Shaco Build Guide by Memphis Echoe

League of Legends Build Guide Author Memphis Echoe

Shaco AP Support :

Memphis Echoe Last updated on January 15, 2017
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Hi , I'm Memphis and this is my first guide ever. Whatcha gonna do ?

Shaco AP supp ? What the **** are you talking about ?

Why not ****terd. Try it and learn to luv it <3

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+ deadly poke
+ annoying boxes for zoning and vision
+ juking with style
+ good mid game dmg
+ guided missile-clone
+ split-pushing monster
+ 2 shot the squishy targets

- Pink Wards (learn to hate those ...)
- Very weak the first 3 levels
- No early lane pressure, I mean NONE.

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You need early presence in lane, you don't have any. Flat AD and AP will ease the pain by giving you nice poke/trade potential, even in early.
You need the flat armor as well to fight easier in lane.
Last the mix between flat and /lvl cdr gives you a bit of early presence (in addition to the Intelligence mastery), once again, and then builds into that 45% you need.

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You can choose to go with Precision instead of Intelligence, I personnally like having even more cdr, especially for the early game.
The rest is pretty much basic AP support stuff. Just remember to get that Bounty Hunter, it will come handy when you'll start to roam for mid game kills.

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You can get some more early points in W if you see your opponent struggles with boxes. Save mana for a Q at any time.

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Nothing special to say, just 2 things :
After your core build, don't go for agressive items if your team already has enough AP dmg. I usually go for a void staff then a tanky item, or 2 tanky items.
ZZ'Rot along with Frozen Gauntlet allow you a strong split-pushing power. Get that portal down in one lane and go push another with all you have (clone is great for turret grinding and wave clearing).

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Have fun playing the sneakiest of all supports ! Be sure to spam laugh and dance when pissing the opponent botlaners.

Haters gonna hate, but you need to carry this **** out. Keep it real and try to deal as much dmg as your adc when the game ends. Don't be afraid to get some kills ;)