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Season 7 IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION]

ChaseMorePlz Last updated on January 13, 2017
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In-Depth Jax Jungle Guide [YOUTUBE EDITION]

What's up guys! Former Platinum Jungle/Top Main in the North American region known as ChaseMorePlz. Today you will learn the power of jumping around the map, farming and realizing how to scale and s**t on noobs with Jax. After soaking up the knowledge in this guide you will be carrying games in no time! I also have created a YouTube video explaining how I play Jax and the mentality to have in a Ranked Solo Queue, be sure to check it out! (if I helped you out with this guide/video, check out my YouTube Channel!

Here are a couple of my other Jax games as well, I haven't played him much this season because he's always been more of a pocket pick for me:

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Pros / Cons


  • Jax scales into a complete monster! BloodRazor and Trinity Force makes his 1v1 potential very high. Full build + level 18.. you definitely do not want to mess with this champion at this point.
  • Good ganks with gap closing abilities & stun; his Q, Leap Strike + E Counter Strike. If you land them both, you're almost guaranteed to get a Flash or kill.
  • Great damage, DPS and split pushing power. Ultimately becomes an incredibly strong AD Offtank, especially with his R Grandmaster's Might. Amazing auto-attack reset & hybrid damage with his W Empower
  • At max rank & CDR, his Q Leap Strike is at a cooldown lower than 4 seconds, so you're basically Kassadin and Lee Sin combined. This is why we go Tracker's Knife!
  • Underrated CD & range of abilities; his jump and AoE covers a lot of distance. Since all of his abilities are extremely low cooldown when they're maxed you can stun for days.

  • Relies heavily on farm/levels.
  • Best with a lead to succeed!
  • Very squishy/weak early game, very vulnerable to CC and heavy burst.
  • Countered easily, can be pressured hard early on to deny him his power spikes.
  • Relies on items and CDR to become very mobile, durable & provide damage. (thats a lot right??)

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Having a Plan, Mindset, and Objective!

When you get in game with Jax, you should already be thinking a few general things in order to carry the game. How do I perform vs. their team composition? Can I get some ganks off early to snowball myself/my team to get ahead on my jungle item? And finally, how do I combine all of this to get objectives around the map and ultimately win the game?

Well first things first, pressure is what you need in order to succeed. You're gonna want to snowball yourself to scale however it isn't necessary because Jax is monster late game. If you play correctly, your "late game" can be your power spike in less than 20 minutes (Bloodrazor + Mercury Treads go a long way). Practice makes perfect when it comes to decision making with Jax (deciding what lanes to gank & how to do this, farming as fast as possible, and denying the enemy team leads). After finishing your Bloodrazor, you need to build items that will help you get to 40% CDR. This will give you amazing roaming potential with your Q Leap Strike, potential to duel nearly anyone in the game with the rest of his kit and take everything on the map for your own benefit.

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Early Game

If you can gank a lane or two, counter jungle & be at your buffs on time then you can put yourself ahead in levels. Keeping all your towers up and securing enemy buffs will give you multiple options to snowball yourself. However this is a team game, so you need to carry the rest of the ******s on your back so this is where objectives come into play so rush level 6. Early Dragons, Barons and Towers are the easiest and most effective ways to snowball and win games. Try to take these whenever possible as well as the enemy jungler's buffs. It is also very important not to give out free kills/die early on!!If you do, be sure to form a game plan on what to do and focus on coming back from getting set behind a bit, depending on your feed levels. Check out the Item Builds at the beginning of the guide and read all notes to learn how to correctly itemize with Jax!

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Pathing: How To Gain & Deny Leads

When you Path correctly, you will be in the position to deny the enemy team all of these leads you've earned for yourself, which will snowball yourself and put your opponents behind. Pathing is the first step to doing this.

What is Pathing?

Pathing is simply the most effective jungle route to take when clearing. Good pathing is generally the shortest path you take in the jungle to get to each camp, tower or objective the fastest. You need to be able to quickly navigate around the map to do a lot of things, but they are not limited to: farming camps, holding lanes, grabbing/stealing buffs, and contesting objectives whenever possible/reasonable. Counter Jungling is a way to somewhat deny the enemy jungler experience and gold. Depending on the jungler ans what you take from them, it may only somewhat hurt them or cost them potential power spikes/leads.

Farm Camps Effectively: Smite the correct camps (I consider smiting buffs & enemy jungle camps the most) and clear them while taking the least amount of damage possible. Knowing what and when to smite each camp at every point in the game is very important; luckily you will have more smite charges due to Tracker's Knife since you can't smite champions.

