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You Can't See Me - Twitch ADC S7

nrj6490 Last updated on January 6, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 18


Defense: 12

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Threats to Twitch with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir Easy lane. She can only Spell Shield your W (unless she reads your E), since you're auto attack reliant. You can probably outtrade her thanks to your venom and fervor stacks, but if she took fervor, be sure not to let her get free hits on you repeatedly, or suddenly you're at half health. Be careful of minion waves due to Ricochet.
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Hello. I'm nrj6490 and this is my Twitch guide. Twitch is probably my favorite AD Carry, mostly just because of how weird he is. His playstyle is very unorthodox compared to other ADCs, melding marksman with assassin, but this allows for a lot of tricky plays and outplay potential. He does get countered hard by ADCs with either a lot of ranged poke or heavy all in, but even in these situations, you can use your noggin (I know you've got one!) to take home the win. So, on to Twitch. Like I said before, he's a marksman/assassin who's tricky to lock down. His laning phase is pretty weak, but he scales throughout the mid game to become an absolute monster late. TLDR he's a hypercarry (think Jinx or Caitlyn) that can singlehandedly carry teamfights if you have good peel and positioning. Both his chase and kite are pretty strong, but the key to mastering Twitch is mastering positioning and decision making, in lane or in team fights.

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Pros and Cons


+ Assassin playstyle makes him harder to play against
+ Amazing chunking of priority targets thanks to crit
+ Great escape/engage in Ambush
+ Contaminate is a great tool for trading and executing
+ Great scaling into late game
+ Spray and Pray is amazing for both 1v1s and team fights

+ Can't do a lot if focused
+ Usually teamfights go south if you get chunked or killed early
+ Weak laning phase
+ Positioning is everything
+ Pretty immobile in lane and when fighting

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Standard spell for ADCs, and is still true for Twitch. Although he does have a good escape in Ambush, it takes awhile to actually work. If you're in a sticky situation (or your support is), Heal can get you out.


Please. So useful. Escapes, engages, tryhard plays that don't work, there's a reason everyone takes Flash.

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Passive: Deadly Venom
Your auto attacks poison the target and deal true damage every second for six seconds. This is nice for two reasons. One, it's good for chunking down enemies in trades. Two, it sets the state for Contaminate and possibly a kill. However, do not rely on just the poison tic to execute an enemy for you. Focus on getting a red buff as Twitch, which will help with this.

Q: Ambush
THE most useful move in Twitch's arsenal. It can set up kills both in lane and when roaming to gank other lanes, can be used to quickly get BACK to lane or into a fight, can be used to get OUT of lane or out of a fight. Pro tip: pull a LeBlanc and double back after going invisible when being chased, and find a nook that's likely unwarded to recall in.

W: Venom Cask
This is pretty useful, as it can set up a ton of opportunities. It's invaluable when chasing or being chased, both for its slow and stacks of Deadly Venom. It can be used to CS (plop a cask right onto the wave, auto each minion, and Contaminate for money), and also for good poke or a nice "back off" hint in lane when used against your opponents. Just chuck it into team fights, ult, and E after some autos for some extra damage.

E: Contaminate
Second biggest consistent source of damage after auto attacks. Does damage to all enemies who have stacks of Deadly Venom in its target area, and does extra damage per stack. Good for trading and executes. Make sure to get off as many stacks as you can against your target before using Contaminate, as it does disrupt your walk animation, making it unlikely that you'll get another auto in to seal the deal.

R: Spray and Pray
A great ult for both 1v1s and fights, it buffs damage, speed, and range. Use it in fights, but make sure you know your priority targets. It usually goes Mid > ADC > Top > Jungle > Support in terms of priorities in fights. between mid and ADC, though, it depends on who's more fed. However, make sure that you're in a SAFE position when ulting. A Lee Sin just might sneak out and ult you into the fight.

