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PartyMagier Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Hi guys, for my seconds guide on Mobafire I decided to make a guide about groups of champions that could work together very well. If you have any you feel I should add, please tell me so and I will.

If you haven't check out my other guide Mages-Do's and Dont's-A Beginners Guide, please do so and leave some feed-back.

PS: Completly ignore the Katarina and the Ryze, I had to put two champion in, so I just chose them.

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Karthus & Ezreal

For this "strategy" I would take Karthus in mid and Ezreal bot. Once teamfights start to break out, you have 2 options: Either before the teamfight started activate both your ultis Requiem and Trueshot Barrage. The enemies will feel some pain and watch their healthbars getting halfed, afterwards you move in with your team to clean up, or if they run which is very probable, take a tower or dragon.

Additionally having Lux, Gangplank or Ziggs on your team makes this even more devestating, however we have 2 main problems: GP's ulti is partly CC and should be sued as such, secondly we have 3- three -mages which just can't work out. However Lux can be played as a support decently, so she could go bot lane with ezreal, to give your team 3 chances to clean up skirmishes in bot lane.

The other strategy is to let your tank initiate as usual, but when the enemies start running, shot them down with both of your ultis, competely stopping any chance of escaping. Most people will probably say, "Wut?! Y would u start with ur ulti? U stupid! That way u not get any kills!" But just think about it: The second strategy means you use the ultis when the enemies are scattered and 2-3 might already be dead.

So it will be much harder for Ezreal to land Trueshot Barrage and Karthuses Requiem won't hit as many people. So you practically loss 50% or so of the damage you could do, meaning you give the enemies an advantage. However if you use the ultis at the beginning, they will already be weakens and either you or your teammates should pick some kills up.

OFC you will miss Trueshot Barrage sometimes, but when you go at them at level 7, and they are all squishies with 870hp, 30mr and 30 armour, your ulties will slice through them and deal frigging 500 DMG to them if you farmed really well. This is so strong, the enemy team won't stand a chance and I think its okay to take the chance to miss when you get a won teamfight upon hitting.

When there is a teamfights around level 11 (second point in ulti) get even more crazy, because the squishies are squesheeeeee and your damage skyrockets while there Armour/MR/HP doesn't, so they will get even lower.

To improve your chances of hitting many enemies at the same time, call for a Clairvoyance or buy some Wards, or initiate in the jungle, where the walls block the enemies from running away to dodge your ulti.

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Displacing like Crazy

Next Strategy up is called....Displacing Like Crazy! It works best with Orianna, Gragas and Janna, because of their ulti AoE Displacers, however using characters like Vayne, Lee Sin or Alistar also helps. So what you do is totally destroy the positioning of the enemy team. If all those ultis are used in a pre-designed order the enemies will be totally scattered.

For example: Janna jumps in, with Oriannas "Ball" on him. When Orianna uses Command: Shockwave to pull the squishies where the tanks were and the tanks to where the squishies were. Then Janna uses Mnsoon and punches the squishies into her team, while pushing back the tanks/offtanks. When the squishies run, Gragas uses Explosive Cask, obviously that can also be used to push the tanks further back.

Yes, this will work once in 10 Trials perfectly, but when it does you should kill all the squishies without losing a single team member, then kill Baron Nashor .

That moment is the most important moment in the teamfight: After Orianna ultied. Because if the enemies weren't close enough to the Ball, the next ulti will just push them to were they stood before. So this player will have to have very good judgement.

Obviously you can use another order of ulti or not follow the example at all, because it is a big risk, big gain strategy.

I would place Gragas solo top, Lee Sin jungle Orianna mid, Janna bot-supporter and Vayne as the bot-carry, but Vayne and Lee Sin are very easily interchangeable.

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Who needs to displace whne you can just wall?

This needs the biggest communication possible! Seriously, don't even try it with randoms or people you met recently. It needs FLAWLESS communication!
Anywaaaay, what you do is this: You pick Jarvan IV, Anivia and Trundle, now you have the ability to create 3 different types of terrain, completly stopping enemy movement, obviously only 2 of the above can do this very well.

This works well with characters that have AoE DoT abilities, such as Karthus, since the enemy will be forced to stand in his Defile for quiet some time. This is also the reason why Anivia should be in the combination for sure!

She has not only the terrain changing ability, but also the ability to use this new terrain! Anivia, Karthus, Jarvan IV would be an example of a very deadly AoE team.

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Early Dragon/Baroning

Player1: ss

Player2: ss2

Player3: where are they?

Player1: dunno

Player2: Oh they are back! But they got Baron Buff o_O

Player2: WTF! Baron at 15:00?!?

