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All the True Damage(ADC) (WIP)

jstander222 Last updated on December 29, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Twitch with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe {INSERT ADC HERE}, like i said they can out damage you, you can out damage them.
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This Guide Is A Work In Progress

I'm an adc main that started playing in mid season 5. I have played most of the marksmen at one point or another (yes, even urgot). If you don't want to trust this guide because I'm not an ADC main since season 1 and have played twitch since he was released, fine, that is your choice. But if you do decide to trust this guide, I don't think it will let you down.

If you use this guide, please take the time to rate.

my ingame name is jstander222

So, why Twitch?
Twitch has one of the highest multi-target damage in the game with his poison and ult and can fit into most games by giving high DPS(damage-per-second) from a safe distance. He can be described as having similar damage to Jinx and having a stronger laning phase than most hypercarries

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The itemization for twitch is a pretty standard Attack Speed build for a marksman.

Must Haves

Runaan's Hurricane -
this item gives a lot of attack speed, and makes the auto attacks target up to three enemies
  • the small autos also apply poison
  • allows for better trades early, you can target both the ADC and support
  • allows the stacking of poison much faster


Infinity Edge -
this items makes your auto attacks and critical strikes hit harder. This item gives the highest AD of any single item, tied with Essence Reaver at 70. Furthermore, this item gives 50% stronger critical strikes, making a hit for 200 crit for 500 instead of 400.
  • BF item, gives a lot of AD
  • gives some crit chance
  • makes your crits deal 50% additional damage

Other Items

Blade Of The Ruined King -
This items gives early sustain and makes your auto attacks hit harder with the passive. If needed the active can be used to make sue that your target doesn't get away with its slow
  • gives quite a bit of attack speed
  • deals percent of targets current health additional damage on hit
  • percent damage is applied by the runaan arrows

Bloodthirster -
this item gives you a lot of sustain as it is a second lifesteal item
  • BF item, gives a lot of AD
  • gives you 20% more lifesteal
  • gives you a prefight shield

Guardian Angel -
Gives a little bit of both resistances making you harder to blow up by all threats. If they do blow you up, you get revived and have time to get away.
  • gives both magic resist and armor
  • has a revive

Maw Of Malmortius -
This item gives a bit of AD. This gives a little bit of magic resist and a purple shield if magic damage is taken below 30% health
  • gives AD
  • gives some magic resist
  • gives a purple shield
  • only use if there is little AD threat

Mercurial Scimitar -
this item gives you a bit of AD, lifesteal, and magic resist. As well as an ability to mitigate a lockdown with its active
  • gives AD
  • gives some magic resist
  • gives more sustain
  • ignore 1 disable per fight(stun, root, suppress, etc.)

Banshee's Veil-
This item gives a bit of health and magic resist. More importantly, this item blocks the first spell (damage and effects) per fight. Use this if you are against one strong poke champ, as some of his poke damage will be blocked
  • gives health
  • gives magic resist
  • blocks 1 ability or spell (40 sec. cooldown)

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The biggest mechanical challenge with playing Twitch is the timing of his abilities. But, as most of us know, a twitch that somewhat knows when to use his Contaminate, is a force to be reconned with.

Deadly Venom-
this is probably the reason you bought twitch, this is what sets him apart from all marksmen, each auto attack applies a stack of poison (up to 6 stacks) which deal 1 - 5 damage per second each. This can stack up to 6 - 30 damage per second

use this to get the element of surprise and get the trade started in your favor. Most effective if the invisibility is activated in the fog of war or in a bush so that the enemies don't see it coming.
(NOTE: can be dangerous to use if you are away from your support)

  • allows high mobility
  • gives insane amounts of attack speed
  • gives the element of surprise

Venom Cask-
Use this to speed up the stacking of poison as it gives 1 stack instantly and 1 stack for every second thereafter. This ability also gives a slow, allowing you to stack up poison even more. Use early in a trade but not good to initiate with.
(NOTE: this ability does no on-hit damage and takes up to .5 seconds to stop a recall)
  • speeds up Twitch's trade
  • gives a slow, allowing you to stack up poison

Twitch's key ability, this is where most of his damage comes from. This ability deals a minimum of 115(at 1 stack) and a max of 290(at 6 stacks) base damage when this ability is level 5. Additionally, the AD and AP scalling is pretty decent too. This ability is why Twitch's trade is so lethal.
(NOTE: only use this ability when you have 6 stacks of poison or the trade is over)
  • gives insane damage to a standard trade
  • mana cost gets high, so don't use it to last hit early
  • use at the end of a trade and/or when you get 6 stacks of poison for best results

Spray and Pray-
Formerly called Rat-At-Tat-Tat, Spray and Pray is an auto-attack steroid that doesn't shrink your balls. Use this in tandem with Ambush to get best result. Auto-attacks go through enemies. Twitch gets extended range. Twitch gets a large attack speed bonus.
  • high attack speed
  • increased damage
  • multi-target auto-attacks
  • gives a large attack range buff

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For runes, I use a typical attack speed and attack damage runes. This, for me, is Attack Speed Quintessences, half Attack Damage and Armor Penetration Reds, Armor Yellows, and Magic Resist Blues. Other possible rune pages are Attack Damage Quintessences, Armor Penetration Reds, with the same Yellows and Blues. Or Attack Speed Quintessences, and either complete Armor Penetration or Attack Damage Reds, with the same Yellows and Blues.


