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Annie Build Guide by adrenaliiser

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League of Legends Build Guide Author adrenaliiser

Annie top too beast s3

adrenaliiser Last updated on May 28, 2013
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How to play annie regular

Here are the main things you need to do at annie:

1. last hit minions with your q to get a really nice farm.

2. stack your passive with your q or e, only use your w to charge when you are about to roam, because on lane your mana will get low if u do it on lane.

3. the best stun you can deliver is with tibber. because they get stunned for 1.75 sec what means they get 2 seconds minimal dmg from tibbers after he spawned, and u get a nice group stun and engage.

4. if you want to poke someone, use your q to stun and your w to deal more dmg, give an auto attack for some dmg. because dmg is dmg.

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Annie top guide

annie top is my own invention and i want people to play it because its just so good.

you can start different things like flash, ward, pot or just armor pots.
this is just to survive your lane.

some rules of annie top:

1. tell your team to shut up when u are trying this, they will ask u to teach them late game (if you dont want to teach just say them to look on mobafire to have my guide).

2. you need to be tanky to call yourself a annie top so listen to what my build says.

3. ward proper, because u dont want to die. if the jungler is there just make sure you got your stun up so if they dive you in the turret you get a kill or maybe 2. (they dived me so often but not with succes.

4. last hit with your q dont be afraid to lose your passive stacks because farm is your main goal at the start.

5. dont poke too much because you will lose your mana and that is something you dont want to do because you relie so much on your mana.

6. dont underestimate your shield. this is what makes annie top so op. you get very sick resistances and it hits like 60 base dmg for every auto att (on max lvl). with your health you only trade evenly with the adc of them if you dont nuke him.

these are just main things. you got to have good annie mechanics to really be good at this so dont say it sucks if you just dont play right, just practice on and you will master annie eventually. i think annie is the most op champion of the game if you play her top. the reason is that you have everything you need, you got health, resistance, quite good dmg, and a massive stun if you use it right, and maybe some more stuns if the fights last longer then 5 seconds because you will get your skills out of cooldown from not a long cooldown.

the only thing i need to say now is, just give it a try and succes.