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Team Guide by Ik ben gwn de bom ouwe

League of Legends Build Guide Author Ik ben gwn de bom ouwe

Olaf fcking masterrace u fcking peasant degenerate ball ****

Ik ben gwn de bom ouwe Last updated on November 19, 2015
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My name is my name, and i'm here to teach you about Olaf you degenerate piece of a *********ing ball shemale ******. I am from turkey (you can't fcking eat me) and I and many other of my race are your chinese father, yes? ok, good. Some of you might remember me for burying my firstborn cuz his first word wasn't olaf, he got of easy, but YOU. YOU BE GOOD SON TO CHINESE FATHER.

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Yes, I am going to watch the new star wars. WIthin the new movie I shall put My semen letters for you to decipher and to put together while you must uncover secret case with runes i have hidden in chinese africa warzone.

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Pros / Cons


-Not any other champion
-Fcking star wars trailer started with a nigga storm trooper taking his helmet off revealing the dark side.


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Team Work

Why are immigrants equal to sperm? They arrive with thousands, only one works.

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Ranked Play

If you survived being buried alive for 8 days, then you survived being buried alive for 8 days

now play ranked my sun, become what your ***** of a mother couldn't. If any of you fcking post this on social media, Me and your grandmother will got to house of where u live and take your mom's house cause we have a contract. Time to Meet ur Makers my pretty little loli boy.


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