worse than in the start. (I guess I have developed more as a human than as a player) When I started at university and lived in a dorm with foreigners I used to play a lot and perhaps that was my peak as a player, I wasn't excellent player but i got into teams with diamonds and I was enjoying a lot playing league of legends. It was the time when pretty much every single game ended on victory.

Then the army came in... One whole year of frustration... Elo decay... Then, what's on now? Trying to get into it again. All previous teammates are on Plat/Dia, even those who used to be Bronze when I last time saw …