This is what the enemy team will probably thinking when they see you pull of this strategy. It revolves not as much about pushing turrets, killing champions or farming monsters for gold, but rather intends to give you extra income through Dragon and Baron.
There are a couple of different variations to this strategy:

1. You can have the jungler, the AD-carry and maybe solo-top (obviously depends on wether they are AD or AP) to build Wriggle's Lantern. This is just deal CRAZY damage on Baron especially when you have some Attack Speed. Having around 3 let's you take a 15 minute Baron in most cases

2. Having naturally strong Baron killers on your team, i.e. Fiddlesticks, Vayne, Kog'Maw. Fiddlesticks is easily the best in this category. In high-ranked games a duo Baron at around 20 minutes aren't uncommon with him.

3. Stacking Smite is probably the least seen choice. I think it could work in lower levels, but at higher levels it probably won't. What you do is basically get as many people to pick smite as possible. The supporter can often take one, then the jungler and maybe the solo top player. That way you can still have one Exhaust and one Ignite. Never tried it, but it could essentially work, thinking that already at level one you deal 2225 true damage if I remember correctly (given 5 smites). Level 1 dragon might become possible with this.

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Anyone with built in Flashes

Here you should take as many characters with a flash-like ability as possible. For example Kassadin, Ezreal, Vayne, Gragas. I know that Gragas and Vayne don't really have a flash, but they are similar enough and will work good enough. So here you want to engage and disengage as often as possible. This is especially useful if the enemies don't have a lot of burst damage, but your team does.

A possible scenario: Everyone on the enemy team is grouped up around Baron Nashor and waits for Rammus to come and tank it. Ezreal jumps in shoots his other abilities AA's once and jumps back out. Because they saw him everyone is moving towards him. Annie didn't react very fast, so she is out of position. Kassadin jumps and rapes her. Then he just Riftwalks out again.

It is basically a new way to harass enemies, it also makes your team very good at running and chasing. But the most fun part in my opinion is when a complete flash team jumps over a wall and rape the people behind it :P

This strategy works very well with good pokers, such as Xerath or people that have a hard time positioning their ulti or another skill, Fiddlesticks, as experienced players should be able to bait the enemies into following them when they want them to, so Fiddlesticks can ulti right into them.

My favorite team-setup for this is Jax solotop, Kassadin mid, Ezreal bot-carry, Taric bot-support Lee Sin jungle. However the supporter doesn't really matter, because I think none of them have a Flash.

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Countering The Meta

I guess I shoule create a seperate build for this, but I don't want to do that now... I'm to lazy XP.

Anyways, this is how I would suggest we counter the current Meta-Game. For all that don't know it, the Meta-Game is how everyone is playing. In recent professional games we have seen some new strategies for countering the Meta, and here is my own version:




SPACE The Current Meta
Off Tank, in most cases Melee, such as Nasus
A Caster, in most cases squishy, such as Annie
A Ranged AD-carry Tristana and a Supporter Soraka
SPACE Countering the Meta
A Ranged AD-carry, such as Ashe

An Off-Tank, with a gap-closer, such as Irelia

A Caster, Anivia, with burst potential, and a supporter Blitzcrank

I didn't include the jungle since there is no real change coming in.
Now... to what SHOULD happen!
Solo-Top: Nasus trying to farm his Siphoning Strike, however Ashe continues to poke at him. When he moves out of range, she happily last-hits the minions instead.
Solo-Mid: Irelia jumps at Annie whenever she can, harassing her as much as possible and healing back counter harass. She farms when she has a chance to do so and doesn't have to worry about getting bursted since she is tanky.
Duo-Bot: Anivia and Caitlyn don't really do anything out of the ordinary, but then suddenly... Anivia just bursts Caitlyn down.

I came up with this by taking the natural counters to the different champions and pitching them against each other: Sustained Damage beats Tank, Tank beats Burst Damage, Burst Damage beats Sustained Damage. Place these against each other and technically you should have a huge advantage!

PS: Blitzcrank + Burst is discussed more in detail in my next chapter.

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Yup, you heard right: BLITZCRANK!

So what you do is pick Blitzcrank and a burst caster, I like Ryze a lot, because of his snare Rune Prison. You will go to bot lane. That's right, where the ranged AD and supporter are. And they are both squishy as hell. So Blitzcrank leaves all the creeps to Ryze or whatever caster you chose, builds supportive, i.e. with a Heart of Gold and constantly pressures the enemies.

If he can hook one of the enemies in, he/she are as good as dead: He pulls him/her in, knocks him/her up, Ryze snare him/her, Ryze deals burst damage. If they didn't die they should at least have gone back.

The most important thing is to constantly pressure them, not only Blitzcrank, but Ryze as well. If they are a bit tankier, they will have to be harassed before you can burst them down.

I have played this a couple of times and it actually worked out pretty well, It is just a bit hard for your ranged AD-carry, because he/she will have to take solo top or mid.