Holding Lanes: When your laner has to back or feeds lane, be sure to take the cs that gets PUSHED to YOUR tower, as long as it's safe to grab. Holding lanes and getting the gold and experience from minions is very important, however holding mid lane is the most imperative lane to hold. Be ready to do this, especially early on in the game.

Grab Your Buffs (and theirs!): Be sure to get to your red and blue buffs as SOON as they spawn. When you hit tab the spawn timers for both your and their buffs are there as long as you had vision of the camp when it was killed, you just have to use that information wisely.

Contest Objectives: Dragon, Rift Herald, Vision Wards, Buffs, Baron, Towers, etc.. You don't want to give these up for free now do you? Try to take them when you have an advantage/opportunity, and contest these objectives when you and your team have proper control over the map.

Counter Jungling: As stated previously, it depends what you take and how you and the enemy jungler can/could benefit from it. Buffs will hurt them the most, so if possible keep tabs on their red and blue buffs, denying this alone will cost them a decent amount of gold and experience, so keep this in mind :)

Now that you know how to gain leads, let's focus on denying the enemy team/laners these types of advantages so they don't get the upper hand on you :)

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Ganking, Taxing & Pushing Lanes

Ganking: As explained in the video, when you gank a lane you need to keep in mind of a few general things: their escape abilities; if their Flash, Ghost, or other escape summoners are up, and the Crowd Control(CC) your laners can provide for the gank. Knowing where the enemy jungler is can also be important so he does not counter gank you and completely screw both you and your laner over. If you are able to burn their escape summoner when you gank, be sure to time something like that such as their Flash. For the most part, you are able to get a lot of successful ganks off if the enemy laner is past the halfway mark of their lane, so after getting an important summoner like that, be sure to come back once again when they are overextending.

Taxing: Keep in mind while taxing, it can definitely screw your laner(s) over, but at the end of the day if you know what to do with this tax, you can get to your items faster and snowball other lanes around the map. To do this correctly, it is a necessity that you ONLY tax lanes when you pick up a kill, and attempt to balance the minion wave in favor of YOUR laner.

Pushing the wave to the enemy tower is optimal when they don't have a teleport to stop the lane from resetting. Your goal after getting a kill for you or your laner after ganking is to either keep the lane frozen in the middle of the lane, push it into the enemy tower and cause the lane to reset, or have it pushing towards your laner. If you cause your wave to push towards the enemy tower, you have basically screwed your laner over.

Why is it bad to have a minion wave pushing towards your enemy, rather than resetting it?
The answer is simple: This will cause your laner to overextend, which means they are very susceptible to ganks. This also means the laner is safe from ganks, so in general this is a lose lose, and can result in your gank backfiring.

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Transitioning Into Mid & Late Game

These are my preferred methods of playing games with Jax. After I grab my Sated Devourer is especially when I look for plays. Making these plays are basically what I do when I perform two of the actions below, however while behind, restrict these behaviors when you are behind. If you're not ahead, making these calls/plays below to get objectives is the most optimal thing to do!


After grabbing your Sated Devourer & Guinsoo's Rageblade, you will have the option to either keep farming and ultimately getting even stronger, or opting to splitpush an open lane. It's not the best idea to just randomly splitpush; try doing it when you have pressure on the map and won't lose a major advantage because of it. I recommend committing splitting when you get a Sheen (either from Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet. You have as many flashes as you have wards, so escaping when the goon squad comes for you is very easy.


Depending on your build path, I typically aim for their back line carries, prioritizing the biggest threat. You provide amazing peel as well, so keep this in mind when protecting your carries is essential to winning a fight. Jax is nearly impossible to get away from once his Q Leap Strike is maxed, so keep this in mind: he has amazing, underrated mobility. Try to look for fights when you finish your items and need to contest objectives at crucial points in the game.

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In Conclusion..

Jax is an amazing pick when you're farmed & have an early lead. It may take a while to get to his power spikes (squishy/vulnerable early game & expensive items), however he makes up for this by still being able to apply early pressure while being one of the hardest scaling champions in all of League of Legends.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new videos and follow my stream on Twitch if you want to see more of my gameplay and content! Have fun destroying your opponents on the Rift, you definitely will be soon! :D

I main jungle; great at playing fighters. my friend dom ruined my 80% winrate because he's a fkin rager dont rage & win games EZ