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S7 JUNGLE: Hunt those who have abandoned the Hunter

cutmeh Last updated on December 27, 2016
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn Squishy, so she's easy to duel. However, cheese is cheese and invades may put you behind. Your ultimate also reveals her when she's stealthed
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Hello don't stalk me pls ;-;
I am a pathetic rengar "main" who feasts off salt and the suffering of immobile mages and adcs.

((Alpha Client Laggy Af))

Rengar is a great champion and I started playing him about a year ago, back when i was a silver scrub .

Rengar is classified as an assassin in which there are many different build paths and "play styles". This guide will go through the NON TANK paths as tank builds contradict the assassin tag. I hope you get something out of this guide and climb with renguu <3 :(

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Coming Soon

Information on:

-Videos of combo execution ( I lag when I record and I needa fix that.)

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Jungling (IN PROGRESS)

Hunter's Talisman - Rengar's Q is now an ability and Refillable for gold efficiency over the 3 pots

Red side clear:
1. Red
2. Raptors
3. Scuttle (Optional)
4. Wolves
5. Blue
6. Gromp
(( We skip Krugs for routing efficiency ))

Blue side (full clear)
1. BLue
2. Gromp
3. Wolves
4. Raptors
5. Red
6. Krugs

Poacher's Dirk:
-Watch the minimap to see where the enemy jungler appears.
-Once they're in sight, drop everything (your camps should remain where you left it) and proceed to counter jungle.
-For the sake of safety and your own clear efficiency, just take the "boss" creep (the largest one) and resume to your own jungling.

For farm efficiency, try not to gank before level 6 unless you are absolutely certain that you will get off a kill from ganking.

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Summoner Spells


You're Jungling.


Escaping and closing gaps


To be honest, Ghost isn't even that bad;
-It allows you to gank from further distances as you travel faster.
-Speeds you up, meaning you can jump further from a bush
-Supplements for yoummu's


Not recommended, but maybe ignite for invades? Idk.

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Pros and Cons


Has an "element of surprise" with the Thrill of The Hunt

Insanely high burst damage

Doesn't require any type of cost for abilities

Bonetooth Necklace rewards you for getting kills/assists

Easy to learn

Easy to snowball with the Thrill of The Hunt

Thrill of The Hunt provides map pressure and roaming


Weak to CC

Can't teamfight

Feast or Famine playstyle means that there's a high risk into picking Rengar

Little to no impact if you're behind

Weak to pinks

Easily dealt with if the enemy groups

You have to be patient - going in alone means you're dead



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Runes and Masteries

Standard AD rune page:

9 Scaling CDR - Incase you wanna sell those CDR items late game for better stuff
Lethality: Self explainatory
Attack Speed: Helps with clearing Jungle
Armor Seals for jungle.
-CDR Glyphs can be swapped out for Scaling MR

Standard AP rune page:

Magic Penetration as Rengar has a relatively high AP scaling on w
AP is self explanatory
Armor Seals for jungle.

AD: 12/18/0
Fury - Attack Speed for faster clears
Fresh Blood - Synergizes with the free crit from leap
Vampirism - Life steal
Bounty Hunter - Syngerizes with new Bone-Tooth Necklace

Savagery - Easier first clear
Assassin - More damage when you're picking off an enemy
Merciless - Helps for bursting so you do more damage to lower health targets.
Greenfather's Gift/color] - Synergizes with Rengar's leap passive
Precision OR Intelligence - Both are great for Rengar as Precision gives more penetration whilst Intelligence gives 5% extra which means more ults. Pick Depending on enemy team comp.
Thunderlord's Decree OR Stormraider's Surge - Both are also great for Rengar, TD provides more burst while SS gives you movespeed. Pick according to the enemy's team comp. *NOTE* Rengar is granted movespeed when he uses an empowered ability and from the Phage passive.

