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Tips for Thresh hooks I've recently learned

Thresh hooks can change games and make lost causes into won team fights, so here are a few points I learned in a recent game I played.

1: consider if your enemy has a method of escape such as Ezriel's Arcane Shift or Lee Sin's ward jump

2: consider if they have flashed recently or if they have it up

3: consider which direction they will try to escape from, predict their movements

4: Take into account the wind-up on the hook

5: PRACTICE, it sounds cliche but you really just need to throw A LOT of hooks in order to get the hang of this mechanic

Thanks for reading, if you have any advice to help me with future blogs sound off in the comments and I'll try to get back to you, thank you again, Scorch

So much wins!

Been trying to play a lot of ranked since I want to distract myself and I actually got 7 wins in a row yesterday and 1 loss. Skipped a division as well. From Gold V to Gold III and I'm currently in my promos for Gold II with 1 loss. I'd say I did okay in all of the games for the most part. There were some mess-ups but they weren't huge or game breaking or anything. In 1 of the games my internet was unstable and I dc-ed like 3 times. The Riven I played against (as Shyvana) had a big cs lead on me but I just built full tank and just initiated/tanked for my team and they did the rest.

Right now, I'm trying to adopt the second way of playing Shyvana. Usually, I would just build some tanky items and get an early Blade of the Ruined King just so I can chase and kill carries. But you could also play more of an initiator/tank role where you just rush only tank items and start fights or protect your carries. Still not sure which path or playstyle I like more but I really wanna learn when to go…

Game for the night - Win streak plz?

Alright well I just played game on of the night and got a W. Been on a terrible losing streak the last little while and I dont know whats going on. Still filling every game but not having much luck. Looks like they need me to carry lol. Anways heres the first game:

Was pretty happy with how this game went. I was very confident after the picks and bans that if we played solid we would win. Then I looked up my team and saw we had a lot of bronzers in the game and my confidence grew. I knew if I played solid that I would be a huge part of the game. Sivir was just such a great pick into cait/blitz. I got hooked 1x the entire game and didnt even die. I always had mana thanks to all the traps cait was laying and leo played great too. We zoned them out so hard and just dominated bot. WP leo. Anwyways ****in yasuo just beasted everything else and we just steam rolled them once laning phases were over. GG.

Another win to end the night :) I recently made a rune page soley for renekton top. Ch…

World's first URF guide?!

So as far as I can tell, I just created the first URF guide in the world! Wooohoooo!!! xDanielWang: Setting world records one at a time!*
*cue maniacal laughter

Anyways, I tried out the ULTRA RAPID FIRE mode that Riot released today, and it is fantastic. Never had so much fun in a League game before. Spamming Lux ults is simply too fun. Thank you Riot for making our dreams into reality <3

The guide I made for ULTRA RAPID FIRE mode is kinda troll, but I had fun making it. I gotta prove my worth of my fancy badge somehow, right? I seriously doubt that anybody is going to stop and search up an ULTRA RAPID FIRE guide instead of jumping straight into the game, but I still feel triumphant for creating something that's never been created before ^___^ wahahahahaha

So, that about wraps it up. Sorry for the all CAPS in the guide, but man, the mode makes me really excited. Until next time, peace~

Twisted Treeline - Towers > Alters

So this is a small excerpt of a section I've added to my 3v3 Gragas guide to try to help people with things I see over and over again in my Normal TT matches. I hope that posting it in blog form can help some of you twisted summoners out there to improve your 3v3 objective game because they're just as important in TT as they are in SR.

"Too many times have I lost Normals due to my randoms not knowing what objectives are more important than others. Here's a very important thing to understand:
Towers > Alters

For whatever reason, many people seem to think that taking the enemy team's alter is a smart plan while I'm the only person pushing to try to get a bit of damage on a tower, pinging away on the tower to get them to help :( Here are some things to think about after you get an ace.
  • Taking a tower is permanent. It won't just respawn in 90 seconds. That thing is gone until you queue up for your next TT match.
  • Towers give 150g per teammate whereas alters give 80g. That's almost

Intro to my Support Blog

Hello, I'm currrently a level 26 with hopes of getting to challenger and so I have decided to start a blog about my journey to challenger and will be posting blogs about my games and what I've learned about specific champions in those games. (I've tagged all the champions I play at support so if you don't see a support that you think I should be playing there then let me know and I'll try them out). But there will be many interactions with you guys on this blog as I'm creating it to try and get better and Improve as a player. I will be posting daily and would love any pointers you could give me, thank you! - ScorchOne23

First Time Photoshop

So after seeing so many signatures on MOBAFire, I really wanted to try and make one myself. To be completely honest, I've never even used photoshop before. So (probably completely biased here, haha) I think these look pretty awesome <3

Feel free to give me any tips, but if you do I probably won't even understand it lol. These were made from me just following tutorials word for word or just me messing around and trying to make it look pretty :3

Edit: I've been adding new images to my album, so you can see my work as I learn more about how to make sigs. If I get good enough, I might even start a Graphic Café!

I'm back

So after disappearing for like 2 or 3 weeks, I'm back. During most of those 2-3 weeks I just didn't feel like doing any blog posts. I guess you could say I was pretty lazy. And as for yesterday, I had probably the worst day of my life because the girl I liked actually got together with one of my really good friends. Was one heck of a horrible day. Didn't even sleep at all.

But yeah, I needed to distract myself and I figured I would do a blog post. I'm not gonna be following the schedule for now because I really can't. Sorry bout that. So how are y'all doing?

Zyra support strategy

so this is basically about a game i had recently and how I did it and what i learned, i went 2/0/6 and i just wanted to catolog what I've learned from this game.

1: I've learned that you need to max your E first in order to get the most CC and harass from your melee range plants

2: Max Your W second in order to get the CDR for your seeds as they are important for bush vision control and the third point

3: USE THE E,W,W,Q COMBO!!!!!! It allows you to get a crazy amount of poke down on the enemy ADC

4: Focus the ADC with your poke, NOT THE SUPPORT

and last and most important