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ASTRO Community Cup NA - April

Midnight Marauders has entered ASTRO Community Cup NA - April.

The roster for this tournament: Kid Huston, Darkwolf4747, RedSkye, Corey Corndogs, ItsNxck.

Midnight Marauders faced off against Foxtrot Five in the first round and lost.

Score Card
Midnight Marauders K D A CS
S Kid Huston 5 6 5 61
AD RedSkye 1 6 6 207
AP Darkwolf4747

The state of TF

So after seeing Twisted Fate in multiple games in both the LCS as well as OGN, is TF slowling moving back into a somewhat viable pick in the professional scene? Why is this? Also...I always see a Morellonomicon built on him from the pros. Is it more cost efficient than an

(New Top facts series)Top Encyclopedia: Rumble

Hello everyone I am Berzerk, and today I will be bringing the first of my new series, the Encyclopedia of Top Lane. This series will replace my old Top Facts series, which is outdated and was written when I was much less experienced as a player. I have decided my first installment in the series should be on Rumble, as he is a fun champion who I feel many people in the community disregard even after his recent buffs.

Champion Overview:

Rumble as a champion would be best categorized into the "Mage bruiser" role. Rumble as a top laner is one of the funner and more complex "viable" top laners. As a champion Rumble will require a decent time commitment to be used at a strong level; due to his unique system "heat" which penalizes the user for spamming spells, but rewards the user for managing their cooldowns. Along with this weakness, is a weak early levels (1-3). Until Rumble has a point in every skill and 2 points in flame spitter, he will not be able to play his heat game at a level…

The Forgotten Dominion and Why We Should Go Back

With League of Legends becoming such a popular game and people from all over world are competing, we want to know where we fit in as players. Dominion is a game type within League of Legends that is seldom played amongst most players. We’re going to go in depth and see what is currently up with Dominion and why we should go back. There are many members within the League of Legends community that have found the Dominion grounds as their choice of warm up or practice on their favorite champions and we will explore just why that is.

What is Dominion?
In this small speed circle of League of Legends we have 5 capture points in what is called the Crystal Scar (may or may not have a direct reference to Skarner). We will call these 5 capture points as CP’s for short. Instead of the classic Summoner's Rift where your goal is to reach the other team's Nexus and destroy it the nexus, in Crystal Scar holds life points that slowly decay over time. How many CP’s your team controls determines …

Summoner Spells VFX Updates!





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Huh, I didn't think summoner spells needed to be changed. But everything's so sparkly now, I bet Taric's pretty happy. Although, after a few times, Clarity's sound can get annoying.

Random Blog Post

Watching the EU LCS Promotion Tournament. Mil are putting up quite the fight right now. The series is currently in its' final game. To be honest, I'm not that impressed by Ninjas in Pyjamas. They're alright but I don't think they'll be able to compete with the top teams in the EU LCS. And to be brutally honest, I couldn't care less if they lose. Kinda bm on my part but I just don't like em for some weird reason o-o

Millenium on the other hand are a team that I liked mainly because of Araneae. He's no longer on the team but I still like them a little bit and I think Creaton is a pretty good player with a lot of hidden carry potential (CLG puns ftw). I hope Millenium re-qualify ^^

Oh and one final thing, I recently stumbled upon a cool team of players. They upload videos and stream from time to time. Their team is called ObamaCareTeam (OBC) and they have 9 members. They just play casually and for fun. Figured I would give them a shoutout since they're pretty cool ^^ If you want, you ca…

4/24 vlog + AMA + state of Moba tonight at 8

Tonight at 8pm central I'll be doing a vlog/AMA about Moba and my upcoming guide. If you want to stop by, cool. If you want a question answered, you can ask in twitch chat, or I'll be in the mobafire ventrilo, or if you can't attend you can ask below and if it's not ******ed I'll answer it. Should be fun, should last 30 min - 1 hr, I will obviously be calling a lot of people out, should be fun if you're into zomg dramas

Upcoming Skins: Braum, Rengar, Pantheon, and Lissandra

Night Hunter Rengar

Braum, the Heart of Frejlord

Dragon Slayer Pantheon

Blade Queen Lissandra

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I like how Riot's doing the whole appearance toggle thing when you use an emote, I think it's a nice touch. The splash art for the Pantheon skin looks so cool, but I don't play him much so I won't be getting it... However, I'm interested in the Lissandra skin, but I already have her other :/

I didn't post the full SKT skins because, as you may know, they aren't very impressive