AP: 12/18/0
Sorcery- More ability damage
Double Edge Sword - More damage
Vampirism - Life Steal and Spell Vamp
Battle Trance - Sustained damage in team fights

Wanderer - More movespeed
Assassin OR Runic Affinity - More damage when you're picking off however, AP Rengar is situated around team fights as his damage is AOE.
Merciless - Helps for bursting
Dangerous Game - Health Regeneration upon champion kills/assists
Precision OR Intelligence - Both are great for Rengar as Precision gives more penetration whilst Intelligence gives 5% extra which means more ults. Pick Depending on enemy team comp.
Thunderlord's Decree - In the case of AP Rengar, your goal is to sick and spam w. If in danger, you can always use you Hextech Protobelt -01 or Zhonyas. This means that it is better to have thunderlord's rather than Stromraider's

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AD Items

Skrimisher's Sabre Enchantment: Warrior
"Great item for rengar!! Loads of AD AND CDR wow! It's Purrfect!!!" No -Don't get it. Why not?
1. You don't need the +180% base mana regeneration.
2. The smite passives (Challenging and Chilling) aren't game breaking and therefore, they don't contribute to Rengar's combos.
3. Doesn't build into anything useful .
4. Let's do the Math:
Warrior -2626G = 60AD + 10%CDR
Caulfield's Warhammer + Serrated Dirk + Long Sword 2550 = 55AD + 10%CDR + Extra 15 damage after you kill ANY unit + builds into your two main items: Tiamat and Youmuu's Ghostblade

Poacher's Dirk
For fancy kids who invade.
Not exactly sure about the efficiency of this item as, although it is 350g cheaper than Serrated it has a 60 second Cool Down after you steal a camp. This means you have to at least wait 4-5mins to receive the full Serrated Dirk.

Edge of Night

What is counter play? Long, Low CD spell shield and basically guarantees you a free kill as your jump cant be cancelled by a simply thresh flay

Infinity Edge

In the past, I've said that Crit is bad because it is inconsistent. It still is, and Infinity Edge should be the ONLY Crit item you get because it amplifies the free crit you get from The Thrill of The Hunt

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Its active: +20% Movement speed, can be used while Rengar is stealthed giving him greater chase potential. However, I'd rather run ghost over Youmuu's so I can throw money at other items.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Cheap as it gives you 45 Movement Speed and 10% CDR for both Summoner Spells and Abilities for its low price of 900G

Boots of Mobility

Also priced at 900G, it grants you 115 out of combat Movement Speed. Mobies allow you to roam the map quicker and thus, gives you more map presence.

Ravenous Hydra/Tiamat

In the case of Ravenous Hydra, its total price of 3500 is generally too expensive - it should only be upgraded last as you only need its crescent active. Instead, it's recommended that you buy tiamat for 1200G and spend the remaining 2300G on something nicer. Hydra/Tiamat is great on Rengar as it provides AOE when auto-attacking and works as an auto reset upon activating the crescent active.

Duskblade of Draktharr

Remember those days where you're fighting 1v1 and the enemy gets away with a sliver of health? With Duskblade's Nightfall passive, not anymore. The stats it provides are very useful on Rengar as the 20 extra Armor Penetration adds to Rengar's ever growing arsenal and Movement Speed enables Rengar to chase down prey with ease. ( +75 AD self explanatory ;) )

Trinity Force

Besides the 250 Mana, the stats and passives Trinity Force grants on Rengar is great. With the removal of Zeal, and the addition of Stinger, Trinity Force now gives 20% CDR. This means that instead of buying Lucid boots, you can get Youmuu's and Trinity Force to reach the max 45% CDR (30% +15% from runes and masteries). Furthermore, the Movement Speed granted by Phage upon basic attacks or kills allowing you to chase down prey without your Ult. Squishy enemy? Tri Force.

The Black Cleaver

Like Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver allows you to get 45% CDR from two items. Unlike Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver reduces the armor of an enemy Champion by 5% for 6 seconds (Stacks up to 6 times - 30%) upon dealing physical damage. Tanky enemy? Black Cleaver.

