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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyxie

my little Soraka Supporting is magic

Pyxie Last updated on December 1, 2015
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Hello, first at all i want to say there are many ways to play a supporter my guide is only
to show a possibility how to play Soraka.

this is my first guide so you peoples noticed my english isnt the best. :3

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Pros / Cons

lets start with the +
+ global heal
+ Salvation M-SPD if ally is under 40%hp
+ bind + silences enemys
+ can restore a lot of health

and now the -
- low basic life
- with the new rework her passiv dont grants m-resi anymore
- low basic movementspeed
- no escapes

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Team Combo´s

Green --> Good
Yellow --> Ok
Red --> Bad

my favourite Adc for Soraka becouse he has 2 poke skills , charge for escape/engage´s and his ult is great to chase enemy´s.

is a good choise becouse of his high dmg output , interrupt skill and his global ultimate.

can poke and chase enemy`s easy if she has mana (lucky that Soraka has Infuse) in early game she is weak and you have to play defensive but later your reward will be awesome.

, highrange and poke not more to say.

is okay but its kind boring to support a champ how can Infuse herself (magic shield) and i havent seen mutch player how played sivir really good.

is strong in the lategame but at the beginn she needs kills or a good creep farm so that means your lane has to play Defensiv.

is to weak in early games becouse of her low basic life and armor ,what means if you fight vs a high dmg ADC like Draven you will not be able to hold your lane.

, no dmg, no move-speed and useless in lategame. (only thing what is good is early poke) he realy could need a buff. lol

is a good ADC becouse of her high range and burst combo but Trist/Soraka combo is to weak on bot and Tristana dont will get enough creep´s.

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Red --> objectivs
Green --> spots for your ward item.
Pink --> spots for your pinkys.

since the new season only trinket/Warditem Wards can be placed so you need to decide which jungel parts you gona ward.
(but its better if your whole team place wards)

(ward spots)

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if you have something what makes the guide better send me a PM or leave a comment.

THX for reading. :3