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Special Guest Guides from Pulse eSports

Creator: DetonatoR
January 10, 2013 3:07pm
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With a new year and a new League of Legends Season, MOBAFire is happy to welcome the addition of Pulse eSports to our community with their Special Guest Guides, joining teams Azubu Blaze and Azubu Frost. Team members from Pulse eSports will be releasing written guides on their favorite champions each week to show you exactly how they play them.

Pulse eSports is one of the more talented new teams in the League of Legends eSports scene, comprised mostly of players from the original Absolute Legends and Ordinance Gaming teams. Immediately after the team's creation, Pulse eSports dove head first into the competition, participating in the SoloMid Series and placing second after a hard fought battle against Counter Logic Gaming. From there, the team found themselves with the #1 seed going into Riot Games Season 3 Online Qualifiers. With impressive showing the team managed to claim the top seed going into the Live Qualifiers for Season 3.

Check out Pulse eSports' first two guides with SnEaKyCaStRo's Graves and Support Daddy's Lux.

We are also happy to reveal in the coming days more guides from Azubu Blaze and Azubu Frost, with their current guides being updated to Season 3!
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I think releasing guides each week will be a hard ordeal to keep up. But welcome to MobaFire! :)

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Welcome aboard.

Thanks Nameless Bard :^)
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