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Hope is a Human Delusion/In Depth Season 6 Sion Jungle Guide

Voidlord1 Last updated on November 17, 2016
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Hello, I am Voidlord1 and this is my Sion Jungle guide! I have been jungling with him throughout season 6, and these are the items, runes, and masteries that I find most effective on him in the jungler role, along with how I play him as a jungler.

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The runes that I chose give you nice scaling on your Q early, scaling cdr so you can ult more often, good defense for early game and late, and hybrid pen. since Sion deals mixed damage.

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The masteries I chose give you good survivability early in the jungle, good stats for Sion's abilities and in situations that he is usually put into, and some kill potential. I use the Strength of Ages keystone because that amount of free health on a tank dust for farming is amazing. You also already have your W passive that practically does the same thing. In addition, Strength of Ages also helps your W scale quicker.

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Jungle Clearing and Routes

Red Side (Blue buff near your Bot Lane):
Gromp -> Blue Buff -> Wolves -> Red Buff -> Possible Gank -> Krugs -> Raptors

On this side of the map, you get a leash and start the Gromp camp off with a full charge from your Q and a smite while it is charging. After acquiring your red buff, look for possibilities to gank mid or top. If you find none, just recall and continue farming until you see a chance to gank a lane. If you do find a chance, gank it, then finish off your jungle clear.

Blue Side (Red buff near your Bot Lane):
Krugs -> Red Buff -> Raptors -> Blue Buff -> Possible Gank -> Gromp -> Wolves

On this side of the map, get a leash and start off the Krugs camp with a fully charged Q. Wait until the stun duration is over, then smite the Krugs for another stun. After acquiring your Blue buff, look for possibilities to gank mid or top. If you find none, just recall and continue farming until you see a chance to gank a lane. If you do find a chance, gank it, then finish off your jungle clear.

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Jungle Clear Tips and Tricks

1. Always start off a jungle camp with a full Q charge, so you can deal a ton of damage and stun the camp without taking any damage
2. Your E can stun minions and jungle monsters if they hit a wall, so make sure to use it on the large monster of each camp.
3. While you are about to start a camp by charging your Q, use your W. This way you can blow it up before the damage from the camp can get rid of it. Only do this after level 3 however, because you need the shield to soak up damage early

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1. Walk into the lane you are ganking
2. Attempt to slow one of the enemy champions with your E
3. Charge a Q for one second, the reactivate it to get a quicker stun
4. Use your W for damage/damage absorbing based on how low you are

Post 6:
1. Ult into the lane you are ganking, starting from a little further up the lane
2. If you manage to stun anyone with your ult, charge your Q and W immediatley. Only charge your Q for one second however so you can provide a long cc chain. Also reactivate your W the second you are able to for even more damage. If you realize you won't hit anyone with your ult, get as close to them as possible, then reactivate it and attempt the combo mentioned earlier in this step
3. If anyone survives this initial burst from you and whatever damage your laners provide, attempt to E the enemy lamer that is trying to escape, then chilling smite them to crush their hopes of escaping

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Starting Teamfights

You, being Sion, have one of the best team fight initiator ults in the game. When both teams are grouped up and waiting for someone to make a move, ult into the enemy team to stun as many people as possible, activate your W, and charge your Q for as long as possible, and the second the stun duration from your ult is over, reactivate your Q to stun them again. This will give your team plenty of time to react and start pumping their own damage on the enemy. If the enemy team survives this and are trying to escape, E and chilling smite the closest enemy champion. However, if the enemy team gets the upper hand, E and chilling smite approaching enemy champions to save your surviving teammates and yourself.