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Ezreal Build Guide by Booshido

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Booshido

Ezreal, Take it EZ™ (AP)

Booshido Last updated on June 28, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Table of Contents
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Slight Changes.

2 core items:


Now I know snowballs shoudn't be core, but it's needed on ap ezreal to be viable.

Choose the next item's to help you in the game:
+ More AP, % Magic Pen. [Recommended]
+ HP, AP, Slow.
+ AP, M.Res, AOE M.Res Debuff.
+ Armour, high AP, Invincible Stasis.[Recommended]
+ AP, Aura AP, Spell Vamp.

Magic Pen Quint's replacing Flat AP.

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*Click Here - AD Ezreal*

Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer
This is a guide on how I play ezreal, though it may be similar to others I wanted to make it for my benefit, and hopfully yours! I play Ezreal mid, and this guide revolves around him being mid. I maximize Ability Power(AP), though his AP output has been nerfed I still think it is Much better then any AD ezreal, hopfully you will agree.

Perfect Mid
Spammable skills
Great escape
Usefull Ult
Sexy skill animations
Best dance in the game

Vulnerable to CC
Targeted first
Some difiiculty to master

Summoner Spells

1.Improved Ghost: I mainly use this to run back to mid after recall, to keep pressure on your enemy. great escape and chase tool.

2.Ignite: Ensure that kill, not everyone hits skill shots 100% of the time, this skill helps with that extra dmg that missed.

3.Clairvoyance: Great skill to keep you safe in mid. Helps to make you Ult more precise on runners. If you are going to use this, don't forget to stick a point in the mastery to give it around 40 secs cd.

AP and Magic Pen. HP Quint's are also good to use for a safer early game

I wanted to use 21 Offence as i wanted to maximize his damage, though 21 in utility was a much better option then just 5% more damage, putting a point in calirvoyance if needed, and move speed was nice to and ofcourse more mana mor dmg from Archangel's.

If you have great support and slowers then try out a void staff instead of Rylias for more Penetration! <3

Early Game
Grab a Mana Crystal, HP and MP pot then head down to mid. First point in Mystic Shot and then I lvl this up as much as possible, yes it may rely on Physical dmg but it cost significantly less mana to cast. Last hit creeps with this skill and harass, and a very good skill to max your Tear/Archangel. The key to Owning mid is to use your Ult on creeps and your opponent as many times as possible, I use it just before I need to return to buy shiz or get mana. spam a few skill's at the pool to max tear and ghost back to mid if u havnt pushed enough, spam the hell out of MS to bring that ult around again!

Mid Game
By now you should have your boots, Mejai's and Lichbane and finishing up on the Archangel's. Mystic Shot combines with Lichbane buff amazingly, turning your only AD skill into an AP skill ^^ this hits around 600 dmg to creeps and are and easy one hit get them out of the way. In most games there is at somepoint in time where everyone gets together and never itaiate's, just one team hugging the turret waiting for the other, this is a great time to use essence flux to deal ninja hits on multiple champs, and boy does it do alot of dmg to squishies, this will make them back off/return very quickly.

How I kill Peepz

I start with Arcane Shift because I stay our of range then pop in for the element of surprise, Don't be fooled by AS's animation it does A LOT of damage, im talking around 800 to those weaklings :p
You're is almost a guide to show who you need to target first in a team fight. Doing this in a team fight, the squishies will take the most dmg most of the time taking 30-60% of their HP, this makes everyone focus them, it's great!

Late Game
Late game you should be built if you are doing very well, don't itaitate, Pick people off with your ult or when everyone is clumped together in a team fight, 9/10 it will end in your team winning.

Arcane Shift over walls for a great escape
Arcane Shift right into champions for a definite hit
Spam Mystic Shot on anything for CD's to come around
If someone is low hp, running into fog of war aim an ult just behind the turret for a Cheap shot kill as they are returning ^^
Mana Buff = MOAR SPAM
If they didn't die in your skill chain, kite them and finish up when skills are ready again

Title from Song "Take it EZ - Common" =)