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Speculation on a Zilean Rework

Hey guys, haven't really been interacting much on MOBAFire recently, just skimming the surface for any interesting stuff. Anyways, wanted to bring up an interesting thing about the following video of Vel'Koz' special taunt for different champions/map;


Revolution vs Resistance

So I was thinking... you know how theres the Revolution (battlecast) fighting the Resistance (full metal) skin lines.

Well, creator Viktor, the leader of the revolution always takes void creatures. E.g Mecha Kha'Zix, Battlecast Prime

I've Done It!

Well, as someone who's spent a large percentile of her life living as a Silver, I am proud to announce that I'm Gold and ready to become one of the more well known tittles in builds! I hope you all like what I put out!

I mainly used Jinx and Karma, and will be working on a Jinx build whenever I get time. So, look out world, here I come!

Anime Series Review 1

Time for an anime series review. Today, I picked Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I'll split the review into several sections. Let's get to it!

Story - Unlike other Magical Girl animes Madoka has a different story. It's slightly darker and as you keep on watching it gets darker and more interesting at the same time. I personally like the story mainly because it's unique for the Magical Girl genre.

Characters - I liked most of the characters. The main character Kaname Madoka is a kind and caring girl and you have to admire her desire to protect others. Sayaka Miki, Madoka's best friend is the only character I didn't really like. She did a good thing for Kyousuke (the boy she liked) but the way she treated Madoka after learning that their friend Hitomi is going to confess to Kyousuke..that ruined her in my opinion. I can understand her pain and her despair but that was no reason to treat a dear friend like that. Mami Tomoe wasn't explored too well because of what happens to her in episode 3…

My immigration story

Even now, it’s difficult for me to talk about her life before she came to America, 24 years ago. Growing up in poverty in Colombia with little food and an abusive mother made life hard enough. But I also suffered from a congenital heart defect that went untreated for years. By 1985, at age 11, she was so ill and malnourished that she looked more like a 6-year-old. my odds of survival were slim at best.

Then fate intervened. A nonprofit called Heart To Heart, a global humanitarian group that provides medical help to people in third-world or disaster-stricken countries, flew Taury to a New York hospital for lifesaving surgery. “Once I was there, I knew I didn’t want to go back to my childhood in Colombia,” she says. “I would rather have died on the operating table than go back.”

The night before her surgery, the anesthesiologist, Peter Walker, MD, sat at Taury’s bedside to explain the procedure. As he spoke in broken Spanish, Taury interrupted. “Doctor, I’m pretty sur…

ADC Tier List

I was bored so I spent five minutes making this, sue me.

I'm taking into account both solo queue and competitive play as well as how risky/situational a pick is. In other words some of the tier 2 picks are situationally stronger than tier 1s and so on.

Tier 1 (Great): Sivir, Caitlyn,

Manga Chapters 1

It's Wednesday. That means it's a day for manga! Chapters 665 of Naruto, 569 of Bleach and 738 of One Piece. I don't read the One Piece manga since I haven't even caught up to the anime. That means I won't talk about the One Piece chapter but if any of you do read the manga you could tell me if the chapter was good or bad or decent in the comments.

Naruto 665 - This week's chapter was decent. Nothing major really happened. One thing I really liked was the fact that Obito was useful for once. He actually did something other than talk about Rin all day. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads the manga was getting tired of hearing "Rin...RIN!!!!" every chapter. I have mixed feelings about Obito being a good guy now. On one hand, it's the right thing to do and I like that he's not being a total *******. On the other hand, it ruined him even more as a villain. At this point I'm not sure what to think of him. Is he supposed to be a tragic hero? Is he just a villain who changed his way of think…

Gold Season 4 upvote party!

Hooray managed to get back into Gold after being placed in Silver 1!

Man, maybe I just suck at Mid now, but I think jungling makes winning so much easier. 10 out of my last 15 games were jungling and 3 were Morgana support (easy to play and effective in any comp) and I've pretty much won all of them. It's basically queue up, pick Vi if she's open, pick Jarvan if she's not, pick Morg support if I can't jungle, then win game. I'm getting scores in ranked that I haven't gotten in a long, long time (5 KDA on Vi, 4 on J4). Hopefully this crazy win streak will continue to roll until I get Plat! The dream... First things first though, time to at least get the rank I was last season (Gold 2).

And yeah, I rarely play Mid anymore in ranked. I have slowly come to the realization that Mid in general/Ahri is hard to play efficiently and against skilled opponents, reaaallly hard to play. It's a lot of pressure and I really can't trust myself anymore in Mid. I wonder how I should break that news to…

LCS Discussion 1

So it's Tuesday. That means it's LCS Discussion day. Let's start off with the EU LCS:

EU LCS - So, I don't watch it as much as the NA LCS but I do watch it whenever I can and I have to say Roccat are very impressive. I don't think I've seen them lose decisively to anyone. They've either won decisively or lost a close game. Gambit and Fnatic have been a little disappointing. Gambit's bot lane is sorta underwhelming atm. They've given quite a lot of First Bloods in most of Gambit's games. Fnatic started out great tho but this losing streak they're on is not like them. The other teams haven't really impressed me that much. Millenium are kinda weak but I'm a fan of them now because Creaton's individual play is impressive and Aranea is a cool and fun dude.

NA LCS - I've actually watched every NA LCS game so far. I'm so happy TSM is the #1 team once more. I didn't really like Bjergsen when he first came in and I kinda disliked Turtle as well when he came but both of them have been very im…