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Tristana Q&A

Heya MobaFire, feeling bored right now so I feel like killing some time. If this post is better suited to the forums, please notify me and I'll move it.

Since Tristana is my most played (~1400 games played) and favourite champion, I'd like you to ask (almost) any question about Tristana.

Ask away!

EDIT: If anyone is interested in me reviving my Tristana guide, please say so in your comment. If I get enough people who are interested, it may push me a bit more to bring the guide back, thanks! :3

ASTRO Community Cup NA - May

Midnight Marauders and The Low End Theory have entered Mobafire Community Cup NA - May.

The roster for Midnight Marauders in this tournament: Kid Huston, NikeDragon, McBacon8tor, Corey Corndogs, PartialXRay.

The roster for The Low End Theory in this tournament: ninjaman2257, Drock55555, linquata99, Galikson, Xeratzu.

Midnight Marauders faced off against IceDragons in the first round and won. The highlight of the game was Corey Corndogs' pentakill on Trundle.

Score Card
Midnight Marauders K D A CS
S Kid Huston

A Little bit of myself

Hi There! I'm TommTheSK from the server LAS. I Main Mid and Support. My Mains are:

[*] Mid: Karma, Ryze and Lissandra
[*] Support: Thresh, Leona and Lulu.

I started on April, 2013 in the NA Server 'till level 23. After that, I moved to the LAS server, in the Beta Phase.

A little of my life as a LoL player:

I'm Gold IV, but I started this season in Bronze IV. That's because in the last season (S3), I got placed in Silver V thanks to the Placement games. I began to lose almost all of my games because of the rule that you couldn't rank down in the tiers. So, at the beginning of the season, I won 7/10 of the placement games and fell to Bronze III. I was depressed and all of that xD So I lost almost all of my games and wanted to don't play anymore... 'till one friend started to DuoQ with me and both got to gold in like... 2 weeks? And here I am, tryin' to improve my skills and trying not to rage and get mad.

Shyvana guide.

So yea I'm making a Shyvana guide. I don't really play much ranked with her but normal games are good as well. I've played her for about a month and I think this is enough to learn her in depth. IF you are just getting to know her you might as well read my guide.

My guide will be ready soon. Don't know the exact time as I want to make it perfect.

Second fantasy league! Come join in!

Update: Okay we are full! Sorry to those who couldn't make it! :( I will message all of you guys personally to try and get everyone together for the Draft!

I made a 2nd Fantasy League since I figured some people might have wanted to join the previous one but didn't get a chance to. Or maybe some of the people who already joined weren't happy with their team. So yeah, anyone is welcome to join. I don't know when I'll start the draft, but I'll try to do it when everyone is here. Also, I will post updates about the league in this post, so try to save it in your browser.

Finished exams!

So yeah, as the title says, I finally finished my high school exams. I'm pretty confident I have passed the exams which means I'll probably be studying Economics and Business Economics next year which I'm really looking forward to!

League related, I'm not sure how much I'll be playing during the upcoming months (even though I have about 14 weeks holiday now); I've been really frustrated by the game as a whole (not by something specifically like the community - even though that is a part of the problem) which caused me to get demoted from D2 down to the bottom of D4. Due to inactivity my mechanics haven't really gotten better either...

I still like to believe I've got really good game knowledge through watching competitive play - which was and will probably always be one of my favorite pastimes. I'll also be sticking around to MobaFire because of that ^^

Finally, I'd like to share my Kpop playlist (which I dubbed ****-pop since some groups tend to go a bit too far on that aspect...) …

Played vs a Riot Employee!

Wooo~! I was lucky enough to get matched vs a Riot Employee! I was playing on my sister's account and a friend of mine wanted to play. In loading screen we realized there's a Riot employee on the enemy team. In the 4 years I've played this game, I've always wanted to play at least 1 game vs a Rioter and I finally did haha. To be honest, I'm fully aware Rioters are normal people and normal players but it's still nice to be able to say that I've played with a Rioter before.

I told a friend of mine about it and she said she has the Rioter on her friends list since her team played with him and 4 other Rioters. So yeah, I finally played with a Rioter haha. Pretty cool :P

And here's a link to the video where my friend's team plays vs the Rioters.

Riot vs OBC

First Guide coming Friday

I have started to gather some information and get some tips ready as well as some guides. I am hoping for it to be ready by Friday, but school is getting very crazy due to upcoming testing. If you have any questions please leave them below. I love to read every comment and look forward to seeing if you guys will like this guide.