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Runaan's Hurricane
The distribution of the venom stacks as well as the waveclear helps you out in the mid game. The insane teamfight damage helps late.

Berserker's Greaves
Thanks to the attack speed buff in 6.11, these are now even better for ADCs.

Infinity Edge
A must have for any crit-dealing AD Carry. The solid base damage, 20% crit chance and crit amplifier increase Twitch's damage output considerably.

Phantom Dancer
The most attack speed out of any Zeal item. Helps with assassinations and 1v1s as well.

Statikk Shiv
Helps in teamfights a lot, also with waveclear.

Lord Dominik's Regards
This is pretty much the hardest armor pen you can get. The Giant Slayer component also helps out when you need to take down a big ol' tank.

Mortal Reminder
Maokai. Soraka. Darius. Vladimir. Due to Executioner's Calling, this item is the bane of any healing champion whose perk is staying alive in teamfights due to absurd healing, lifesteal, or regen.

Maw of Malmortius
Take this if you frequently get blown up by AP damage. The shield from Hexdrinker could be a deciding factor in a teamfight. The armor pen on the side doesn't hurt.

The Black Cleaver
Take this if you want more kite/chase potential, less squish squish, and more armor pen.

Duskblade of Draktharr
The new passive seems situationally good on Twitch. If you aren't confident or strong though, not the best use of gold.

Mercurial Scimitar
Quicksilver Sash is pure gold to AD Carries. You can get locked down and blown up so easily, and a way out can be the difference between a win or loss. The damage and lifesteal also helps.

The Bloodthirster
Aside from the damage, the key perk for this item is sustain. The lifesteal on this item is insane, and the overheal shield helps you stay alive as well.

Maw of Malmortius
Take this if you frequently get blown up by AP damage. The shield from Hexdrinker could be a deciding factor in a teamfight. The CDR also helps get Spray and Pray up more often.

Guardian Angel
Good to take if your team relies on you to win fights

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Since Twitch is a high DPS champion who specializes in taking down individual targets over time early on, you want a support with a TON of peel.



















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Early Game

Twitch has a pretty bad early game. In lane, he can trade pretty well, but his all in, kill potential, and total damage is pretty lame unless you get into exteneded trades. He can CS pretty safely, though. Plus once you get a B.F. Sword and eventually Runaan's Hurricane you get a pretty big power spike. If you see a kill opportunity, here's the combo. Ambush so you can get in range, then auto to break it. Instantly use Venom Cask to get more stacks, and keep autoing, ulting if you can. When they run, use Contaminate to get as much execute damage off as possible. Note: auto as much as you can before Contaminate to get as many stacks off as possible. If you get ahead in lane, don't be afraid to roam mid. Thanks to Ambush, a gank can be quite potent.

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Mid Game

This is where Twitch starts to hit his stride. You should have your core completed by about 25 minutes in usually, which gives a pretty sweet power spike. Your 1v1s are pretty good at this point, and your team fight usefulness is even better thanks to Runaan's Hurricane and Spray and Pray. When positioning for fights, stay on one of the corners of the fight, so that your ult will reach the enemy carries, but far enough so you aren't conspicuous and so you can make a quick getaway should the fight turn in the enemy's favor. Save your Ambush for the getaway, unless you absolutely need it to enter fights. You can split-push effectively due to Runaan's Hurricane and due to Ambush, which can help you make a clean getaway if you're caught out. Split pushing will also help keep your gold up, to help you keep scaling into the late game. Cool note: if you activate Q right before you recall, you will remain invisible for part of it or all of it, depending on how many points in Q you have. If you have 4, you will remain invisible for 7 seconds, the entire duration.

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Late Game

Twitch is a late game monster. The 80% crit combined with your ulti can decide a teamfight if you position well. Catch an easy to kill enemy pushing a lane all by their lonesome? Just Ambush in, slow them and crit them to death. Teamfight about to happen? Stand on the border and wait for the engage, ult and kill EVERYBODY!!!!!! (remember to move between autos and to target their carries). Make sure not to get caught out, since your team should rely on you for a lot of damage, but your Q gives you a nice escape tool.

