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Renekton Build Guide by QACZOROO210

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QACZOROO210

Renekton - dominus in the TOP lane

QACZOROO210 Last updated on March 30, 2014
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Renekton is melee tanky Top laner...

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Farm a lot with Q when you have >50 fury . Then u heal yourself and inflict lot of AoE dmg to minions.

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Pros / Cons

Pros - you can tank lot of domg in teamfights
you can stun the carry champions in the teamfights
you have strong sustain - when you 're low on health in the lane you can collect >50 fury and then use your Q to heal yourself

Cons - you don 't have dmg , so you can't fight alone - without carry teammates

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Skill Sequence

Maks Q first - it give most dmg of all your spells and gives a heal.

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At build focus on Health->Armor->Attack damage->Magic Resistance

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In masteries focus on tanky->attack damge

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For runes i take 9 attack damage marks 9 armor seals 9 magic resists glifs and 2 health and 1 attack damage quints

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Team Work

At the teamfights you must tank lot of damage and go to stun the AD or AP carry.

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Best players

This is probably the best Renekton in the world ! - Impact from SKT T1 !Enjoy!