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Orianna Build Guide by LeoFANOG

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeoFANOG

Orianna Bronze Player guide

LeoFANOG Last updated on October 16, 2015
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HI i am a from MY/SG server i still on bronze II u all must be thinking why should i see a bronze II guide on orianna? well u dont have to i jzu made this for fun and League is a fun Game I dont do complicated high mechanics stuff thats why i am still in bronze :D

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I am A new Orianna Player so this build may suck alittle but pls bear wif it. From wat i know orianna pretty op when its mid game especially during teamfight u cna dish out high dmg to enemies forcing them to Back or Not engaging in a teamfight. a typical orianna combo -Use Q then W in theres alot of enemies there use R Dealing high tons of dmg.