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Stratagem and Your Approach to the Game


For those of you that don't know what stratagem means, the definition from google search yields these results: "a plan or scheme, esp. one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end."

This term has been used to describe warfare, gameplay, and a number of other things. With so much talk of micro and macro management, not a lot of emphasis gets put on your personal approach to the game of League of Legends, and how that effects everything you do.

So I was playing a game of tetris, when suddenly a great truth presented itself to me. I had learned a lot by examining what made me a bad or good player in tetris. It has also allowed me to look at League of Legends in a different light.

Let's say, for instance, that I'm in a tetris game right now. Everything I do, starting from where I choose to place my first piece, to the speed at which I navigate the boundary lines, to the structure design and clearing strategy for my blocks, are all a part of an overall stratagem.

First Blog you say?

Well, this is fun.

I currently finished playing my second game with Vladimir. I had heard so many both negative and positive things about him that I wanted to give it a try.

However, to my surprisement I was able to dominate my lanes without any diffifulty whatsoever.

OH right, I forgot to mention. It was against bots.


Ashe~Chilling & Starting~Build Starter en Español

Ashe Starter's Guide

Hola a Todos! Hoy les traigo mi primer post para principiantes sobre la arquera de hielo, Ashe!
(Por favor no sean muy exigentes ya que es mi primer post, gracias :D XD)
Este post no contendrá nada de runas ni maestrias, por dos razones-1 no soy experta q digamos y 2- el post es para principiantes.
/h2 ¿Porque Ashe?

My anime reviews for all anime fans out there

It's not a secret that I am an avid anime fan. So I decided to write this list. It will contain anime reviews for most of the animes I've watched. I'll write down some of my thoughts on each anime and I'll say if it was enjoyable and/or if it's worth watching. If you want you can request an anime that I haven't reviewed and I'll give you my thoughts on it based on what I've seen/read/heard about it. Let's begin!

Accel World

If I had to describe this anime with 2 words it would be awesome and confusing. Maybe it's just me but there's a lot of stuff that I didn't fully understand in the series. For example the whole thing where they enter the world where Haru has his Pig avatar. Is that world supposed to be a global server or something? Is it connected to the Accelerated World? Stuff like this confused me a little bit.

Excluding that the story is very good, the characters (especially Kuroyukihime) are interesting in their own ways (Haru is quite unique when compared to most main c

Tournament (Registering)

I was just looking around Mobafire and saw tournaments OPEN NOW! First thing I did is send it to our team leader Showt1m3. We never been to a tournament so why not try it out. I know we are not hige elo players, but you will never know what will happen or atleast we will learn new tricks from people who we will fight.

Our Team:
Showt1m3 - Jungle
Kazoil - Support
Marshmellow12 - Adc
Mystic41 - Mid
FreezerThingy - Top lane

Showt1m3 was okay if we enter and than I had to ask if people are free that day and can they come. Ofc Mystic41, Marshmellow12 sayed yes, but we olny had 4 okay with that. Our last member FreezerThingy was away somewhere. We had a chance do we wait for Freezer or we invite someone else. I guess all of use want Freezer cause he has played with us more.

Day 1.

Summoner Name Change

So this is something I've been considering for some time.

While in online games and the such, I've always used the username 'Sirell', I've gradually grown tired of it (also, there's some ***hat on EUNE with the same username who's Bronze II and I really don't want to be associated with him -_-;). So basically, I'm open to ideas and inspirations. I've already got some ideas picked out, which I'll list below, but I would also like to hear other opinions (and the inevitable jokes that will come with such a request) which might inspire me to come up with something else.

Current ideas:

Long10 - Recently, Red Bull BC One Solo Breakdance competition was won by a Korean named Hong10. Since my name is 'Long' and I'm also a breakdancer, I jokingly said on Facebook to some breakdancing friends one time that 'the legend of Long10 begins now' and during my last battle, people were shouting 'Long10' at me, so it's now kinda stuck. Even though I'm not 100% comfortable with stealing a pro b-boy's n…

The Cold

I cannot stand the cold. It's just so ******** ****ing freezing. Today wasn't too bad, it was in the 60's (Farenheit) where I live. AND GUESS ****ING WHAT? I'M ****TING SICK. My throat, bones, and muscles ache like hell. I have nasal congestion and my I keep coughing up mucus ㅡ and it's just purely disgusting. *welp* On the plus side of things, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays to you guys, if you celebrate Kwanza or whatever you celebrate. Hope you guys enjoy your times with your families and I wish everyone well.

Thoughts on Battle of the Atlantic and NA Promotion

Just gonna write down my thoughts on all matches in Battle of the Atlantic and the NA Promotion Tournament.
Alliance vs Dignitas

*sigh* I tried to have some faith in Dignitas. I really did. I don't like them very much as a team but I still wanted them to win because I want NA to win. Sadly they got stomped. The part where Froggen stole blue from Scarra and Crumbz was hard to watch. I seriously didn't expect Dig to get stomped this hard. They all underperformed a lot. Props to Alliance of course. They were pretty good for a new team.

TSM vs Lemondogs

I was excited for this match because I wanted to see what Bjergsen is capable of (don't watch the EU LCS that much). LD is pretty weak at the moment and it was obvious TSM would win but it's still nice when your favorite team wins. All hail Bjerger King for his good debut with TSM. About LD..I think they're probably gonna take 7th or 8th place if they keep their current roster but they might improve by quite a bit if they practice

Runes for Swain

I've been trying some different stuff. On one hand, I wanna focus on what's strong on Swain, on the other I might wanna help him overcome weaknesses. Here's what I've been using, halp me out agreeing with/questioning/dissing what I've been using.

Double flat AD Quints with his hybrid pen marks, been torn between flat AP or Magic Pen for the third quint. Marks/seals are generally resistances, be it flat, scaling, stuff.

Reasoning: I think Hybrid Pen Marks are great on Swain, specially since I generally pick him into champs with less range because he excells at those lanes, not to mention the new Offense Mastery penetration is also hybrid. Torment plus auto-attacks is great harass and these runes improve both. I got the double flat AD once again due to the hybrid pen which will work gud with autos, and because of how that extra AD seems to help with those auto-attacks on creeps early on. I've been thinking that Doran's Shield popularity on melee solo laners may hit the effectiveness…

Merry Christmas


Today, I had the stupidest day ever. The last day of school this year means that we had this Christmas thingy. 6:00 AM today I get a call from my music teacher: "Hey Jani, this is the Christmas thingy we so totally did inform you about. You are playing violin hopefully you've practised enough".

First time I heard about it. Thank god they weren't hard songs so I learned them pretty fast but then I missed my bus and I had to run. 9 km and pink face later, I arrived fashionably late. Then when I thought it was my song, I started playing violin. Apparently, it wasn't.

But Merry Christmas to everyone!

QUICK EDIT: Snowdown Showdown sucks as a gamemode. Ask Malin to explain if you want to know why.