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Haunt the Jungle

PsiGuard Last updated on April 27, 2016
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just1rape's Forum Avatar by just1rape » August 4, 2011 4:48pm | Report

Rudmed's Forum Avatar by Rudmed » August 4, 2011 6:15pm | Report

Okay, I'm giving you a +1 because I can see the work put into this guide. Now I'm also gonna offer you some criticism as well.

1. Now frozen mallet this item looks very good, but I'm afraid you got drawn into that health and slow. Now then let me introduce to you a nice little item called Trinity Force. Now I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. Frozen mallet gives you a consistent slow, a little AD, and alot of health.

Now triforce on the other hand. Gives you a slow (Thats % chance goes up the more you attack the target), more movement speed, attack damage, ability power, attack speed, crit chance, and health along with mana. Now here is the icing on the cake. After you use your Duskbringer, and hopefully hit an enemy champion your next Autoattack (thanks to triforce passive) does 150% more damage. Throw Umbra Blades passive on that, and think of the possiblites! 270% increased damage on an AOE autoattack?

More support for my arguement can be found here, Need proof?

2. Drop change log to the end of the guide, you are preventing us from getting to what we want to read. (Jhoi told me the same thing).

3. While your way of listing abilites, items, runes, and summoners works. I propose making the image bigger, and centering it. This will clear it up alot. Or you can use columns, either way works well maybe even change it up.
-information about spell here-

Other then that good job.
PsiGuard's Forum Avatar by PsiGuard » August 4, 2011 6:37pm | Report
Thanks for the criticism Rudmed!

1) Taken from the link you posted:
Buy Frozen Mallet only under one or more of the following conditions:
-You're super squishy and you want the extra health, but you don't want to build purely defensive like a Banshee's.
-You don't spam abilities very often and you can't abuse Triforce very well.
-You WANT to build tanky because you're offtanking or you've bought an Atma's and Mallet is more cost-effective.
-Your attack speed is slow and you have a much smaller chance of getting the slow proc off.

Now take a look at Nocturne with my build. Early game:
-I'm super squishy. Phage is my first health item.
-I get 1 (one) Triforce proc off of my spell combo (if I don't ult). I hit Duskbringer, get close, block a spell, use fear, and THEN I'm in range for an attack. I have no CDR in my build or in my masteries, it is impossible for me to spam my abilities.
-I'm offtanking, I'm getting Atma's, and I need to hurry up with my build to get going. That extra 800 gold takes FOREVER to farm before I start pushing lanes.
-I have very little attack speed in my build and I NEED my first attack to slow, or my target can break the fear chain very easily.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the main thing in mind when I chose my items was to NOT get TriForce, because that sends me in the wrong direction of offtanking. I offtank jungle with Trundle as well, and Triforce+Banshee's+Randuin's works wonderful there, but not here.

2)I'll drop down the change log on both my guides if you think that's better. I just figured it would be easier for people to notice updates, but I guess I don't want it to get in the way.

3)I think that would look just fine, but I prefer the way I have it now for aesthetic reasons I won't get into here. Also notice my titles are aligned to the left, not centered. I did this on purpose. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

+Rep for your help Rudmed. I really appreciate it.
Thanks to The_Nameless_Bard for the sig!
Embracing's Forum Avatar by Embracing » August 4, 2011 8:00pm | Report

Well written, seems to me that tons of effort was put into this. I don't agree with your items that much, but +1 for a detailed guide.
Pylons! :D
jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » August 9, 2011 6:16pm | Report
Constructive Criticism:

1) I really liked the idea of Quints of Strength. Used them on Vayne for quite a while. Until someone mentioned to me, "That 7 extra damage is pretty useless by level 4, when you'd be benefiting more from 25+ flat armour penetration." I can see why it'd be useful in the jungle, but jungle creeps have armour too. And of course Shroud of Darkness gives you attack speed, so AtkSp Quints may not appeal.

2) What about chucking in the catalyst of the protector before Atma's Impaler? It'd give you more damage, in a round-about way. Also... Atmogs.

3) You can use the new embedding system. [masteries]

4) I think the order of your guide is a bit all over the place. You have Skill Explanation up the top, then Skill Sequence way down about 1/4th through your guide.

5) With regards to your Other Viable Items Section, I'd suggest placing the icons in one column, and the text in the other. So it'd like up neatly without a whole lot of black space.

6) I realise there are two videos, but add in a jungle route image for quick reference.

7) Your Tips and Tricks section *could* be broken up into the individual skill explanations. Or, you could move it up under there, at least. I also wouldn't have the skill abilities that far up the chapter order, either.
PsiGuard's Forum Avatar by PsiGuard » August 10, 2011 1:34pm | Report
Thanks jhoijhoi, I'll give you my response on your thread.
Thanks to Xiaowiriamu for the sig!
jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » August 12, 2011 6:31pm | Report
Sigh. I keep forgetting to upvote guides once I've reviewed them. Definitely deserves a +1. It's too bad there are already so many good Nocturne guides out there :(

By columns, I meant:

PsiGuard wrote:

space These boots are far too good not to mention. There is no champion that doesn't benefit from these, and tenacity is a great stat in general. You can use these boots if you're having trouble dealing with enemy CC, but your attack speed will be quite lacking until you get The Black Cleaver.

Like Mercury's Treads, these are situational boots. Ninja Tabi are cheap, but overall a bit weaker than other boots, so only get these if you really need the dodge chance and armor.

Since you're playing the role of an offtank, you need to adapt your build to suit the enemy team composition. Thornmail is an excellent item for shutting down squishy ranged carries or glass melee DPS like Master Yi and Tryndamere.
jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » August 12, 2011 6:33pm | Report
You'll have to fiddle with it in the editor, but it'll look really nice, I promise ^^
paradoxical's Forum Avatar by paradoxical » August 16, 2011 10:29pm | Report
Great, thorough guide. Now I might be able to jungle a little more reliably. :D
+rep me if this was helpful.
Blakhart's Forum Avatar by Blakhart » August 18, 2011 8:47am | Report

This was the only guide that has allowed me to jungle Nocturne successfully.
I've tried my own builds, other Moba builds, but this one has given me the ability to step out of the lane with Nocturne, and put back in the jungle. The guide work was very well written, and I'm glad to see that you used permission from Hahano to put that little piece of information there. Everything on here is just magnificent.
Sincerely, Blakhart

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