Quintessence of Attack Speed -
The use of Attack Speed Quints is typical for most AD carries. These should be used for Twitch mainly because more attack speed means more poison stacks.
+Auto Attacks hit faster
+More poison in early fights
-Less damage per attack


Marks of Attack Damage -
This makes up for some of the attack damage lost in the quintessences. While these do not give as much as an Attack Damage Quintessence, the only other marks that would fit an AD carry are armor penetration and I feel that Attack Damage marks hit stronger. Good against squishy supports like soraka, sona, and janna.
+Fill in the lack of damage
+Good against squishy supports
-Tankier supports can avoid the umph with their base armor

Marks of Lethality -
Lethality, formerly flat armor penetration, give 40% of the numerical value as flat armor penetration at level 1 and the other 60% based on your opponents level. I do not suggest a full set of lethality marks but, some can be useful. While they do not provide any raw damage, they do ignore armor. These are more effective against tankier supports like braum, alistar, and blitzcrank.
+Ignore armor so attacks hit harder
+Great against tanky supports
-Attacks have less damage value


Seals of Armor -
Um not much to say here. The more armor, the less damage you take from the enemy AD carry. I don't feel that health would benefit an AD carry as much as armor.
+Take less damage from enemy AD carries
+Makes up for an AD carry's lack of defense
-Less health
-Not effective against magic damage

Seals of Health -
Health is a neutral defensive combat stat, neither strong against AD nor AP. But, at the same time not weak to either
+Not weak to magic or physical damage
+Good against hybrid damage bot lanes
-Not strong against physical or magic damage


Glyphs of Magic Resist -
Magic resist is the other main defensive stat, after armor the only logical thing to have is magic resist. having magic resist glyphs ensures some protection against AP assassins and AP supports
+Some protection against magic damage
+With armor, makes an equally defensive character
-Not an attack stat

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Masteries -Not Finished-

The masteries that i use are 18 in ferocity, 12 in cunning, 0 in resolve.


Fervor of Battle-
This is my prefered keystone for twitch. Fervor now give AD (almost as much as an Infinity Edge)instead of on hit damage (up to 114 on hit). So, why is this good if twitch does less damage? Well, his Runaan's Hurricane does less damage and his single target attack does about the same for his auto attacks, but where this shines is with twitch's Contaminate because the AD given by Fervor of Battle adds to the scaling of Contaminate. How much more damage will contaminate do? Contaminate will deal up to 15 bonus damage per stack of poison (up to 90 bonus damage at 6 stacks)
+ Gives bonus damage to Contaminate
+ Gives a lot of AD
- Takes time to stack up
- no sustain
- since change, deals less damage with Runaan's Hurricane

Warlord's Bloodlust-
While this is not my preferred keystone, it is useful in some situations. While this keystone does not give any AD or attack stats it gives one thing, Lifesteal. Lifesteal is important because it allows you to sustain though the lane and in most fights without the need of constantly purchasing potions. Also, this is allows you to heal up when you don't have a healing support. use this when you want to farm out and think the lane opponent will try to poke you down
+ Gives a stupid amount of sustain
+ Don't need to buy as many potions
- Doesn't give any AD or damage
- gives less lifesteal the higher your health

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Synergies -Not Finished-

Considering how a bad matchup can turn into your favor depending on your support, it is important to know who goes well with twitch.


Sona is a great support for Twitch because she has a little bit of everything, some heals to keep you alive, some damage, some movement speed boost, has a bit of cc.
+ heal sustains you though the lane
+ her Q aura gives an empowered auto attack
+ her ult is a stun on all enemies hit
- She is extremely squishy early game(482 HP level 1)
- prone to kill stealing in lower ranks

Morgana is great because of her root and spell shield. Since twitch's Venom Cask stacks poison up every second, Morgana's Dark Binding will root your enemy and force them to take stacks of your poison from twitch's Venom Cask. Morgana's Black Shield will also prevent you from being cc'ed during a trade.
+ time her Dark Binding with your Venom Cask
+ watch the enemies try and CC you when you are in her Black Shield
+ can lock someone down for up to 5 seconds
- prone to killstealing in lower ranks
- ability timing is key(needs to be good at Morgana to work)

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Lane Matchups -Not Finished-

For the most part, ADC matchups are more often skill matchups. However that being said, there are a few adc's that are annoying to play against. These annoying matchups are more often than not lane bullies.

Hard Matchups

Draven -
Draven. Why does draven exist? I think the answer to this question is most likely, "**** adc's, lets make an adc that can 3 shot every adc in every stage of the game." Even if you kill him, his passive says, "haha, you thought you could get ahead by killing me? No, I'm gonna come back to lane, kill you and earn 3 times the gold you earned from killing me."
- Cry
- Kill yourself
- wait for late game and watch the draven 1 shot you as you try to deal damage

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If you are here thank you for spending your time and reading through all the spelling and grammatical errors. I hope this helped, if it did please leave a comment and rate the guide. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments. If i do not update the build for a while, it is probably because i have taken a break from playing twitch and do not want to give you improper advice. This may be a cliche concluding sentence, but i don't care.Take care and happy hunting