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I am a Volunteer at Leaguepedia now

So, there was this application form that was made by Leaguepedia. It's for volunteers and I applied because I've been wanting to find something to do. Surprisingly, I got accepted. Staff members from Leaguepedia added us on Skype and they made a chat room with us and them where we can talk and ask them any questions. I'm glad I got accepted because this is gonna allow me to kill time while being useful to Leaguepedia, League e-sports and the League community.

If you're wondering what a Volunteer does/is, basically you willingly offer to help out by updating or correcting existing articles and pages about events, players, teams, etc. They don't pay anything for it. There are a few benefits though. Like I said, you're helping out Leaguepedia and the community by doing it. Also, there is a small chance you might get to talk to a pro player but like I said it's a small chance.

My first job (gonna be doing it later today) is to read the patch notes for 4.6 and 4.7 and check if the champio…

Upgraded gaming rig!

So yeah, I finally got to upgrade my gaming rig (or at least give it a massive visual update)! :-)
I really got fed up with my old Antec Nine Hundred case which not only looked kinda ugly, it also made a lot of noise. Replaced it with a Corsair Carbide 500R which looks astonishing if you ask me. It also definitely makes a bit less noise which is great because I'm not only using this as a gaming PC but also as a workstation.

Besides that, I fit a Semi Modular and 80+ Gold certified power supply for better cable management and efficiency. With 650W of total power this thing sucks up your whole power bill so having this new thing in hopefully pays back soon.

Finally I mounted an SSD to make boot and loading times acceptable again. For only 100€ you get 240GB SSD's right now which is super cheap, so if you were considering to get one yourself I'd really go for it. The performance increase is massive for that price.

My full setup looks like this…

500,000~ guide views!

I'm sorry

Sketchbook Express

Tried out sketchbook express today. Messed around with the tools and managed to draw a half ugly Kratos from god of war (Messed up the chin and refused to fix it :P).

Enjoyed this program a lot so I will probably spend many hours with it learning how to draw with a mouse :)

My 2nd Penta

This was my first Penta ever.

Since then, I've only gotten several Pentas in ARAMs but they don't really count. However, yesterday I got my 2nd Penta in the 4 years I've played this game. At least I did it right after I started practicing ADC. It's good for motivation ^^

In this game, we actually played against a trio bot lane composed of Syndra, Blitz and Thresh. It was extremely annoying but we managed to escape laning phase and we beat them in team fights.

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading! ^_^

F*ck Time

Im back!
For one week :/

I have a free week until May 19 so I will try to continue with some of the MobaFire things I havent done and should have done a long time ago.
I will try to finish my Ahri guide during this time, but if it remains as incomplete as it is right now I will Archive it for a long period of time.


The Beginning and the End

I am writing this blog to let everyone know that my family and I are going thru some really hard times currently, but I will not let it slow me down on my quest to achieve Silver or Gold ranking in the next year, or better. I will fight my way up from Elo Hell, and into the higher Elo's that I know I should be in.

Reasons for this is to better my gameplay in league, as well as better my standing in the halls of the Leagues Records and Champions, both Current and Future. I will be adding my YouTube page, and all other offsite pages that I may upload videos, blogs, or fan art postings to. I will enjoy the feedback I hope you all will hopefully share with me in the future, and welcome any advice or tips that you fellow Summoners would be willing to talk to me about.

I will work as hard as I can to be the best I can be on and off the rift for the community that is ours to monitor and correct as we can only do being the players and voices of those that are badgered by the rude, wicked, an…

An idea I have

I've considered this idea for a while now. Keep in mind that I'm not asking you to support me. Just let me know if you think the idea is good or not. It would be very helpful! ^_^

So the idea is basically, mentoring. I actually applied to be a mentor before but I gave up on doing it after a little bit. However, it's like I never really gave up. A lot of people add me because of my Katarina guide and often ask me for tips and advice. So maybe it would be good if I re-apply to be a mentor or something?

I was also thinking of starting a facebook page as well. I could share tips daily and post pics of my games on it. I already have a twitter so that's all good.

Recently, I haven't been feeling that happy or motivated. A lot of things have been happening to me and some of them were quite brutal. So maybe if I do this, I'll get my mind off the bad stuff and I'll be helping out others while helping myself.

I was thinking of doing this for newbies or Silver/Bronze players. I myself am not …

*New* Sig Style

Hello guys! This is my first blog at MobaFire :3
*nervous nervous*

I owned a Signature Shop, and just now I tried a new signature style for my future requests!
The theme is simple, yet it isn't too empty (What am I talking O-O). For this style, most signatures I make will have scan lines in it, because I feel that scan lines make the signatures stand out more, even if it looks simple.

I will also use soft/smooth-looking background and colours on the signature to *emphasize* on the simplistic style.

I made one banner with this style:

The white shadow or whatever behind the character seems out of place/weird to me, as it doesn't really fit in that angle. I tried shifting it around, but well I think that's the most suitable place for it to be fitted at.

The text is also white with soft gradient borders, so it will fit in the theme better. I suppose most signatures I make in this style will have a similar text style too ;u;

♥ Criticisms are much appreciated! ♥

Such Ganks, Many Thanks

My favourite champ has always been Nocturne.
I don't have many skins but I have his ghosty one.

Bored so time for some Normal 5v5.
Matched with Kass, Vayne, Vlad, and Jax.
Against Zyra, Fizz, Rengar, Kha, and Katarina.

Going pretty well.
Early Gank on Kha in first three minutes with the help of Jax.

We take down a few of the first towers and they go on the offensive.
I keep gorging myself in the jungle while everyone else hugs turrets and are pushed back.
Eventually we're pushed to nexus.
Both turrets down,
Nexus at half life,

Hard push them back long enough for the inhibitors to regen.
Everyone just fighting in mid with the occasional bout in the jungle.
70 stack on Feral Flame :3

I take down top lane turrets.
Rengar tries to take me but I quickly dispatch him.
Fizz chases and I barely escape.

Everyone keeps pushing mid.
I go kill dragon a few times.

We eventually out-build the enemy.
It was obvious they did not understand what the TAB button did.

Jax gets triple kill.
Vlad ta…