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It's just the lane phase/?

I just wrote down my very first guide about one of my main character and support, Sona. And this is the first post I write down here. I hope you'll appreciate my efforts, I play since last August, a year has already gone, and I'll ask you to know for you comments and suggestions to improve my skills for that build and the new ones that will come.
Thank you!

Had they given up or did they just missed it?....

The following gameplay was recorded in a Howling Abyss 5v5 game, our team was doing quite ok with myself playing as Miss Fortune. As we eventually destroyed our enemy turrets and the inhibitor, we only had to destroy the nexus but unfortunately the enemy team made an short praised comeback killing all of us except for pantheon who was respawning at abase. Then we wanted make a bit of different gameplay and hand over the credit of us getting through the game to pantheon by deciding that we lure the enemy and keep them busy while pantheon skyfalls beyond the enemies of our reach and destroys the enemy nexus. The plan went accordingly but however, the enemy team either didn't see pantheon getting close to their nexus or had already given up the game thinking that they hadn't got enough time to make it back.... Below shows the final gameplay Enjoy !!!!!

Breaking those character stereo types

So most recently in ranked I have been breaking character stereotypes by playing a wide variety of champions where they dont belong. For example I have been playing a lot of Zac mid and even most recently I have started doing Skarner and Irelia. Although I do get some flak for playing the characters outside of their "roles" I do relatively well with most of my games coming out as wins. I also almost always get the other teams comments of "Skarner mid? wtf?" or "Oh a zac mid I have this easy". The other team then makes a lot of mistakes when trying to do stuff because they think they have it made and then usually panic and flounder when they realize its not gonna be all daisies and sunshine. For example, Ill push while playing Zac really hard and instead of ganking intelligently most players just meander out into the lane to try and gank in which i just slingshot back to the turret. It astounds me how overconfident people are. So for you summoners out there who decide to read this, try …

New ways of punishment

Hello everyone!

So I played a pvp match recently, and wanted to honor our Riven. She took on a role of ajungler (was supposed to go top), when 5th member locked his Wukong and called top and did not communicate whatsoever since then. She did very well.

But after the mid game, she started to thras-talk to our team and enemy team as well. called us all nabs, idiots, feeders and that she could win that match alone. True, our enemy team was weak, but still, she has no right to say all that stuff.

In post-game lobby I talked to her a bit, just to find out she was already punished twice for ***** talking, and lost 400 honor points. But she didn't care anyway.


There are 3 kinds of people:
  • The ones, that will improve their behaviour after the warning/time ban
  • The ones, who don't care about warnings and a few days off LoL
  • The ones, that will be trolling no matter what, until perma-banned

And since you can't do much about the third bunch, I gave it a thought and came up wi…


Only took me like four times in promo and managed to do it like 8 days too late to get the banner. Bleh.
I don't think I had this bad luck even when I was trying to get out of Silver I. I mean I was promos about 5 times back then too, but this time I lost two full promos (all 3 games in a row :D) then lost a couple more and ended up at 0 points. Then climbed back again twice until I finally made it through with a full AP Singed top lane who thought it was cool to let Irelia free farm for 20 minutes, because he was afk for the first 5 minutes.

Now I can't verify myself for some reason (bug with Mobafire?) but not like it matters, I don't get to brag with my accomplishes for much longer since reset happens and Season 4 comes. Well, at least I saw Platinum (MY BF SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF ME NOW!), but all I really wanted was the banner <.< Platinum isn't that much different from gold anyway at least how much I've seen it, but I think it was a really long way to climb from Silver III to wh…

Unkillable Nasus - Season 4

FYI, In preparation for the Season 4 changes I have archived my guide. I'll be doing build testing and updates as quickly as possible to ensure Unkillable Nasus is available for everyone in the coming season. Thank you for the support and patience. In the mean time if you have any pressing questions or feedback, feel free to comment here.


My First Blog

Hi everyone, Ive been playing a while now, but because the mac client stopped, i had to as well, (i then sold my mac as i couldn't afford to keep it), but i got it back again and was looking for games to play when i seen that LOL was back :D, so been playing for 2 or so months now, and Ive gained more than 10 levels, Im currently at level 26, will be level 27 before i goto sleep, and the aim is to try my luck at season 4.

im also looking for a Team in NI, that are looking to aim high this season.


Hi guys! Tired after school. Just Finish my projects! HAHAHA just made Rumble guide! As a request of my brother I made it. Rumble also is one of my favorite champions in solo top lane. Today, I learned how to create chapters. HAHAHA! Its so fun really to create. Also after this, I'll be watching GPL(Garena Premier League). So this for today. I have nothing to say this day. Overall this day is awesome. Check my rumble guide and comment if i have done some wrong things. K bye! Good luck to Azubu Taipei Snpers. BYE guys!

[S4 1] Top Facts: Trinkets and Warding

Hello everyone I am back =D Been busy with college stuff and have not had much time to play LoL, let alone write blogs on it. With my top lane guide in need of a rehaul and S4 just around the corner I figure its time for a new blog series on S4 top lane. =)

Note: The information this blog is based off of is PBE and is subject to change. If at anytime RIOT makes a major change that will affect what I have written here I will go change it.


With season 4 Riot is making HUGE changes to the vision game. As a top laner the majority of these changes will not be affecting our laning phase. The big change that will be present in top lane will be the new addition of trinkets.

Whats a Trinket?:

Trinkets are new items that can be purchased for FREE at the start of the game. Trinkets have their own slot in your inventory so can still be bought and used when you have 6 items. Trinkets cannot be used until 1:30 meaning they cannot be used for level 1 jungle invades. Also you c…

Blog Entry #3

Ok so I have been in B5 Hell for quite some time...mainly due to loss and gain of points, getting to a promo and then back down to last spot. I think that from my personal are ALWAYS going to have THOSE type of people who will troll your game given they don't get the role they spam out, dumbass teammates that seem cool at first then talk **** the entire game pointing out everyones mistakes but their own..OR and in my case HONESTLY very rarely you end up screwing up too much to the point of no return. Now the best thing to do is to obviously skill yourself in EVERY role so even if you get last pick AND you WILL..especially in B5 can still give your team a fighting chance in each game. I am 29 years I usually stay pretty damn quiet in almost all games I get into give or take some that I make little comments here and there..BUT you CANNOT do ANYTHING about the people you play with...its a FTP game and there are A **** TON of kids between the ages of 12-20…