Notable mentions go to......... Shaco, the Demon Jester! Ever been pulled into a bush filled with boxes? Did you live to tell the tale? Didn't think so.

Heimerdinger works nice as well, but he doesn't have so many turrets, (only 2), still on early levels this deals massive damage.

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AoE 'til death

For this little strat you just take every AoE ult you can think of (Amumu, Sona, Fiddle, MF, Galio, Kennen, Morgana, Malphite to name a few) When a teamfight is about to occur, one person that has a CC ultimate has to look for a cluster of enemies, then you can combo your ults (Sona -> MF) (Amumu -> Fiddle) and watch all of them die simultaneously.

Please note that when you can't hit your ults you will be at a large disadvantage, since they will probably have single target ults, which will proof much more useful once both team have clashed and the melee beginns

Due to that this strategy works best with surprise, so stand in a bush and wait for them to pass by if you know they are about to baron, or better yet, have a bush warded in which they are clumped together waiting for you. This means that you must have TOTAL map control. You have to clear enemy wards, so they can't see where you are lying in wait, and place your own wards, so you DO know where they are lying in wait.

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Ball Teleporting- REAL NINJA

This is just an extension of the last chapter:

Just play Orianna and a character with a gapcloser, say Wukong. Place the ball on Wukong, let him jump in, duo ulti and activate W. Watch them DIE! Amumu could work very well, same for Nautilus.

This works so well, because it positions your ball for a perfect ulti and holds the enemies in -whichever character you choose-'s reach.

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You will be thinking: well duh! She has 2 poisons! But I assure you, that's not that I meant. What I meant is this: Pick Singed or Teemo, I prefer Teemo but I guess both would work. Cassiopeia levels up her E, and Teemo his Toxis Shoot, now Teemo can poison his enemies, giving Cassiopeia a chance to spam E and kill them.

So level 1 damage is just crazy.

When you hit level 2, and Cassiopeia upgrades her Q, she will just chill in bot lane brush, the one closer to your enemies, while Teemo hangs around invisible or lasthits, she can just permaspam Q out of the brush harrasing the enemies heavily, while she or Teemo last hit. They can't even chase her out of the brush, because Teemo is in position to stop them from harming Cassiopeia

So level 2 harass is just even more crazy.

Nothing much to say until level 6. Teemo has free wards, and you don't have to be scared of Junglers. Cassiopeia has one of the biggest surprise skills ready. The brush is already Cassiopeias home, and now when the enemies approach she can stun them and poison them and E spam them and finally doublekill them. PROVEN. It works.

For this to work, both Cassiopeia and Teemo should get some gp5's, since they won't be getting as much farm.

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Do you know why the meta is ranged ad carries? I will tell you. Its because of the simple fact that melee Ad-carries are most times to squishy to get close enough to kill the enemies. However we have 2 skills (which have SICK synergy) that can help us here: Morganas Black Shield and Kayles Intervention.

One of these skills makes the target invulnerable, while the other one stops all CC on that target as long as the shield doesn't break. So if the target is invulnerable, and the shield can't break, we basically created a combo spell that grants god mod (CC-immunity and invulnerability) to a target for 3 seconds.

So now, let's see how the enemies want to stun that pesky Master Yi or stop that full AD Darius from executing them all.

Note: This works well with a CDR based build from Kayle, since Intervention has a noticabily longer Cooldown than Black Shield, especially at early levels.

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Characters with traps

Just create a minefield!
Jack In The Box, Noxious Traps are the best, Caitlyn or Nidalee trap isn't bad either. If you have a Blitzcrank in the Team you can combine this and the strategy above to own ^^

This is good because:

  • Good Map Awareness
  • Running away from you will be hard, as there are so many fears/stuns/slows everywhere
  • Its fun to ks with :P
  • Fun to laugh in their face after dieing
  • ?????

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DoT+Stun...Says it all. Sona ulti into Miss Fortune ulti. Galio ulti into Nunuulti, your enemies will rage!

Of course there are plenty of other abilities that don't involve ultis: Swains Decrepify being supporter by Tarics Dazzle deals some hefty damage, especially when Swain has got a Nevermove ready to hold the target in place even longer.

These are possible stunners: Sion, Taric, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Xin Zhao to name a few, for the DoT/delayed abilities you can take: Swain, Brand, Rumble, Fiddlesticks...

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Double Stun FTW

Double stun...need I say more?

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If you have more ideas, please tell me, if you think something doesn't work, please tell me.
I will add more soon ^^ And I will delete most of these short term strategies with more long term strategies (DoT+Stun->Ezreal&Karthus), I just had to fill these in to reach the 5000 letter cap ^^
See you on the Fields of Justice


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