Lord Dominik's Regards

Great Item for dueling tanks as it not only gives 45% Bonus Armor Pen but also grants up to +15% AD when fighting an enemy with a higher maximum health than you (Tank). (+1.5% damage per 50 Health difference and caps at 500 health). Mortal Reminder can be used as a substitute for Lord Dom's if against healing champions.

Maw of Malmortius

Maw is a great item against high burst mages and/or AP comps. The Lifeline passive grants a shield that absorbs magic damage and hence, reduces burst damage while the Lifegrip passive grants +10% life steal until out of combat. This means that you are able to fight on with the additional life steal or escape burst. Coupled with 10 Armor Penetration and the Lifeline passive, you don't lose offense stats when building defense.

Mercurial Scimitar/Quicksilver Sash

This meta is nasty as a result of the tanks, the cc and the tanks with cc. It is a great item as it offers Life Steal, Attack Damage, Magic Resist and the removal of crowd control, however, it is entirely situational where:
You either: pick off or clean up -meaning that when picking off, crowd control removal isn't necessary and when cleaning up, the enemy's main ccs would have been burnt.
This means that if you need it, you're getting caught. and if you are, stop. Basically, BEFORE BUYING THE ITEM CONSIDER YOUR TIMING AND THE AMOUNT OF CROWD CONTROL THAT YOU CAN AVOID. If its a point click, low CD crowd control, then yea, get it.

Death's Dance

Death's Dance is a decent item for Rengar as it provides 75AD, 10% CDR and healing upon dealing physical damage. If you need sustain just get BT.

The Bloodthirster

BT is a reasonably good item on Rengar as you get a shield and when coupled with Ravenous Hydra, it provides a lot of lifesteal. However, keep in mind that you are an assassin and lifesteal/sustain isn't necessary late game. If you need survivability, consider being patient or building a defensive item.

Defensive item Items
*Have fun losing all your damage*
Dead Man's Plate

If you're struggling against a high AD comp, consider buying this item as it gives health and armor. Furthermore, its passives: "Dreadnought" grants Momentum that increases your movement speed by 60 at 100 stacks while it's second passive: "Crushing blow" slows your enemy by 50%. As a result of its two passives and defensive stats, its a decent item for Rengar.

Sterak's Gage

Taking an amount of damage pops Sterak's Gage's passive: Primal Rage which makes you big (to assert your alpha), an increase in your base damage as well as a shield based off 30% of your maximum health. Note that Sterak's WILL fail to protect you from burst damage and the shield wouldn't be too great because you're an assassin ;p .

Banshee's Veil

Offers more Magic Resist than Spirit Visage plus gives you a thingy that blocks the next enemy ability. Generally buy this item against AP comps and/or Point-Click CC comps. You can always buy QSS/Mercurial Scimitar

Guardian's Angle

RIP Revive :( . Basically buy this item when you cannot afford you die (Eg. When you have all the kills in your team) or when you're only trading 1 for 1 for a kill.

Randuin's Omen

SSW Dandy's trademark Randuin's + Youmuu's combo. Although the AOE Slow and Attack Speed reduction is decent, you are sacrificing damage as you are paying 2900. Buy this item if you are struggling against a Crit+Auto attacking comp.

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Rengar Combos


Fast Combo:
-Auto Attack
-Right Click slightly behind character model

(Recommended) I'm not good at naming stuff
-Activate Edge of Night (wait for the cast pls)
*If item isn't purchased yet, skip this step*
-While jumping, cast your e mid air
-Upon landing, Fast Combo + W + Hydra
- This gives you 4 ferocity (1 from jumping into combat, 3 from abilities), cast Empowered whatever.

(Recommended) Meow:
-E mid air
-W + Auto Attack (For Lich Bane) + Q (auto reset)
- Empowered W

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Weird Things

1. Because of Rengar's passive's 0.5 bush jump delay, you can do weird things. For example, if you Teleport in a brush to a minion/ward/tower, you can pounce onto an enemy unit.