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Poppy Build Guide by Dawidex12233

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawidex12233

Support Poppy

Dawidex12233 Last updated on October 26, 2013
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Why Play Poppy as a Support?

There are plenty of "normal supports" why should I play a non meta support like poppy.

1.The number 1 reason for me is that a lot of people don't expect or know how to play against her well.

2.You can do a ton of damage in a short amount of time, which will get you and your adc kills quickly.

3. Her passive makes her very hard to kill especially for an adc, which are usually weak early relying on only auto attack damage.
4. Poppy's kit allows her to peel jungler ganks letting her and the adc live usually.

5. Poppy is a great champion to protect your carry. If your team doesnt have much peel its ok because poppy + an adc can melt anyone really fast.

6. Poppy is a great champion to kill their carry. If your team does have enough peel then poppy can easily 1v1 any AD carry and/or zone the other teams carries.

7. She is awesome at escaping almost any situation. This can come in handy when warding or when getting ganked. It is very hard to kill her. Which also allows her to be great at baiting.

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