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I got a request for this section, and now realize that it's really an essential one. In my experience, there are two major types of teamfights: moving or not. By moving fights, I mean fights that mostly take place in a lane, and can (don't have to) originate from a chase. Non-moving fights usually take place around an objective (like Baron, Dragon, or a tower), and usually provide a wide range of strategies.

Moving Fights

First, I'll discuss moving fights. There are essentially 2 types: chasing or being chased, and can take place in lane or the jungle. Due to the extreme range of Spray and Pray, Twitch can excel at all types. In the jungle, it matters less whether you're chasing or being chased, as you can use Ambush to get into a good position to either continue the chase or group with your team and ult. Since Twitch is a priority target and a squishy little fella, I recommend trying to stay behind a wall when ulting, as your range can easily reach beyond the wall, and it will be significantly harder to knock you down. If this isn't available to you, try to stay near an exit to the "home" side of your lane (I.E. if you're on the red side and being chased down the bot river and your team decides to fight, maybe stay in the junction between the bot side blue buff and the river, so you have an available escape up to the tier 2 bot tower). Keep track of Ambush's cooldown, and if you see any carries starting to dive you, get outta there. DON'T just stand right behind your front line, as someone like LeBlanc or Quinn can easily maneuver around them to assassinate you. In lane when chasing, keep in mind that using Spray and Pray does cut down your mobility quite a bit, so be sure that you have a target in mind. If that target's particularly close, slow with Venom Cask and wail away. When being chased, refrain from kiting with Spray and Pray due to the decreased mobility, as it'll take more than a few shots of that to take down a tank. DO do that if you're being chased from a fair distance (I.E. further than auto range) and you have the AS and crit to chunk them down before they reach you. In all versions of moving fights, try your best not to get hit, as you want Ambush to be available to use on a dime.

Non-Moving Fights

However, far more frequently, you will be in NON-MOVING teamfights, teamfights concentrated around a specific area, being based in one of the rivers more often than not. If attempting Baron or Dragon, again more often than not will winning the teamfight be more important than continuing to attack the objective, as your team will be missing a considerable source of damage. Leave the objective to your jungler. As for positioning, it depends on your situation. If you're attempting Baron or Dragon and then are rudely interrupted, try to stay inside the pit when ulting. You'll get off a ton of damage due to your reach if you prioritize the carries, and you'll stay relatively safe since your front line should be trying to protect you and your mid laner (hopefully blocking the pit off). If the fight goes the wrong way, Ambush is your friend! Just sneak out of the pit and get into brush as soon as possible. Flashing over the wall is of course a viable option. If collapsing on a Baron or Dragon attempt, again, try to stay near an exit. The enemy team can easily go from defensive to aggressive, and you want to be able to both get damage off and maneuver around so that you can get those priority targets. So, try to stay near a wall (opposite the pit) so that you can Ambush into the jungle.


If sieging a tower, the enemy team has a lot less options mobility wise (unless they have Rengar or Kha'Zix). Stay behind the front line and wail away with Spray and Pray. It's that simple. Still leave your self an escape, and don't use Ambush just for the AS buff when taking down tower unless you're doing so virtually unopposed. When being sieged, if you're one of the only people on your team there, run. If not, don't immediately ult, but rather poke them with your autos. When they run, toss a cask, ult, and Contaminate to execute.

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Well, that's pretty much it. Hope this helped you find a solid build, because the new items have really messed with Twitch's old itemization. I really do believe in this build, though, and I hope it helps you get superfed!

Happy cheesing!

(Cheese: something unorthodox that will take the enemy by surprise but is very high risk)

I couldn't have made this guide without jhoijhoi's "Making a Guide". If you want awesome tips on making a guide, please go check his guide out!