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Wukong Build Guide by Munaro Kun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Munaro Kun

Wukong 100% MADLIFE

Munaro Kun Last updated on January 25, 2014
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WTF is this build?

Yeah, i know what u re thinking... and u re right. But this is a wukong madlife build... if u allready mastered this champ, u should get great results with this build... explode the other team with a E+autoatack+Q+hidra+R combo and run like a boss with W... Great snowball potential... high risk? yeah...

PS: u can change the hidra for an atmas impaller, for single target damage... (if the other team adc is feed)... insted of warmogs u can buy a guardian angel, or rauduins omen.... but i preffer warmogs.